Sunday, November 30, 2014

Behind the scenes of ChiChi & ChaCha

Thanks to Big Fish Media Sdn Bhd, for inviting us to tour the behind the scenes of ChiChi & ChaCha. It is nice experience for everyone of us. Their office is located at Season Square in Damansara Damai, our first time going there and I used waze to go.

ChiChi & ChaCha is a children’s programme that features five teenage celebrity hosts and 3D animated characters who educate children through song, dance, story time, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. It is an edutainment brand that creates 360 content for children. The 30-minute show airs three times a day, every Monday to Friday on Astro Ceria and Astro MayaHD.

 Sam was there to bring us on the tour behind the scenes of ChiChi & ChaCha, how it is all started etc.

Big Fish Media (BFM) is the owner and creator of the children's edutainment TV programme 'ChiChi & ChaCha'. and Educate To Learn Sdn Bhd (e2L) have collaborated on producing edutainment content for children. BFM has its own research house for education for kids working with e2L and also its own production/post-production and animation studio. It works with licensees on its franchise and is able to re-distribute licenses back in Malaysia.
For more information, click the link to visit to
 Their services:

  • Edutainment content development & production.
  • Edutainment TV Program Licensing
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Walkthoughs
  • 3D Modelling
  • Storyboard
  • Pre-Production & Post Production Services
  • Animatics
  • Concept & Character Development

After the behind the scenes of 3D animated characters are created, we head to another room to get start with watching the ChiChi & ChaCha. 

Big Fish Media attracts local advertisers, advertising and media agencies, and TV stations to create groundbreaking, 360 brand specific projects and video content that are able to push both their branding elements of education and/or entertainment.

It's interesting and entertaining for this bloggers event. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

KidStrong campaign, and 'Design a Cape, Protect a Kid'

The day I was invited to attend KidStrong Campaign at The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. My first time to go there using the waze and my two sons in car with me. My first time to bring boys alone to event by myself.

KIDSTRONG is a campaign launched by Pfizer Malaysia to celebrate World Pneumonia Day 2014.
The KidStrong campaign is together with support of the Malaysian Official Designer's Association (MODA). It is a 6 months long campaign wit the objective to increase awareness among the public that children can be protected from pneumococcal disease. 

Above Noor Yang Azwar Kamarudin, Pfizer Malaysia. 

Some photos taken by me during the events, you can also check out instagram 

During the event, there's presentation on Pneumococcal Diseases by Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, Founding Member of Asia Strategic Alliance for the Preventation of Pneumococcal Disease.

From left Noor Yang Azwar Kamarudin, Pfizer Malaysia, Gillian Hung, Malaysian Official Designer's Association (MODA), Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, Founding Member of Asia Strategic Alliance for the Prevention of Pnemococcal Disease. 

The KidStrong campaign features a superhero theme which highlights the importance of protection for children to continue stay strong and healthy in order to develop to their full potential. The symbol of the campaign, a superhero's cape, signifies the protection for the children - a symbol of security for the children against pneumococcal disease.

As part of its outreach, KidStrong will be collaborating with Malaysia Official Design Association (MODA) and eight young Malaysian designers to conduct a baby cape design competition. These capes will later be featured in the KidStrong fashion show in April during the World Health Organization's World Immunization Month. 

A group photo of the VIPs at KidStrong Campaign. 

The KidStrong campaign supports the goals of the World Pneumonia Day 2014.
- Pneumonia is the number 1 infections killer of children under age 5 globally
- To continue to create awareness and engage the public through education
- Poor and rural communities area most affected
- Access to prevention methods will reduce child mortality
- Vaccine is the most cost effective measure

My sons are happy during the media tour at KidStrong Exhibition Area.

Don't forget that KidStrong will be organizing a 'Design a Cape, Protect a Kid' engagement program with healthcare professionals, design schools and the public. The public can log on the to downlaod the entry and design form to submit their design. Every entry form received is counted as a pledge, and Pfizer will be making a donation of RM5 to charitable organizations that focus on provided universal access to protection against pnemococcal disease in Malaysia.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fa-la-la-lidays Giveaway on Disney Channel!

School holiday is just around the corner, well it's Friday and is the last of of school for the children. They are excited and I can tell you how much excitement my son is enjoying. He's going to be Standard 3 next year, and my toddler going to be 4 year old.

School holiday, but mommy and daddy are busy at work. We need balance our life in work and spend time with children. So what's school holiday program have you plan for your children? How about some entertainment at home?

Kids needs outdoor and indoor entertainment. So what you can do with indoor entertainment?

The magical holiday season is upon us and Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) has got a very special Frozen treat up for grabs! Stand the chance to win a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland plus other Frozen goodies!

I always like to plan for fun school holiday activities for my son, one of his favourite would be joining a costume contest. Check below pictures to find they are many costumes attraction, spot my son? Never the less, Frozen movie was famous too, a few girls dresses as the character in the movie.

Above picture just to show you the favourite character by children today.
Can you spot Princess Elsa?

Back to the Fa-la-la-lidays Giveaway on Disney Channel!
check out the daily prizes of Frozen goodies. 

I like the Frozen school trolley bag, and everything related to Frozen goodies.
How about you? Are you excited to find out how you can win them?

From now until 14 December, tune in and watch the great shows lined up for you this month on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) and look out for the cool Frozen-themed contest questions. Whether it’s counting the number of Olafs or the number of snowflakes, you wouldn’t want to keep your eyes off the screen because winners will be selected EVERY DAY to receive a very special Frozen gift pack.

In addition, every week during the campaign period, one lucky winner will win a trip for 4 people to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Princess Elsa and Anna in person!

For more info you can check out

Monday, November 17, 2014


Dynas Mokhtar, PETPET’s brand ambassador

I am happy to know that my friend is planning to shop diapers for their baby, it's good time to shop during the roadshow, check out the PetPet roadshow which started on 7th November 2014 until 31st December 2014 at various locations around Klang Valley including AEON BIG Putrajaya, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (Kajang), Wangsa Maju (Kuala Lumpur), AEON Bandar Utama (Bandar Utama) and Aeon AU2 (Kuala Lumpur) to promote its day and night solutions for babies through its campaign ‘Siang & Malam, Si Manja Dilindungi’.

This campaign will introduce various methods and tools that will help babies achieve uninterrupted play time and sleep while at the same time help babies achieve better learning abilities. The roadshow will feature a host of activities which include PETPET’s IQ test for babies – a simple tool to test a baby’s IQ level and PETPET’s ‘Ambil Gambar, Like and Menang’ photo contest that will win prizes up to RM30,000.

Dynas Mokhtar, PETPET’s brand ambassador will also be appearing at the roadshow to offer tips to mothers on how to manage babies’ sleep time and play time. Other topics of discussion to include diet, nutrition, sleep hygiene and learning the psychology of your baby. It will be a fun event to know your baby better and understand ways in helping your baby achieve better learning abilities. There will also be autograph sessions with Dynas at the campaign locations.

Details of the roadshow is available via PETPET’s Facebook page

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Superior Deluxe Room@FIrst World Hotel

I won a Superior Deluxe Room and chance to watch Peter Marvey also to meet on stage with Peter Marvey himself. Sad to say be his assistant on stage never happened because at the box office counter the staff never inform the person in charge. The took my winning letter and the counter was closed when I about to ask them. I still feeling sad of this... the gal took my letter and she was busy chatting with her colleagues too. She didn't bother to read what I won in letter? How do I know there's need of pass or inform other person about my winning to be on stage with Peter Marvey?  

I bought a same room that is Superior Deluxe Room it cost RM412 inclusive of breakfast for two, I request to connecting room so I need add RM10 when I collection the key cards of the room. The room has two seated sofa, a coffee table. There is a Queen bed, another room is with Two single bed. 
 The extra bed would cost RM50, but we didn't request any as the beds are enough for us. (My two children, myself and dear, my sister-in-law and my nephew)
We headed to Genting Highland last Friday afternoon. Upon reaching there around 4pm. 

The room may have either shower stand or bath tub.
We are lucky we get both room with bath tub, my kids are very happy indeed.

Bath tub that my sons saw and jump in joy can't wait to get in. 

This room is different from Superior Room at First World Hotel because they have the shampoo, body gel, soap, etc for you to use. This room is located at 18 floor in Tower 2. 
If Superior Room at First World Hotel, you'll need your own shampoo/body gel to use thought they have 2 in 1 dispenser but I didn't like it at all. 

The TV is working is one room but another room is is not quite as very blurry vision.

That night temperature outdoor was 17%, cool air that we love and enjoy outside. 
It's my third time this round to go Genting Highlands, my first time staying this room. I have the Queen bed where I share with my dear and son. As my toddler he sleeps in with sister-in-law.

Big Hero 6 movie review *emotional

This morning is mother and son day's out, yeah a movie just for mother and son.
Big Hero 6 movies, where a boy named Hiro loses his brother in a fire incident. He thought it was an accident that killed his brother and the professor. Things got worst when he found out his creation got stolen, he thought he loses all of it in the fire just like his brother. 

Hiro gets to know his brother friend's as he brought him to the lab to his his latest creation. A caring robot named Baymax, Hiro called it a robot nurse. It's an emotional movie, during the movie, I find there's teary moment moment too. 

Hiro loses his brother and he loses hope in everything, until one day he got injury his toe. Baymax is there for him, from that moment Baymax never leaves him until he says he is satisfy. Baymax helps Hiro to find the mask man who stolen his creation. He's not alone, he teams up with 4 others which had funny nick names.
Go Go
Honey Lemon

Hiro was the one that designed a suit for everyone, even for himself. 
If you kids like robotic, this movie will be interesting for them to watch. 

Baymax is created by Hiro's brother before he died in the fire incident. He never gives up trying and he succeed, he's so happy having this piece Baymax to show Hiro. 

You can click on the link to view #BaymaxHug video
Thanks to Wee Ling for letting the passes for me to watch as she's not around to watch it. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Renew/apply passport at Pejabat Imigresen Kelana Jaya

Photo 1st left top where everyone waiting for their number being call.
Photo 2nd bottom where you can see no more numbers given out as they have enough for the day, however if for old folks above 60s they maybe exception. 
Photo 1st right top, where you are given a number, you need to show your IC, small form filled
Photo 2nd bottom right, the number given after you have payment for passport, you need wait an hour for your number being called at counter 1. 

Last Saturday, early morning we headed to Pejabat Imigresen Kelana Jaya, guess what?! By 9am they have already out of tickets to give, so the guard advice 5am to come queue at office. As you know it is school holiday soon and towards new year or CNY. You'll find most office of Imigresen full of people. 

This morning I woke up at 6am and waited sis-in-law to be ready and my toddler too. We depart around 7.15am and waze brings me long journey instead of short journey to the office. I reached there around 8.10am and tickets given to my sis-in-law and my toddler 1089 and 1090. 

We was told to wait another hour for our turn, so just next to the office there's mamak stall to hangout. We have our breakfast there, then going back in at 9am many people left with disappointed face as they didn't get any number for renew passport or apply for passport. 

After having my son finger print and photo snap, then we need wait at counter 3 for our number to be call. The number of 1089 or 1090 will be called then only we can make payment, after that we need to wait 1 hour to go back counter number 1. The number -113 is the number batch given where you have make payment for the passport but you need to give this paper back to officer. They will be find your name according the bath before they called your name to collection of passport. 

My sis-in-law is renewal passport, renewal fee RM300 for 5 yr
My toddler is first time apply passport, apply 5 yr for RM150 (children fee)

Total of 10 counters, 2 counters for surrender Counter 1-2, 2 counters for payment Counter 3-4. 

Today, they only limited 200 people as 3pm they have Bomba inspection. Many people being route to go PKNS Shah Alam. I arrived home around 12.10 in the afternoon. Yeah tired all day as my toddler really loves to run here and there. I forgot to mention that the system jam for half hour this morning. So my sis-in-law asked, when it happened before?! Officer says yes, it happened on Tuesday.

Pejabat Imigresen phone numbers as following as I bought the RM3 passport cover, got the info inside.

Putrajaya (HQ) 03 8880 1000
Jalan Duta, KL 03 -3205 7400
Wangsa Maju 03-4142 3449
Shah Alam 03-55190653
Kelana Jaya 03-5519 0653
KLIA 03-8776 8018
Port Klang 03-3168 8166
Kajang 03-8734 4344
LCCT 03-87776632

I parked not far from the office and pay RM8. They charged by hour, though it is open air parking. RM2 an hour parking under the sun.

For you info, if you are going on weekends, be ready to go queue at office as early as 5am. Tickets can be run out as early as 8.30am. You might want to bring a hand fan, some places in office is hot/warm. Lack of seating too if many people, so be ready to standby.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hiruscar® Kids launches its ‘Play More’ Campaign with Ning Baizura and mom bloggers

photo credit to Ayu, above is picture of Ms Irene Tan, she was giving the welcome speech. If you have read about my review on Hiruscar Kids, you'll know this is scar gel formulated for children.

Hiruscar® Kids, one of Malaysia’s first topical scar gel formulated for children, was recently
launched together with its ‘Play More’ campaign. This campaign is aimed at encouraging children to go outdoors and play more while equipping both parents and children with important safety tips to promote safe play. The Play More campaign featured the Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More
Mom Bloggers Forum and the Hiruscar® Kids Play Safe, Play More Holiday Workshop. I was there with my son, the event held at Explorer Outfitter, Publika.
photo credit to Ayu, above picture is Desryne Heng, she is Senior Product Manager of Hiruscar. 

A 2012 study involving 50 children aged between two to ten yeards old saw improvements on scars and dark marks of participants with Hiruscar® Kids. Senior Product Manager of Hiruscar, Desryne Heng said, “The study shows 98% of children aged between two to ten years old experienced an
improvement on various scars and dark marks caused by a fall, burn or insects bite within two weeks of usage and saw lighter, smoother, softer skin on the affected area.” She added that Hiruscar® Kids is a gel that has been clinically proven to be gentle yet effective, safe and non-allergenic. “It is nongreasy and has a fast absorption rate, ideal for parents of young children who worry that their children will ingest external creams. This gel also has a pleasant smell that children find

photo credit to Ayu, mom bloggers forum

Ning Baizura, local celebrity and mother to almost two-year-old Ryan Sky Dalton, was present to facilitate the mom bloggers’forum. She said: “Boys are naturally more active and rough,
and I worry all the time that my son would get hurt. With precaution, I can reduce the risk of injuries but I can never take it away 100%. I think it’s important for us as parents to find a balance of being cautious with allowing our kids to have fun and run around.”

The forum for the mom bloggers allowed the mothers to share some of the issues they faced in balancing a need to incorporate more play-time into their children’s daily activities and safety considerations. Another topic of discussion was the positive effect that playtime had on their children.

The "Play More" Workshop that children enjoy on the day though it was rainy day. It never stop them from having the play more workshop together. 

The children were treated to games that they could play with their mothers
and a fun storytelling session with an adapted version of “Little
Red Riding Hood” and the challenges she faces by professional actor and storyteller Marina Tan,

 click on my instagram Sherrygo, video 1, video 2video 3 , video 4, video 5, video 6, video 7 , video 8 for the Play More workshop.

For the children, it was an opportunity to play and learn in a
fun way, while also picking up Hiruscar® Kids’ hampers,
backpacks filled with gifts, and certificates of participation.

There goes my son.

photo credit to Miera
A group photo with Mommy bloggers and Ning Baizura, 

The hamper and bag that son received, yeah there's a certificate too for him.

Thank you Hiruscar Kids, this gel is suitable for my son to use. I helped my toddler to apply this gel too, as he is so active, he is having black marks here and there. It is non greasy and has a fast absorption, ideal for parents with young children who worry that their children will ingest external creams. 

Selfie with beautiful mommy Ning Baizura

My son having fun with Jane's son... oh if you wonder why he's wearing blue shirt instead of yellow shirt, that's because he's wear adult shirt XS size. 

Hiruscar Kids is retailed at RM 29.80 per 10g and is now available in leading pharmacies nationwide.

About Hiruscar® Kids
Hiruscar® Kids is a topical scar gel that is specially formulated for children’s delicate skin. It has five powerful active ingredients that can effectively reduce visibility of children’s scars and dark marks. It has been tested to be safe and gentle on skin, non-allergenic and able to make the scar look less noticeable and smoother. Hiruscar Kids can be easily and quickly absorbed, making it safe for use on young children as it minimizes the risk of oral ingestion. It is fact acting, easy to spread, non-greasy and with pleasant smell.

Scholastic books: Bear series giveaway

Parenting is never easy and time to get your kids to build interest in reading, now let's check out the Scholastic books giveaway. If you love to own this bear series, now there's chance as I am having giveaway today.

Three lucky winners for this giveaway, you can either with to read The Very Brave Bear, you can view my book review on this by click on the link.

Each winner gets to bring home a book of bear! That mean you are winning a book yeah, not the full series. :D

The bear series namely 
The Very Brave Bear, as above link.
The Very Cranky Bear
The Hungry Bear 
The Very Itchy Bear

Easy to take part this giveaway, 

Complete the tasks below
1, Like my Facebook page of
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5. Why you want to win Scholastic books: bear series giveaway? 
6. Leave your email address, your GFC or networkedblogs, instagram account, twitter account, FB account, and why you want to win.. 

Don't forget to leave comment on this post, first three followers of my blog that complete the task win the book. 
Giveaway open to my blog followers with valid address in Malaysia. 

1. Kylie Wenn
2. JLBuzzBee
3 Suzlin

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TOP Introduces Hygienically Clean Concept For Cleaner Laundry, More Comfort and A Better Sense of Well-Being

I attended the TOP event which was held in MYDIN MALL, USJ last week. 

TOP, Laundry Detergent, developed by LION Corporation Japan, is the No. 1 Total Laundry Detergent brand in Malaysia. It is championing the concept of hygienically clean living to encourage cleaner laundry, more comfort and a better sense of well-being.

Based on LION Corporation Japan’s technological capabilities, TOP is able to provide superior products that address cleaning issues and create value in consumers’ daily lives by going beyond removing visible soil, to removing invisible soil such as bacteria, sebum and protein that are the root cause of odour, allergies and even some communicable diseases.

TOP, which is managed by Southern Lion Sdn Bhd locally, also introduced its FreshCare Technology that contains Rich-Lasting Fragrance for sustained freshness, supported by microcapsules that adhere to the fabric after wash and release bursts of scent to keep clothes staying fresh up to 14 days from wash to wear. The technology is available in its new ‘Blooming Freshness’ variant and has seen excellent consumer response.

The brand has embarked on an awareness campaign to educate consumers on differentiating between visibly clean versus hygienically clean laundry, that kicked off at the MYDIN USJ Mall.

During the event, I understand more about invisible soils and what types of malodor concern consumers.

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo, TOP is at the forefront of providing practical solutions to laundry problems linked to changing lifestyles, such as limited space, night washing and indoor drying, the need for more energy and water efficient detergents as well as changing weather events such as the haze and hygiene-related conditions such as a rise in respiratory ailments.

“Since its debut in Malaysia in 2003, TOP quickly engaged consumers with the introduction of innovative cleaning solution supported by our consumer-centric marketing approach and ongoing market research to understand their behavior and lifestyles, resulting in TOP becoming the No. 1 total laundry detergent brand, today. Now we are working on changing perceptions of what is ‘clean’ by introducing the concept of hygienically clean living, where cleanliness goes beyond the visible to the invisible, and encompasses comfort and well-being, too,” Ms Foo said.

TOP was the first laundry detergent to introduce anti-malodour technology in Malaysia in 2003. It then introduced its breakthrough Anti-Mite Dust formulation in 2011 that is proven to remove 99.9% of allergic mite-dust, and has been continuously championing the concept of hygienically clean living.

“It is safe to say that TOP has, and continues to transform the detergent industry in Malaysia through cutting-edge research & development that drives our innovation. We have won the hearts and minds of consumers by consistently providing practical solutions to their laundry problems,” Ms Foo explained.

“The introduction of the hygienically clean living technology will allow TOP to serve consumers better with cleaner laundry, more comfort and a greater sense of well-being across the board from all our products.”

“Our FreshCare Technology from Japan available in our new powder Blooming Freshness variant has been introduced for consumers who want longer lasting fragrance and sets new performance standards in the laundry detergent category with a touch release fragrance that has been proven to last up to 14 days3 from wash to wear,” she said.

(From Left) Ms Miki Ohwaku, Head Researcher [Fragrance for Fabric Care], Flavour & Fragrance Research Center, LION Corporation Japan, Mr Naoyuki Egawa, Head Researcher [International Product Development], Fabric Care Research Laboratories, Lion Corporation Japan, Tuan Ahimmat Mydin, Executive Director, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Ms Annette Ling, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Mr. Allan Khong, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, and Ms Carmen Foo, Senior Marketing Manager, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, officiate the launch of the TOP Hygienically Clean Living – Innovation for Better Living” campaign.

TOP was the first laundry detergent to introduce anti-malodour technology in Malaysia in 2003. It then introduced its breakthrough Anti-Mite Dust formulation in 2011 that is proven to remove 99.9% of allergic mite-dust, and has been continuously championing the concept of hygienically clean living.

Research Led Cleaning Technology Breakthrough
According to Mr Naoyuki Egawa, Head Researcher (International Product Development), Fabric Care Research Laboratories, Lion Corporation Japan, hygienically clean is a concept that is well accepted in Japan due to its overall benefits.

Mr Egawa explained that the focus of hygienically clean laundry is on removing not only visible soils but also the invisible soils. The purpose is to prevent or minimize microbiological effects such as malodour or infection risks that may spread via soiled clothing or household linens.

“TOP is changing what detergents can do. TOP’s technology has unique cleaning agents that penetrate faster and deeper into fabric, surrounding soiled particles, breaking and removing them from the fabric surface and suspending them in the wash water where they are removed during the rinse and spin cycles.”

“In addition, TOP removes bacteria through the use of high bacteriolytic activity enzymes, contributes to the prevention of malodour generation by bacteria metabolism. Our anti-mite dust technology is another proven innovation. Together these technologies take laundry cleaning to a different level of cleanliness, comfort and well-being,” he added.

According to Ms Miki Ohwaku, Head Researcher (Fragrance for Fabric Care), Flavour & Fragrance Research Center, Lion Corporation, the FreshCare Technology is a technology developed by Lion Corporation Japan to enhance the comfort that detergents can deliver to consumers and is available in TOP powder Blooming Freshness variant.

As part of LION Japan’s social responsibility effort towards a sustainable future, our TOP detergent range also comes with Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES), a high performance and eco-friendly plant-based cleaning agent that provides superb cleaning power while being carbon neutral and easily biodegradable in waste water.

Thank you TOP for the invitation, my child posting with TOP goodies.

TOP has been my choice for many years, if you know raining weather, it's hard to get the clothes to dry. You'll know the smell of unpleasant, with TOP I have no worry. 

Check out some instagram video taken by me, not n particular order

TOP powder detergent is available in 4 variants, i.e. Super Colour, Super Hygienic, Super White, and Blooming Freshness while TOP Concentrated Liquid Detergent range includes Fresh Tropicana, Blue Oceania, Colour Care and Anti-bacteria. TOP also offers Low Suds powder and liquid detergent for front loading machines, TOP Lite for fine fabrics and TOP Dayfresh softener.

TOP detergents are sold in major hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, and provision stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Winners of SuperStar handbag

This afternoon head to Post Office at AEON BIG Subang Jaya. Posted prize to 2 winners using registered post.

Wee Ling RD421512805MY
Suzlin RD4215142393MY

Then I also go shopping for my toddler's diapers. Bought 4 packets in total, 2 for sleeping used 2 for outdoor used.

Dugrostar young talents at the roadshow on Saturday!

The Klang Valley Finale Chapter Sees 40 Children Crowned Stars
of the Inaugural Dugrostar™ 2014

I attended the Dugrostar young talents at the roadshow on Saturday with my family. 

Dugrostar™, the first performing arts platform organized by Dugro®, is hosting a series of final live performances that showcase the exceptional talents of children across Malaysia. As many as 6,381 children came forth to show their potential and creativity in a combination of singing, dancing, and playing of musical instruments since the launch of the Dugrostar™ campaign in August.

Created to inspire children to discover their fullest potential, Dugrostar™ is Malaysia’s biggest celebration of talent among the young, culminating in seven finales being held across seven states, and rewarding a total of 280 children with over RM175,000 in cash prizes throughout the country.
Spot these lovely kids in costumes/dresses before/after their performance.

KB Mall, Kelantan
24-25 October 2014
Plaza Merdeka, Sarawak
31 October-2 November 2014
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor
31 October-2 November 2014
One Borneo, Sabah
8-9 November 2014
Mahkota Parade, Malacca
7-9 November 2014
KSL Mall, Johor Bahru
7-9 November 2014
Queensbay Mall, Penang
13-16 November 2014

At the Klang Valley finale held in Sunway Pyramid, 40 were crowned stars for their enthusiasm, energy and sheer talent displayed during their performance, which stole the hearts of the crowd as well as the judges. *Kindly refer to attached list of 40 finalists. For every location, the top three prize winners walk away with RM5,000, RM3,000, and RM1,000 cash prizes plus trophies, respectively, while the other finalists receive consolation prizes.

The Dugrostar™ finales also spotlight interesting children’s performances and promotions as well as stage and booth activities to engage visiting families such as the Dugrostar™ Step, Dugrostar™ Beat, Dugrostar™ Style and family photo-taking activities. At the same time, the Dugrostar™ Studio video booth allows those who did not register in time, to still perform and be part of the Dugrostar™ campaign, with the opportunity to win other attractive prizes!

Dugrostar Jump for the children age 3yr to 6 yr old.
Many kids enjoy themselves playing the slide and the pool of balls.

check out my instagram sherrygo for more video

You can choose to have a family picture or picture of your Dugrostar child.
Before that child can choose their jacket or wig or hat. 

Below the list of winners Dugrostar for on Saturday:
  • 3rd Place: Cindy Lim, 5 years old, played the piano
  • 2nd Place: VINCY KONG YUN SIM, 5 years old, singing (the one with the Malaysian dress)
  • 1st Place: Ashley Yong Hui Jing, 4 years old, dancing
The judges for the event were:
  • Ruth Liew, Director of Malaysian Child Resource Institute and Child Developmentalist
  • Elza Irdalynna, Actor, Producer, and Speech/Drama Instructor at Blubricks
  • Nur Diyana Hashim: Radio DJ and Instructor at BluBricks

Group photo of the winners Dugrostar age 3 to 6 yr old and VIPS.

The Dugrostar™ judging panel and campaign advisors was made up of child experts such as Ms Ruth Liew, Director of Malaysian Child Resource Institute and Child Developmentalist; Mr Zaid Mohamad, Columnist, Best-Selling Author, Parental Coach; Ms Elaine Yong, Developmental Psychologist and Lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Sunway University; and performing arts professionals from Blubricks, a leading speech and drama centre led by Mr Az’farr Baginda, Theatre Practitioner, Educator, and Principal of Blubricks.

Dugro® is a growing up formula brand. Its latest innovation, Dugro® with 5 Nutri, helps support overall multi-dimensional growth in children which include five key growth areas: mind, bone, immunity, digestion and vitality.

For more information on Dugro® and Dugrostar™, log on to or call the Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

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