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Chewies Immunolicious Gummy

With daily active lifestyle, it's important to care for our children too. If you have child that have an issue in learning, poor performance in school,or spend lot time on gadgets screen time. Don't worry, sharing is caring you can give your child to try the Chewies Immunolicious. 

How many hours do your child have online studies and doesn't they face the screen for at least 4 hours? My son has spend at least 5 hours every day and he likes to eat this Chewies because it's not only tasty gummies but also contains of DHA, Lutein & Zeaxanthin that supports brain performance.  

Due to current covid pandemic, I find that this kids supplements is suitable for kids which not just good only for their eyes, but brain performance as well as natural immune booster ingredients which supported by MOH as yeast beta glucan (Wellmune) that helps to boost immunity immune system. 

My son is taking this 2 gummies daily before head to school or attend online classes at home. Last week he went to school and this week he stays home for online classes as he's on alternate week school class to attend. 
Chewies Immunolicious strawberry and orange flavour.

Chewies Immunolicious has got three flavours to choose from, there are mango, strawberry and orange. If you are thinking what kids supplement for children you can check out this product it is Halal, start to train & strengthen immune health with Wellmune for daily maintenance of health immune. 

Chewies is a brand of health supplements that has been helping parents keep their children healthy since 1975. It is marketed by AJ Research & Pharma (AJRP) Sdn Bhd, an integrated healthcare and life sciences company focused on a range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

GuruPanda secures RM500k funding for expansion


Online learning platform GuruPanda Sdn Bhd concluded its first round of crowdfunding with pitchIN on 15 November 2021, successfully attracting investments totalling RM500,000. 


The monies are slated to fund the company’s expansion plans which will see a brand-new app, new user interfaces and attractive features to encourage more participation from its existing subscribers as well as attracting a wider base. 

“We also eventually hope to incorporate AI and Big Data onto our platform. This is the future of e-Learning, and we want to ensure that we remain competitive and attractive as the industry grows, and offer our subscribers the latest learning applications,” says founder Kingsley Ting.

Launched in January 2021, GuruPanda is an e-Learning platform for children aged between 4 and 15 years old, with the various offerings in its stable based on the Malaysian education syllabus.

The platform’s learning programmes are presently divided into two - English and Bahasa Malaysia content for children between the ages of 4 - 7, and Mandarin content for the 10 - 15-year-old group, based on the SJKC syllabus for Science, Math, History and Mandarin Language. Programmes for the 8 - 9-year group will eventually be included. GuruPanda also provides music courses on their platform for young children.

“Our first initiative moving forward will be a new app that will enable subscribers to access the learning programmes on the go. This will be available for all three operating systems namely IOS, Android and Harmony,” says Ting. 

With the launch of this app, projected for the first quarter of next year, GuruPanda is looking to triple is subscriber base, especially tapping into the Malay market to widen students’ access to affordable and quality e-Learning options. At subscriptions of between RM130 to RM220 annually, GuruPanda is the most affordable animated, cartoon-based learning platform in Malaysia.

“Our programmes are very digitally interactive and offer complete and high-quality content that suit each child’s learning level,” Ting adds.

True to its objective to make education fun, engaging, accessible and affordable for everyone, the planned new interfaces will increase the gamification and animation elements of the programmes.

“Currently, students take tests and quizzes and play games in the learning process, collecting badges as rewards. The new interface will be more interactive and we plan for students to be able to exchange these badges for physical prizes such as laptops and mobile phones as well as in-programme avatars and cartoon characters.”

GuruPanda is presently only available in Malaysia, with a subscriber base of some 6,000 users. The company is poised to break into the regional market with a Mandarin language programme, taught in Thai, next year. Expansion plans into Indonesia and Vietnam are also in the pipeline.

“Our goal is to develop GuruPanda into a household name, both in Malaysia and SEA nations, that is synonymous with Fun, Accessible and Effective Learning,” Ting says.

Towards this end, the company is anticipating investments in its next crowdfunding initiative, seeking partners and investors who share the same mind-set of expanding e-Learning facilities. For more information on GuruPanda, visit the website at

About GuruPanda

A Malaysian EdTech start-up, GuruPanda offers e-Learning programmes for children based on the current local syllabus. Content for the various subjects offered are designed and created by teachers with more than 30 years’ experience and cover English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, STEAM, Mathematics, Pendidikan Islam, Science Experiments, Music and Story Time. It is the most affordable and the only e-Learning platform using animated cartoons in Malaysia, with a wide use of interactive interfaces that make learning fun.


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Shopping Christmas gifts at AEON

Ho-Ho-Ho it is time of year which everyone, young and old, looks forward to! Especially for children, because nothing draws their attention more than fun, exciting gifts they have been wanting all year. It's almost Christmas and I didn't want to miss out shopping Christmas gift for my son so I bring him along to shop. 

In fact, gifts, in whatever shape they take, provide delight to all. They are frequently regarded as rewards and a token of affection given by a loved one, invoking the Christmas spirit of togetherness, goodwill, and celebration.

Sharing is caring, do you know that AEON debuts its 12 Gifts of Christmas festive countdown which serves the ideal range of gift-to-shop holiday choices each day, catering to the selection of gifts for the entire household – all fun, thrilling, and affordable!

I like shopping at AEON because of their variety of choices to choose from toys, household, bags and shoes and many more. 

Last-minute Christmas gift-hunters choose the perfect gift for your loved ones here are some guide to assist you:

For Children

  • Girls

Wonder what to shop for girls how about checking the the stylish, cool, or practical present that your younger sister, daughter, niece, or friend's toddler would enjoy may seem like a daunting chore. Worry not, since AEON has you covered with hard-to-pass-up toy brands like Barbie, Aquabeds, Baby Alive, and Licca and many more!



  • Boys

They say boys will be boys. What excites boys more than thrilling fun and adventures? Perhaps some cars and new pair of shoes too – if that is a yes, Hotwheels, Wan Lee Boy Toys and Thomas & Friends will ring a bell in your mind! Visit AEON and get your children's sporting gears, and also some cool toys/ games such as LEGO, Hasbro, Gundam, Beyblade, Nerf and Jurassic Park - all starting at RM50++ only.


For Her

Women and fashion are inseparable – well, beauty comes first! Pamper your woman with a skincare regimen package from SK-II, Laneige, Shiseido, or KOSE' and watch how it makes her day. Not only that, with AEON's exclusive on-going promotion, you may shower your woman with irresistible scents from Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co, and how about nice swimming floaties and many more brands.

For Him

Nothing defines a man better than classic old leather. Consider getting him a good wallet as good wallet can lasts to use for many years, bag or belt made of top-notch quality leather or even good pair of shoes from Crocodile and Larrie. Not a man with eye for fashion? No problem! Gift him good Men’s collection watches from Caterpillar, Alto or even Polo Club Britannia, which is available up to 50% discount at AEON. 


My son enjoying himself as he gets to choose the toy for himself and of course within my budget too. So many toys around that he got to keep looking and this is good also to give him a good mind of mathematics of how much he could only spend and not over spend. 

Sharing is caring, this is my shopping experience and if you like to shop for yourself or loved ones. Please visit any AEON store nationwide for ongoing promotion and extended New Year's specials until 2 January 2022 for the ultimate variety for the entire family, including toys, shoes, handbags, perfumes, electrical gadgets, and home fashion all at AEON.




















For more information regarding the ongoing promotions and deals, please visit:

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