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bio-home:Malaysian Record for The Most Number of Participants in a Hand Towel Washing Event

Mr. Francis Ng, Senior General Manager, Household and Personal, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd receiving the Malaysia Book of Records award from Mr. Edwin Yeoh, Business Development Manager, of Malaysia Book of Records Sdn Bhd.

Last Saturday bio-home, has entered the Malaysian Book of Records for the most participants in a hand towel washing event, at a fun-filled ‘WE CARE’ activation held at the Atria Mall Shopping Gallery.

More than 725 participants, mainly children and their parents set the record in less than an hour using bio-home laundry detergent at an educational roadshow that was held in conjunction with the bio-home ‘WE CARE' campaign.

Bio-home was certified as the record holder for Most Number of Participants in a Hand Towel Washing event by Malaysian Book of Records representatives.

bio-home, proudly developed and owned by homegrown heritage brand Lam Soon, encompasses a range of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based active ingredients that are within reach of consumers who care for the environment, while creating a cleaner, greener and more pleasant home.
Mr Francis Ng leading the 725 participants to a Malaysian record.
The record number of participants were representatives from 100 kindergartens and 10 primary schools that bio-home had collaborated with this year, providing the children with insight into the environment, fostering recycling initiatives and teaching them life-skills such as helping with home chores. Members of the public also participated.

Every participant received a white cotton hand towel with a stain on it. Their task was to wash the hand towel using bio-home laundry detergent and water until the stain was completely removed. The speed with which the stain was removed showcased bio-home laundry detergent’s gentle yet effective cleaning power.

Effective and affordable, the bio-home laundry detergent is tested and proven to be safe and gentle on most delicate skin.

“The bio-home WE CARE initiative aims to educate families and especially young children on why and how we need to preserve the environment for our future. Sorting recyclable items for instance is a simple step that all of us could practise. Similarly using eco-friendly household detergents and cleaners such as those offered by bio-home is a good start,” said Mr. Francis Ng, Senior General Manager, Household and Personal, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd.

Children and parents who participated were excited to have set a Malaysian record and enjoyed the educational aspects of the bio-home We CARE roadshow.

bio-home products include laundry detergent, delicate laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner and multi-surface cleaner.

bio-home Laundry Detergent
bio-home laundry detergent contains non-toxic concentrates that deliver effective washing results. Its Plantmoist Technology helps to restore skins natural moisture barrier. In phthalates-free fragrance of Hyacinth and Nectarine.
Available in 1500ml, at RM27.35

bio-home Delicate Laundry Detergent
bio-home Delicate Laundry Detergent is a readily biodegradable formulation that is ideal for washing delicate clothing such as baby fabrics, silk, wool and underwear. Available in 1500ml, at RM27.35

bio-home Dish Washing Liquid
bio-home Dishwashing Liquid is gentle on the skin, with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients and is kinder to the environment, breaking down naturally when released into waterways. Available in 500ml, at RM7.45.

bio-home Kitchen Cleaner
Made from non-toxic ingredients that remove tough grease and grime stains effectively in kitchen areas. The kitchen cleaner is formulated to be rinse-free, making kitchen chores easier without a second round of wiping. Available in 500ml, at RM10.

bio-home Floor Cleaner
A baby-safe concentrated solution that cleans floors effectively without leaving any harsh chemicals behind. bio-home floor cleaner is also dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin. Available in 1500ml, at RM14.05.

bio-home Multi-Surface Cleaner
bio-home Multi-Surface Cleaner features a rinse-free formula that makes cleaning easy and ensures surfaces are free from dirt and dust. It can be used on all types of surfaces including wood, marble and veneer, Available in 500ml, at RM10.

About Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd

(from left) The bio-home team Mr. Francis Ng, Senior General Manager, Ms. Tan Joo In, Product Manager, and Mr.Wong Wee Kee, Marketing Manager, Household and Personal, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd.

Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd (Lam Soon) has been an established manufacturer of edible foods, household and personal care products in Malaysia since the 1950s. In the household and personal care category, their selection of quality products include, Orchid Feminine Hygiene range, May personal care range, Fruitale FairWhite UV personal care range, Antabax antibacterial personal care range, ZIP homecare product range of dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, powder and cream cleanser, Labour dishwashing liquid and paste, and bio-home dishwashing liquid, multi-surface cleaner, floor cleaner and laundry detergent.

As a renowned and trusted household brand among consumers, Lam Soon is dedicated to producing quality products for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner homes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

CJ WOW SHOP Set to Hit One Million Customers

From the left: Chef Fikree, Zaim Helmi, Kim Yang Hyun, Yana Samsudin, Lily Liyana, Diana Rusdi and Chef Brian.
In the lead-up to surpassing the 1 million customer mark, innovative home shopping network CJ WOW SHOP, has embarked on the “WOW in a Million” initiative to thank and reward its loyal customers.

“WOW in a Million” involves a month-long celebration, where a CJ WOW SHOP team comprising top executives, show hosts and crew members will be touring the nation to visit the Top 100 customers. Made up of among the highest spending customers, they are in for a surprise as the visiting team makes an appearance at their doorsteps to thank them with various gifts and rewards.
Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of CJ WOW SHOP who will be leading the convoy said, “Our success is paved by the trust and satisfaction of customers who have supported us throughout the years. They’re the reason we keep pushing our limits – reaching one milestone after the other. ‘WOW in a Million’ is an opportunity for us to honour our most important customers and fans with great savings, mystery rewards and exciting surprises that will truly wow their lives.”

CJ WOW SHOP is expecting to beat the 1 million customers target in September, a feat that comes at the back of an astounding year. To date, the network grew its customer base by 56 per cent since the end of 2017, validating CJ WOW SHOP as a proven home shopping service offering quality and innovative products that enrich people’s lives. Over the years, CJ WOW SHOP has secured a strong base of repeat customers, as evident by the Top 100 customers who spent close to an average of RM14,600 per person on their purchases.
From the left: Nadia Annuar, Chef Fikree, Lily Liyana, Chef Brian, Kim Yang Hyun, Yana Samsudin, Zaim Helmi and Diana Rusdi.

To complement the celebration, all shoppers will be rewarded with a RM20 shopping voucher each for their next purchase via CJ WOW SHOP’s e-commerce platform from 1 to 30 September 2018. Customers can also look forward to a special all-day live show featuring guest celebrities where CJ WOW SHOP will be bringing more engaging interaction and exciting deals for customers.
You can check out the video above for the best selling pan in CJ WOW SHOP. 

Delivering the complete media commerce experience 
Crossing the 1 million customer mark puts the home shopping network on stronger footing to be the leading media commerce platform that wows the lives of more Malaysians. This is an extension of CJ WOW SHOP’s commitment to deliver ‘shoppertainment’ – a satisfying shopping experience that is not just entertaining, but also one that customers can love, trust and rely on.
With this current focus, CJ WOW SHOP is poised to finish on a strong note as it aims to surpass the RM200 million annual revenue mark by end 2018. This is contributed by a slew of initiatives that it has successfully rolled-out throughout the year, starting with its second-year anniversary campaign, ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’, which recorded 3 times more customers than its daily average.

CJ WOW SHOP has also continuously improved its customer experience and broadened its merchant base which are largely home-grown. Providing shoppers with more choices, it expanded its offerings from 27 since launch to more than 450 items today, ranging from household products, electrical items, gadgets, beauty, fashion and many more.

In making selling on television more entertaining, the network introduced a signature programme with a fresh format ‘The WOW Show’, featuring Yana Samsudin as celebrity guest host. ‘The WOW Show’, which is also coming up on its one-year anniversary, has proven its indisputable success closing about RM12 million worth of sales throughout the 94 episodes aired across TV3 and TV9.
The innovative approach by CJ WOW SHOP also extended to collaboration with international entertainment personalities.

CJ WOW SHOP recently established a unique collaboration with Korean fashion brand ‘Ce&’ together with K-pop sensation Wanna One to bring audiences the band’s exclusive merchandise. The home shopping platform collaborated with Korean TV network Channel A as well to present ‘Sales King TV’, the first-of-its kind entertaining variety show combining selling on live television. The programme features wildly popular Korean personalities including cast members of all-time favourite variety show ‘Running Man’, Ji Suk-Jin and Yang Se-chan, who were joined by K-pop idols JeA from ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ and Sung-jong from ‘INFINITE’.

CJ WOW SHOP is a joint venture collaboration between Media Prima Berhad and South Korea’s CJO Shopping Co Ltd (CJO), Asia’s No 1 TV Home Shopping operator. Launched in April 2016, with much fanfare, CJ WOW SHOP’s strategic collaboration with home-grown brands such as Proton and Simplysiti led to the network’s regional recognition at The Spark Awards 2017 for Best Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution (Gold) and Marketing PR Awards 2017 Southeast Asia for the Best Direct-to-Consumer PR Campaign (Bronze).

Customers will be able to purchase the products seen on television by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-800-18-0808. They can also make purchases online by logging on to my or by downloading the CJ WOW SHOP mobile app via Android or iOS.

CJ WOW SHOP is an innovative home shopping network that is accessible across television, online and mobile platforms, bringing to Malaysians a uniquely visual, interactive and immersive experience. Established in 2016, the company provides high quality products and services aimed at enriching people’s lives. As the foremost customer-oriented media commerce company in Malaysia, we enable people to shop at their own comfort, whether it is at home or anytime, anywhere. CJ WOW SHOP makes home shopping perfect by synergising strengths and expertise of the joint-venture between Malaysia’s largest integrated media group, Media Prima Berhad and the global leader in the home shopping business from South Korea, CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd.

For more information, visit:

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TENA’s “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign

Launch of TENA's "Apa Khabar Mak Abah?" Campaign to raise awareness and empower children of aging parents about urinary incontinence with Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia (left) and Dr Peter Ng, Consultant Urologist & President of the Continence Foundation Malaysia.

Incontinence, or urinary leakage, affects an estimated 1.4 million Malaysians1 with 1 in 3 women over age 40 and 1 in 10 men over age 65 having some form of the condition2, but only 31% of them have sought medical advice3 - this means many people suffer in silence, including aging parents who may be embarrassed or take great effort to conceal it from their children.

Recognising that many are reluctant to speak openly about this, TENA’s “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign, supported by the Continence Foundation of Malaysia (CFM), aims to encourage children to be more alert and attentive to their aging parents’ wellbeing. By providing educational resources and support, they can be more aware and recognise signs that their own parents may be suffering in silence.

“Incontinence can affect an individual’s mobility and quality of life, which is worrisome for the people who love and care for them. What’s more, their embarrassment or the fear of social stigma can make it difficult for them to talk about it. At TENA, we recognise the need for greater awareness and understanding so they feel more comfortable about seeking help, with the support of their children,” said Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia.
Launch of TENA's "Apa Khabar Mak Abah?" Campaign. From left: Andrew Yap (caregiver); Evelyn Chan (Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia) and Dr Peter Ng, Consultant Urologist & President of the Continence Foundation Malaysia.
“This is why the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign encourages family members, especially children, to watch out for tell-tale signs that their parents may be trying to cope with the condition, and to take necessary steps to help, so that incontinence can be managed effectively. In line with this, TENA provides educational tools, resources and also holistic solutions to help with urine leaks, such as TENA Pants, an absorbent underwear which enables continued mobility and freedom to do what one needs to do without being hindered by the condition,” she added.

Explaining further, Dr Peter Ng, consultant urologist and president of Continence Foundation Malaysia, said: “Many people suffer needlessly even though incontinence is easily managed with the right knowledge and support. While it’s difficult to change mindsets, especially among the elderly, engaging with their family members is a good place to start. We hope for children to educate themselves so they can be aware if their parents are suffering silently. With the help of their loved ones, they can retain their freedom to move around and enjoy their golden years without fear or embarrassment.”

“As a caregiver, I definitely appreciate having tools and resources available to help us understand urinary incontinence better,” said Juriah binti Jalalus Shuti whose mother Aminah has been suffering from the condition for the past four years. “This campaign encourages children like me to really take notice, because if my siblings and I did not notice the little tell-tale signs in 2014, it probably would have taken longer for Mak to get to where she is today – free to carry out her daily activities and even travel without worries, thanks to TENA. Our parents took care of us when we were young, and I believe it is now our turn to care for them in their golden years.”

The campaign offers valuable resources in the form of: 
* An online Self-Checklist (link can be found at, which highlights simple changes in their parents’ usual behaviour such as using the toilet too frequently or avoiding outings where toilet facilities are not easily available; these could indicate they are trying to cope with incontinence. Children are encouraged to take a look at the checklist for themselves, in order to be more aware and take note of these changes in their parents;

* The Caring 101 Handbook (available at, developed with input from a panel of medical experts, offers a helpful look at the changes that come with age, together with practical solutions on how best to care for aging parents;

 * Caring 101 Educational Videos (also available at for hands-on tips and advice from medical professionals so children can increase their knowledge and be empowered in their role as caregivers;

* A toll-free helpline 1-800-88-9988 or Facebook chat option at (available for assistance from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday).

With this knowledge, family members are empowered to help, be it starting a conversation, purchasing absorbent pants or seeking medical advice, so that their loved ones can continue
to do what they love most, without worries about incontinence holding them back from living freely and confidently.

For more information about the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?” Campaign and educational resources, visit or

For a limited time only, participants who complete the “Apa Khabar Mak Abah?”
Self-Checklist will get a TENA gift* that will help you on your journey in managing incontinence.

*While stocks last

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Why is math is so important so important to learn? It's because we need to use math every day. Math helps us when we shop, when we cook food, and even when we play with our friends.

This book comes with a music CD included. Math needs to be use during shopping groceries, cooking, baking, etc.

Guided Reading Activities.
  1. In this story, kids use math when they go to the grocery store, bake cookies, and play basketball. What are some other daily uses of math?
  2. On page 9, a girl is counting out change. How many pennies equal a dollar? How many nickels, dimes, or quarters equal a dollar?
  3. Do you have a friend or relative who you like to visit? Do you bike or get a ride to their house? Draw a map to their house. 
This edition is available for distribution in Asia only by Scholastic. 

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Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Official Launch

Die-cast cars, orange tracks, the challenger’s spirit - there’s only one thing we could be talking about: Hot Wheels®. The iconic flame-shaped red and yellow logo is an appropriate symbol for the energy and excitement that the brand champions. This year, Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th Anniversary - that’s 50 years of inspiring kids to challenge boundaries, die-cast car in one hand and an orange track in the other.

The Hot Wheels® SEA 50th Tour, launched in conjunction with this milestone, is taking Dmitriy Shakhmatov, Global Hot Wheels® Product Design Manager, across Southeast Asia. The tour kicked off in Malaysia at the annual Art of Speed event in MAEPS, Serdang. The event was attended by automobile enthusiasts from all over the country. All collectors know that this is the place to be to grab those rare collectibles to add to their collections.

“We’re glad that Hot Wheels® die-cast vehicles and tracksets have been present in the homes of our fans for 50 years,” said Ivan Franco, Country Manager of Mattel Southeast Asia. “We believe in embracing challenges through imaginative, creative play - we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We want to impart that virtue on the new generation in all the ways that we can.”

The brand organised a design competition for students aged 9-12 across the Klang Valley - asking them to send in their best ideas for a Hot Wheels car. Hundreds heard and answered the call, going above and beyond with their designs. Individual entries were judged by Dmitriy Shakhmatov himself. Shakhmatov has been with the brand since 2015 and has already seen some of his dreams come true.

“I still find it hard to believe that I was able to see my personal design of the Aristorat come to fruition. But that’s the promise of Hot Wheels, isn’t it? That if you can dream it, you can make it happen. I would jumped at the chance to participate in a contest like this when I was younger - I’m so glad Hot Wheels® is being proactive and carving out a space for kids to be creative,” he said.

Shakhmatov met with some of the kids, collectors, and fans during a short meet-and-greet session at Malaysia’s Art of Speed 2018 event, during which he gave out autographs and bonded with them over a shared love of cars. His enthusiasm was contagious and most evident when he was presented with a surprise gift: a collage of the top 50 entries from the design competition.

The Hot Wheels® SEA 50th Tour, launched in conjunction with this milestone, is taking Dmitriy Shakhmatov, Global Hot Wheels® Product Design Manager
 This event was also the unveiling of the never before seen and highly anticipated 2019 Car Culture designs. This was the first year the brand has collaborated with RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, or RWB, a Porsche tuner based in Japan. The particular Car Culture car they collaborated on was an RWB Porsche 930, part of the Porsche 911 family. The actual design of the car will likely be released to the public in the first half of next year.

To celebrate the collaboration, Hot Wheels® unveiled the only RWB Porsche 933, a part of Porsche 911 family, in Malaysia, sporting a Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary makeover. The car was unveiled by Ivan Franco; Dmitriy Shakhmatov; Christian Coujin, of RWB Porsche; and Asep Ahmad Iskandar, founder of Art of Speed. The unveiling was graced by the surprise appearance of Malaysian International Racer, Jazeman Jafaar, who – to the excitement of those in attendance - started the car’s engine when the cloth was pulled off.

If you’re upset you’ve missed out on all of this fun, fret not! You still have the chance to demonstrate your challenger spirit during the Hot Wheels® Southeast Asia Championship Tour 2018! Hot Wheels® is calling for teams comprised of one parent and one child (ages 4-12) to take on tests of accuracy, speed, and creativity. This tour will stop in 50 Southeast Asian cities. Only six teams will advance to the Grand Finals held in Jakarta, Indonesia where they will take each other on to win the Grand Prize in November 2018.

Hot Wheels® unveiled six of the upcoming 2019 Car Culture designs, including the very first prototype of the exact RWB Porche 2019.

The actual (full-sized) RWB Porsche was unveiled in celebration of Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary & collaboration with RWB. This is the latest RWB #7 in Malaysia [Mirai Yosouzu] and this is the first time it’s being shown in public.

RWB is a dedicated Porsche tuner based in Japan. Combining Japanese and Euro tuning elements, RWB is able to create distinct and distinguished Porsches for their customers. Each project will produce an individualised design - meaning no car coming out of their workshop will look the same as another.

 Besides that, Hot Wheels® is holding a “Made to Race” fun run on 12 August 2018 in Kuala Lumpur which those who embody the challenger’s spirit can celebrate together.

Collectors should keep their eyes peeled for the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Sets:
* Hot Wheels® 50th Black and Gold Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Originals Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Track Stars 5-car Pack
* Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary Favourites
* Hot Wheels® 50th Zamac Flames Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Stars and Stripes Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Camaro Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Throwback Collection
* Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary 10-car Pack

For more information about Hot Wheels and to stay tuned for news about its 50th Anniversary celebration, check out Hot Wheels Facebook page and website [].

happy son with Hot Wheels, hugging so tight and fall asleep.

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Jordan caring for teeth

Busy parenting lifestyle, I didn't forget about our oral care hygiene. Back in 2015 I did blog about Jordan, you can read about it by click on the link.

Sharing is caring, now you seeing this is Jordan's Champion Chompers. Inside has got children toothbrushes and toothpastes also kid's flossers, read on to find out.

Not just adults flosser and now kids also has their own kids flosser.
from left Step 1 toothbrush, Step 2 toothbrush and Kids toothpaste 0-5

Step 1 toothbrushes
Good dental care routines start from the very first tooth. The actual time at which the first tooth arrives can vary widely between individual children, but the parents needs to start brushing the child´s teeth as soon as the first teeth appears.
Jordan Step 1 toothbrush is tailor-made to make the first brushing experience a good one. Designed with extra soft bristles, a soft rubber biting ring for babies’ gums and a handle that fits both large and small hands, Step 1 toothbrush helps making the first step in establishing healthy and happy dental care routines for a baby.
The short neck of the toothbrush prevents the toothbrush being inserted too far into the child´s mouth. At this age a toothbrush should be used under parental supervision, and the grip on the handle of the toothbrush Step 1 toothbrush years is also suited for an adult.
Step 1 toothbrush comes in strong stimulating colours

Step 2 toothbrushes
At this age the child does not necessarily understand the importance of brushing their teeth, and it can be a challenge to explain and to motivate the child.
Step 3-5 years is specially designed to clean milk teeth and with its round head and soft bristles it is easy to move the toothbrush around the teeth.
* Round head with soft bristles designed to clean milk teeth, plus a toothpaste indicator.
* Option of sand timer, decorative holder with suction cup to hang up on a mirror, or travel cap for overnight stays and travel.
* Comfortable grip for both children and parents.

Babies are ultra-sensitive when it comes to their senses; light, sound and taste – particularly bitterness! As we grow out of babyhood into childhood and young adulthood, our senses lose the sharp edge they started off with long-term exposure of SLS might irritate the mouth and result in unpleasant wounds and dry mucous membranes, toothpaste without SLS is better for your child

Kids toothpaste 0-5
Mild taste of Strwberry
Fun designs for girls and boys
Attract and motivate kids
Effective toothpaste
Fluoride 500 ppm (0-6 years)
Stronger teeth
Gentle toothpaste
SLS/Sulphate free
Scandinavian Quality

Children have twice as many taste buds as adults. Jordan’s new series of toothpaste have a mild, fruity taste that kids love. The gentle and effective toothpaste is specially formulated to protect children’s teeth against cavities.
From left Junior Toothpaste 6 - 12yrs old, Step 3 toothbrushes

 Many types of toothpaste are highly abrasive and actually strip away enamel which never grows back. Permanent teeth need more fluoride than milk teeth, but the older kids still prefer a mild tasting toothpaste. Jordan’s junior toothpaste has a mild fruity mint flavour the child recognizes from children’s’ toothpaste, but is specially formulated to protect the first permanent teeth.

Benefits Jordan kids and junior toothpaste:
* Mild fruity flavour preferred by kids.
* Fun and recognisable design elements from the Step by Step collection.
* Gentle & effective toothpaste.
* Recommended fluoride level.
* Gentle to enamel
Junior Toothpaste 6 - 12years old
Mild taste of Grape
A slightly more «fresh» taste than Jordan Kids
Cool designs for girls and boys
Attract and motivate kids
Cool design, attractive also for 12 years
Effective toothpaste
Fluoride 1000 ppm (6-12 years)
Gentle toothpaste
SLS/Sulphate free
Scandinavian Quality


Step 3 toothbrushes
Children of this age understand why they have to brush their teeth, and may already have been to the dentist. The challenge at this age is that the child has both milk and permanent teeth, and the resulting uneven positioning of the teeth makes the bristles even more important.

Step 6-9 years is designed to meet the challenging oral needs at this age. The integrated “solo brush” reaches molars and hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and gums - no teeth or surfaces need to be forgotten.
* Round soft bristles with integrated “solo brush” for optimal cleaning of a mix of primary and permanent teeth, plus a toothpaste indicator.
* Charms plus suction cup to hang up, or a travel cap.
* Round grip for optimal rotation and reach, comfortable for both children and parents.

from left Step 3 toothbrush, Kids Flosser
 Kids Flosser

Establishing a routine at an early stage is important – those who start early will continue to floss when they get older. At the age of six, the six year old molars come, and the teeth get close to each other. Dentist recommend that kids should start flossing from 5-6 years old.

Benefits of kids’ flosser:
* Easy to reach in-between all teeth – even the ones in the back.
* Small handle makes it easy to use for kids.
* Fruity flavour preferred by kids.
* Fun and recognisable design elements from the Step by Step collection.

my 7 years old using the Step 3 and Junior toothpaste
variety choice of Jordan toothbrushes adult and children

Interdental Easy Clean Flosser

Interdental Easy Clean Flosser
Easy Clean – Disposal Flossers on long handle
* “Y”- shaped angle floss.
* Easy to clean between teeth.
* Easy to reach all areas of the mouth, especially the back molars.
* Easy to insert floss into tight spaces – press down on top of harp.
* Coated with fluoride for cavity protection.
* Comfortable handle.
* The longer handle gives you more control and makes it easy to reach all areas of the mouth.
* Some consumers find it more comfortable and easier to control than the shorter handle version.
* Ergonomically designed to give you a control-
led grip and easily reach all areas of your mouth.
* Fits into bathroom cup alongside your toothbrush.
* Disposable/refill heads.
* Environmentally friendly (less waste/less plastic usage).
* Rinse after use if you want to use multiple times.
* Keep heads handy and hygienic in re-sealable pouch.
* Available in refill.

Nano Compact adult toothbrush
Nano Compact adult toothbrush
The fact is, most of us don’t clean all parts of our teeth because most toothbrushes can’t reach the deeper recesses of the mouth. Jordan Nano Compact is specifically designed with a small 1.7cm head to allow for a more thorough cleaning of your teeth. With 0.01mm soft bristles and a slim handle, Jordan Nano Compact can keep ALL your teeth clean, anytime.

Jordan Clean Smile adult toothbrush
Jordan Clean Smile combines good quality with good design.
It won the Red Dot award for design excellence in 2016, and is designed by the renowned Scandinavian Designer Andreas Engesvik. True to Scandinavian design principles, it combines purposeful functionality with clean, simple design.
* Medium head size.
* Comfortable ergonomic handle with intuitive thumb grip.
* Quality bristles made of Nylon 6, 12 which cleans well and have excellent water resistance.
* Simple, clean and functional design by Andreas Engelsvik.
Available in soft and medium bristles, and in a palette of modern colour combinations.

Never to late to know of important of oral care hygiene.  I like Jordan as they have variety choice of adult toothbrushes to choose from.

For more information on Jordan , you follow their Facebook Jordan Malaysia

Friday, July 20, 2018

Mattel Double Storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Southeast Asia

With over 155 careers and counting, there is not a plastic ceiling Barbie has not broken. From Mermaid to Movie Director, Game Coder to Scientist, Fashionista to Musician, these countless choices have always offered girls the opportunity to play out whatever they can imagine. There’s no such thing as too wild a dream, too big a hope or too fantastic a wish. This Summer, Mattel continues Barbie’s journey to inspire girls to pursue their imagination and dreams with the first-ever double storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.
Happening from now to 29th July 2018 at Sunway Pyramid, LG2, Blue Concourse from 10am to 10pm, the Barbie Career Dreamhouse brings imaginative play with Barbie to a real-life experience inviting girls to experience and play out everything she can become. The Dreamhouse features several fun and interactive play rooms with different career related activities brought to reality via partnerships.
(L-R) Ms. Loo Hoey Theen, Marketing Director of Sunway Pyramid, celebrity mom and cook Danielle Peita Graham and daughter Sophia, Mr. Ivan Franco, Country Manager of Mattel SEA, Chee Kee Poey, Director of Sales A+E Networks, Anthony Chan, Marketing Director of Crayola Malaysia, Zoey Chew Mui Foong, Assistant Vice President of Astro Malaysia, Ms. Pang Kit Cheng, Senior Manager of Aeon.

The fun and interactive playrooms include:
“You can be a Top Chef” play room, brought to you by Lifetime
“You can be an Artist” play room brought to you by Crayola
“You can be a Movie Director” play room brought to you by Astro on Demand (VOD)
“You can be a Musician” playroom brought to you by Yamaha
“You can be Anything” play room brought to you by Kiddomo

 With busy parenting schedule, I take time out to attend Barbie event.You can see more pictures by check out the video above. If you haven't plan for the weekends can plan it out now.

There will also be performances and a play table filled with Barbie play sets await girls at the Career Dreamhouse. Ivan Franco, Country Manager at Mattel Southeast Asia shared, “When we are young, our dreams are as big as we can imagine it. There are no limits. Today, we see girls grow up to do amazing things in life. They break boundaries and stereotypes. From politics to science, to sports, women are on the top of their games more than any other time in history. We believe the freedom to imagine shapes a girl’s dream and empower her to pursue anything she can imagine she could become. We hope for these girls as they venture into this Career Dreamhouse, a world of endless possibilities opens up for her.”
On 21st of July 2018, Barbie is teaming up with celebrity mom and cook, Danielle Peita Graham and her daughter, Sophia for a special cupcake decorating session at the double-storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse, where girls can also experience being a dessert chef for a day. The duo will be joined by the mother and daughter teams from other participating countries in Southeast Asia include Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Barbie has also collaborated with A+E Networks Asia to film a 2-minute Barbie Cook & Bake series featuring Danielle Peita Graham, her daughter Sophia and other moms and daughters, which will go on air on Lifetime Asia (Astro Ch 709) in August 2018. The content will feature girls took on the challenge to create their cookies themed around what they dream to become when they grow up. Towards the end of the segment they will reveal their decorated cookies and dream career ambitions to their moms.
For more information about the “First Ever Double Storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse”, please visit

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Scholastic: Emergency! LEGO nonfiction book

It's Thursday and soon to be weekend, what plan have you got for this weekend? I haven't plan mine but I have got this book to share with you. Nice reading as it's for Level 2 reader, new vocabulary and longer sentences. Emergency! LEGO nonfiction book, a Lego adventure in the real world. Full of facts and LEGO fun, which included 30 stickers. My son enjoying reading this book with me as his primary school has got a book named Buku Nilam, which he used to note down the books that he read, books in language of English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. Reading helps to improve his English language and other languagues.

They have the contents of:
  • Emergency!
  • Fire!
  • Call the police!
  • Ocean heroes
  • Hospital heroes
  • Mountain rescue
  • To the rescue!
  • Index

It's useful book that your children will be interest to read as they are Emergency words:
(The) Law

The level of reading is based on the best research about how children learn to read, Scholastic Readers are developed under the supervision of reading experts and are educator approved.

Watch the police, firefighters, and other everyday heroes in action and find out amazing facts about their amazing work. That's not all, there's a page where your child can put their creative thoughts on how rescue. To the rescue! It's another busy day for the minifigures emergency services. Use the stickers to show them rushing to the rescue. Don't forget helicopters flying high in the sky!

The book appeals to 1st -2nd Grades, for more leveling information of the book:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lego: Valcanoes and other forces of nature

 Being parenting didn't stop me from doing what I love, yeah guiding my son to read is one of it. This is interesting book to read as it's about Volcanoes and other forces of nature, this is where you get to read on a Lego adventure in the real world. Suitable to read as my son is Lego fans.

There are full faces and LEGO fun! The Lego minifigures show you the world in a unique nonfiction program. You can find out how powerful valcanoes and earthquakes help shape our planet.

This book is part of a program of LEGO nonfiction books, with something for all the family, at every age and stage. It gives amazing facts, beautiful real-world photos, and minifigures everywhere, leading the fun and discovery.

Build it! There are plenty of ideas for epic builds as reading through this book.

Play it! Create adventures of your own!

The contents are:
  • Extreme earth
  • Forces of nature
  • Volcano
  • Lava
  • Volcano types
  • Supervolcacnoes
  • Underwater volcanoes
  • Volcanologist
  • Ring of Fire
  • Earthquakes
  • After a quake!
  • Seismologist
  • Landslides
  • Sinkholes
  • Tsunamis
  • Weird weather
  • Meteorologist
  • Hurricanes
  • Hurricane hunters
  • Tornadoes
  • Stormchaser
  • Lightning stors
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Firefighter
  • Snowstorms
  • Avalanche!
  • To the rescue!
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Glossary
  • Index and credits

Sunday, July 8, 2018


~NKF’s 14th Patient Forum gives hope to dialysis patients and their families~

Committed to educate dialysis patients and helping them in improving the quality of their lives, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) is organising their 14th NKF Patient Forum on 10 August 2018.

The Forum consists of talks given by nephrologists and a dietician to provide the dialysis patients and their caregivers with information ranging from safeguarding the health of kidneys and dietary intake measurement with the disease to prevention of the disease. Apart from these, a motivator will be providing the boost and encouragement in order to soothe the patients in ensuring their emotional well-being.

Event Details:

Date : 10 August 2018 (Friday)
Time : 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue : Hotel Royale Signature,
No. 78, Jalan Lumpur,
05100, Alor Setar,
Kedah Darul Aman

Registration Fees: FREE for kidney patients
RM 10.00 for a patient’s family member
RM100.00 for a staff member of a Dialysis Centre or every additional family member of a patient or any member of the general public

Seats are limited. Closing date for registration: 3 August 2018. For further information please contact: 03-7954 9048 (Ms. Hazuah ext. 214/ Pn. Erma ext. 258/ Ms. Devi ext 226 / Ms Prabha ext. 224).

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Asia’s First Museum of Illusions at the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

The world’s fastest growing museum chain has officially opened Asia’s very first Museum of Illusions, right here in Malaysia.

The museum boasts the largest single collection of optical illusions in all of Asia and is set to tantalize visitors to a visual and sensory experience that transcends generations.

“We’re very lucky to have been chosen as the first destination in Asia,” said Museum Director Azizul Aznan.

“With museums in Europe and the Middle East already opened and blue-ribbon destinations like New York, Berlin, Dubai and Toronto expected in coming months, Kuala Lumpur is excited to be first on the map in this part of the world.”

Kuala Lumpur is slated to be the seventh Museum of Illusions since the maiden attraction originated in the land of famous international inventor Nikola Tesla, in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015. Another seven museums are scheduled to open before the end of 2018.

However, unlike most museums, where a certain mature decorum is expected when admiring exhibits, the Museum of Illusions welcomes a bit of noise and banter – particularly laughing and bewildered exclamations.

“We don’t want visitors to be shy about their emotions, we want them to fully engage and interact with the exhibits. We want them to let their imagination run wild and share their experiences with friends and family as they navigate the perplexing, maze-like museum.”

One of the museums first patrons, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan, was on hand to demonstrate the museums highly interactive character, enthusiastically ‘crawling on the ceiling’ equivalent to the famous Marvel superhero, Spiderman.

Azizul said that the museum challenges the mind at every step and turn.

“The way our brain works is extremely complex, we don’t merely perceive reality as we see or feel it. What our brain does is gather information from each of our senses, combining and enhancing some details while ignoring others, all the while filling in any gaps using its pre-existing knowledge of the world.

“With each of our exhibits, we intentionally alter this information and in doing so we alter your perception of reality in surprising, intriguing, and fun ways. This museum is something you truly need to experience first-hand.”

With over 70 exhibits, the Museum of Illusions has the largest collection of holograms, stereograms, and optical illusions across Asia. Each of the exhibits has been designed to not only thrill and beguile visitors, but to provide a unique opportunity from which to learn just how easily a person’s mind can be tricked.

“The Museum of Illusions in Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly destined to become one of this season’s top city attractions, and visitors will have the opportunity to share their spectacular photos and videos through social media,” Azizul said.

The Museum of Illusions showcases entertaining and mind-bending illusions, each of which teaches about vision, perception, the human brain, and science, allowing visitors to understand why their eyes may see things that the brain does not understand.

Illusions vary from a gravity-defying slanted room to visual illusions where the person shrinks or grows before their very eyes. You can engulf yourself in a dark and disorienting vortex or sit at a table with multiple versions of yourself while playing a game or two. There is also a gift shop that offers mind-twisting puzzles, as well as souvenirs and games suitable for all ages.

“We also have a clever playroom with lots of problem-solving games, which will absolutely blow your mind. This Museum offers a totally mesmerizing experience; one you can enjoy with the entire family,” concluded Azizul.
The ‘Museum of Illusions’ is located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the newly expanded zone of Ansa Hotel, 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang, in Kuala Lumpur.

Doors are open daily from 9am to 11 pm and entrance fees are priced at MYR 35 for adults and
MYR 25 for children below 15. Special rates apply for families, large groups and school excursions.

For more information please visit or call 03-21102654.

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