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Mother’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide


 from Red Army Watches

Nothing is purer than a mother’s love and there’s no better way to show mum your love this Mother’s Day than to offer a token that can stand the test of time such as a timepiece. Red Army Watches is showcasing our Mother’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide where we share a handpicked collection of ladies watches from among the most renowned boutique watch marques, each embodying timeless classic design, superb materials and craftsmanship because mom deserves the best! 


S.NOW by Electricianz- MYR 1449 

Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and Electricianz’s own unique steampunk aesthetic, the S.NOW ladies watch embodies the rawest expression of energy made real that powers our modern world as we know it-electricity! The S. NOW features a creamy white stainless steel case that features a multilayered white dial embellished with rose gold details anda 4 LED backlit hour ring complemented by a white calfskin NATO strap.


Icicle by TACS-MY540

The minimalist Icicle by TACS embodies the concept of a timepiece in its purest form. The domed glass creates a distinctive reflective effect across the Icicle’s frosty white dial that eschews numerals for the elegant simplicity of its hour, minute and second hand that are powered by a Miyota 2035 movement. The case itself is finished is crafted from 316L stainless steel complemented by a genuine leather strap, lending the Icicle an elegantly premium touch. 


Dresden 38 by Laco -MYR2129

Build along classic lines, the Dresden 38 by Laco embraces the motto "form follows function" in every aspect of its design. This beautiful timepiece is immaculately finished with a stainless steel case while its silver white Bauhaus style dial is designed for exceptional clarity and powered by a reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Add in a comfortable striped nylon strap and you have the makings of a timeless classic that will be truly appreciated as a gift for Mother’s Day.


Nastja by Poljot International -MYR2741

Intricately constructed and tastefully finished with fine zirconium jewels on the open skeletonised dial that lays its intricate inner workings bare, the Nastja is a truly eye-catching timepiece that will make for a truly heartfelt memento for Mother’s Day. Complementing the beautiful movement that is as sure as a mother’s love are a set of blued hands and an elegant leather strap in your choice of black or brown to complement any ensemble.


P1C/01 Alba by Sevenfriday -MYR5,232

The P1C/01 Alba by SevenFriday is an exquisite timepiece that makes a beautiful gift for stylish mums for Mother’s Day. Featuring SevenFriday’s unmistakable flair for design, the Alba evokes the sunny Mediterranean and the whitewashed towns of Santorini with its chic white motif. A polished stainless steel case with silver and silver white motifs on an intricate 4-layer dial embellished with White Corian and a white calf leather strap make it a gift any mum would cherish. 

About Red Army Watches Sdn Bhd

Established in 2008, Red Army Watches offer a curated array of reasonably priced yet stylish and exquisitely crafted timepieces from renowned micro brands such as Sevenfriday, Poljot International, Sturmaskie, Zeppelin, Laco, Junkers, Iron Annie, March Lab, Orodeus, Hirsch, Choisi, the Electricianz, Boldr, Tacs, Rec, Gorilla, Azimuth and Alexander Shorokhoff. With a presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Red Army Watches is becoming a recognised household name among watch aficionados seeking that elusive combination of quality, design, performance and value in their timepieces. For more details, please visit



Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Shogun Granite Plus frying pan

This is the Shogun Granite Plus Titanium Non-stick 24cm x 5.5cm frypan, it is non-stick and easy to use love the appealing and weighing just right for any type of cooking. It is made using the brand’s 9 Layer System, which is inclusive of its Tritanium Ultra plus, which by itself is five layers of non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic, produced by the largest Swiss non-stick coating manufacturer. Easy cooking with Shogun Granite Plus and easy cleaning too.

 Sharing is caring, you can also find this product Shogun Granite Plus at the link to shop. Besides the frying pan, I also need a wok that is non-stick wok for cooking, click on the link to read about it too. It sure makes our lives easier with non-stick cookware, don't you agree?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Back to school: Swan School bags and Swan uniforms

This 21 March 2022 is the time where children back to school for their studies. My youngest son gonna be Standard 5 this year, talking about back to school I am sure parents would be worry if the school uniforms still fits their children or not. Have you get start checking on their school uniforms? Sharing is caring, it's not too late to shop online now as Swan is #1 Choice for School Items & More for Over 70 years!


Look what I have got for my son, the SWAN DOODLE School bag it is XXL size. There are four designed to choose from namely Galaxy, Ace, Unicorn and Leelu. My son likes Galaxy and this is just nice for him, it is water resistant material and has the unique shiny material that stands out.

The school bag is light weight, it has high quality zipper which state of the art quality ensured long durability and smooth zipping. The strong grip pattern handle, triangle stitching for enhanced durability. The multiple zip pockets that is easy for him to sort books and accessories in different areas to locate things easier.

Swan Doodle School Bag XXL (Galaxy)

The interior of the bag is spacious and suitable for multiple daily activities, there also has a laptop compartment with thick padding.The school bag dimension: 41cm(H) x 30cm(W) x 20cm(D).


Swan 3 layer pencil case Robot

 The SWAN 3 layer pencil case, this is Robot and suitable for boys, there is another design for gal too.  It is durable material, water resistant exterior and compact dimension for easy storage. 3 zipped compartments which consists of 1 pencil pocket, 2 zipped pockets, 3 net pockets. 

Swan Hand Carry Tuition Bag NED


That's not all because there's also SWAN Hand Carry Tuition Bag.  This bag you can choose personalized with name or without name. I didn't personalized it as you can see the tuition bag. There have four cute designed and my son has chosen the NED designed. The tuition bag is lightweight, it is water resistant material. It also has water bottle pockets. The durable zipper & heavy duty slider, luggage strap hang on to prevent bag from sliding. The dimension of the tuition bag: 34cm(H) x 24cm(W) x 9.5cm(D).Click on the link to check out the colorful printed PVC fashion bag for kids. 

Talking about school bags, I am sure we don't want to left out their school uniforms. I have chosen the SWAN Uniform Premium Hard Collar White Shirt Short Sleeve for my son and their sizing guide is helpful for me to find the suitable size for him. The white shirt is made of premium cotton, it's easy to iron. I like their Smart cutting style, most important my son wears it and doesn't feel hot

 SWAN Uniform Premium Primary Blue Short Pants that made of premium cotton. Easy to iron and smart cutting style, doesn't feel hot when wearing it. If you are not sure of the sizes, no worry as you can find the size chart at the website.

The SWAN uniforms have been a trusted brand by parents. They produce TOP quality school uniforms that lasts long and white uniforms proven to maintain whiteness for longer duration than others. More than 300,000 pieces of SWAN uniform been sold, for more information you can check out their website.





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