Thursday, December 13, 2018

Raising Kind Kids: 5 Tips To Do

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, busy mom life is never the end. Sharing is caring, today sharing with you about raising kind kids. Kids do follow in the foot steps of their parents, like what the do and their behaviours.

5 Tips on Raising Kind Kids
1. Team work

Putting the children into group and they'll learn the important of team work. It is also part of lifestyle they will be learning in their school too like team work in doing school projects. It is also a way for the kids to share their knowledge and skills.

2. Do public speaking
Sharing is caring, this is one way of my son sharing with the visitor of the park telling them of type of animal available there. Sharing the info on the animal's habitat.

3. Sibling time together
Spending time together with sibling, its important to have them bonding and exercise at the same time. Not just spending time outdoor but also sibling, this will bring their relationship closer to each other. Though they have 5 years old of gap, it didn't stop them from spending time together.

4.Taking care of pet
Important to let them know of pet is not easy to looking after. There's huge responsibility in taking care of pet, shower it, groom it and feed it that's not all but also bring it to pet checkup. Pet is not a toy, pet is a life time responsibility.

5. Give back to community
The place where we find good learning and give back to the community, I would say it is KidZania Kuala Lumpur. Many jobs can be found in KidZania Kuala Lumpur namely dentist, fireman, doctor, postman, KidZania has a caring project with KidZania CongreZZ kids.

Not only a good place for kids to learn and play, it also teaches kids about giving back to the community. Ever year KidZania has a project known as Caring Project which is led by KidZania CongreZZ KidZ. The members of the KidZania CongreZZ will need plan, discuss and execute a charitable event for their friends who are in need. More information about KidZania you can check it put here:

As parents, no matter how busy is our lifestyle, it is important to spend time with kids. We need to share with them about the right things to do and what not to do like talking in vulgar language or fighting with each other. The above are my five tips on raising kind kids.

Let me know of your tips in raising kind kids too, please comment below.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop @Isetan Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

 Good day to dear reader and visitors, how did you spend the last weekend? As for me I have a mom time out on Saturday, yeah everyone has got a busy lifestyle there's need of 'me time' for mommy. I attended the Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop at Isetan Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur. It's fun and knowledgeable workshop for mom to be and mommies about pregnant mom and baby skin care as baby's skin is thinner than adult's skin. There are fun activities namely the terrarium building and Baby Journaling Tips by Fujifilm Instax printing.

 A day well spend with mommies and mom to be at the workshop, read on to find out.

We get start the workshop with the talk on 'Skincare for Pregnant Moms & Newborn Babies' by Dr. Leong Kin Fon, he is Paediatric Dermatologist. Doctor Leong sharing of the types of eczema, and rashes that happens on babies. Skincare of babies are important as we need to suitable products for baby and early detection of baby skin dryness are important. Doctor Leung shares with us that in many cases food allergies are not the triggering factor of eczema in infants. Genetic and environmental factors also need to be taken into account. 

It's important to apply nappy cream on baby and changes baby's diaper often. As for pregnancy scars on belly, if it's still reddish there's treatment for it, but if the scarring has turned white it's too late for that.
'Skincare for Pregnant Moms & Newborn Babies" by Dr. Leong Kin Fon, he is Paediatric Dermatologist.
Addressing skin concerns during pregnancy; scars & pigmentation.
Newborn baby skincare- Eczema, Nappy Rash

We know mommies would be concern on having pigmentation during pregnancy and scarring at belly. That's not all as parent we would be concern of baby skin's like eczema and nappy rash.

My kids have started using Pigeon baby products when they were newborn. Pigeon origin from Japan and has since year 1957 they have produced the baby products of Pigeon. 

 Pigeons product has wide range of products and one of it is the Pigeon Hand & Mouth wet tissues. Its 100% made of Food Grade Ingredients. Alcohol Free and perfect for babies and mealtimes. Busy parents that often travel will find this useful as we need to travel and go out for meals.

Pigeon range of products got breast pads honeycomb, baby skin care range products, foaming cleanser for baby accessories, toys, fruits & vegetables. If you are looking for gift ideas for this coming Christmas shopping, you know there's a lot products you can find in Pigeon.
yummy Japanese Bento meal before we get start on next activity.

The Beautiful Me Workshop followed by Terranium Building, yeah it's fun time as we got to 'Do-It-Yourself' we are each given a glass before we get start. First we got to listen to guidance on how to get start, maintain and keep the Terranium for long term. It's important to keep it away from direct sunlight. Just once a month to put water in the Terranium.
 Happy mommies and mom to be, hands on experience and making our each and unique Terranium.  Sharing is caring we showed the Terranium that we have made.

It's not over yet as we have the hands on to experience the Fujifilm Instax printing, yeah fun time we get to select the photos for printing. It's easy using the Instax app and we printed the photos in the workshop and you can see the outcome of my creation. I chosen photo of my first born, yeah delivery photo of newborn baby and two photos toddlers (wanna guess which is eldest son/youngest son?).

precious memories photos of little ones, thanks Fujifilm Instax photo printing
 Thank you Pigeon Malaysia for having me, I have such a wonderful time with mommies and mom to be. Yeah we get to learn so much from this Beautiful Be Workshop, sharing our moments together and talk of baby skin care and experience the hands on Terranium and FujiFilm Instax for the photo printing.

Super mom had a wonderful time at Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ayamas Kitchen with variety HALAL FROZEN DIM SUM

Ayamas Kitchen with variety HALAL FROZEN DIM SUM
 Being mom of two boys, I always need to think of what to eat, what to prepare for family. Now there's Ayamas Kitchen with variety of Halal Frozen Dim Sum to choose from. Easy for parents to prepare them and best of all you can have it at your cozy home.

QSR Trading Sdn Bhd (QSRT) throught its shelf brand 'Ayamas Kitchen', has recently launched a range of delicious halal frozen Dim Sum varieties to cater to Chinese food lovers.
 The company offers 10 varieties of Dim Sum, and the varieties is available in the market include Ayamas Kitchen Prawn Hargow, Chicken & Prawn Shaomai, Shrimp Dumpling, Chicken Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf, and an Ayamas Kichen Combo Pack Dim Sum. Other varieties to be later introduced include Curry Chicken Shaomai, Radish Cake with Dried Shrimp, Barbeque chicken Bun, Chicken & Fish Beancurd Roll, and Prawn Shaomai.

(Middle from left; Adi Wira Abd Razak, Chief Executive Officer, and  Rafiq Moosa, Chief Operating Officer, QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd Upstream Division posed with the steaming Ayamas Kitchen Dim Sum.

“The frozen dim sum offers convenience to all who wants to enjoy the specialty, even when they are too busy to prepare it in the conventional way. It appears that apart from five-star hotels, not many restaurants serve halal dim sum. The Ayamas Kitchen’s halal version will now allow Muslims to enjoy the dish in the convenience of their own home,” said Adi Wira Abd Razak, Chief Executive Officer, QSR Brands Upstream Division.

“Our products are made from fresh ingredients, packed with quality materials, using the latest technology and equipment so that our customers can be sure that they are 100% safe for consumption. The products are certified halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), a JAKIM approved certification body.

“The Ayamas Kitchen’s Dim Sum range is easy to prepare through various cooking methods. The dim sum can be steamed, boiled, fried or microwaved, before the food is ready to be enjoyed. However, for the best eating experience, I would recommend it to be steamed the traditional way. The Dim Sum goes well with our Ayamas’ Chili Sauce and Life’s Hoisin Sauce,” he added.

As mentioned earlier, five of the ten varieties which are now available at Giant supermarkets nationwide, are the Ayamas Kitchen Prawn Hargow (160g) sold at RM13.39 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken & Prawn Shaomai (160g) at RM10.59 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Shrimp Dumpling (144g) at RM11.29 per packet, Ayamas Kitchen Chicken Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf (270g) at RM11.99 per packet, and Ayamas Kitchen Combo Pack Dim Sum (160g) at RM12.79 per packet.

Ayamas Kitchen is one of QSRT’s shelf brands that have been around for two years. Besides the frozen Dim sum, it also produces other kitchen staples such as canned sardines & mackerels, cooking pastes, spices & seasoning mix, as well as ready-to-eat products. QSRT is also the distributor of the frozen chicken-based products under the name “Ayamas” namely the Golden Nuggets, Breaded Chicken Drummets and Mid Wings, Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Meatballs, Quikburger and Premium Chicken Frankfurters. It also markets third party brands such as Divella, Lactima, and Kewpie in the domestic market and exported to overseas.

About QSR Trading Sdn Bhd (QSR Trading): QSR Trading Sdn Bhd is the marketing and distribution arm of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, the driving force behind KFC, Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia. It markets and distributes the company’s frozen chicken-based products under the “Ayamas” brand as well as a range of in-house brands namely the Golden Nuggets, Breaded Chicken Drummets and Mid Wings, Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Meatballs, Quikburger and Premium Chicken Frankfurters. It has also expanded its offerings beyond chicken-based products such as Life, Ayamas Kitchen, Fatboi, Amy and Bakers Street. In addition, the company is involved in the marketing and distribution of third party brands such as Divella, Lactima, and Kewpie in the domestic market and exported to overseas. QSRT has won numerous awards and certifications, such as the QUDAL (QUality MeDAL) awards, in recognition of Ayamas as the Best Brand in the category of top quality Frankfurters for 2016/2017 and Best Buy Award 2017/2018 for its frozen food. The company also received The Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award in the category of Excellence Brand, Excellence Product, Excellence Leadership and Excellence Service Quality. QSRT is looking forward to strengthen its market presence regionally through the expansion of the export market while leveraging on the introduction of new products in ready-to-eat and shelf stable categories. It also prides itself on delivering quality products and exceptional service, and is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the calibre of all its brands.

The First-ever Bata Kids Store in Asia @Sunway Pyramid

(From left)

1. YAM Tunku Dato’ Seri Nadzaruddin Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar – Bata Malaysia Director

2. Mr Roberto Longo – Bata Asia Pacific President

3. Dato’ Kok Wee Kiat – Bata Malaysia Director

4. Mr H.C. Chan – Sunway Mall CEO

Last week, I went to Sunway Pyramid, Bata Malaysia has proven its keen initiative of expanding its business by unveiling a brand new concept store . Focusing solely on the kids segment of the consumers, Bata Kids is the first of its kind in Asia.

Bata Kids carries the finest collection of children’s footwear and accessories from brands such as BubbleGummers, Disney’s Marvel,Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony, Skechers Kids, Nike and Puma.In terms of the age range, Bata Kids caters for infants all the way up to 15-year-old children. Now thinking of what gift for Christmas, we can shop for loved ones as I like these variety types of shoes available at Bata Kids. I am sure parents would love to shop for children new shoes to celebrate the New Year, now you know where to get start.

I like to visit the Bata Kids because aside footwear, the store also carries a few selections of stationary sets as well as school bags. The flagship store has been care fully constructed to be fun and colourful in order to be appealing to the kids. This extends to the store’s design as well as the visual merchandising. It's nice because they have shoes up to kids age 15 years old, mean I can now find teenager shoes there too.

Making kids the focal point of the business, the Bata Kids store has a designated area where children can unleash their creativity through colouring along with a variety of toys to keep them entertained. 

Bata Malaysia’s Country Manager Mr Ajay Ramachandran reiterated, “
Bata Kids brings the best of all Bata’s children offerings under one roof.
We are proud to bring this first-of-its-kind store to the country.”

The official launch event, which took place in the Bata Kids store, was graced by special guests, company directors as well select media parties. Bata Kids is located at First Floor, Lot F1-58, Sunway Pyramid. 

For more information about the Bata Collection, or to stay updated on news and promotions from Bata, follow Bata Malaysia on Facebook (Bata Home), or on Instagram @batamalaysia

About Bata Malaysia
Originally founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata now has an international presence of over 5000 retail stores in over 70 countries. The Bata brand in Malaysia has come a long way since the first store was opened in (then) Malaya in 1935. 
Today, Bata is a leading footwear manufacturer and marketer in Malaysia and operates a retail chain of more than 250 stores, which consists of Bata City, Bata Family and Primavera Stores. Each of the Bata retail store differentiates itself in its range of merchandise. Primavera Stores are in the middle to high end, where shoes are up to date in fashion and design. Bata Malaysia also operates the Wholesale Division, which services many independent dealers. The Bata brand portfolio serves many different market segments through its Bata, Bata Comfit, Bata Industrials, Bata Flexible, Bata and More, Primavera, Tomy, Marie Claire, Weinbrenner, North Star, Bubble Gummers, Ambassador, Baby Bubbles, Power, B.First, Sundrops, PataPata and Sandak brands.

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