Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs the movie in 3D

Good morning it is nearly 1 am here, we are not asleep yet as waiting dear to come home. Last night son and me head to 1 Utama, he has good time watching Walking with Dinosaurs the movie in 3D. Yeah he got 3D kid glasses for the first time!

The movie is 80 minutes, 10.30pm finished the movie. We head to restroom then to lift near TGV Cinema. Opps! That's not the lift that direct us to the parking where I parked the car. Oh boy, at level 4 it's roof parking so I know it's not where I parked the car. I parked near to GSC Cinema. So we head back to same lift, this time I pressed LG floor. Son told me, he knew it's LG, boy.. if he knows why he didn't say earlier.

Son got some dinosaur toys, sure he didn't know all the names of dinosaur. We love this movie as there have details of each dinosaurs in the movie. So many names of dinosaurs with lizard in it. Most dinosaurs in movie are meat eater!

I asked son how many marked if he would give the movie 0-100%, he says 100%! :D


  1. Wow...100%...that is full marks. He definitely love this movie very very much!
    My son loves dinosaurs too. He used to buy / collect dinosaurs toys. I remembered telling
    him that if all the dinosaurs becomes alive, I will be the first one to run away. He likes T-Rex very much!

    1. yeah still many dinosaurs toys here, he can't get enough of it, even his bro.

  2. Sometimes there are International Exhibitions like 'Dinosaur Alive' held in PJ/KL. I think your children will love it!

  3. yeah if you like to know more type of dinosaurs


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