Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Contest First Giveaway

This giveaway is open to blogger with address in Malaysia, to take part just click on the image above.

Giveaway ends on 30 April, 2012.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My first time eat Gelato Fruity

I have seen this stall many times, I don't know how many years they have been there. Last Saturday when we head there during weekend, my dear asked me to try it. I was like are you sure, they are charging by gram.

The pictures above first is the strawberry with toppings (free), second picture is durian with topping (free). Yeah you can add the topping there for free I am not sure of other outlet.

I like the durian flavour however if I ate durian then try the strawberry it is bitter taste! So don't ever do that, you won't like it. My boy does not like durian however when he was toddler he loves it.

Have you try this Gelato Fruity, which flavour do you like?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carrefour subang jaya parking system start 2nd May

Parking system at Carrefour Subang Jaya starts soon, I am sure you like to know when. It is going to be 2nd May, so no more free parking for public. You need to pay for it, I am not sure how much is the parking fee. As I know today I was there to buy poultry, and baby milk powder I saw the signed that parking start in May.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nasi Lemak & Asam Laksa @Jusco Midvalley

I love to go Midvalley and one of the reasons I love the asam laksa there. I am sure you know the area it is not far from the Jusco Membership Service Counter. It has been a long time since I visit to Midvalley. I miss the asam laksa there, the taste is not as good as before anymore. The soup of asam laksa is not thick anymore, it taste quite water. No wonder not many people dine there anymore. The nasi lemak my dear saying that it is very spicy!

In the afternoon we were window shopping and we found a nice place to dine. That is Warung and I hope to dine there next time. For the first time my boy is asking to eat mee goreng there! I am not sure when I am going to Midvalley again as we head there because my sister-in-law won a skin care product from a local Magazine contest. The skin care product is a cream which cost RM230, yeah she is so lucky!

Give away belog zaidatulany's

This giveaway is fun click banner above to take part.

I  tagging two blogger, they are

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Dim Sum restaurant at Taipan,usj

This is my first time to dine at this JYT Restaurant, I think it is new opening there as saw many flowers outside. We went there this morning to try their Dim Sum, frankly speaking there is not much choice and the service is slow. I mean you need to order by ticking the list then submit to the waiter or waitress. Then they proceed to kitchen counter to ask the food. The sugarcane drink cost rm4, plain water rm0.50, shrimp dumplings/har gaw rm4.50, glutinous rice with chicken rm4.50, steamed BBQ pork bun rm3.80, puff pastry custard tart rm4.80, s.rice rolls with BBQ pork and parsley rm4.80, shanghai juicy steamed dumplings (3 pc) rm6. Inclusive of service charge rm40.60. I forgot say I ordered two sugarcane drink. It is a new restaurant located at corner of the shop, you can choose dine inside or outside. Location of the restaurant no.48, Jalan usj 10/18, UEP subang jaya, 47620 selangor. Tel 03-80816488. It is not far from the fruits shop.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to use Ossion bubble mask on double chin?

This is question most gals want to know, I like to know too. Can round face become v shape face? We need to try to find out, as this product reduces baby fat,water retention face.

For v line effect when applying place your palm together at wrist are to form v shape. From the chin apply upwards towards your eyes and ears area. Repeat the process 3 to 5 seconds. Massage five to ten times.
Best to use it on double chin six to seven times a week as double chin is harder to use compare to baby fat, water retention face.

For face just use three to four times a week.

For your info I have not try this product as the website comments will closed soon so I decided to take note of it here. Hope you can share with me if you have this product and whether it is effective for you or not. Regarding the website everyday when the comment closed we not able to view anymore as it is going to be past deal for this product.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LEO CUBS @Sunway Pyramid

Early morning the guy came shouting at the gate, Hello... Hello for a few times..

I don't get enough of sleep and here's what I get when open the huge envelope. It contains of two LEO CUBS that I earlier applied for my boys.

Look the LEO CUBS card so cute, it is attached to the lion's body. There is LEO CUB's Exclusive Privileges for discounts at some outlet namely Anakku, bossini be happy, Girls, Miss whatever, Party Princess, PiyoPiyo, PK Time, Poney, Tiamo, Toycity, my puzzle home, world of cartoons, zen desserts, kindori, tbowl, famous amos, the Chicken rice shop, jungle jungle, stars archery and sunway pyramid ice.

Have you got the LEO CUBS for your kids? I applied it at the customer service counter at Sunway Pyramid.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Prelove breastfeeding top for sale

Above is the prelove breastfeeding top for sale, the red is from blessedmums website it is L size. It is 100% lycra single jersey, half U nursing opening. It is length 24 and sleeve length 21.

The blue colour also L size bought from another website.

L size suitable for bust 38.

If you have interest do email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com.

Shipping only in Malaysia due to shipping cost to other country.

Hong Leong Bank

This is just info for everyone who is using the Hong Leong Bank, their contact centre line is 03-76268899

The personalized/phone banking service is 7am to 12am daily.

What to eat at Subang Parade?

Last Sunday we head to Subang Parade for dinner, we don't know what to eat. My dear saw the Manhattsnn Fish Market, there is set dinner to choose and after few round to find suitable restaurant we ended up with this. He decided to order the Award Winner plate that cost rm69.90, adding one Pepsi rm5.90, and cheese fries rm6.90. Total spend of the day rm95.95.

My boy wanted to go est chicken rice shop but there is no seating and my dear doesn't like the transparent glass. Yeah you can see through the glass the people eating at Kenny Roger chicken. It is like you are looking at my food and I am looking at yours.

If you are looking for other type of food try the Sunshine Kebab, one set is rm10.90 if you add chips rm11.90. That day I had chicken kebab and I get to choose the sauce for it, also the vege that I want to put. This restaurant is located nearby MPH book store.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family time@Yuen Sunway Steamboat

I like dining at Yuen Sunway Steamboat, they do not serve pork. For three adults and one kid, the cost of dining there is RM100 there is still money leftover. They charged per person and chidren check on their height. The famous food at this restaurant is the chicken wing and they are fast gone so you need hurry grab them at the counter.

I like the dessert there, the delicious coffee jelly and ice cream. You will need to make reservation if you want to dine there. I called them up and the man asked how many person, I told him just a few of us and he say just walk in.

I see there is other steamboat restaurant in the area but I not yet try any of them. How about you?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Contest: Kenangan Manis Bersama Family by Ira & Zati

I love my family and I am taking part in Contest: Kenangan manis bersama family by Ira & Zati, you can take part too if you are in Malaysia.

You are looking at picture of me with baby Lulu, she is one of the twins. My sister-in-law gave birth to twin gals and they are just one minute apart from each other. I am holding just one baby gal because her sister is crying. Time fly, they are now three month old. I am so happy being aunt to twins. You can see that I can't stop smiling. I am only seeing them like once a month as they are living quite far from me.

I am tagging two bloggers, they are Pauline and My-Alia.
Now if you like to know more about the contest just click above banner, contest ends on 30 April,2012.

Free ice skating tickets@Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday I bring my nephew and son to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating. My sister-in-law and her daughter go for window shopping. Earlier I bought the online voucher for ice skating membership which free three tickets. I signed up for myself and my son as both of us are member now and we have got the membership card.

The free tickets for ice skating only two tickets for each membership for ice skating. The third ticket will be on the day of birth day! I used free ice skating tickets for myself, my nephew and son. The gloves cost RM8 at the ice skating entrance counter, so you better go Daiso to purchase just RM5. Lucky I bring along my gloves and my son's gloves and socks! If you are not going to ice skating you want go inside to wait you need to pay for entrance fee. There is choice of one entry or unlimited entry for visitor, you just need to pay for it.

There is a food stall near the entrance so yon purchase the food and drink there. The mashed potato with a drink cost RM5, the medium size hot dog cost RM4.50 with or without bread is your choice. My son had two sets of mashed potato with orange juice.

I asked the counter inside regarding the photoshoot of ice skating, I want to know the range of price. The staff is not helpful at all he keeps saying there is package to choose from and unable to tell me the price of package.

If you are going to ice skating at Sunway Pyramid, go purchase online ticket because now there is RM5 off from now until 30 April, 2012.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Lovely Baby contest

I love contest, and I am taking part in My Lovely Baby Contest. Mommies if you are in Malaysia you can take part too. I need your help to like my picture, it is photo me and baby. You description on photo is my baby always curious, he is happy to see himself in mirror.

The contest is based on most like in Facebook. I know it is slim chance to win, I want to join this contest for the fun!

Need to boost breast milk supply

You know I am breastfeeding mom exclusively for my first boy for three and half years. For my second baby boy who does latch on I do pump milk most of the time. I have low supply of breast milk and I am a week already on the Shaklee 3M trial pack. I love it, I see there is increase of milk supply. I ordered the Shaklee.

I am going to tell my friend who is expecting newborn soon. My friend told me that her milk supply only lasted for four to six month.

I think it is up to individual to see whether this product worked or not. Any breastfeeding mom there takes supplement?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shop DVD at your own risk@carrefour

Recently I purchased a DVD for my son and the DVD keeps hang and I went back to Carrefour and I was told that I cannot change the DVD. I also cannot eat back my money RM19.90 for the DVD. So bear in mind if you are going to purchase DVD from Carrefour you need to test the first. I wanted to test the DVD but no assitant there at all.

I notice that Customer Service counter only has a staff so you need to wait if they are many people queue.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free backpack@Carrefour

If you like freebie you don't want to miss out the chance to grab the free backpack. You just need to purchase P&G products namely the Rejoice, Oral-B, Fab, Whisper, and brand which listed at their board. The products purchase must be minimum RM50 you get this backpack worth RM30. I need to use detergent powder for washing so I bought the Fab powder, Oral-B toothbrush, and shampoo. Don't think that you need to purchase many because just a few things it cost RM50. You can do the calculation there with your cellphone. My purchase for the P&G product RM50.90, so I got to redeem this backpack at the Customer Service Counter.

The Carrefour I went is at Subang Jaya, the new food court is open too. The parking fee for carpark not yet start. My friend and I had breakfast at nearby because the food court not open at 9a.m.

I don't know if the free backpack still available, you can check out first at the Customer Service Counter ask them first before you buy! You don't want to be disappointed.

More reasons to shop online

We love to eat so when find good deal there are more reasons to shop online. We bought the shogun vouchers for the weekend. We bought only three due to budget. I know eating there is getting expensive. Lucky got the vouchers save alot more I feel a voucher cost rm46.50 nett.

It is for dine in to eat lunch, I saw the weekday lunch deal but not quite suitable for us. Since dearie often work late best choose for the weekends.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review:Bugslock Wristband

I purchase this Bugs lock for my son, we often go to playground so he need this to prevent mosquitoes bite.
I purchase this online and I bought three of it which cost RM30, let me know if you get this for cheaper price. The Bugslock is not to be use directly (skin contact) by expecting mothers/breastfeeding mother or during pregnancy. I am breastfeeding mom so I am not wearing this band but I put on the cream to avoid mosquitoes bite. My son does not wear this for long hours so when we are back he will remove the band and put in the seal bag. The band can be used on leg too as there is adjustment for it.

This Bugslock is not to be worn by children under age 2 year old. It should be hooked/tied on the cradle/bed/stroller instead. Do not leave this band near the face area of your children.

It is not recommend to use the Bugslock in small confined area such as air-conditional room as there is lack of fresh air ventilation.

This Bugslock only last for 240 hours, that is 10 days.

Checkout another Buglock that I found online here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dongcha@Aeon Jusco Mahkota Cheras

I wanted to try the Jumbo Wagashi and the drinks from Dong Cha. I just purhased two vouchers of two Jumbo Wagashi and 2 drinks (best sellers) at Dong Cha. Now RM10.90 instead of RM21.80, you can refer to the link for the choice of drink and wagashi.

I cannot drink tea in the evening so I have the choice of honeydew milk with pearls. I know my dear will like the Twin Deluxe. I am not sure if the Flossy Cream Alisan Tea nice or not.

The Jumbo Wagashi is hot cakes with an assortment of delicious fillings. When eaten hot, a Wagashi is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. It is thoroughly cooked on a hot pan. It is well know popular Taiwanese street food. You have choice Jumbo cream, Belgium Chocolate, and Matcha Red Bean with Cream.

You can check out more detail click above link.

RM22 for ten mosquito repellent wristband

As you know I often bring my boy to the playground, my dear insisted me to check out the mosquitoe repellent wristband. I see that it is good deal because you pay only RM22 you get ten pieces of mosquitoe repellent wristband. That day I bought three pieces for RM30!

No kidding! So good deal where are you going to find it again? Again of course you need to wait the good deal to come back again. I can't say it is going to be this price again, why pay more right? Now only RM22 instead of RM50, that's not all you get free delivery to your doorstep within West Malaysia!

Mommy I am sure you want to protect your children and yourself. I don't think this suitable for me as I am breasting my baby boy. This I can put on my bag, I am going to give some mosquitoe repellent wristband my dear because he often needs to go site with mosquitoes. He mentioned to me one of this colleague admitted to hospital due to Denggi!

Air-conditioned Indoor Paintball @The Summit

I love games and I found this games to share with you. If you have kids almost same age they can play together. I see that this game need minumum of four pax to play. So sad I have only two person that is myself and my boy.

If you have interest for your children to workout, this is best place they can have fun in air-conditioned indoor paintball at the Summit shopping mall, USJ. Now you only purchase RM38 instead of RM85, for detail just click the link. This paintball package going to end soon, don't forget to grab the deal now.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Product review: Guardian cottony soft 29cm

My period comes on last Sunday when I was at the Bukit Tinggi shopping mall at Klang. I am so glad I have brought this pad along in my sling bag. It is 29 cm long and I like the thickness of this pad. It is not like other sanitary pad that I used, I prefer using this sanitary pad. I am not only using it for night but also for day.

This sanitary pad gives me comfortable feel and it has superior absorbency. It is my first time using this brand and I like it. I don't know that Guardian has sanitary pad until I walk in their shop at IOI Mall the other day. I decided to purchase it for trial.

As for my sister-in-law she finds that this pad is not long enough for her. She prefers the longer sanitary pad to avoid leakage. So far this sanitary pad is good for me, there is no leakage at all. I like this because there is night wing at the side and it doesn't give me uneasy feeling. I know some other type of sanitary pad has rough surface and wing.

Have you try out any sanitary pads from Guardian? What brand of sanitary pad are you using now?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

First time dine@Pasta Zanmai Empire Gallery

It is my first time to dine at Pasta Zanmai at Empire Gallery Subang Jaya. I choose the sirloin steak set, I love it. I drink the ice hazelnut chocolate as I cannot take tea in the evening because I cannot sleep at night. My sister-in-law ordered the chicken teriyaki set. You can see below first picture, second picture is the sirloin steak. The third picture is my son enjoy the cheese pasta with alot mushroom.

Many people dining at this restaurant we have no seating so need to sit behind that has no aircon. Chicken teriyaki set RM20, sirloin steak set RM30, passion fruit soda drink RM6, ice hazel chocolate 2 drinks RM16, green tea RM3, katsu rc set RM16 and kinoko onsen cs RM19. Total bill RM127.60 inclusive of tax and service charge.

Have you dine at this restaurant do you like it?

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