Friday, September 13, 2019

Launch of Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum; Two Problems, One Dual Action Toothpaste

Sensitive teeth and gum health are two common dental problems that can now be relieved in one solution –with Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum toothpaste.
Bryan Wong, General Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd at the launch of Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum giving his welcome address.
The all-new Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum toothpaste has been clinically proven to relieve sensitivity and improve gum health1. Its dual action formula works to actively build a layer over sensitive areas of your teeth, so as to protect teeth against sensitivity, whilst targeting and removing plaque bacteria that can cause swollen gums, bad breath
and other gum problems.

Teeth sensitivity and gum problems are prevalent dental conditions amongst Malaysians 
Globally over 50% of teeth sensitivity sufferers also report signs of gum problems2 and a research study conducted in 2010 indicated that 9 out of 10 Malaysian adults suffer from gum problems3.

Dentists have also recognized a close link between these two symptoms i.e. teeth sensitivity and gum problems. Receding gums is one of the main causes of tooth sensitivity, and the most common cause of receding gums is gum problem. When dentine inside teeth is exposed, revealing tiny holes inside it, it can affect the nerve inside the tooth leading to sensitivity.
Dr Shazril Shaharuddin sharing his learnings after taking the ‘Stain, Chill, Brush Dental Test’.
Reports show that almost half (44%) of people with teeth sensitivity opt to change their tooth-brushing habits so that they are able to avoid the affected areas4 of their teeth and gums.

This can lead to a sticky film of bacteria called plaque. Plaque that is not removed by twice-daily brushing can build up on the teeth and cause gum swollen, bad breath, and uncomfortable when brushing or flossing. 

Dentists agree that both these symptoms need attention and their patients would benefit from taking control of the two problems as soon as possible.“Teeth sensitivity and gum problems are prevalent in the country;yet ,such issues go under -detected and under-treated. The growing number of sufferers we see are also not proactively managing either symptoms. These two issues are inter-related and would be required to be simultaneously addressed.”,Dr Cheah Chia Wei, Lecturer, Department Of Restorative Dentistry Of Dental Faculty, University Malaya.

Bryan Wong, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd, said, “We’re launching Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum to address these two issues simultaneously and to provide relief to patients so that they can continue to do more of the things they love without discomfort. Oral health remains our priority and as the No.1 tooth sensitivity toothpaste provider* in the country, we are proud to unveil this latest dual action product that will benefit our nation’s oral health concerns”.
(L-R) Naem Ramli, Gary Yap, Dr Shazril Shaharuddin (Say), Dr Chong Zhen Feng, Bryan Wong, Dr Cheah Chia Wei, Tiffany Choo, Hanif Zaki, Anzalna Nasir, Jane Chuck and Siti Saleha.
In conjunction with the launch of Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum, Sensodyne will host a
roadshow with Guardian Pharmacy at the Blue Concourse, LG2, @ Sunway Pyramid Mall where consumers can enrich themselves with teeth sensitivity and gum health knowledge as well as try the “Stains, Chill, Brush Dental Test” from 12 to 16 September, 10 a.m to 10 p.m.

Sensodyne is also partnering with Malaysia Dental Association to provide Free Dental Check Up in 815 dental clinics nationwide to encourage consumers to visit dentists
regularly for healthier teeth and gums as well as promote good oral care techniques.
 List of participating outlets can be found at
Social media influencers supporting the cause of healthy teeth and gums together with Sensodyne Malaysia: (L-R) Anzalna Nasir and husband Hanif Zaki, Dr Shazril Shaharuddin, Siti Saleha, Jane Chuck, Gary Yap and Naem Ramli.

Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum retails in local pharmacies and supermarkets across Malaysia, with a recommended selling price of RM16.90 per box and toothbrush at RM10.90. 

If you don't have plan on this weekend, you can plan your visit to the roadshow at Sunway Pyramid. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Busy lifestyle go easy with the all-new Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua, an innovative 3-in-1 cordless handheld vacuum and mop designed

Everyone has got to clean their house, do you wish you had a cleansing appliance that can multi task?
I wish to have, it would be nice to have the all-new Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua, an innovative 3-in-1 cordless handheld vacuum and mop designed with mom busy lifestyle in mind! 

Experience the fastest cordless 3-in-1 cleaning experience yet! Tackle a range of floors across the home using only one appliance! Easy-to-handle, convenient and efficient. Capture more dirt in less time with the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua - the fastest cordless vacuum with 3-in-1 cleaning.

Seated from left: Nicholas Lee, Vice President / General Manager - Personal Health, Philips ASEAN Pacific; Azura Zainal - TV host and emcee; Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager and Personal Health and Health Systems Leader, Philips Malaysia flanked by friends of Philips at the launch.

“As a company that strives to always meet consumer needs and surpass consumer expectations, it is important to us at Philips to continuously innovate appliances that improve people’s lives. We aim to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year worldwide by 2030, and to achieve this, all our innovations matter. Home appliances may not be critical equipment, but helping consumers achieve a clean, comfortable house with ease gives them more time to do the things that matter most – and can contribute to their emotional wellbeing,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager, Personal Health and Health Systems Leader, Philips Malaysia.

Unrivalled speed, uninterrupted 3-in-1 cleaning, and unmatched airflow1 – the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua uses innovative technology to deliver a powerful cleaning experience. Incorporating a powerful 360O suction nozzle, a unique vacuum and mop system and an integrated handheld, it enables users to tackle a range of floors across the home in just one session. No more juggling a row of appliances just to keep the house clean! You will be able to capture even more and tougher dirt often missed by a normal vacuum – all in less time. Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, the 3-in-1 cordless handheld vacuum and mop helps to keep your home immaculate, whilst freeing up time to do more of the things you love.

Fast by making every move count
The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua boasts the fastest cordless 3-in-1 cleaning experience yet1, thanks to its breakthrough 360° suction nozzle, a PowerBlade digital motor and PowerCyclone 8 technology. Delivering supreme airflow1, the 3600 nozzle picks up dust and dirt faster – not only in the forward stroke, but also in the backward stroke and from all sides. Specifically engineered to mimic human cleaning behaviour, it also cleans faster and more thoroughly than the average cordless vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the three-stage advanced filtration system captures up to 100%2 of fine dust, bacteria and allergens3 to release cleaner air.

Innovative and unique vacuum and mop system
The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua vacuum and mop system with its innovative AquaBoost pedal enables you to control water release and increase the wetness for tough areas or bothersome stains, removing up to 99% bacteria3. The bagless vacuum cleaner technology is incorporated into the stick to deliver stronger suction for a longer time. Easy-to-handle, convenient and efficient, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua is the ideal tool to help you keep your home spotless.

Uninterrupted cordless cleaning with integrated handheld and accessories
For uninterrupted cleaning, the 25.2V lithium ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of runtime before you need to recharge, while the smart digital display indicates speed and battery usage, so you need not worry about cleaning the filter until it’s definitely time to do so. The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua makes short work of tricky spaces, such as doorframes or upholstery, by switching to cleaning using the integrated handheld unit. Simple to use with just one click, this accessory boasts a crevice tool and brush to make seamless cleaning easy. Even small particles, such as crumbs and pet hairs, can be easily whisked up in seconds.

From your tiled kitchen floor to your carpeted bedroom, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua delivers exceptional results quickly2 and efficiently, thanks to its 360O suction nozzle, unique vacuum and mop system and integrated handheld – allowing you to spend more time with the people that matter most.

In today’s modern world, where we are expected to multitask and increasingly do more in less time, we expect the same of our household appliances – work faster, do more and perform every task well. Look good and save storage space? Of course! Whether you’re trying to get the house spick and span for surprise guests after the kids and pets have made a mess – and you’re trying to beat the clock to boot, or you just want to do a bit of fuss-free house cleaning while powering down after a hectic day at work – the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua might just be the tool for you! 

Price and availability The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua (FC6904/01) is available at a recommended retail price of RM2,599 at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and Wangsa Walk in Kuala Lumpur and at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide, as well as via the official online store on Lazada at

To find out more about Philips’ range of products in Malaysia, visit

Monday, September 9, 2019

MEO™️ the world's most innovative face mask available in Malaysia

MEO Lite

Everyone has got busy lifestyle, it didn't stop me from caring for myself and my children. Sharing is caring, do you know that MEO™️ designed a unique protective mask for children and adults which originate from New Zealand! Due to air pollution, the haze that we are having now, there's need for us to take care of ourselves.

It combines elements of nature, technology & innovation, to protect your child's respiratory & immune system! They have cute designs of reusable mask for boys and gals, you can see below photo of my son wearing the dinosaur design mask. Every MEO Kids mask is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract, for calming and soothing respiratory protection.

Little on is wearing MEO Kids, while Sean is wearing MEO Lite

MEO™️ provides you a mask which enable to remove at least 99.80% of dangerous 0.1 micron particles (PM0.1) and 99.99% of airborne bacteria.
It helps to reduce the risk of getting infected by colds and flu.
Safe and skin friendly, the fabric is safe and non-toxic.

Due to humid weather in Malaysia, I find that MEO Kids and MEO Lite are suitable for indoor used.
Chidren's respiratory system and immume system are generally weaker than adults, they are more vulnerable to harmful particles in the air, therefore respiratory infections in children are very common.

Every MEO Lite carries the scent of a specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract, for calming and soothing respiratory protection.

Other than that, MEO™️ have disposable mask for adults too! It is highly efficient filtration of airborne bacteria & harmful particles! Individual packaging and flat-fold design provides convenient storage and portability.

It's light weight non-woven fabrics, elastic ear straps and nose band provides a good fit. 
Protect your loved ones in indoor & outdoor! 

If you are looking for these types of masks, you can find more information can visit their website
You can call their Hotline: 1700-81-5022
Whatapp: 012-6268922

Monday, August 26, 2019

Launch of KidZania's Touch 'n Go eWallet Innovation Hub and Z-Wallet App

KidZania Touch ‘n Go eWallet Innovation Hub launches Z-Wallet app
A game changer in promoting financial literacy among Malaysian kids

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Mayor Shahrul Nizar Ahmad (left) presenting Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd (right) with the KidZania Kuala Lumpur ‘Key to the City’, a symbolic honour to formalise the partnership between the two companies.

Following its latest partnership with TNG Digital Sdn Bhd, KidZania Kuala Lumpur recently launched the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Innovation Hub and Touch ‘n Go Z-Wallet app – the first of its kind among its KidZania franchise.

Exclusively downloadable only when in KidZania Kuala Lumpur, the kids will be able to trade in KidZos (the KidZania currency) using their own mobile phones or for those without one, a phone loan is made available for their transaction within the award-winning edutainment centre.

Kids will learn about financial literacy through spending their hard-earned KidZos via the mobile application or just by tapping at contactless payment terminals located throughout KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Mayor Shahrul Nizar Ahmad (left) and Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd (right) officiating the opening of the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Innovation Hub at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

“The app enables kids to check their balances online which would make them start thinking about saving and to be more financial-savvy. This is indeed a milestone for us as a role-playing indoor theme park in line with our motto of ‘Learn Life Today’. Helping kids understand financial aspects of earning a living is a key component of what we do here,” said Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

He said experts have suggested that financial literacy should be imparted to children as young as kindergarteners, citing preschools in England and Wales, where children are taught to use money, save and donate, which promotes responsible living.

Shahrul Nizar said although Malaysians are more attentive towards financial education and financial planning, the financial literacy gap in the country is acutely pronounced with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reporting Malaysia ranked 20th out of 31 countries tested on financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Mayor Shahrul Nizar Ahmad (left) taking KidZania’s CongreZZ kids through the features of the eWallet at the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Innovation Hub while Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd looks on.

“This is across the general Malaysian population, what more among the young and children,” he said, adding: “Thus, what we’re doing here at KidZania Kuala Lumpur together with TNG Digital Sdn Bhd is crucial to inspire positive change among our young Malaysians!

“As the Malay proverb goes ‘Melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebung’, which means if we must nurture and mould someone, it is best to begin while they are still young”.

Meanwhile, TNG Digital, which is setting its sights on being the No.1 eWallet player in Malaysia is well on its way to shift Malaysians’ mindset towards embracing a cashless future by making cashless transactions more accessible, seamless and safe for all Malaysians.

Apart from lifestyle offerings such as purchasing movie and flight tickets, shopping, mobile reloads, and food & beverage; the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also championing urban mobility through the introduction of RFID system, its’ partnership with EzCab and Public Cab, as well as PayDirect for toll payments. At the moment, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet has close to 5 million registered users and more than 70,000 merchant acceptance points to-date.

Its newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Ignatius Ong, who was the guest of honour at the event said, “Children in today’s world live in a technology-first environment, with some as young as 10 years owning and proficient with smartphones. As a cashless champion, we want to encourage all Malaysians – whether young or old – to embrace technology and consider going cashless. Through this partnership with KidZania, we are empowering the younger generation to learn about technology as well as financial education in a safe and controlled environment.”

my son had a good time learning how to use the app

“The younger generation can also act as cashless ambassadors, educating their parents who may be resistant to hop onto the cashless bandwagon on the benefits where convenience at one’s fingertips is key to a cashless lifestyle,” said Ignatius Ong.

With the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, get ahead at KidZania Kuala Lumpur with speedy entrance via the #terusgo lane at the ticketing counter. What’s more, visitors can enjoy 35% off tickets and 10% off merchandise when they use their Touch ‘n Go eWallet!

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is a 80,000 sq feet, kid-sized City offering children the opportunity to try their hands at 100 professions through role playing activities spread across 60 various establishments. Through this experiential journey, children learn to adopt positive behaviours that will help to groom them to handle the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Celebrating over 40 years of Transforming Babies & Parents Lives by MAM BABY

Busy parenting didn't stop me from coming by the MAM Baby press event that held at Empire Hotel Subang.

MAM is celebrating 40 years of experience for babies and parents. Founded in 1976 by Austrian plastics engineer Peter Rohrig, his unique insight was the idea of creating baby products that combined attractive, innovative design with proven medical benefits. In the mid 1970s, the choice was one or the other. Rohrig committed his then young company to providing both and the results were quick in coming.

MAM sold its first soother in 1976 and today - 40 years later - is firmly established as the world's leading authority on the design of baby products. In addition to soothers & baby bottles, including related accessories and breastfeeding product as well as cups and specialist teething and oral care products.

MAM has own natural latex production facility in the South of Thailand which has been given a CSR award for outstanding working conditions.

MAM is committed to producing only 100% safe, top-quality products for babies and young children. For this reason, extensive testing is carried out to ensure product safety and reliability. MAM soothers are subjected to 40 different testing methods, while bottles need to pass 28 separate tests.

Mrs. Lee demonstrating the function of Silk Teat that mimic the Breastfeeding method
At the event Mrs. Lee, Director of Nuline Products Sdn Bhd -sharing her vast knowledge in child development with "MAM Baby" and her experience on how to make day-to-day baby care easier for parents.  

The MAM Baby bottle is easy to assemble and use for sterilizing. It's my first time to see this type of baby bottle that be open at the bottom too, this is good for new parents as it's easy for mom to clean and sterilize them.

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic: less colic for 80% of babies' and familiar teat feeling for easy acceptance.

*BPA/BPS free. All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.
MAM Easy start anti-colic bottle
Studies confirms that the benefits of the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle, making it the ideal bottle for newborns. Its innovative vented base allows babies to drink at their own pace, relaxed and without interruption. Newborn discomfort such as colic is reduced, as confirmed by 80% of mothers, while babies enjoy more authentic feeding experience. It has unique SkinSoft Silicone surface and its unique flat and flexible shape, MAM Teat gives babies a familiar sensation that's incredibly close to breastfeeding. The smart teat is easily accepted by 94% of babies. The self-sterilising function ensures simple, safe bottle cleaning in only 3 minutes in the microwave.

Mr & Mrs. Lee, Director of Nuline Products Sdn Bhd

Megan Tan and family

MAM Pacifier range
MAM Perfect Start: with an extra small shield and designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.
They had clinically proven soother was developed in close cooperation with orthodontists and paediatric dentists. Experts agree the thinner and more flexible the neck of the teat, the less pressure is exerted on baby's teeth and jaw. Based on a long-term study** the MAM Perfect can be recommended by experts to support healthy tooth and jaw development and minimises the risk of misaligned teeth. The extra small shield of the MAM Perfect Start provides newborns with improved comfort.

MAM Oral care range
6 in 1 Electric Sterilizer and Express Bottle Warmer
MAM products are renowned for their technical innovation, medical advances and unique design.
Thank you MAM BABY for having me at the press event. 

Sharing is caring, would you like to win the below set of MAM BABY products for your loved one?
It can be a nice gift for new parent too. Check out my Instagram account to know how to join the giveaway.

The MAM products of giveaway :
Set A
  • MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle
  • MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Glove for early oral care
  • MAM Baby's Brush 
  • MAM Gum Massager
Set B
  • MAM Perfect Start Pacifier
  • MAM Cooler
  • MAM Baby's Brush
  • MAM Training Brush

If you are shopping for baby products and gifts for new parents and babies, you can visit MAM Baby's website, click on the link for more information.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Boomerang x Unifi: 50th Anniversary of Scooby-Doo

Happy Wednesday, still got time before going to fetch Sean. Sharing is caring, sharing with your our favorurite canine, Scooby-Doo and his friends are celebrating the show’s 50th Anniversary this year!

The gang of mystery-solving meddling kids who made their debut in 1969 has entertained generations with whacky, action-packed adventures. And with that, it looks like Boomerang has got a few mysteries on its hands! 

For decades, Scooby-Doo and his friends have entertained viewers all over the world with their whacky, action-packed adventures as they travel around in their iconic green Mystery Machine van solving all sorts of mysteries.

In celebration of the show’s 50th Anniversary, Boomerang is throwing Scooby-Doo a birthday party on 7 September!

In true Scooby-Doo fashion, there’ll be opportunities to solve exciting mysteries at the party! Event attendees will also get to create fun crafts and even meet Scooby-Doo himself!

To score invites to Scooby-Doo’s Birthday Party, here’s what you have to do:
  • Step #1:  Tune-in to Boomerang on Unifi TV (Channel 555) .
  • Step #2:  Access the iContest page via the ibutton on your remote control.
  • Step #3:  Answer three (3) simple questions.
Contest Period: 1 – 21 August 2019.

If all the boxes are checked, you and your family might just be on your way to celebrating Scooby-Doo’s birthday with him this September!

While you’re at it, bring out your inner detective by uncovering the truth behind the crimes in ‘The Great Scooby Mystery’! With four unsolved mysteries and five possible suspects, keep a lookout for clues on the show to identify the real culprits! Would you do it for a Scooby Snack? Catch ‘The Great Scooby Mystery’ on Boomerang, every day from 6pm.

Boomerang is available on Unifi TV (Channel 555).


Monday, July 29, 2019

Customizable label and personalized labels @Sticker Kid

Almost comes to the end of July, how's everyone doing? I have been busy mom life with my two boys, as both having different time of going to classes and tuition classes. Now talking of classes and tuition, I think about their belongings. The stationery always been missing from their pencil box. Everyone has go their busy lifestyle, I am glad there's Internet access and online shopping. Now there's website that we can creating stickers for our children. 

Personalized labels/Customizable label for my son
 I like this website as it's to browse and easy to use, there are many types of customized labels, personalized labels, personalized stickers for children even personalized stickers for the daycare center. Yeah we didn't want to lose any more stationery or even other items like clothing or shoes. There have the shoe name sticker and clothing labels too. You can visit StickerKid, they have many types of stickers to choose from. There are 300,000 happy parents since 2004 that used their service.

Almost everyday, my son would tell me that he has missing his stationery from school. It's either pencil or ruler or even the pencil box. With the name label it's good start to training for our children to keep track of their belonging too. You can put the class room beside the name or even putting on your contact number. They have option of putting Chinese Mandarin name on personalized labels.

 Everyone has got their different interest in making type of customized label or personalized label. Don't worry I am sure there's suitable type of label/sticker that you prefer.
 So cute designs that we are spoiled of choices, you can also choose the color of text, font size, and logo for the labels. They have many value package for you to choose. I have got is the small name stickers and medium name stickers. The one in blue color is the clothing label 'Wrap' labels, yeah not just suitable for clothing even on stationery too. The products are 100% water/weather proof.
 Now when you think of the following, you can visit the StickerKid for more details. Feel free to use my 10% code: Sherry10 , happy shopping for your loved ones. It can be a nice gift ideas for loved ones too. The products are 100% Swiss made.

"Personalized labels"
"Personalized sticker for children"
"Personalized sticker for the daycare center"

Don't just read here, you can surprise your little ones with these cute stickers or even making these together have a fun bonding time. After making the order online, you'll received email from them. I received my labels about two weeks time. It was delivery to my home address.

*I chosen the suitable personalized stickers for my son, it may not be suitable for you. You can visit the website to choose whichever that you suitable for you.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Dr Suseela Balakrishnan, Head of Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, Nina Adlan Disney, General Manager Education Development, Zulhaimi Othman, Managing Director of LeapEd and Brian John Ambrosio, Head of State Education Advisory Services)

Recently, I took some time off to attend a dialogue session titled 'Education in the 21st Century - Our Impact', which was organised by LeapEd Services (‘LeapEd’) and focused on their flagship Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0). It was an insightful session for all of us as we learned more about the efforts implemented for education transformation in Malaysia.

The Impact Study revealed that the programme has had an overall positive impact in Malaysia’s education sector

LeapEd was established as a Social Enterprise in 2010, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad. They’re also Malaysia's first homegrown education service provider! LeapEd aims to enrich lives through capacity-building and education transformation and has impacted over 71,000 students in 160 schools through its various intervention models
such as the District Transformation Programme- AMAN ('DTP-AMAN'), Islamic School Enhancement Programme ('ISEP'), Group-up School Transformation ('GUSTO') programme, Program Sekolah Transformasi ('PreSTasi'), as well as the nation's first Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0) to date. Their Education Philosophy revolves around leaners, for them to realise their innate potential. This in return will add value to their communication skills as a whole.

TSP 1.0 is LeapEd's flagship programme designed to develop holistic students with 21st century capabilities, and is carried out in collaboration with Yayasan AMIR and the Ministry of Education.

TSP 1.0 looks at improving student outcomes and revitalising school culture. Since its roll-out in 2011, the TSP 1.0 has impacted over 5,300 parents and 65,000 students in 83 schools across 12 states in Malaysia. By empowering school administration and leadership team (school management, teachers, students and parents), TSP 1.0 hopes to develop schools that embed sustainable educational practices for the future.

Speaking at the dialogue session, Managing Director of LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd, En Zulhaimi Othman said, "The Trust Schools Programme was designed with the future generations in mind. Over the past 9 years, we have worked closely with our strategic partners such as the Ministry of Education and Yayasan AMIR to develop and implement the programme across schools in Malaysia, equipping students with the critical life skills they require as well as transforming schools in a holistic manner by adapting international best practices." This recent study was conducted to review the effectiveness of TSP 1.0, identifying opportunities to further enhance the model moving forward.

Brian John Ambrosio, Head of State Education Advisory Services, speaking at the dialogue session
Increase in professional competencies

The Impact Study was carried out via mixed methodologies involving surveys, interviews and observations with over 3,000 respondents including school staff, students and parents. The study
also revealed that 95% of secondary school teachers and 76% of primary school teachers moved by at least 1 level up the scale, of Starting to Developing or Enhancing to Extending.

Moving up the scale indicates a paradigm shift in the level of knowledge, skills, thinking, pedagogy and practice, showcasing growth in the teachers’ career. In many cases, professionals may not even experience one level of shift throughout their entire career as it requires continuous self-reflection and growth mindset.

Respectively, 86% of primary and 91% of secondary Middle Leaders observed a minimum progression of 1 level. As for the Senior Leadership team, 76% of primary and 83% of secondary Senior Leaders indicated a minimum progression of 1 level. Of the 124 Middle Leaders surveyed, 8% indicated a progress of 3 levels, equivalent to a very high level of teaching excellence. The study also showed that TSP 1.0 has had a positive impact on the professional competencies of school staff, allowing them to nurture students and provide quality learning in the classrooms.

High quality teaching and learning

Over 3,139 students and parents interviewed reported that students under TSP 1.0 received quality teaching. The study also shows that parents reacted positively to the programme as they observed an increase in opportunities for students to be involved in the life of the schools, as well as an increase in the frequency and level of interaction between schools, parents and the wider community. Furthermore, school climate is both a strong influencer of students' life satisfaction, well-being and student outcomes.

TSP 2.0 Underway

The TSP 1.0 approach focuses on working collaboratively with the school management team, teachers, students, parents and the community. In order, to ensure that the programme remains sustainable and scalable, the impact study also identified opportunities to further enhance the transformation model. An area that was identified is customising interventions depending on the individual need of each school. This will allow expansion of the model to better cater to groups with specific needs such as indigenous and minority groups, students with special needs, as well as to those in rural communities.

Zulhaimi added, "We believe that investing in education is the smartest decision one can make. Education provides opportunity which in turn empowers people, cultivates creativity and improves confidences and self-belief. Through the Impact Study, we have seen how the Trust School Programme has positively impacted the lives of teachers, students and parents. Leveraging on the success and learnings of this programme, we are committed to continue working with our partners to implement a new and enhanced model, TSP 2.0, which will be aligned to global trends and national aspirations."

The TSP 1.0 transformation approach focuses on  public-private partnership ('PPP') outreach model, working collaboratively with school leadership teams, teachers, students, parents and the community. 

To ensure that the programme remains transformative, sustainable and scalable, the research also identified opportunities to further enhance the programme. Some of the areas identified including customising interventions, depending on the individuals needs of schools. This will allow expansion of the model to better cater to groups with specific needs such as indigenous and other minority groups, students with special needs, as well as rural and under-enrolled schools.

Hence, TSP 2.0 is the next evolution of LeapEd's Trust School Programme, which leverages on the success and learnings of TSP 1.0 Designed as a model that is both sustainable and scalable, TSP 2.0 has been launched in 2019 in selected Malaysian public schools.

Zulhaimi added, "We believe that investing in education is the smartest decision one can make. Education provides opportunity which in turn empowers people, cultivates creativity and improves confidences and self-belief. Through the Impact Study, we have seen how the Trust School Programme has positively impacted the lives of teachers, students and parents. Leveraging on the success and learnings of this programme, we are committed to continue working with our partners to implement a new and enhanced model, TSP 2.0, which will be aligned to global trends and national aspirations."

With TSP 1.0, students will be able to thrive in the 21st century global environment through five critical life skills of confidence, communication, creativity, critical thinking and co-existence.
 This intervention model sees school administration teams, teachers and parents work together towards developing the potential of every learner. I sincerely hope that more corporations would come onboard and support this transformation journey as funds are very much needed in this public-private partnership. If you’re interested to find out more, do check out their website:

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