Friday, September 18, 2020

SaferOptics: anti-blue light eyewear designed for children

 Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, with a new norm lifestyle today. We have to wear face mask, bring along hand sanitizer and social distancing distance. Our kids stay at home more instead of outdoors, so they spend a lot of time on TV and digital gadgets. Sharing is caring, SaferOptics, is an online eyewear store offering high quality anti-blue light glasses designed for children.  

I browse the website and it's user friendly and easy to browse. With Internet access today, its convenient for everyone to shop online. If you are looking for gifts ideas for your children, you can check out this website, just look at their website and you can find variety of colors of frame to choose from. 

Online shopping on their website is pretty fast, I ordered on Saturday and it came on Wednesday. The delivery to my door step by Poslaju. I received two emails - first is the ordered email, second is the delivery status. 

The package is very cute ! Just prefect as a gift too because there's no need to wrap it again. You can just purchase it for loved ones right away. Check out the unboxing video of my son and demo on how the lenses block 100% of blue ray light. Click on the link to view,


My son is currently 9 years old and he did spending time on smartphone, iPad for the education, entertainment and also for checking homework. I have selected a pair of eyewear from this website for him, I have shown him of the eyewear and he had chosen his favorite pair because Kids Oval Pool Party. He likes blue color as he says he thinks of Sonic, Sky and Sea also in blue color. You can also find New Arrival of products at the website.


I have chosen for my son the 420 Blue Coat for the lens options. The glasses are without any power or degree so it is safe for all kids to wear. The difference between the Basic Blue Coat and premium 420 Blue Coat lenses.

Basic Blue Coat Lenses

All SaferOptics glasses come with a pair of Basic non-power anti-blue light lenses. Lens features: Anti-reflective blue coating, UV400 protection with blue blocking lens properties which looks slightly yellowish tinted.

420 Blue Coat Lenses (Latest Generation)

420 Blue Cut is available as an upgrade (+RM30 per pair). Lens features: Anti-reflective blue coating, UV and High Energy Visible light (HEVL) protection up to 420 nm wavelength, the latest blue blocking lens properties without yellowish colour/tint. The 420 Blue Coat lenses come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


 Yeah now you know, you can choose the type of lens that you prefer for your child to wear. The price is affordable from range of RM75 to RM105, so you can shop according to your budget. By the way, Free Shipping in Malaysia for order over RM100. I recommend upgrading to the 420 Blue Coat Lenses for only RM105. Just nice for free shipping delivery to my doorstep.

My son's reaction towards the product, he likes it very much. Not just the colors of the lenses but also the comfortable of him wearing it. Earlier he had headache if facing the gadgets too long, now he can wear with comfort using it. After using the SofterOptics, his mood improved,he has better sleep, less agitated/tired.

I would recommend this to parents who are concern of their children who often using the TVs, laptops, smartphones and iPad, for this SaferOptics anti-blue light eyewear for children. Education is important but it's also important for us to care for their eyesight too.

Thinking of gift ideas for little ones, this would be a nice gift and meaningful for them, showering them with loved and cared. Suitable for child age 3 years old to 12 years old. If you have interest to purchase a pair of SaferOptics for your child, can click on this link

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Affordable Family Protection Kit for home office

It's Wednesday tomorrow and Friday, kids don't have to go to school. Some parents have already make their plan for today as one of my friends head to Cameron Highland with her family. As for us we just stay at home and didn't make any plan for this weekend. Talking about family plan, have you keep any protection kit in the family? Sharing is caring, Family Protection Kit (This is a hamper consisting of 5 different items) by @mybespokehealth. You can buy this family protection kit for your family or loved ones. There 5 different items are as following:
1. Premium Medical Face Mask: 10 pieces Earloop Mask, made in Malaysia. It is Latex free and Protection complied to ASTM level .
It is comfort and softer than normal mask. It's hypoallergenic, safe for all types of skin..
2. Nano Silver Multipurpose Cleaner (NSMC) 500ml :It is specially formulated to be Non-foaming, Non-skin irritating and Environmentally friendly! NSMC effectively removes germs. It can be used on hands and body, furniture, clothes, fabrics, carpets, air conditioner filters, walls and floors.
3. Airless Pump 15ml (one time use) X2 : NSMC can be poured into this Airless Pump Bottle. Travel friendly, you can take it with you on short or long trips.
4. Diffuser : The NSCM can be used in humidifiers and air coolers. Convenient and handy, just one touch to turn it on.
5. Eucalyptus Oil : Eucalyptus Oil can be added into the diffuser together with NSMC
Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil
* Silence a cough
* Clear your chest
* Keep the bugs away
* Disinfect wounds
* Breath Easy
* Sooth Cold Sore
The Family Protection Kit is selling at RM156.00 , Now it’s only RM129.00, this price is directly from brand! Yes you read it correctly, visit this link to shop now. It's nice having this at home, I will put the disfuser in the room or living room.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kids oral care Ki Flash Set from Korea

Happy Friday to dear readers and followers of my blog, everyone has got busy lifestyle. Without fail daily we got to care for our oral health. I found a way that can encourage my son to brush teeth longer, sharing is caring if you are looking for nice gift for children you can check this out.

Sharing with you the coupon code get RM 20 off “sherryxtotsporter” Instagram @tots_porter. The coupon code valid til 31 July 2020.  This is nice toothbrush that my son likes using as it encourage him to brush teeth longer.
The toothbrush Ki is from Korea. It makes brushing teeth fun for kids as well as teaches kids to brush their teeth properly and longer (so they have no cavities). ☺️
The toothbrush has a built in timer of 3 minutes to let the kids know how long they should brush their teeth. It has an LED lights, so it makes brushing the teeth so much fun for the kids. It will stop automatically once the timer hit 3 minutes. The toothbrush head is replaceable, it is easy to change.

The Ki Flash in the set, there is a booklet for your kid to stick their tooth stickers. You can reward your kid with one sticker when he successfully brushed the teeth for 3 whole minutes 😊.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to know more of the product or purchase for loved ones. Sharing with you  the coupon code get RM 20 off “sherryxtotsporter” Instagram @tots_porter.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Body shaper for women

 It's month of June, indeed a special month for us as it's my son's birthday it's also month of Father's Day. With daily busy lifestyle and many people has gone back to work. Sharing is caring as recently my friends told me they have interest to find body shaper for women. Christmas is just few weeks away and some of my friends have started countdown and they are thinking of presents to give their loved ones.

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle and being stay at home mom, with Internet access it's convenient for everyone to shop online. Busy with household chores and taking care of my children, it'll be great to get my hands on the best waist and thigh trainer. I browsed the website and it's user friendly and easy to browse. Check out the website for the shapewear sale.
Have you checked out the website? I have found many shapewear and these shapewear its suitable to wear during workout and matches the active lifestyle. Besides shapewear they have yoga bra, panties and shorts to choose from. If you are thinking to shop the shapewear, there's online sale on the 4th of July on going.

My friend just had her baby a month ago, perhaps she can check out the shapewear for postpartum recovery. The shapewear comes from size of S to 6XL depends on type of shapewear chosen. Sharing is caring now we know where to purchase the plus size shapewear. My friend told me that she been looking for a shapewear that is plus size as her size of shapewear is not easily found. Now I know that she will be happy to know about this.

If you like to know more about the Shapellx shapewear can visit the website by click on the links.  With Internet access, its convenient for everyone to shop online and they are having sales on the classic seamless shaping briefs, shapewears essentials. Some people would like to have their closet with shapewear collection, description of shapewear is available on the website they even have video on each shapewear. Now you kno where you can pair the stylish slimming tops with your skirt or jeans.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Perfect on-the-go snack to have in hand!‘AMBROSIAL’, 安慕希

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, with Internet access now it's convenient for us to shop online. Sharing is caring, do you like to drink yogurt? Inspired by the Greek word ‘AMBROSIAL’, 安慕希 which refers to the food and drink of ancient Greek Gods. AMBROSIAL is Halal Certified. My children love the yogurt drinks a lot. It's good knowing this delicious yogurt, I watched the Running Man in China series and have seen this brand before but never tasted it before. Now it is available in Malaysia, we can give it a try and there's few flavors to try out too.

Ever wondered what’s inside AMBROSIAL?
Just fresh fruit and good ol’ Greek-style yoghurt, using signature yoghurt cultures developed by the OGs – the Agricultural University of Athens in Greece! And oh, only fresh milk from world class dairy farms which makes it chock full of protein and nutrients!
Convenient and ambient, AMBROSIAL is the perfect on-the-go snack to have in hand!
My children loving it too.
A delicious treat without the guilt!

Convenient pack available too.
With only 209 kcal in a 205g pack, AMBROSIAL is perfect as a midday snack without the guilt!


Containing no additional preservatives or artificial colourings, AMBROSIAL is the perfect healthy on the go snack!

Can keep at room temperature , chill before drink will taste better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Reusable Personalized Fashion Mask

It's month of June and it's also my son's birthday, sharing is caring if you are looking for personalized mask. You can check out the BestSub there have wide choice of masks to choose form, suitable for adult and children. Wearing mask will no longer be a temporary measure,sharing is caring I have found these pretty nice reusable personalized fashion mask to share with you. My son been wanting a monster face mask for a long time, it's nice to see there's kid mask that suitable for him and he likes it very much.

The website is user friendly and easy to browse, many nice and cute designs of personalize design. The mask washable, water resistant and I know some of my friends are looking for this type of mask. The mask is soft, comfortable and breathable, it has adjustable ear strap for easy adjustment.

 These are the designed which chosen by my son and for myself. You can also make your own personalized mask.

 There's other designs that you can choose for loved ones and little ones namely monster, couple mask , Raya style and many more.

  • 5 layers of PM2.5 replaceable filter - 2 layers of non stick material, 2 layers of filter, 1 layer of activated carbon. Recommended to replace 1- 2 times weekly.
  • Create unique and personalized design for personal or corporate use.
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable. 
  • Size available for adult & children.  
  • Washable, Water Resistant, Hygenic
  • Value for money & safe.

  These are just some designs to share with you, they are's many more types of mask designs to choose from, read on to find out where to check the mask.
The personalized face mask comes with replaceable filter. A 5-layer activated carbon filter effective in blocking PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) haze, dust, and other fine particles. These added layers of protection will also significantly reduce the inhalation of environmental hazards such as second hand smoke or automobile exhaust. It is recommended replacement of 1-2 times per week.

I know when it comes to face mask everyone would like to use a comfortable mask and this is mask comes with adjustable ear straps for better fitting.
Bestsub Sublimation Mask meet the requirement of CA Prop 65 & EU Reach regulations, tested by SGS & Interlek.

Why choose BestSub Mask?
  • Personalized
  • Reusable
  • Safety
  • Ready stocks
  • Quality Assurance
Looking for affordable and reusable personalized fashion mask can consider these mask. 

Now if you have interest to know more or personalized fashion mask, check the websites as they have limited stocks only. You may check the reusable and personalized fashion mask on Lazada OR Shopee Now:
Lazada :
 Shopee : 
 Contact them now::

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