Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Funny kid in action of SKYFALL

Have you read my movie review on Skyfall? Oh well check out my son who is busy with the action. Yeah we saw this poster at TGV Sunway Pyramid and we know he has got to do something funny.

It is very funny indeed, he sure gives a smile to both our faces!

Okay gonna stop blog now as heavy rain and thunder sound now!

Participants of Guess & Win is back!

I am sure you are excited to know if your name is one the list with your guesses. So let's take a look right now! Don't forget that the Guess &Win is back ends tomorrow midnight! You didn't take part you lose the chance of owning the Hello Kitty Mask, handmade flower pin, and Kiss Me top.
    1st guess: $65.90 2nd guess

    1st guess :$59.90

    1st guess: $109.70

    1st guess: $57 2nd guess $51

    1st guess $45 2nd guess :$55.50

    1st guess: $71.80 2nd guess: $80.80 3rd guess: 60.50 4th guess: 58.60 5th guess $115

    1st guess: $75 2nd guess $105.90 3rd guess $110

Movie review: Skyfall

Last night it was heavy rain but it didn't stop us from going out to catch a movie. My dear invited me for premier screening of Skyfall. This movie is suitable for children above 13 years old however need guardian to accompany to watch it.

Skyfall is the twenty third spy film in the James Bond series. Who doesn't like James Bond? This movie about MI6 trying to save M, but first M was missing because he was shot during the chase. He has got two shots one from the bad guy another from Eve. Everyone thought he was dead, he fall into the water while gets shot on top of the train fighting with the bad guy. He survives the gun shot and living in an island with a sexy woman! He's back to help M onces he knows that she's in danger. James Bond needs to pass the test before he can get back in the team of MI6.

M in danger because her past is back to haunt her! Yeah one of her best agents is back but he's back to kill her because she left him. M told MI6 that she made a decision where she can get her six agents back safely but in order to do that she needs to surrender her best agent because they wanted him. Raoul Silva a former MI6 agent working under M, he's the one wants to kill M for revenge, he hates her so much because she left him to die. I am sure you like to find out how Silva escapes even though they manage to capture him.

I can tell you that from beginning of movie until the end of movie it is very exciting to watch.

This filml is rated P13.

I watch the movie at Hall 8, they are no two seats for left and right so you only see the middle seating in this hall.

Free Upin & Ipin Thank You Carrefour bag

I went Carrefour just now to purchase fried chicken for dinner, yeah I like to eat the fried chicken at Carrefour they are so delicious. The freebie of bag you see above I have got them last weekend and I see they are still available infront of the Information counter of Carrefour. You need to answer the survey on the spot and you the free bag.

This cute Upin & Ipin Thank You Carrefour bag is a must have if you love Upin & Ipin. It is raining heavily here and tonight I have got a date with dear to go for movie. This time he invited me to watch premier screening of Skyfall. Yeah he has got the passes for me, thank you dear!

I often shopping at Carrefour for grocery and speaking of shopping I forgot to buy eggs for make half boil! I bought Aik Cheong two in one coffee, I saw it on sales and I know sister-in-law likes to drink this coffee.

Okay folks don't forget to join my Guess & Win is back while it going to ends on Friday midnight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cute gals clothing

I went to the Summit USJ shopping mall the other day, I am so happy to see these wonderful clothes near the main entrance of shopping mall. I don't know if they are still having sales. I didn't purchase any clothing because I don't have enough money. I thought of buying the beautiful clothes for twins. I am not sure how big they are now even though they are ten months old. The babies are now 9.8kg while my baby boy is 10.8kg.

My sister-in-law almost purchase a sweather for mother-in-law but find out that the sizes are way to big. I like to go Summit USJ as I find the parking rate still affordable although they don't have Aeon or Parkson. It is still nice place to visit, they have Popular bookstore and a DIY shop next to it.

Look in the picture you can cute little clothing look like cheong sam for girls. I saw some clothing for boys but I don't find them cheap at all. I saw some nice sexy lingerie price as low as RM5 only!

I would say shopping for girls would be most difficult, they are so many fashion accessories for girls.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nestle World Walking Day 2012

Yesterday morning we wake up early in the morning, yeah left home around 6.30 we have not been to Presint 3 Putrajaya, so dear has to look at the signboard on the road. We reached early and we need to queue up separately because I have got three of us registered in form but son was registered in SMS.
They are counters to queue up and the SMS registration I need to collect the form to go opposite of the counter for collection the green World Walking Day shirt. I love this shirt so much, although the XXL is bit small for my dear. I have got the forms in hands and you see there's lucky draw but we didn't wait for it, we leave around 10 am by that time I think they started the lucky draw.

Can you believe it that we are among the 20,000 people that took part in this walk! I only find out of my Facebook friend took part in the walk when see her posts up pictures. I didn't see her at all in the World Walking Day. After the walk my sister-in-law and sons waited at one place so dear and I can go collect drink and food for them. The clowns are making balloons for children, my son chooses gun and the clown in oranage will make for him because the clown in green doesn't know. Clown in green knows of making sword!
You are looking at the picture of beautiful flowers we saw in Presint 3, Putrajaya. So many pretty flowers and they are in white colour, look at the bee buzzing in the flower. The pictures taken using Samsung S3.

It is a long walk for us, everyone is tired in the afternoon.

Don't forget there's still time to take part in Guess & Win is back.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extension of Guess & Win

Good afternoon folks, I am here to inform you that the Guess & Win is Back will be extension a week. So the you can still take part in the guess and win, you can comment on guess more than one time just need one guess in one comment. But first you will need to blog of the Guess & Win. The Guess & Win will ends on next Friday 2nd of November at 12 midnight. Now you can start put on your thinking cap on in Guess & Win.

Going through my photos and found one that I like, the Captain America Mickey Mouse. I am sure you remember the Mickey Mouse in Midvalley. Above picture of me taken by my friend, we are at the Tropicana City Mall on Wednesday night for movie. I wearing the Mickey Mouse blue blouse.

This is spooky-tacular Halloween of Tropicana City Mall, there is a huge pumpking in middle of the exhibition of cars. I no longer own the beads shoes that I loved, it gave up on me the other day. I wearing the cheap sandals I found in Carrefour. The sandals cost me RM15.90 usual price RM32.90, yeah you bet I love sales!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RIP CURL PRO Terengganu Nov 30th - Dec 2nd, 2012 Pantai Batu Burok

You are looking at Rip Curl One Utama, if you love surfing boards you can find them here. Recently a press conference was held at Rip Curl in One Utama.
Rip Curl (Malaysia) is proud to announce the brand partnership with the State Government of Terengganu on the up-coming first ever 6-star pro surf contest which will be held on November 30th till December 2nd at the coastal of Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu.

 Rip Curl's fashion show of latest collections, the students are from Amber Chia Academy

 From left John Lee, Bryan Ng, Brenda Lee, Vivian Chew, James Hendy (Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA), and Semmy.

Let's put our hands together and support Rip Curl Malaysia Riders.
From left Brenda Lee, Semmy (Mohd. Suhaimi, who is only 17 years old) and Bryan Ng. They will be representing Malaysia for this upcoming surf contest! Malaysia Boleh!

The Terengganu Rip Curl Pro surf contest 2012 is a surf event sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC). During this 3-days 6-star pro event, surfers hails from different regions of South East Asia are expected to compete in five different divisions – Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Master Division and Bodyboard Open, and Longboard Open. There are total estimated over RM 40,000 worth of prizes up for grabs for the participant’s surfers.

Detail about the pro surfing competition:
Venue: Batu Burok Beach, Terennganu, Malaysia
Date: 30 November 2012 - 2 December 2012

Now mark your calender for such wonderful competition. Besides the adrenalin rush competition, there will be several fun-filled yet educational activities had been planned for the public with the aim to educate people from all walks of life about surfing activities. There will be a booth with live demonstration of the overall actual process on making a surfboard. A surf clinic will be set-up for public to experience and learn how to surf. Jonni Morrison - Deaker, from the Rip Curl Bali Surf School, will conduct the surf clinic.

For more info check out Rip Curl Malaysia.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 4

Last night my friend and I watched Paranormal Activity 4 at GSC Midvalley Hall 4. We reached there at nearly 8.30 to collect the passes. Paranormal Activity 4 is a 2012 American supernatural horror film. Alex films her younger brother Wyatt's soccer match, there's a boy in the film too. The boy is Robbie their neighbour's child. Ever since Robbie stayed at their house because of his mom got admitted to hospital for few days things spooky were happening around the house.

Alex got her boyfriend Ben to help her record everything that happening in the house using the laptops. They have got laptops use in living room, kitchen, Alex's room, and Wyatt's room. Alex's mom does not know the neighbour well and she help to take care Robbie for few days. Robbie woke up Wyatt to play with his invisible friend in the middle of the night.

Alex and Ben know something wrong, Alex even tries explaining to her parents but they wouldn't listen. Worst is Alex's mom gave her sleeping pill to sleep! The night Alex sleeping something pulls her away her comforter and her up from the bed while Wyatt standing in the room watching.

There is night vision at the living room so you can see clearly something or a boy is following Wyatt. About the movie, the ending of this movie is not good as Alex's parents and boyfriend got kill by unseen force and her brother Wyatt no longer Wyatt but is Hunter. This happened as Wyatt was left alone in the bathtub and he was pulled into the bathtub while his mom on the phone with his dad in the kitchen.

At the end of the movie when some people have left the hall, there's part of Mexican video. I don't know what it is because the man speaking in other language entering the shop and one lady scares him off the shop.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Winner of Guess & Win Contest!

Yesterday afternoon while getting my boy, I am on my way back. I got the call from the girl about the fridge. I am sure you are excited to know who is the winner of the Guess & Win Contest. Well just listen first about what happen to my fridge, I was told there are leakage of gas at multiple area. They are unable to find out exactly where because it is internal of the fridge. Therefore they put back the gas for fridge and tested it one night, the next day there's no leakage at all from the fridge.

There is no warranty of the repair of fridge, there is no spare part change from this fridge. The girl says that the fridge maybe can last me for another six months, a year or two year. Now the total cost of this is RM300. If I don't want to repair the fridge I will still need to pay RM80 for the their checking and sending the fridge. I was informed that my fridge brand no longer having any spare part for same brand of fridge but there are other brand suitable for this fridge to use.

Now the close answer of GUESS & WIN CONTEST, goes to RM248. The winner is therosputih with only one guess in guess & win contest. Winner please email me your detail to my email sherrygo at hotmail dot com.

Don't worry if you didn't win my guess & win contest, you can try out the 60,000 Total Pageview at Sherry Rambling.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guess & Win Contest

This is another giveaway here at My Mom's Best, yeah my fridge has been sent to repair this morning. There's no more cold at the upper compartment of the fridge. So this giveaway is simple you just need to guess how much will the repair of the freezer fridge. I will know the exact amount when they called me to inform how much I need pay for the repair.

The fridge move out of the house this morning so it would take them three days to repair and test before return it to me. My fridge is more than ten years of usage, there was time fridge taken away for repair before but it was the down compartment of fridge.

This giveaway ends on Friday 19 October 2012, 12 midnight. Lucky blogger who guess it correctly or with the closer amount of money I need use to repair fridge gets the Mystery Prize.

To take part this giveaway you need to be GFC follower of my blog. You can guess many times but one time comment with one guess only! This giveaway open to my follower with address in Malaysia so I can mail the Prize. :D

Now have fun in my Guess & Win contest! Good luck.

In the mean time, I still looking for the winner of My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway to email me the detail.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Attention Winner My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway!!! please email me again

Good morning folks, it is good weather here. Oh yeah I got check my email and winner email me but I accidently clicked delete all mail in junk mail gone. So sorry winner do email me again. There is no way getting detail from junk mail, once deleted all mail in junk mail gone.

I shouted aiiiyaaaa... As I accidently pressed the button and my baby laughing at me. This is why we need careful click when opening emails. Other participants that didn't win don't be sad, I will let you know if there is giveaway.

Parcel has send out using pos laju at Post Office on 19 Oct, 2012. I also send the parcel of Winner of 1st What Every Gal Want on same day. Not just that I use the Pos Express to post the winner on Friday morning. Yes I did three postage in a day, I also purchased RM20 Money Order from Post Office. I paid RM20.50 for the money order. I try going to bank for bank in the money but their system offline.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gained 50 or more likes in Facebook

Yeah it is not easy to gain so many like in Facebook, when comes to contest it would be even tougher. Recently I manage gained fifty plus likes in Facebook a contest I took part. In the end I received the voucher, but of course the voucher comes with terms and conditions. You need to dine in and spent minimum RM20 in order to use the voucher you won! That sound just not right, no decision on going the restaurant to try yet!

It is voucher of free LARGE RAMEN, frankly speaking I am no big fan of ramen. I seldom eat ramen, I cannot imagine myself eating whole bowl of ramen. I am slow eater when comes to ramen or noodles.

Would you go for it to use the voucher? I saw the expiry date end of this month. Everyone knows how crowded it would be during weekends at the mall. I dont have many friends that able share the meal with me to use the voucher. Too bad the voucher not transferable, if yes definitely give to my friend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Car windscreen broken when back from work

Yesterday evening going for a walk in playground, I saw a car with driver seat side window broken. This is shocking nobody saw who did it or how it happen. So everyone is guessing maybe is broken by the stone as cutters are they to cut grass and stone flew and hit the windscreen. Anyway it is a big hole, one neighbour walk closer to have a look.

The car parked the playground as didn't want to pay any parking ticket at the nearby office or shopping mall. The car is not tinted with protective film, it is Proton Waja. The man came back from work saw his car damage, he started smoking and open the boot to check. He didn't bother to ask anyone at playground about what happen to his car.

We have not seen him around before, it is first time I saw Proton Waja grey colour parked at playground. I am not sure how much he will need to pay to get it fix, this is why you need buy insurance for your car windscreen! No kidding, once my dear's car got damaged the big screen it cost nearly RM900 or more.

Have your bought insurance to cover your car windscreen?

Free RM5 voucher from RT Pastry

Today happy day for me, I have got RM5 voucher from RT Pastry at SS15 Subang Jaya. Yeah I think the offer is today only, with purchase min RM10 you get RM5 voucher. The voucher valid until end of the year 2012.

They are not many people this morning, I manage find parking near the Public Bank after two rounds the area. It is tiring when walk to the Maybank their system is down so cannot deposit any money.
The redemption of voucher counter is just outside the shop, after your purchase just show the receipt and the gal will give you the RM5 voucher. Some aunties bought many cakes to eat, they must have big fridge at home!

It is good deal if you love to eat bread and cake from RT Pastry!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucky winner of My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway

Happy Friday to everyone, while my dear still work it is close to 8pm soon. I am going to announce who is the lucky winner of My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway, it goest to No.12. Go ahead and find out who is the No.12 with the entry. They are total of 19 entries I gained from this giveaway, thank you everyone for taking part. I am going to have new giveaway so look out of my blogs. You can click on the no.12 to find out who is the Lucky winner. :D

Congrats to winner do email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com your full name, address, and contact number. Winner need to contact me within 48 hours if not I will announce new winner. Opps I forgot to say that I use the the true random number generator to choose the winner.

I failed to redeem the Himalaya Body Wash 30 ml, apparently the product is out of stock. They say they will restock again but unable to tell me when so I left my detail for them to call me. 1000 bottles so fast no stock? How about you, did you manage redeem the Himalaya body wash?

Anyway manage go the One Utama for MWW to redeem the goodie bag last week? I didn't go as last Saturday is a big night for my son. One bad experienced I gained someone fart thrice infront me and my friend, we smell durian!

Next week another busy week for me, I am not sure how to go Uptown 1. I have been there several time but I am bad with direction, I fear I might be lost. Oh well, I need to try going there again, another place is Tropicanal Office Tower another strange place which I haven't been before.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shake Shake! Whip Hair Colour from Japan here comes French Chocolate

I haven't dye my hair for a long time, I am happy with the result of this product. It is the perfect colour for me, so easy to use just shake and scoop! There's non drip formula, check out the picture above in my hand is the French Chocolate. The item included in the kit colour powder, developer, mixing shaker, after colour treatment, protective gloves, instruction leaflet in English and Japan language. Well I like this product very much, you just need to shake and make! Easy & quick application just scoop and apply the whipped foam with my hands. Last picture above with my hair down is the colour of French Chcolate.


I still have other colour of this product, I will share it with my dear mommy. :D

I didn't test the product on my skin, if you like to know skin allergy test procedure you need to make the test mixture pour about 10 drops of the developer and a pinch of colour powder on the bowl then mix with a cotton swab. Apply the test mixture thinly to the inner bend of your elbow (about 1cm) and let it dry. If the test area does not dry after 30 minutes, gently wife off with a facial tissue. A skin allergy test must be conducted 2 days before each time you colour your hair.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway

I am so happy I am having this My Mom's Best 2nd Giveaway, my blog was with 52 followers. Not long ago I had my first giveaway, to celebrate my blog having over 100 followers now I am having this giveaway!

The prize for the lucky winner is Head-n-Baby for newborn, baby sling, DIY beads to make cell phone charm, and pink flower handphone pouch.

How to take part in this giveaway?

This giveaway is open to GFC follower of this blog.

Blog this giveaway at your blog with the picture and link to this post. Mention My Mom's Best blog in your blog post.

Don't forget to leave comment of your entry with your Follower ID, your blog post link.

Giveaway starts 10 September 2012, and ends on 10pm on 10 October 2012.

Come back to this blog to check if you have won the prize, winner is given 48 hours to email me or new winner will be pick!

This giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

Just to let you know the Head-n-Baby for newborn does not comes with the box anymore because flood at home got it broken. The baby sling does not come with brochure anymore because flood ruined it but baby sling washed and dry.

MMB 2nd giveaway ends tonight, check your blog post!

Almost forgot but you know what? It is 10 Oct, today and giveaway of MBB 2nd Giveaway ends tonight. So participants check your blog post here to see if your blog post is in the list.

Today is a busy day for me, well tomorrow too. I need to go Carrefour to shop for baby diaper. I bought a bedsheet today but I am sure the price is under RM30 but they charged me RM40 I asked for refund. Oh well since I am going back there tomorrow I will need to snap a picture of it and show them when I make the purchase. I need buy single bedsheet and queen bedsheet.

If you love freebie do check out facebook of Himalaya Malaysia they are giving away 1000 bottles of 30ml of body wash. You need to print out the form and fill in the particular for redemption at Himalaya outlets.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last day@FOS warehouse sales

I say we are lucky to go Carrefour yesterday and spotted the FOS warehouse sales, you know I find this FOS with affordable prices for me to shop. Above you see picture of me in two pieces top I purchased, each RM7 only. This time my haul I have got white top with the sexy lace inner and purple top!

I didn't grab the flowery skirt you see in the picture, it cost RM7 only the material is comfortable. I find that they didn't put all clothes in the tray display. It would be better they put them all at the display trays so everybody can just shop for their clothes.

I saw the plus size clothes there and too big for me! My sister-in-law purchased four pieces her total haul RM27. She bought the white cardigan, she is plus size too. She found a pair long pants which is for plus size but the size is very big not suitable for her. Some ladies found themselves the black dress suitable for wedding dinner wear.

I almost bought a pair of jeans which had peacock design near the right pocket area. My dear saw the jeans he says it is low cut jeans not suitable for me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sasa Ladies Day@Selangor Turf Club

If you love shopping at Sasa I am sure you will love to win free passes to attend the Sasa Ladies Day at Selangor Turf Club. It is one of the most glamours fashion and lifestyle annual events for ladies in Malaysia. It is happening at Selangor Turf Club this 28 Oct Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm.

You just need to spend RM150 in a single receipt before 24th Oct 2012 and sign up their Facebook page. For detail head to facebook/SasaMalaysia.

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