Saturday, March 28, 2009

Win Fabulous Prize@Chris Birthday Bash Contest

Mommy gengen is giving Chris a special Birthday celebration this year. This is where you can win Fabulous Prize@Chris Birthday Bash Contest. Chris is 3 years old this 24 March. The contest starts on 24 March to 10 April, 2009.

First Prize: 22,500
* 5000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
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* Blog review -
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Second Prize: 17,000
* 3500 EC - Guilty Pleasure
* 3000 EC - Chuchies's Hideaway
* 2000 EC - Simplement Belles
* 2000 EC - Cookings' Fun
* 2000 EC - WhereAbouts
* 2000 EC - Seek No More
* 1500 EC - Twinkletoe Writing Space
* 1000 EC - Blessings and Beyond
* 125 x 125 widget ad - Dancing in Midlife Tune
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* 125x125 Ads space for 1month - MyCandypastel
* website review - Health Is Wealth
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Third Prize: 14,000
* 1500 EC - Nesting Buddy
* 1500 EC - Mommy's Little Corner
* 1500 EC - Things About Computer
* 1000 EC - Life and Scraps
* 1000 EC - Lourdes' Mia
* 1000 Ec - Mommy Emotes
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* Blog makeover - Femikey's Design
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Fourth Prize: 10,000
* 1000 EC - Eastcoastlife
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* 1000 EC - My Piece of Paradise
* 1000 EC - Family Health and Home
* 1000 EC - Simple Happy Life
* 1000 EC - My kitchen
* 1000 EC - My Whole New World
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* 125x125 ad block 1 month - Indian Automobiles
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* Blog makeover - The Designers Blog
* $5 - Life Marriage And Kids

Fifth Prize: 9,000
* 1000 EC - Johann David
* 1000 EC - Mama's Sanity
* 1000 EC - The Certified Fashionable
* 1000 EC - Babette's Definitely MAYBE!
* 1000 EC - Everything PLUS the Kitchen Sink
* 1000 EC - One at a Time
* 1000 EC - Kusinera sa Amerika
* 1000 EC - Words of Love
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* 125X125 ad space - Kuerdas
* 1 brooch - My @Ventures pic here.

Sixth Prize: 8,000
* 1000 EC - The Journey Of My life
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7th Prize: 7,000
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8th Prize: 6,000
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* 1 month 125x125 ad space - Blogs Contests
* 1 pair of earrings - DarlingRose Designs pic here.

9th Prize: 5,000
* 500 EC - Diva Fabulosa
* 500 EC - The Pinay Blogger
* 500 EC - Chica Chika
* 500 EC - Health and Beauty Diva
* 500 EC - Davao Life
* 500 EC - Love's Haven
* 500 EC - So Much To Tell
* 500 EC - Mother Knows Best
* 500 EC - Hairstyle Digest
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10th Prize: 4,000

* 1000 EC plus 125x125 ad space for 1 month - Jobs in

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Special Prizes: US Only

* Amigurumi Bunny - Cathy's Sweet Pea Toad Store (pic here or here to see the prize) - US only
* 1 pair of scarf & crochet hat - MB Online Express - US only
* 1 pair of earrings - Wonderful Things In Life
* 1 hanes longsleeve - My Life's Adventure
* 3 pcs. of miniture basket - Health Is Wealth

For more info about how to take part, just click on the link above!

Don't forget to say that you got to know this contest from me :)
Good luck!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Comments in Moderation good or bad?

Can you tell me if having the comments in moderation is a good or bad thing? I think it will be good as you can check your email to see if anyone have commented at your blog. I know someone that love comment contest as I was invited to take part last year. I was tough as I need to make 300 comments a day!

But this do bring the blogger to have a PR at her blog.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not just bad cough

I am not only having cough but having flu at the same time. I know I am having bad health right now even experience some cramp at right tummy. I will only go to see doctor if I really need to as for now I know I got to rest more.

I just love blogging and I take time to update my blogs.

Winner of Big Mak Blog Contest

I love contest and I have no idea which Prize I am going to win. Anyway the result will be out in 15 minute time. So you can see later who will be the lucky winner. Right now I am watching Singapore TV Drama.

How about you?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

100 Worst Movies 2008

I love watching movies and I like to know which are the worst movies in 2008. I am sure you like to know too, thanks to Makoy for sharing his post about 100 Worst Movies 2008. I do not think that Incredible Hulk, The X-Files, and Alien Vs Predator are that bad. What do you think?

350 comments a day@Makoy's blog

Just an hour to go and Makoy's contest will end. If you like to take part go ahead try your luck to win Big Mak Blog Contest. Big Mak Blog Contest has got 61 participants now, someone has commented 350 comments in a day. Is that a breaking record?

Want to read more just click on the link!

Lipstick and Lip balm for mom

Yeah my sister has given my mom a lipstick and lip balm. My sister does not like to use them any more so my mom will be the lucky one to have them. She is very please even though she has got lipstick.

Mom is tired and she always having back pain.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to sanitize your toothbrush?

I am sure everyone like do not know how to sanitize toothbrush. I found this interesting post about sanitize toothbrush. I am sure everyone has got at least one toothbrush, I know someone that likes to brush her teeth after every meal. You can read more about how to sanitize your toothbrush and tell me what you think.

Most Searched Horror Movies

My mom and I have something in common that is both of us love to watch horror movies. When there is one we are the one that going to the cinema to watch. My dad is never a fan of horror movies.

Checking out Makoy's blog I saw list of most searched horror movies. Many movies on the lists , Nosferatu and The Shining I have not seen it. My mom and I like to watch Alien, that is why I have got the Alien movies.

Just one more day for Big Mak Blog Contest

I love contest and here I am to tell you that you still have time to take part in Big Mak Blog Contest. I am sure you know that his contest has one more day to go? He posted about his eyes are getting sleepy, not just him I think the active contestants are feeling the same. Anyway his blog has provided me so much info which I do not know like what's happening in Singapore.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hair Transplant or Wig?

My mom knows she is losing hair that is why she got herself wig. She is not wearing that out but only for special occasion like wedding or party to attend. Makoy's got has a post with video that I watched. You can see it for yourself Hair Transplant Video is what you need to see if you thinking of having more hair on your head.

Corrupted Hard Disk

My dad knows how to use computer and Internet but know nothing about hard disk. Tell me what will you do if you have corrupted hard disk. I do not know that it can be goes that bad. For more info, you can click on the link.My friend Makoy is a Filipino blogger working in Singapore and he more than a blog to share with you. If you have the time you can check out his blog. His first contest is going to ends on this Sunday, for more info just check out his blog.

Advertise@Make Money Online Makoy

Besides contest I also check on other blogs for info. Makoy's contest will ends on this Sunday, so hurry up take part now.If you are looking for a blog to advertise, hop on to Makoy's blog and check out his fees. His blog has got Page Rank 2 with over 100 subscribers. They are seven spots of 125x125 and you can choose to advertise for 30 days, 15 days or 7 days. It is up to you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to add Top Commentator in blog?

Do you want to know who is leaving comments at your blog? How about who is the top commentator? I am sure if you have this, you have got plenty of visitors to your blog. Now go ahead to learn how to add Top Commentator in your blog. If you are looking for blogging tips, you can visit Makoy's blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grammy Awards 2009 and Top Box Office

I missed out the Grammy Awards, but I am glad to see that Makoy's blog ha got info of 51st Grammy Awards 2009. If you have entrecard I am sure you will like to drop card at his blog. This is the blog where you can find more info on the Oscars 2009 Winners quote. If you want to know be sure to check out Makoy's blog!

Miss out on Week 2 Big Mak Blog Contest!

Since this contest started I know that it is so exciting and so challenging! I love contest and I know that I have left out the Week 2 Big Mak Blog Contest on this blog.

There is still time for you to take part, the contest will only ends on this Sunday. If you like to take part be sure to tell him your referral is me, this way both of us get to earn points. Makoy's blog has become my daily routine to visit his blog not just for updates but also other interesting posts that I like to know.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A.W Surveys is a SCAM!

If you have signed up for A.W Surveys. I think it is better for you know about this, I think not many people know that A.W Surveys is a scam. I do not in the first place, but glad to see that my friend Makoy has posted about this.

Makoy is Filipino blogger working in Singapore. Makoy's blog has many interesting post for you to read. I am sure you will find one that interests you. By the way, he has got a huge contest at his blog. You might want to find out how to win.

First Contest @BloggerTricks

I just love contest and here is one that I love to share with you. This is first contest@Blogger Tricks and I am going tell you that you have a chance to win cash.

Thanks to the Sponsors: - Home Improvement Contractors - Banner Ad Blog & Directory

Here are the Prizes you can win:
1st Place : $50 hard cash

2nd Place : $25

3rd Place: $15

4th, 5th & 6th Places : $5 each

(yea.. total of 6 prizes.. so, you can have more chances of winning)

The winners will be determined based on the most number of points!

How to get Points ?
Simple! There are lot of ways to earn points.
1. Just leave a comment here (max 1 comment per person)
Points you get : 2

2. Digg this Post:
You can digg this post here.
Points : 3

3. Blog about this Contest :
Just spread the word by writing a small review about this contest (min 100 words) in your blog including a link to this contest page and a link each to both of the contest sponsors.
Points : 15 x your blog's Pagerank
Ex: If your Blog's Pagerank is 3 , you get 45 pts .
(Note: 10 pts if the Pagerank is Zero).
1 Post max per blog. So, the more blogs you have, the more points you can get.
And, we don't accept newly created blogs or blogs with less contest to avoid creation of new blogs just for the sole purpose of this contest. And the reviews must be in your own words.. not just copy - paste.

4. Add a small banner in your blog about this contest.
Just copy this html code and paste it in your blog sidebar...
*max 1 per blog
Points : 10

5. Subscribe to our Email newsletter: You can subscribe here.
*Max 1 per person
let me know with your email if you have already subscribed.
Points : 10

The contest will ends on March 25th. Hurry up take part now!

My dad is worry about my sister

My sister has been talking funny and saying that thief went into her room to change her bra. So she has to buy new bra and even said that her working tops are fixed until she cannot wear at all.

I think she has put on weight and she cannot wear them. That is what I think and I know she has put on weight by looking at her. She used to go for exercise and yoga classes but not any more. Most of the time she will be having snacks after each meal.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest!

Here is the exciting moment everyone is waiting for. The Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest, I love this contest so much that I am striving hard to earn points. You can help me too by taking part in this contest. Just mention my name as Referral. :)

There is more than just contest going on his blog. You can go ahead view his blog for other interesting posts. I am sure they will be at least one post that interests you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Having more than one child

My classmate is interested to have five children because this is what they wanted. She and her hubby has plan for this and both of them are in their 20's. This is good for them as they are young and willing to take this opportunity.

This afternoon she sms saying that she and her hubby are planning to get married. They are not legally married but their parents have no objection of them having kids before married.

My friend is thinking of whether to have a wedding ceremony or a just have their wedding announcement on the newspaper.

Mommy dearest

Last Sunday, my sister has told mom about her decision. She is so happy that mom agrees! I think mom has not think about it and just say Yes straight away.

Mom thought that she was kidding but she is not! She asked me if she is kidding at the food court. My sister has made the decision to move on with her life.

Wishing her all the best!

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