Monday, September 20, 2021

MILO Champions Clinic E-Coaching! (Futsal) with coach Scott Lee

During this pandemic and kids are staying home for online studies and I wanted to keep my son active in sports as well so I decided to sign him up for the MILO Champions Clinic E-Coaching! He has chosen Futsal and it is also his first time playing this sport. 

MILO® Champions Clinic: E-Coaching is an extension of MILO® Champions Clinic, a beginner’s sports training programme developed specifically for children 7 to 12 years to stay active and nurture their passion for sports. Using online technology to achieve a wider reach, it is breaking down geographical boundaries to take MILO® Champions Clinic to even more places, bringing the benefits of sports to many more children, families and communities. There also have the sports choice of Badminton or Basketball. 

E-Coaching is good to keep children stay active while staying safe, they can also learn values such as grit, determination, perseverance, and the spirit of never giving up that only sports can teach to help them go further during these challenging times. 

My son enjoys this Futsal sports as he gets to learn about correct techniques of Ball controlling, Dribbling technique,Quick dribbling skill and Body Feint. He finds it interesting to learn and gets to know more about Futsal sports.

The E-Coaching Futsal offers 5 weeks of at-home training, where each week, the children will learn basic skills by watching a video first, followed by an online group coaching. 

It's good having the E-Coaching keeps its focus on sports that are most ideal for at-home and online training, namely badminton, futsal and basketball. 



My son's Coach Scott Lee - FAM Grassroots Instructor, FAM Instructor, MILO Malaysia Coach.

The online features encourage parents to be more involved and play a more proactive role in their child’s learning, while at the same time, ensure quality engagement, affordability and, above all, safety for the children.

I will submit the videos of my son's learning to coach and from there coach will have a look before the next session. Session with the coach during this session, the coaches will engage the children and check on their progress to ensure that they are picking up the right techniques.

It's good sharing to my dear friends and followers of this blog as this programme for all children to keep active during lockdown! Being one of the most popular sports in Malaysia, futsal doesn’t only help my son to stay active, but it also teaches my child lifelong values such as leadership and teamwork! 

There are two equipment package available to choose from basic RM50 or RM85. I have chosen the RM85 because it is consider the full package which included the following:

Size 3 Futsal Ballx1
Markers x10
Cones x6
MILO® Training Jersey x1

Logon to for more details. 


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