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Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation collaborates with Teach for Malaysia to empower underprivileged students with leadership skills

SEMENYIH, SELANGOR, 29 DECEMBER 2023 – Award-winning non-profit organisation, Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (“MHF”) is working closely with Malaysia’s leading educational non-profit organisation, Teach for Malaysia (“TFM”) in identifying students from B40 households to offer scholarships to attend SuperCamp. 

For the December edition which ran from 18 to 22 December 2023 at Paradise Valley Broga Resort, Semenyih, Selangor, seven (7) students from several schools within Klang Valley were shortlisted by TFM to attend SuperCamp. 

“We work on a system to extend opportunities like this to students from the underserved communities. Not having the resources to attend programmes like this should not hinder you from unlocking your full potential and achieving greatness in the future. We hope that from 2024 onwards, we can extend the scholarships to at least 50 students annually,” Henry Teh Kok Kheng, Executive Director of MHF (郑国庆) says. 

Empowering the future leaders of Malaysia

Vassenthen A/L Devendren, 16, was filled with excitement to be selected for SuperCamp. The SMK (L) Methodist Sentul student candidly shares that his self-esteem took a hit during the transition from a Tamil school to a national school after his UPSR, which left him dissatisfied with the result. He also feels less confident due to his larger physical build. 

Photo Caption: Vassenthen wants to make his mother, Mogana Sunthari proud by doing well at school.

“I was disappointed to receive my UPSR result and decided to make a change. I started following a strict regime where I only allowed minimal time to rest and spend time with my family. Being the eldest in my family also means that I have the big brother role to play,” he says. He also continues to study Tamil subjects to honour his Indian heritage as he aspires to excel in his mother tongue, while improving his proficiency in English and Bahasa Melayu. 

His mother, Mogana Sunthari A/P Govindan, 41 is also surprised to see how much time Vassenthen spends in his room studying. “Everyday, after school he retreats to his room to study. Sometimes, he only texts or calls me on the phone when he wants to eat. I can see that he is driven to be successful in the future, so I’ll continue to support him,” she says. “Interestingly, though, he doesn't aspire to become a doctor! He mentioned that the COVID-19 experience has truly scared him!”

Another scholar from SMK Seksyen 27, Shah Alam, Maizatulakma Lisa Aqilah Abdullah, is a big fan of Korean culture, particularly the food and fashion. Despite her passion for entertainment, she strongly believes that her peers should set their priorities right from such a young age. 

“I know a lot of students my age want to be content creators and influencers, but I honestly hope to be a teacher one day. So, I’ll work hard towards this goal, acknowledging that I can be a bit lazy at times. However, after attending SuperCamp, I really found motivation to do better,” says the 15-year old student. 

“Yes, she can be lazy sometimes,” laughs Maizatulakma’s mother, Zaidatulnisa binti Salleh, 39. “But she’s really a good girl. She’s the eldest in the family and takes care of her younger siblings. She makes sure that all her homework is completed before coming home. She is also actively working for an NGO on the side, something that she picks up from me. I too am actively working for several NGOs that empower children from the B40 group with education around our neighborhood.”. 

Zaidatulnisa also hopes that the Malaysian education system will bring back examinations for the students. “I see examinations as a way to motivate students to apply what they have learnt at school. Examinations provide a quantifiable and measurable method for parents to assess their children's progress at school. It's not about making comparisons of whose child is better or smarter.”

Zuraida Zulkifli, 48, is a proud mother to Daliya Safeera Ramli, 15, a student at SMK Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong. “She is very quiet at home and likes to keep to herself. She only approaches us when she needs help. She is different from her older sister who was a prefect and active at school. Her sister also attended a boarding school,” says the full-time housewife. 

“I don’t really want to attend boarding school like my sister,” Daliya laughs. “I’m actually an introvert and I’m afraid to make mistakes, especially when speaking in front of the crowd. Even when studying, I rely on the Internet and Youtube videos when I hit a wall. It’s not always a bad thing as it allows students like me to learn at our own pace. Now that I have attended Supercamp, I feel more confident, especially in overcoming my fear of public speaking, and I am excited to share my opinions on various issues”. 

Photo Caption: (L-R) Zuraida Zulkifli with her daughter, Daliya Safeera Ramli and Tuan Saripah Nor Riha Tuan Jaafar from SMK Shah Alam, Bukit Jelutong. 

Senior Assistant Administrator from Daliya’s school, Tuan Saripah Nor Riha Tuan Jaafar is extremely proud that one of her students was selected to receive a full scholarship to attend SuperCamp. “When TFM reached out to us to share the information about SuperCamp, we submitted 8 applications and were so delighted to know that despite the limited vacancies, Daliya made it through,” she says. “Daliya is a very dedicated student who attended all meetings set by TFM prior to her selection. I hope that she will return to our school and share everything she has learned here with her friends. We look forward to seeing more of our students attending SuperCamp in the future”.

SuperCamp is a global education brand that believes that children who are equipped with ‘the 8 Keys of Excellence’, a  foundation based on the Burklyn Business School; can transform themselves to become self-motivated learners. The 8 Keys of Excellence entail:

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Failure leads to Success

  • Ownership

  • Speak with Good Purpose

  • Flexibility

  • This is It

  • Balance

Meanwhile, TFM is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to give all children the opportunity to realise their potential through quality education. This education champion has been partnering with the Ministry of Education in Malaysia to reach high-need public schools. At the same time, TFM is one of the 61 partners of the prestigious global education network, Teach for All. TFM received recognition in 2022 for the Education & Community Category at the Merdeka Award established by PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell in 2007. 

Mengenai Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation

MHF, sebuah pertubuhan bukan untung yang komited terhadap pemuliharaan alam sekitar, amalan mampan dan usaha kemanusiaan, berusaha untuk mencipta masa depan yang lebih baik untuk Malaysia dan dunia. Berdedikasi untuk meningkatkan kesedaran, memacu perubahan positif dan memperkasakan komuniti, MHF menawarkan aktiviti dan perkhidmatan inklusif kepada rakyat Malaysia dari pelbagai latar belakang. Diasaskan oleh individu yang berfikiran sama yang berkongsi visi dan misinya, MHF telah diberi penghormatan dengan Anugerah Perkhidmatan Komuniti Terbaik 3G yang berprestij 2023 dan Anugerah Kemanusiaan 3G 2023 oleh CambridgeIFA.

Monday, May 8, 2023

SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag

It's time to back to school, choosing the right bag plays an important part in healthy living because it is essential for our children to carry all their school needs without compromising on their composure and posture when having to bring heavy books and school materials around. Sharing is caring, my son is using the SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag. The bag is designed ergonomically to ensure our children feels more relaxed and comfortable carrying it. Equipped with smooth big wheels, making the handling much more comfortable and easy. The trolley school bag is very convenient as my son find its easy for him to use to goes his class in school as its located at 3rd floor. 

The SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag, it has 3 colour variations to choose from and my son chosen the Navy. There also have color of Black and Purple. The exterior and interior of the trolley school bag are good choice for my children. 

The exterior:


*High quality zipper/material

*Strong grip pattern handle

*Durable Stitching

*Water bottle pocket on both sides of the bag

*With smooth 360 wheels


The school bag is detachable from the trolley, it is easy just open the bottom locked at the trolley school bag. 

The interior:


*Bright inner lining

*Multiple spacious compartments

*Thick sponge lining on back strap

The SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag provides a 6-month repair and service warranty to ensure parent have peace of mind and quality assurance when you do invest n a school bag for a long-term. 

Warranty policy:

*The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

*The warranty provides free repair service and the warranty card must be presented upon service. 

Check out the SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag for your children's needs.




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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Transformers: EarthSpark


My son has been big fan of Transformers especially Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. It's his favourite past time watching the Transformers.
Transformers: EarthSpark animated series from Nickelodeon and Entertainment One!
centres on two human kids as they forge a connection with Transformers robots like
never before and work alongside fan favourites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! If you didn't know a programme targeted at 6 to 11-year-olds and is available here in Malaysia on
Paramount Plus and Unifi TV.
Not all Transformers are born in Cybertron, somej happen to call Earth their birthplace.Introducing Transformers: Earthspark, the first Transformers to be born on the Blue Planet. Together with their newfound human family, they will redefine what itmeans to be a family.
In line with this new series, Hasbro has unveiled a new line of Transformers action figures that are suited for ages 5 to 8.
The new Transformers: Earthspark toys which includes:
1. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Tacticon
2. Transformers Toys EarthSpark 1-Step Flip Changer
3. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Warrior Class
4. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Deluxe Class
5. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Spin Changer
The new Transformers EarthSpark Range! Available in Toy’R’Us, Departmental
store and online now!
● Check discount link below to shop on Lazada for RM15 OFF!
○ Available now, buyers can find the new Transformers toys in Hasbro’s official
Lazada store, Click on the link below to shop on Lazada for RM 15 OFF!

Best to have guardian at side to watch while kids are playing. 
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