Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Melowy books and Limited-edition Melowy muliti purpose jar

Happy journey back hometown to dear friends and readers who are on the way home for Hari Raya and friends who are on holidays. Sharing is caring today I am going to tell you about there's New Series from the creators of Geronimo Stilton and friends! (Published in Italy and rights sold in 12 languages). The New Melowy books and limited edition of Melowy multipurpose jar. Shall tell you on how to get your hands on the multipurpose jar, read on to find out.

But first let me tell you meet the Melowies, they are Cleo, Maya, Electra, Cora and Selena.
The books are suitable for 7years old to 12 years old to read.At the back of the books have appeals to 2nd - 3rd Graders, Reading Level: Grade 3.

It's good bonding time for my children, they are learning to read more books and the find the Melowy books are interesting to read. The Map of Aura as above photo, The Spring Realm, The Day Realm, Castle of Destiny, The Night Realm, and The Winter Realm.
bonding time for both brothers reading together

 Hidden somewhere beyond the highest clouds in the castle of Destino, a school for very special students. They're are Melowies, little unicorns born with a symbol on their wings and a hidden magical power. 

At this legendary school, young Melowies learn to master their special power. But Destino is also a place where friendship are born, where the Melowies find their courage, and where they learn their path to growing up. Five of the students are Clio, Kora, Mala, Selene and Electra. And the time destined for them to meet has now arrived...

 Let's make this school holidays a meaningful holidays for our children. Wanna know where to get your hands on the books and jar? These are nice gifts for little ones.

This Limited-Edition Melowy Multipurpose Jar is perfect to be used as cookie jar (for upcoming Raya!), tumbler or even for decoration at home!

This Limited-Edition Melowy Multipurpose Jar is only available from 1st June – 31st August at selected POPULAR outlets with purchase of any 4 Melowy titles. 3 colours to be chosen from. Better grab it while stocks last! 
Don't waste time on this school holidays, lets give our children a good reading habit and make it good hobby for them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Chomel Foaming Hand Wash & Hand Sanitizer

Being mom of two boys, I am always busy in and out of the house. No matter what it's important to take care of my children health and their lifestyle. Do you know that baby skin's is thinner than adult's skin therefore, baby needs to use products that are suitable for them. Baby skin thinner, absorbs like a sponge and loses moisture faster than adult skin. Hygiene is important no matter where we are, hand wash before and after meal or after going restroom. We need to teach our children important of hygiene.

Sharing is caring, today sharing with you about the Chomel Foaming Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer.

 Chomel products are formulated with gentling cleansing solution suitable for baby and family to use. The Natural, Safe Effective & Eco-Friendly. The products are made in Malaysia. The product has Halal certified.
Chomel products have 
No Harsh Chemicals
Readily Biodegradable in 28 days. 
Hypollallergenic, will not cause allergic action.
 It's important to take care of children's skin. Children easy to have sensitive skin and eczema, the cause is unknown but it is presumed to be a mix of genetic and environmental factors :
worsens in hot climates like Malaysia

Symptoms as following:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Dry skin
  • Flasking
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Irritated
  • Inflamed
 Daily care important as the protectant layer of a baby's skin is less developed, so irritants get absorbed easier. With all this in mind, that's how Chomel formulated the gentle cleansing solutions.

If you have interest to purchase you can shop online, the price are affordable.
You can find out more info of the products range on

my son happy sharing with you the Chomel Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer

Friday, June 1, 2018


Good evening to dear readers and visitors, last week I attended a get-together with Pacific West.
In conjunction with this Ramadhan season, Pacific West hosted a Get-Together and Buka Puasa Dinner in collaboration with PC Studio for the social media friends. PC Studio has newly launched their Ramadhan menu with a sumptuous and delightful selection.

Som Tam Salad with Tempura Calamari Rings
 It's a wonderful night that we get to know of the Pacific West team an their products. 
Mushroom soup (creamy & velvety mushroom hot soup)

 The main course which I have chosen the Oven Baked Fish Fillet with Flavoured Rice, delicious at every bite.
Oven baked fish fillet with cheesy topping served with fragrant rice, raisins & cashew nuts
On that evening, PC Studio has prepared Tempura Fish Cocktails Egg Mayo Bites, Salt & Pepper squids with Shredded Cucumber and Tempura Prawns Salad Cup for the salad bar. While they presented Som Tam Salad with Tempura Calamari Rings for the salad; Oven Baked Fish Fillet with Carb-Free Noodle and Oven Baked Fish Fillet with Flavoured Rice for the main course. The Get-Together Dinner on 26th May 2018 has served a 5 course dinner and a comprehensive introduction of Pacific West to understand what lies behind Pacific West tagline ‘The taste the world loves’!

desserts left: Sago Gula Melaka, Right: Panna Cota

 Panna Cotta:
Creamy and soft set pudding, topped with maple syrup and strawberries

Sago Gula Melaka:
Raw vegan treat comprising of chia seeds in coconut milk, topped with palm sugar syrup and fresh fruits. 

Delicious desserts that my son and enjoy, for me Sago Gula Melaka, for him Panna Cotta.

Since its inception in Australia in 1995, Pacific West has evolved to become a caring household seafood brand name, exuding friendliness and warmth. Enjoyed by millions of households around the world today, Pacific West's product range has become a family's choice. We derive great passion and aspirations to embrace continuous product innovations and development.

Its products have graced major international events such as the Sydney Olympic Games, Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments, Manchester United Football Club, and World Rugby among many others. Pacific West’s products are available in over 20 countries worldwide and most recently; in Disneyland (Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai).

Most recent, Pacific West brand has won the Best Innovative Seafood Product in Asia Halal Brand Awards 2017. This award is judged by representatives from JAKIM, HDC, MITTI, MATRADE and ENTREPRENEUR INSIGHT respectively. With their continuous improvement and best practices to quality and innovation, Pacific West offers you EVER THE BEST!
salt & pepper squids yummy with a bowl of rice and vegetable soup.

Thank you Pacific West and PC Studio for hosting my son and me for the night, you can click on the video above to view more photos taken on the evening. When thinking of what to cook for the family can try out the Pacific West seafood product, I tried the delicious Salt & Pepper Squids it's delicious to eat with a bowl of rice and vegetable soup.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Paradigm Mall PJ Revitalises Ancient Art of Wayang Kulit this Raya

Tan Boon Leong, Centre Manager of Paradigm Mall PJ (in gray blazer) and Intan Yusnita, Head of Advertising and Promotions, WCT Malls Management Sdn Bhd with special guests from Rumah Telaga Kasih
Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya (Paradigm PJ) shone light on shadow puppetry in conjunction with its ‘Panggung Raya’ Hari Raya 2018 celebrations. As part of its effort to restore the traditional art of Wayang Kulit, the iconic neighborhood mall spearheaded an unforgettable and fun-filled day out for some special guests.

The outing saw the participation of forty (40) underprivileged children aged between two (2) to sixteen (16) years old from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The children comfortably immersed themselves into the shadow puppet play against a traditional Terengganu Kampung backdrop. Throughout the 30-minute performance, the dalangs narrated various folktales and traditional epics through the interplay of light, shadows, action and traditional music.
Tan Boon Leong, Centre Manager of Paradigm Mall PJ, said, “As a neighborhood mall, we are honoured to be able to serve the community. This year, we have found a distinctive and unique way to spread the Raya cheer to all Malaysians, through the traditional art of Wayang Kulit. “

All children received a duit raya from Paradigm Mall PJ

“The shadow puppetry was originated from the East Coast of the Peninsular Malaysia in the late 1800s. It plays an important role in our heritage and history. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to bring it back to the younger audience to learn about this unique art form. Wayang Kulit is a typical performance that can be enjoyed with your loved ones.”

Following the show, the children were given a workshop to understand the origins and how Wayang Kulit works. They were also given the opportunity to try their hands at operating the intricately carved puppets and played some of the musical instruments.

In addition, Paradigm PJ organised a buka puasa feast for the children and caretakers from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The children were also treated to a shopping spree, where they chose new Raya clothes and collected duit raya. The buka puasa was held at Pasar Baru, New World Hotel in Paradigm Petaling Jaya.

underprivileged children aged between two (2) to sixteen (16) years old from Rumah Telaga Kasih

The Wayang Kulit, which is part of Paradigm PJ’s ‘Panggung Raya’ celebrations, will take place from 25 May until 24 June 2018, every weekend at 4.30pm. Patrons will also be able to watch special performances such as the Cak Lempong, a Minangkabau music performance every Saturday at 5.30pm and the magnificent silat performance every Sunday at 5.30pm. There will also be a Raya Dance, every weekend at 3.30pm. All these will be held at the Upper Atrium, Level UG.

Throughout the Raya celebrations, Paradigm Mall PJ will also feature Clay Art Workshop, Ketupat Workshop, and Kuih Raya workshop, every weekend at 12.00pm. Additionally, shoppers will also have a plethora of Raya goodies to choose from as there will be a variety of Raya attires, cookies, carpets and traditional snacks on sale at the mall.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 in a single receipt within the same day (excluding purchases made at Tesco, prepaid reloads, money changers and bills payments) will be able to redeem exclusively designed Raya lantern along with themed Hari Raya packets.

For more information, please visit You may also visit the Concierge Counter at Level CC, Paradigm Mall or call the customer service hotline at 03 7801 1188 (10 am – 10 pm daily) for further enquiries

Children from Rumah Telaga Kasih trying their hands on Ketupat weaving
Children from Rumah Telaga Kasih trying their hands on Ketupat weaving, me and mom blogger Kathy also hands on for the Ketupat weaving. You can view more pictures at the video below.
delicious buka puasa feast at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel
Thank you Paradigm Mall PJ for inviting me to this meaningful CSR event.

About Paradigm Mall PJ
Paradigm Mall, strategically located along the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) Highway in Petaling Jaya, is developed and managed by Jelas Puri Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of WCT Land Sdn Bhd. The second mall project developed by WCT officially opened its doors to the public on 23 May 2012. Based on a contemporary design concept of glass, steel, and timber, the structure stands at an impressive seven storeys high, spanning across 1 million square feet with a total retail space of 320 outlets, offering shoppers 4,300 covered carpark bays.
For more information, visit or

About WCT Malls Management Sdn Bhd

WCT Malls Management Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of WCT Holdings Berhad, was incorporated in 2015 to primarily manage shopping malls under the WCT Group namely Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre in Klang; Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya; gateway@klia2 airport mall, and Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. WCT Holdings Berhad is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, when you are a mother, you know that part of your job is making sure your family and home are outfitted with everything they need. If you agree with me, most of the products mom are the one choosing products for every possible circumstance - from the things your kids need for the school to the products that you require to keep the household running smoothly. And whatever you buy, you are looking for great quality products at the best prices.

First aid kits products of Guardian
Few days before Mother's Day I am one of the selected blogger mommies to attend the private session where we get to meet with Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos. I have bought many products from Guardian products before Guardian Malaysia understands mothers' daily dilemma in choosing the right products in the family. It's good that the day I am able to attend the session, thanks to my dear for taking care of the children. This private session mommies get to share their thoughts on the products as well sharing tips and personal experience of few ranges of Guardian products with one another.
Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos sharing info of the Jeju mask skincare.
 Guardian products has personal and household products as well as beauty like masking. At the private session, we have nice refreshment to eat and also games to play. There's DIY hamper making session and look how busy I was thinking to put everything together to make nice hamper. The best hamper decoration wins at the session. Yeah we are given a tote bag of Guardian with Guardian products, many of the familiar products as I have bought to use them as well namely the facial cotton, baby wipes, wipes, body wash products, Guardian plasters (I put in sons' school bag too for emergency use) and the many more.

I am glad I attended the private session as I have never seen some products before. Thank you Guardian Malaysia for having me in this session.

 Indeed a fun session as we also get to other mom bloggers favorite products of Guardian Malaysia.
DIY Hampers from left to right A,B, C (mine), D, E

Best Hamper making goes to Kathy her DIY hamper creation is D on above photo, another winner is Rane her hamper is E, Congratulations to Kathy and Rane. Kathy won guessing on the Guardian Products, winning 5 Hello Kitty Town tickets.

Together with 5 mommies bloggers inclusive myself are Kathy, Nannie, Ayu, Rane. Each of us have bring home DIY Hamper we have done on the private session. Now if you are wondering what's in the hamper can check out the video below.

With busy daily lifestyle, I am sure everyone looking for affordable price products that comes great quality products. With Internet access you can shop online for Guardian products or visit their stores in nationwide.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Meet Fisher-Price's Child Development Expert to talk about play and learn

Fisher-Price hosted an event titled “Learning Revolutionised” hosted by Dr. Deborah Weber, Director of Early Childhood Development at Fisher-Price. Dr. Weber, who is based in Aurora, New York, came all the way to Malaysia to speak with the media and discuss what goes into raising well-rounded kids in a technologically advancing world.

From the moment they are born, children have a natural inclination to explore the world around them. How do they do that? Largely through play. If play is such a naturally occuring window through which kids see the world, it follows that the kind of toys they play with will have a large impact on the kind of play they get to participate in. This is the topic that Fisher-Price○R set out to explore at their event titled “Learning Revolutionised,” overseen by Dr. Deborah Weber, Director of Early Childhood Development at Fisher-Price○R.

Educational toy-maker, Fisher-Price○R has been at the forefront of developments in toys since the company was formed in 1930. While the team of adults there have proven to be wholly committed to developing toys that are safe, durable, and high-quality - there is no better way to ensure those toys will be fun than to ask the consumers themselves: children. This is where Fisher-Price○R’s Play Lab comes in. The Play Lab research facility puts observational research at the centre of its design strategy. Over the years, it has seen more than 127,000 babies and pre-school children and 1,700 parents through toy trials.

“The ability to observe how children play has been instrumental in allowing us to create toys that they love,” explained Dr. Weber. “Play Lab allows us to determine the age-grade for our products - ensuring that Fisher-Price○R is creating toys are both appropriate and enriching for developing children.”

Dr. Weber discussed the development chart that Fisher-Price○R uses to group their toys. She shared about why it is important for parents to an age-appropriate play guide as play can help facilitate their children’s growth. While the stages of development are a good reference for parents, Dr. Weber stressed that it cannot be taken at face value - that all children develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times.

This could not have been a more timely reminder in our technologically advancing world. It isn’t uncommon to see young children at a dinner table with a smartphone or tablet propped in front of them while the adults at the table chat or do the same. Gadgets are undeniably effective as devices of distraction, but healthy parameters do need to be set. Dr. Weber provided some useful tips that parents could apply in managing gadget time for their kids: review content appropriateness, limits on gadget time, and ensuring that there are periodical breaks between each session.

On the topic of technological advancements, Dr. Weber highlighted the growing importance of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) method in today’s early childhood development. The STEM method puts an emphasis in active and systematic thinking - sharpening critical thinking and problem solving skills. It plays a large role in preparing children to build globally competitive characters, ready to take on a wide range of technical and creative careers in the future.

With the intention to meet the growing need for an early STEM education, Fisher-Price○R presents the Think & Learn line of toys that combines STEM methods and technology-based learning systems. Dr. Weber demonstrated how one of these toys, the Code-A-PillarTM, works to do exactly this. The toy features 9 easy-to-connect segments that preschoolers can arrange and rearrange to “tell” the toy how to move: forward, left, right, wiggle, dance or even wait for a couple seconds before moving again. Kids start the Code-a-pillarTM at point A and figure out how to get it to move to destination point B through sequencing.

Dr. Weber emphasised “Every parent wants to give their children the best possible start in life. It is important that throughout the process, parents are also involved in play time, witnessing their child’s early development first hand. In a technologically changing world, it is becoming more crucial for children to develop problem solving skills and what other way to best develop this skill then through play! When kids are busy playing, they are building more than preschool learning: they are building the foundation to grow into big thinkers.”

With Fisher-Price○R at the helm of a very exciting developments in play time, parents can rest easy, knowing that their kids are in good hands.

For more information, check out their Facebook page [FisherPriceSEA] and website [].

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Johnson's 125 Year: Win Limited Edition Vintage Tin With Your Name On It!

It's April now and busy parenting didn't stop me to from taking time off to blog here. I want share with you that you have the chance to win the Limited Edition Vintage Tin with your name on it! How cool is that the contest ends on 30 April 2018, do check out the Facebook: @JohnsonBabyMY
If you have been following my social media instagram and Facebook, you'll know that I have got this. Special thanks to Johnson's for sending me the wonderful hamper containing many products of Johnson's. We been using this brand for many years, during my childhood my mom sharing with me the lotion to use.

 Happy Johnson's 125th anniversary by giving away a limited edition vintage tin with YOUR name on it!

Check out this vintage box it's so cute and special has the name on it! Look that you can put in a travel size kit inside the vintage tin.

So how to win this Limited Edition Vintage Tin?
Step 1:
Snap and share a photo of your (or your family member's) fave moment with any Johnson's product on your page or ours!
Step 2:
Include a short caption, tag us (@JohnsonsBabyMY) and hashtag #Johnsons125Years
For more info, refer to our T&C here:

Friday, April 13, 2018

NY Steak Shack's Pepper-Licious menu-Sarawak Black Pepper

NY Steak Shack's Pepperlicious - total of five types meal to choose from
 Busy lifestyle we still need to eat, so when times come of what to eat. I thinking of the NY Steak Shack's its Sizzling Duck Chop! It's so delicious and it's my first time to eat the Sizzling Duck Chop that is pepper-licious. Oh wait, I have not tell you that I love peppery treat, if you are feeling the same as me. You will like to head to NY Steak Shack, it's the right place to go to. Set to tickle the nation's taste buds with its latest menu that's inspired by one of the best black peppers in the world, latest recipe by Sarawak Black Pepper served on a sizzling hot plate! NYSS 'Pepper-Licious' menu is served on a sizzling skillet with home-style black pepper sauce, crispy garlic flakes and NYSS garlic butter. They are 10 outlets of NYSS outlet located at the Klang Valley currently.

 NY Steak Shack has always been known for its burgers, steaks and milkshakes. Now they introduce a dish that fits the nation's love for something hot and combine it with a poultry that is unique on its own - duck! Yeah this is NY Steak Shack's latest menu features a twist with a unique recipe for duck! A Sizzling Duck Chop has been introduced for the very first time in its 'Pepper-Licious' menu at only RM27.90.
 Along side with other dishes such as the Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Skewers at RM34.90.

The Sizzling Chicken Cevapi at RM23.90

The Sizzling Emerald Fish at RM24.90. 
Just in case you want to know what kind of fish, it is Talapia fish. 

All 'Pepper-Licious' entrees are complemented with two side dishes of your choice. Yeah I know you would be thinking what to orders for beverage. Patrons of NYSS can check out the refreshing fresh fruit mocktails at only RM6.20 comprising the Lemonade Zest, Minty Lime Cooler, Orange Breeze or the Perfect Mix. For those who prefer on the sweeter-side, there are the mouth-watering fresh fruit smoothies to be enjoyed at RM7.20 comprising of Banana, Pineapple Lemonade, Red Apple or the Pineapple and Mint.

Love the pepperlicious dining experience at the NY Steak Shack's, I wanna go back again to dine as I like their Sizzling Duck Chop I like their homestyle black pepper sauce, crispy garlic flakes and NYSS Garlic Butter. The two side dish that you can choose from are coleslaw, salad, mashed potatoes, fries, corn on cob, mixed vegetables or pumpkin rice. Now listen up as for limited time only! 16th - 29 April 2018, dine in NY Steak Shack and order their Pepper-Licious entree. Dine -in 4 person, 1 of the entree will be FREE!!

All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia, inclusive of 6% GST and applicable to 10% service charge. You can find more details and the promotions and latest news at You can also visit their website

Thursday, March 22, 2018

My T-shirts from Printcious

 Printcious gifts from Printcious are here, yeah I have chosen to make t-shirts if you have read my last post about Printcious. Yeah I like green color and I have chosen this color and making not just one but two of it as another is for my son. Sean has got tuition class to attend so he didn't know that the shirts have arrived. We have the same shirts and same style as he's also into Youtube! Yeah he has got his own account too on Youtube.

 So easy to get start just choose whether you like to make a graphic t-shirt or cotton shirt or graphic kid shirt. For me I am choosing the cotton shirt as I want my shirts to colours.
 I selected the cotton shirt which you can see clearly there's color on it. Then I choose the make your own shirt. From there I choose the color of shirt that I want and the size then start designing. Yeah the size of shirt from S to 3XL.
 Yeah see the designed above that I have made and then I click on how many quantity I wanted. Then make online payment for the shirts I personalized.
 As you can see wide choice of gifts ideas for you and loved ones! We are wearing shirts daily, it's one of our lifestyle, so having personalized shirts are great gifts for loved ones. Everyone has got their preference in gift ideas, there are mug, puzzle, key chain, cushion, and many more to choose from.
Now you know where to shop! - Precious Gifts From Your Heart
Loving the shirt that I have personalized for myself and for my son. Don't forget to check out my youtube channel, search for Sherry Saw!

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