Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jordan's new range of oral care products

Being mommy of two boys and busy lifestyle in the city, it's important of embracing a healthy lifestyle, from practising choice eating habits, getting the right exercise and resting both our mind and body. We also need to adopt a regular oral care regime, today sharing with you the Jordan's new range of oral care products. The Oral Care Regime, which revolves around brushing the teeth and gums and also flossing in between the teeth to remove and prevent plaque build-up.

In year 2015, I have blogged about the Jordan's healthy teeth initiative, you can click on the link to read. This year Jordan's celebrates its 180th anniversary. Jordan is from Norway, they are the Award Winning expert in oral care since 1837.
This is Step 1, suitable for 0-2 years old toddler.

My little one is growing up and he has used the Step 2. Now as he's growing up, he's needs to use the Step 3 as this range is suitable for his age. He's 6 yrs old and this range comes with bonus travel cap. This has the double density bristles 'V' cut is effective in cleaning milk teeth and permanent teeth.
Step 3 which is suitable for kids 6 yrs old to 9 yrs old
My son Sean a kid blogger has shared his experience on using the Step 4 Hello Smile toothbrush and the floss. You can read about it by click on the link.

Sean's using the Step 4 toothbrush
Step 4 children toothbrush which is suitable for children aged 9 years old above, it has a good grip and the toothbrush has the bi-level bristles. This has a tongue cleaner at the back of the toothbrush that Sean can used to clean his tongue.

Adult toothbrushes comes in four range as above
The Classic Double Action toothbrush exist in the market for 43 years, yet still best selling in Asia Pacific. It has quality bristles Herox 610 with perfect end round and durability. This toothbrush has the spoon shape and slim handle for easy reach and maneuverer inside mouth.

Brushing teeth is important and don't forget that we need to floss teeth too. Good to have the Easy Clean Flosser and Expand Floss to floss our teeth. The Jordan Easy Clean Flosser is very easy to use, this is good to use especially at the back of molar teeth. It's comfortable to use and I can change the refill of it after using it.
The Expand Floss it has mint flavour and my son likes to use it. I taught him on how to use the floss and he now knows important of floss his teeth. He's 11 years old this year. It is coated with wax and it is gentle on his gums. For children below of 6 years old, do supervise them when using the floss or interdental brushes.

Sean using the Floss Whitening mint flavour.
With wide range of Jordan oral care products to choose from, we now can choose the suitable floss and toothbrushes for ourselves and loved ones. Practice regular Oral Care Regime together by brushing the teeth and gums and also flossing in between the teeth to remove and prevent plaque build-up.

You can also follow the updates of Jordan at Facebook, click on the link to follow.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Private event by OSIM uStiletto for beautiful legs

Last week I took time out in the morning while the children are at school and kindergarten. It's mommy time out as I get to enjoy the pampering session with Osim. Thank you Osim for inviting me to the Private event and meeting with the ambassador Jojo. She's pretty and friendly in person and I like to watch her Chinese dramas.

If you like to view more photos, do check out my Facebook page album. An interviewed by Brian to Jojo is available on my Facebook page too.
it comes with 3 choices, Kawaii, Elegant and Homemaker

The OSIM uStiletto are suitable for ladies, especially women who loves to wear high heels. I am sure you like to pamper your feet after a long day at work. The retail price is RM1880 and now early bird get special price. That's RM1288 + free delivery and free gift. The promotion ends on 18 May, so I am sure you can think of now if you are looking for nice present for yourself or Mother's Day.

High heels are the secret weapon to accentuate a woman's body curvatures. A pair of heels not only increases one's height, but also gives women a confidence boost, leaving them gleaming with an aura of grace and elegance.

OSIM uStiletto for beautiful legs has 'SpTone Airbags' and 'S-Care Rollers' provide a thorough and pampering massage for your legs. You can now indulge in your well-cherished stilettos, live life to the fullest and exude the confidence and beauty of a modern woman.
Thank you Osim for having me, photo with bloggers and beautiful ambassador Jojo 

It's not bulky and didn't take many spaces, looking at it you can see it's suitable for office space, living room, bedroom. For more detail you can visit www.OSIM.com.my

PABLO mini Matcha and mini Cinnapple

 Good day to dear readers and visitor of my blog. It's a family day out today with son and my dear. Sean has tuition in the morning and afternoon we went to 1 Utama shopping mall. This is where we have ice cream together, he loves the Pablo cream soft serve ice cream while I have the matcha flavour.

Have you tried out the PABLO cheesetart? They are now having the Pablo mini Matcha and mini cinnapple, and both taste delicious. The Pablo mini Matcha is available now and the mini Cinnapple (seasonal) until 31 May 2017.
Pablo mini cinnapple
 After shopping at 1 Utama today, I left the box in the fridge as we wanna enjoy the Pablo mini later.
 More photos I have uploaded on my Facebook page, do click on the link to view.
 Yummy as we enjoy having the PABLO mini Matcha and mini Cinnapple chilled and taste delicious. Sean likes the mini Cinnapple while I like the mini Matcha. Shopping for today and gonna finished them by tomorrow. A box as above can put total 6 Pablo mini, 3 mini Matcha and 3 mini Cinnaple.
Pablo mini Matcha after chilled in fridge
Don't just read here, you can also find updates on Facebook of Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia. The outlet is located at 2nd floor (old wing) in 1 Utama Shopping Mall.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The launched of The Parenthood Wellness @The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

play time for the toddlers
Last Saturday's its a fun family events where parenting bloggers attended the launched of Parenthood Wellness at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid. Established in 2014, Zac & Zibbo kids gym was designed to create fun and nurturing physical activities for children. Not just kids enjoy themselves, even parenting bloggers get to try out the WiO, the adult gym which is next to the Zac & Zibbo kids gym.

 Parents who on the look for kids gym and adult fitness can consider The Parenthood Wellness, it's all under on roof. The kids activities are separate by their age group. Zac & Zibbo kids gym activities cater to three groups - toddler group 18 months to 3 years old, pre-school group 4 to 6 years old, and grade group 6 years old to 12 years old.

My sons enjoy themselves as they learn about warming up together and also Sean's little brother manage to roll over for the first time.
Watch the video as where you can spot my soon to be 6 years old son, children aged 6 years old to 12 years old line up to play while younger group attended the other session.
Guidance by the staff of Zac & Zibbo kids gym during the kids activities

The adult fitness center, which is next to the Zac & Zibbo, the WiO (Work it Out) which is focus on the Power Palate machine, the machine is amazing as one blogger tried and show the immediate result that he can reach his toes by hands while standing. You can check out the instagram video by click on the link.
 It's amazing as we can see the immediate result, then of course each course need to be assisted by the staff. You cannot do it alone, there's step by step of correct way in doing it. We amazed seeing the 'Wow Factor' result on the spot. The fitness machine each cost RM40,000 to RM80,000 without buying the machine, you can consider signing up their package which is cheaper and it comes with a personal trainer.
MB blogger using the Power Palate guidance by the instructor on how to use it.
GEM Studio where parent and children can have their hair cut and enjoy other treatments.

There's also shopping outlets in The Parenthood for you to shop for your baby/children needs or gifts. You can also shop for local organic products at the Be Bold outlet.
 Kids' never go tired as they also went into the Parenthood Playland to play. Thank you The Parenthood for having my family at the launch of The Parenthood Wellness. It's a one stop fitness gym for kids and adult. For more photos of the event you can also visit my Facebook Pan Page album to view.

Besides playing I am sure every parent would think of children and mom/dad would be hungry too. No worry there's Lillipilli Cafe next to the Parenthood Playland where you can dine in. My children enjoy their favourite meal there.

The Parenthood has earned itself a credible reputation as a one-stop parenting hub providing a wide variety of edutainment and leisure activities for the entire family. 

The Parenthood Wellness has annual family membership and also monthly plan. You can refer to the above. 

If you have interest to take up The Parenthood Wellness, good news to my blog readers' there's discount code for all programs kkw14 for 20% discount on every sign up. Discount code valid till 30 June 2017. For more information on the classes available and schedules or Power Plate training packages, do visit their Facebook page at The Parenthood Wellness as mention above or call them up at 016-2968983 for any enquiries and for a free trial class appointment.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CARRIE JUNIOR in refill packs

March school holidays are over, it's back to school for both my sons. Being mom we need to know how to save. Do you know that CARRIE JUNIOR comes in refill packs? If not, it's not too late to know about it. Sharing is caring with the CARRIE JUNIOR comes in refill packs, we can save more.

CARRIE JUNIOR is a trusted brand with over 20 years in the children's toiletries market. They know how to help moms save on shopping.

With the Carrie Junior bottles that we still have, we are happy to use it for the refilled packs. Easy to use the refill pack just cut the edge and refill in the empty bottle.

The Carrie Junior refilled packs that are now available in hair & body wash and body bath suitable for parent to shop in budget.

The Carrie Junior body bath refill pack retailed at RM8.90 (West Malaysia) and RM9.30 (East Malaysia)
The Carrie Junior hair & body wash refill pack retailed at 9.90 (West Malaysia) and RM10.90 (East Malaysia)
my son @senalei big fan of CARRIE JUNIOR products
You can find these products at hypermarkets, retail outlets, supermarkets and major pharmacies nationwide. For more info about CARRIE JUNIOR you can find on www.facebook.com/CarrieMY

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mission to help Ejen Ali @KidZania Kuala Lumpur

happy sons have completed the mission to help Ejen Ali
This March School holidays my sons help Ejen Ali to complete the Mission Possible at KidZania Kuala Lumpur. The mission begins from 18 March to 31 March 2017. If you haven't bring your children to KidZania this is time where you can earn more Kidzos after completion of the 4 main missions.

The task are simple, just complete 4 main mission: NEURO, TEKNO, INVISO and KOMBAT to equip themselves with M.A.T.A skills and qualify for the Misson Possible Grand Finale. All missions accomplished will determine which M.A.T.A agent will suit them.

About Ejen Ali, Ejen Ali is a story of a naive, under-achieving boy who accidentally binds himself to an intelligence device called IRIS belonging to an espionage agency named M.A.T.A forcing him to serve as a secret agent whilst juggling his already chaotic life. Through his missions, Ali grows from being a dreamer to a doer, a loser to a leader. A boy who when faced with impossible duties and challenging circumstances, discovers his true potential.
 Look out for these sign about on Mission Possible, it's open for kids above 4 years old. Each complete mission they earn 20 Kidzo. Each mission would take 20minutes to complete.

No parent allow to enter together for the mission, no worry the tasks are going to train them up. They can do it without mommy, I am patiently waiting for them complete each tasks at KidZania.

Besides completing the Mission to help Ejen Ali, my sons have fun at KidZania and fun place for children to find many interesting job tasks and earn Kidzos.

One of the mission is Agent in disguise, INVISO. They are experts in the art of concealment, infiltration and undercover.
Ejen Ali with my son
My sons are so happy on the day as they earn 50 Kidzos to bank in the CIMB at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.
Visit www.kidzania.com.my for a full mission brief or call at 1 300 88 KIDZ (5439) for assistance.

Little Vive Green Market @The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

Good evening, March School Holidays almost over did you have a great time with family? Yesterday afternoon I spend family time with my kids and bloggers at The Parenthood. I attended the event about Little Vive Green Market. Many activities on the day for the children during the weekend at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid. The day was fun as get to see the farmer market, food-drinks stalls, art and craft, artisan product workshop, story teller to kids before the school holidays end.

 It's interesting event to knows about the Little Vive Green Market,  where vendors share about their products. All products are made of organic and environmental friendly that is healthy for children and adult.
Some vendors sharing their product and giving out the dark chocolate samples to try.
Be Bold in The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid
  Indeed a great experience day for me to know about the local farmers and also their products. We have tried the food sampling on the spot too. Little Vive Green Market starts on 25 March 2017 and ended today. Don't worry if you have missed out the Little Vive Green Market, you can still find most of the products in Be Bold at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid West.

Great gift ideas for chocolate lovers - dark chocolate I love it! You can opt online shop Facebook Vive Snack.

For owl fans, many handmade products of cute owls shapes

Being Malaysian, we can't leave without the chili garlic, I like the taste of it. 
You can find this on Daily's chili garlic.
Great gift ideas for moms and even busy parents.

If you like the above set, on left is the MommyJ  Starter Kit, it is nice a gift set too. With varies of organic mushroom in the jar namely organic mushroom, organic amaranth, natural kombu, premium scallop, premium whitebait, premium anchovy. How about vegie pasta from Foodies with Love? Handmade soap for loved ones? I like the lemongrass smell.
The Husklife Malaysia's Jr.Spoon you can see on above photo it is made from rice husk fibre.
You can visit the Be Bold shop in The Parenthood or online shopping at 

Group photo with parenting bloggers and Vive Green Market organiser

Don't forget you can visit the Vive Green Market on Facebook and instagram @vivegreenmarket

If you like to view more photos, do check out my album at Facebook Fan page, click on the link to view. The Parenthood is a fun place for kids and adults, it is located at the 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid West, Sunway Pyramid. I usually walked through Padini store to go there.

 It's indeed a good day for the kids where they have good time playing in The Parenthood then we headed to the Lillipilli Cafe for dinner. My sons have spaghetti, the drink you see above is rootbeer float. I have the roasted grilled chicken for dinner. Lillipilli serves nice pastries, coffee and nasi lemak chicken rendang. They also do catering for big and small events, if you like to know more can visit their Facebook page.
My sons ate all my french fries.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice 2017

 This School holidays of March is special for us, I attended the Disney On Ice Masterclasss at Sunway Pyramid the other day and my son was not present to see it. I told him that I would bring him along to watch the Wonderful World of Disney On Ice.

Last night we had a great time together watching the Disney On Ice, he hears the music and see the character we were guessing of the character. It was fun bonding time with him, we enjoy the show from the start to the end. This live show brings back many childhood memories to me especially my favourite animation like Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Rapunzel. Children near the rinkside are so happy that they even stand up and dance while watching the show.
 Lots of merchandise to choose from at the venue of The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.
There are food and drinks to purchase before entering the hall. Don't worry that if you be worry your little ones be hungry or thirsty. Food coupons are selling on spot so that you can purchase before entering.

Enter a dazzling world where adventure awaits at the Wonderful World of Disney On Ice! Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy on a walk down memory lane in colorful celebration of magic, spirit and family fun this March school holidays. Travel the wintryworld of Arendeile with sisters Anna and Elsa, and the hilarious Olaft from Disney's Frozen as they learn that true love is the greatest magic of all. There's be a break time between the show so that you can go restroom, etc.
 You can still book your tickets online at www.prworldwidelive.com, hurry as the live show of The Wonderful World of Disney ends tomorrow on 26 March 2017.

The categories of seating and price of each ticket are as following:
Rinkside RM328
Catogory 1 RM288
Cateogry 2 RM188
Cetegory 3 RM148
Cetegory 4 RM98

Ticket price show exclude RM3 ticket fee and GST. For more detail on the ticket seating option do click on the link above.

It's a wonderful experience to watch the live show with loved ones, this is suitable for children and parents even couple who love to watch their childhood favourite animation shows. Just like me I like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Rapunzel and many more.

I have uploaded some photos to my Facebook Fan page, click on the link to view. The Disney On Ice shows started around 8pm and ends around 9.30pm. We are seating at the Cateogry 3, you can view some photos taken by click on the link. It's good to see everyone at the Disney On Ice enjoy themselves.

An unforgettable memories for us all.