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Landmark Local Research Confirms Efficacy of Probiotics

YB Dato’ Sri Dr Hilmi B Haji Yahaya, Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia checked out new interactive VITAGEN vending machine at World Digestive Health Day 2017 Celebration
Good day to everyone, it's Saturday's afternoon what are you up to? If you are nearby One Utama Shopping Centre, do drop by there as there's new interactive VITAGEN vending machine at Lower Ground Centre Court, One Utama Shopping Centre until 21 May 2017, 10am-10pm

Today, sharing with you the topline results of a landmark Clinical Study Research by Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia revealed that consumption of cultured milk drinks that contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei, has various overall health benefits.

This year-long study spearheaded by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is the first of its kind conducted in Malaysia, and is highly relevant as it uses Malaysians as research subjects against the local backdrop of Malaysian diet and lifestyle habits. The research team, led by Principle Investigator and Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Professor Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali, will continue to monitor and record the results of the study until its completion.

Digestive health is a concern
The preliminary result of the study is set to be announced in conjunction with World Digestive Health Day 2017 (WDHD), which will be officiated by the Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Dr Hilmi Bin Haji Yahaya.

He highlights, “I truly hope that the WDHD celebration will serve as a reminder to all Malaysians to take care of their digestive health.The state of the rakyat’s digestive health is apparent when looking at the Health Facts 2016 released by the Ministry of Health. It was revealed that diseases of the digestive system were the #4 principal cause of hospitalisation in private hospitals, #7 principal cause of hospitalisation in MoH hospitals, and #6 principal cause of death recorded in in both MoH and private hospitals.”.

“Further to this, in the 2011 annual report issued by the Ministry of Health, it was revealed that colorectal cancer was the second most common cancer among Malaysians. It accounted for 15.7% of cancers among men, and 10.4% of cancers among women. The incidence of cancer was found to occur at all ages but the risk increases with age. It was also found that the after the 60 years of age, the incidence rate in men exceeded that of women,” he adds.

He also commended the efforts of the research team in finding ways to delve deeper into the factors that affect the digestive health of Malaysians and their attempts of finding ways to positively affect it. He comments, “Thus far, the results they have obtained show that consuming probiotics is effective in helping to lower intestinal transit time, meaning your body can absorb the nutrients in your food more effectively and in a shorter time. It appears that the preliminary findings of the HUKM research team, which is led by Associate Professor Dr Raja Affendi Bin Raja Ali, are very promising!”
From left; Mr Ravi Varman (MAKNA), Mr Michael Thio (Deputy Managing Director, VITAGEN), Dr Lee Hock Bee (DHM Council Member), Assoc Prof Dr Raja Affendi (Deputy Chairman of Digestive Health Malaysia), Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi (Chairman of Digestive Health Malaysia), YB Dato’ Seri Dr Hilmi B Haji Yahaya (Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia), and Mr Michael Ong (Deputy General Manager, VITAGEN) witnessed the unveiling topline results of a clinical study conducted by Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan

Educating and empowering the public
WDHD is organised by the VITAGEN Healthy Digestion Programme together with Digestive Health Malaysia Society (DHM). As Malaysia’s number 1 cultured milk drink, VITAGEN, is a staunch believer and supporter of the need to encourage and promote optimal digestive health amongst the Malaysian public through community education campaigns or initiatives. DHM is an expert-driven, digestive health body that seeks to empower all Malaysians to manage their digestive health with confidence and optimism, thereby reducing the prevalence of digestive health diseases. Other collaborators of the WDHD celebration include Nutrition Month Malaysia, Positive Parenting Programme, and National Cancer Council.

Dato’ Dr Muhammad Radzi Bin Abu Hassan, the Chairman of DHM, elaborates, “There are many studies by academia in collaboration with the industry and expert bodies which have helped science to answer many of the questions surrounding the function of our gut and how it works. As such, DHM plans to expand its role from being the nation’s leading expert-driven, digestive health body, to helping build a bridge between educational institutions and the industry.”

“Our collaborative research is also in line with the government’s call for more ‘translational research’ in which the government, academia, industry and the community, through expert bodies like DHM, synergise to produce solutions to national and international issues. We are certainly looking forward to unveiling the results of our study later on,” he divulges.
From left; Mr Ravi Varman (MAKNA), Mr Michael Thio (Deputy Managing Director, VITAGEN), Dr Lee Hock Bee (DHM Council Member), Assoc Prof Dr Raja Affendi (Deputy Chairman of Digestive Health Malaysia), Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi (Chairman of Digestive Health Malaysia), YB Dato’ Seri Dr Hilmi B Haji Yahaya (Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia), and Mr Michael Ong (Deputy General Manager, VITAGEN) witnessed the unveiling topline results of a clinical study conducted by Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan

Support from industry
Mr Michael Ong, Deputy General Manager of Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd, reveals, “We have always been a strong advocate of prevention, and as a part of our ongoing efforts to create greater awareness on the importance of good digestive health, we are continuously supporting various community programmes that focus on raising awareness of the importance of digestive health.”

“This year, we are pleased that by collaborating closely with experts from UKM, we will be able to gain a better understanding and appreciation of a healthy digestive system. The study found evidence on the efficacy of probiotics in our cultured milk drinks. We are greatly encouraged by the positive results of this research which is proven scientifically and is backed by scientific data and statistics.”

Mr Michael Thio (Deputy Managing Director, VITAGEN), YB Dato’ Seri Dr Hilmi B Haji Yahaya (Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia), and Mr Michael Ong (Deputy General Manager, VITAGEN) at World Digestive Health Day 2017 Celebration at One Utama Shopping Centre.
Family-friendly fun
The WDHD 2017 celebration caters to the whole family and is held at Lower Ground Centre Court, One Utama Shopping Centre from 17-21 May 2017, 10am-10pm. Admission is free and members of the public are welcome to visit to learn more about digestive health from the experts. It showcases many exciting activities such as free health screenings, distribution of free stool test kits by gastroenterology nurses, expert consultations, kids colouring contest, and exhilarating fitness demonstration.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your digestive health, stay tuned for updates or visit

TOP Pass It On Community Campaign Surpasses Expectations

 The TOP Pass It On community campaign has received overwhelming response from the Malaysian public, resulting in a mammoth collection of 5046 quality pre-loved clothes. The Minister of Women, Family & Community Development, Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim officiated the grand finale of the campaign which included the handover of some of these 'micro-cleaned' clothing items to representatives from five Klang Valley community organizations at MYDIN MALL USJ.

The TOP Pass It On community campaign is believed to be among the largest initiative to collect, sort and professionally launder pre-loved clothing items that have been gently used, in Malaysia.
Official address by Yang Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Developement
 Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim commended TOP for its efforts in enabling a platform for communities to assist and empower their members, with a strong element of environmental conservation through the emphasis on sustainability while promoting the importance of a cleaner, happier and healthier lifestyle.

The campaign saw TOP collect and sort pre-loved clothes given by the public, have them professionally laundered by Regional Laundry using TOP Micro-Clean Tech to revive, renew and refresh them, before passing them to the community. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development will gift the clothes to those who can benefit from them.
on going roadshow at MYDIN Subang Jaya, til tomorrow 21 May 2017
 The community campaign by TOP aimed the to give more people to the opportunity to experience the new breakthrough innovation of TOP Micro-Clean Tech that delivers the Next Level of Clean that removes both visible and invisible stains.

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo, the TOP Pass It On Community Campaign exceeded the brand's expectations resulting in almost double the estimated collection, reflecting the public's support and trust in the brand and its innovative detergent technologies.

"TOP ran an awareness roadshow on micro-cleaned clothes that doubled as collection centres at malls, nationwide to enable givers to pass their pre-loved and gently used items, as finding collection centers is often one of the biggest hurdles to contributors. TOP thanks all our customers for their support and trust in TOP's Micro-Clean Tech detergent to renew, refresh their pre-loved clothing before it is gifted to the next user. Many of those who have received those micro-cleaned pre-loved items have shared their happiness at finding that they are almost as good as new, looking, feeling and smelling clean," Ms. Food said.

Santhini Kumar, 14 from Persatuan Kebajikan Sweet Care Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, the TOP Pass It On Community Campaign has given her the joy of owning clothing that she will cherish.

The TOP Pass IT On Community campaign brings many happiness to the next user who used the pre-loved clothing.
TOP Pass It On Community Campaign Clothes
To find out more about TOP Micro-Clean Tech please visit or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shop preloved baby strollers at Carousell


 It's the month of May, it's never too late to wish all mom Happy Mother's Day. Being a mommy of two boys I know what new parents needs. I have friends that are pregnant and asked me when is best time to shop for baby stroller. I suggest them to shop on 3rd trimester, it's where all parents would be excited and can start scrolling and searching for suitable baby stroller. With Internet access today, we can shop online I found Carousell selling preloved baby stroller and price affordable too. Do you know that Carousell you can sell your preloved items too. I didn't know of this earlier, if yes I would have sell the my kids baby stroller and also their preloved baby clothing and kids clothing on Carousell. It's good now I found out and share it with you, you still can sell them if you have any preloved things that are still in good condition namely toys or children clothing.

I checked on Carousell and I found many preloved baby strollers and price are affordable and wide variety of choice. There's information on the price and how long the baby stroller been use and also where the seller is selling it. The price is cheaper compare to purchase new baby stroller. I know parents with baby and stroller would love to shop within their budget.

Baby Stroller selling at RM130 at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

With internet access, we can easily access to Carousell from computer or smart phones. Its free to register with Carousell to buy or sell online. It's simple to use and safe to use, the buyer would have to register account if he/she wants to purchase from you. Look at the above photo the preloved green color baby stroller, it's only cost RM100.

I will suggest my friends to install the app on her smart phone as she is always on the go, she will find it convenient to search online for the suitable baby stroller. 

Seller mayching123 selling the 90% new baby stroller for RM150
As my friends are new parents and they are told me that they would like to shop within budget and didn't plan to purchase for new baby stroller. I know a baby stroller can use from 1st child to 2nd child. That's how I well kept my baby stroller for my 2nd son to use from my 1st son. Now we can online search for the parenting needs on the Carousell's category.

Being mom of two boys, I know the important of home storage space. Shall get start to find kids' clothing that they can't fit in anymore and in good condition to sell them on Carousell. 

Don't just read here, if you have interest to find out more about the Carousell. You can also install the application to your smart phone device. You can also follow the Carousell updates on

Win exclusive “Tangled: the Series” prizes!


Take part in The Tangled Quest from 21 May to 30 June to win exclusive “Tangled: the Series” prizes! 

Rapunzel lets down her hair in Disney Channel’s brand new animated series “Tangled: The Series”! Premiering Sunday, May 21 at 11:30AM on Astro Ch 615, the series is set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ acclaimed 2010 film “Tangled” and its short film “Tangled Ever After”. The series will see Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles as Rapunzel and Eugene respectively.

With a new visually vibrant animation style inspired by Rapunzel’s drawings in the original film, the show follows Rapunzel on her adventures as she acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom, and the people of Corona. Along the way, her irrepressible spirit and natural curiosity about the world lead her to realize that there is so much more she needs to learn before she can accept her royal destiny as Princess of Corona.

At the heart of the series is Rapunzel’s relationship with her friends and family. Beloved characters from the feature film accompany Rapunzel on her journey, including love interest Eugene Fitzherbert (aka Flynn Rider); her loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal; her no-nonsense, dutiful horse, Maximus; and the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs. The series will introduce Cassandra (voiced by Eden Espinosa), a tough-as-nails lady-in-waiting who becomes Rapunzel's confidante; and builds on her relationship with her parents, King Frederic (Clancy Brown) and Queen Arianna (Julie Bowen).

Rapunzel's relatable, heartfelt and comedic stories model the importance of building and nurturing relationships, and of exploration and self-discovery. With her strength, confidence, positive disposition and creativity, she is a role model for young viewers who are learning to take on new responsibilities just as she is.

To celebrate Rapunzel’s grand return across Southeast Asia, Disney Channel presents the multi-platform character hunt Tangled Quest. From 21 May to 30 June, kids and families can take part by snapping a picture of Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus or Pascal with the Tangled Quest insignia on Disney Channel and Disney-owned social platforms and upload it on the Tangled Quest website ( Eighty (80) lucky winners will stand a chance to win exclusive Tangled-themed goody bags.

The Tangled Quest will come to life in Malaysia, where Disney Channel fans can join in the fun to spot the characters at various on-ground pop-up activities across Kuala Lumpur. Locations will be revealed through weekly clues on Disney Channel and Astro Circle platforms, so stay tuned! In addition to Tangled-themed goody bags, three lucky winners will get to bring Rapunzel’s adventures home with a full scale Tangled-themed bedroom makeover.

The series features songs produced by Academy Award-winning Disney Legend Alan Menken, who also composed the songs from the feature film.

About Disney Channels Southeast Asia
Disney Channels Southeast Asia is responsible for the management, creative development and commercial operations of Disney owned channels across all media platforms in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Palau, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines). Its flagship service Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through animated series, originals and movies. Disney Channel is available to millions of viewers around the world across various platforms. Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group. For more information, log on to

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


 It's after school, waited Sean's to finish his scout activities at school before coming to Sunway Pyramid. It's mom and son time out for today and I brought him to eat at SANDWICH EXPRESS. It's located at Level 1, same floor as Maxis. The SANDWICH EXPRESS is newly opened just four months, glad to find this place to dine with my son as we wanna have a healthy and affordable lunch together.
First Sean choose what he wants to eat and he wanted to eat the Chicken Mayo, then to choose which type of breads to have, and my son's chosen the original bread.
Then the staff asked if he wants to have cheese on it, I say yes. Variety of veggie toppings to choose from namely cabbage, coral, cucumber, tomato, mixed capsicum and onion. Veggie toppings Sean chosen to have only coral and tomato to eat.
So many sauces to try and Sean's chosen nacho cheese with mayo and he likes it. For me I chosen the garlic sauce with hot and spicy sauce for my Special Roasted Chicken.

 Above is mine, I chosen the Special Roasted Chicken. I chosen this and this cost RM9.90.
If you didn't feel like having any bread for lunch or for your meal. You can also choose salad.
Topping for walnut will be extra charge, if not Chicken slice salad just add on RM1 for it mean RM10.90 for this Salad.
yummy Chicken Slice Salad with walnut to share with son
 It's Wednesday and Classic Chicken Mayo is RM6.99, Sean chosen this to eat. We enjoy ourselves and didn't finish the salad and took it home. I

Don't just read here if you have interest to know where it is, here's the address.
Sunway Pyramid
Unit F1.58F, Level 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
603-5885 4756

Stall 19,
Rasa Food Arena,
Level 4, Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur.
6018-368 2208

AEON MALL, Klebang Ipoh
605-2922 208

69, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
605-2422 208

You can also follow them on Facebook SANDWICH EXPRESS
Pictures are for illustration purpose only.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day @Catherine's Cakery Studio

happy WL with the cupcakes, he loves the buddy alot
 Happy Mother's Day to dear readers and visitors that are mommy like me. How do you spend the Mother's Day? I spend the afternoon at Catherine's Cakery Studio which is located at Tropicana Avenue, went there by waze and follow the free parking sign to park at basement. It's in the building, so if you plan to have a private cupcakes workshop or cake artistry course you can give Catherine a call.
 It's a fun family time we spend the time there with other bloggers too. My WL loves play the bunny fondant and he wanted to make one by himself too. Thanks to Catherine who patiently teaching and guide him on how to make, he has a great time at the workshop.
 He's so happy with the Buddy cupcake, he wanted to eat it right away! He did start eating in the car, he says he likes it. There's also pinky bear which some bloggers chosen to make, everyone can start be creative on what they like to make not just bear or bunny.
If you are looking for customize cakes, cupcakes and dessert can find Catherine. Last year I had my son's 5 years old Hulk Cake customize by her. If you are thinking to throw a party soon, do

customize Hulk Cake fist, WL's 5years old birthday last year.

Delicious cakes baked by Catherine, Red Velvet, Carrot cake and Lemon Pound Cake.

cupcakes workshop, lots of cupcakes awaiting to be decorate
 While some bloggers are on the cupcakes workshop, Sean and WL with Tommy blogger having a good time playing kinetic sands.
 You can find Catherine Cakery online at Facebook or Instagram
The workshop was held at Catherine's Cakery Studio at Tropicana Avenue. 
A1005, Tropicana Avenue, PJU 3, 47000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
You can also give Catherine if you like to customize cake for loved ones, or would like to have a private cupcake sessions. 
Catherine 012-392 1217, email her at 

Friday, May 12, 2017 offers one-stop solutioin for busy parents @Klang Valley

Last Saturday I attended the launch of, it is an online platform offering the best kids' activities in the Klang Valley, it's one-stop solution for busy parents. The launched was held at BLOKKE, Citta Mall a family friendly place, there's a playground BLOKKE that children can play. 

Through strategic partnerships with kids activity providers in categories such as sports, languages, arts and crafts, music and rhythm, science and attractions, aims to build an ecosystem for busy parents struggling to find education yet fun activities for their children, while offering a much-needed convenience to parents. The website is user friendly and easy to browse.

It's fun time my sons as they can build their own candy box at the event. Both of them have a good time if you have view their instagram @seanleiys, @followmelei

WL also has his face painting at the event. There's playground in BLOKKE that they have good time together playing.

Busy mom like me also need to find time to search for suitable activities for my children. knows that today's Malaysian parents face a multitude of obstacles sourcing - and getting to - extracurricular enrichment for their kids, recently they have partnered with Riding Pink, Malaysia's First "Women's Only" Transportation Platform to provide a vital solution for parents who want the best for their kids but are unable to escape increasingly time-consuming work commitments.

They also aims to benefit families with special discounts and offers within an ecosystem of a family that will enable parents to give their kids the best childhood enrichment, take care of their kid's health or groceries at home and yet also be able to enjoy necessary me-time. Through Kidxy's careful research of families' needs, a parent ca now, for example, order their fresh groceries via Happy Fresh and get them delivered right to their doorstep while they join their kid at Gymboree for a fun and enriching activity. Partner companies registered with Kidxy also benefit from a wider weekday reach to previously unattainable working parents, and increased weekend traffic from new customers. 

New service offering which is to allow parents to organise their kids birthday parties on Kidxy. Kidxy's "Plan A Party" service is build to ease the inevitable headache of organizing kids' birthday parties. Leveraging off their partners' wide variety of venues and activities that are built child friendly. Kidxy will not only be able to offer better packaged value, but also new ideas and added convenience for parents to plan the best party for their kids!

Kidxy CEO Yong Mien Dee
Speaking about the vision during the launch, Kidxy CEO Yong Mien Dee said:
"My team and I have always envisioned a platform which can help to take the stress away from parents- of not knowing where to send their kids for fun, educational classes. I have always looked at it as a means to also help our vendor partners grow their businesses. We have listened closely to feedback from partners and parents and that is why we have decided not to stop at kids' activities, but also provide services that evolve around an ecosystem that has - at its heart - the family."

You can visit Kidxy, by click on the link to know more and get start to plan your kids activities.

Group photo of Kidxy with partners and local celebrities.
The local celebrities that came to the launch are Belinda Chee, Dynas Mokhtar and Joe Flizzow. 

About Kidxy
Kidxy is an online platform based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia that specialized in making kids' activities and party planning at child friendly places accessible to all. Founded by 3 individuals who are passionate about helping parents get the best deal with the convenience of finding enriching activities for their kids in the Klang Valley and beyond, Kidxy has already garnered immense interest from the public, registering over 5,000 subscribers within their 3 months.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shakeaway:milkshakes,smoothies, frozen yogurt, shaved ice @Sunway Pyramid

 It's hot weather in Malaysia, there's rain then there's sunshine. Well in the hot day what would you like to have? For me I like to have something cold and cooling, I would think of milkshakes, frozen yogurt desserts, smoothies, and shaved ice. Shakeaway is the world's largest milkshake bar company the original re-inventors since 1999. Now you can find their out let in Sunway Pyramid, it's located near to escalator of TGV Cinema. Their grand opening was yesterday Saturday's noon and they gave away free milkshake to 1st 50 customers on the spot.
 Shakeaway have over 180 different flavours and millions of combinations, live forever and never have the same milkshake twice! Lots of choice that you can never have enough, they hand made to order with real and fresh ingredients every time. 
The world famous named shakes at Shakeaway are Dave and Kierra, there's more but these two I have ordered for my children to drink.

Dave has ferrero rocher & kinder beuna with crumbled flake on top while Kierra has the strawberry cheesecake & oreo cookie toppled with mashmallows.

Famous shake named Kierra
 It's best to consume immediately after purchase to enjoy the cooling and yummylicious moments.
Frozen yogurt Erianna
 Frozen yogurt that I choose to share with my son is the Erianna, it has yummy chocolate brownie & macadamia nuts with mashmalows on top of the frozen yogurt.
Frozen yogurt Natasha
 Don't forget to drooling frozen yogurt Natasha it has Strawberries with a swirl of cream and a sprinkled of cadbury flake. When you think of after lunch what to eat? You can find the Shakeaway!
On the left is Dave while on the right is Passion fruit cheese for cheese lover
SodaShake :Sprite
 Sean loves the SodaShake, he choose Sprite though they haveo other flavour available. He says it is delicous SodaShake that he can't find it anywhere but at Shakeaway!

My sister-in-law love to have a cool desserts in the afternoon and she had this shave ice it's blueberries fresh fruit toppings, and has strawberries syrup on it.

If you like to shop for some chocolates, you can find these at the counter too. Lots of choice to choose from, which chocolate would you pick?

Millionaire's milkshake
 One must have the millionaire's milkshake it has 85% of dark chocolate blended with roasted hazelnuts, topped with whipped cream and real 23 carat edible gold flakes, this is price at RM58.80 size in large only. Sharing is caring, sharing these with loved ones as alone I cannot finish it. It's most expensive milkshake in the store! Mother's Day is coming up, how about bring your mom for a cool dessert or milkshake at Shakeaway. 

Wefie with my sons and Gary, he's the trainer of the Shakeaway he came all the way London, Kathy mom blogger
Shakeaway in Sunway Pyramid is located at
F1.53, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

You can find out more details on, they have many stores at worldwide.
Follow them on

Thursday, May 4, 2017

VITAGEN Celebrates 40 Years in Championing Digestive Care Launches ‘A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN’ campaign

(From left) Pn. Nordina Baharom, Senior Brand Manager, VITAGEN, Mr. Michael Ong 王明利, Deputy General Manager, VITAGEN, Mr. Poh Eng Lip 傅英立, General Manager, VITAGEN, Ms Yap Jay Queen 葉潔群, Marketing Manager, VITAGEN, at the celebration of VITAGEN’s 40th anniversary and introduction of the brand’s ‘A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN’ campaign.

I took time out today to visit the event, thank you Vitagen for inviting me to the event. I have been drinking Vitagen since I was young. Being mom of two boys I know the important of having good digestive health.

VITAGEN, Malaysia’s first and No. 1 cultured milk drink that has grown alongside generations of Malaysians, kick-started the celebration of its 40th anniversary with the introduction of its, ‘A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN’ campaign, as an extension of the brand’s far-reaching digestive health education and awareness initiative.

VITAGEN’s General Manager, Mr. Poh Eng Lip said, “Malaysians need to get healthy. This year, we are employing different strategies and approaches because the traditional discourse of, ‘don’t do this or that because it is bad for you’ does not work with the younger generation.”

VITAGEN has been championing digestive care for the past 40 years through its popular school programmes, collaborations with organisations such as Digestive Health Malaysia and the Nutrition Society of Malaysia as well as sponsorship of sporting and entertainment events, among others.

VITAGEN’s campaign in conjunction with its 40th anniversary shows the positive correlation between good gut health and overall wellbeing through three key areas namely, improved immunity, greater mental clarity and a more balanced mood.

Sharing some of the brand’s plans to make good gut health more compelling to Malaysians, in line with VITAGEN’s 40th anniversary campaign, Mr. Poh added, “We have an exciting year ahead for VITAGEN. The events and activities surrounding our outreach are backed by research that better gut health improves overall wellbeing.”

“To engage the new generation of digital natives, VITAGEN is moving into more engaging strategies such as interactive multimedia and a nationwide roadshow with interactive components that will take the Malaysian public on a journey into our digestive system. As the good gut health expert, VITAGEN believes good health starts from the gut,” Mr. Poh said at the event.
wide range of VITAGEN to choose from

 Pioneer of the industry and custodian of digestive care, the iconic cultured milk drink has been an integral part of Malaysians’ everyday lives for 40 years. VITAGEN contains billions of good bacteria with live, active cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei. This formulation helps aid the absorption of nutrients from food and stimulates a stronger immune system. It also assists in suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of intestinal disturbances for optimal digestive health when consumed.

We always go on shopping, let me know do you shop for the chilled products first or last? Do you know that it's best to shop for the chilled products at last step before you going to the counter for payment. That's what I usually do the last step of stepping usually to the chilled area to shop before heading to counter and pay then head home.

It's important to that everyone to have a good gut health. The VITAGEN is suitable for kids and adults to drink. At the event, a media asked about how young can a child to drink the VITAGEN. Just a spoon of VITAGEN and dilute it with one and half spoon of water for child above 6 months old and above. As baby starts having their solid food at six months. However, my sons only started to consume VITAGEN when they are above 3 years old.

Good gut health is increasingly important as Malaysians face health challenges linked to sedentary lifestyles, stress and increasing consumption of fast food that may be low in fibre and low in good bacteria.

Cooler bag ready for VITAGEN's fan, that's my 6 year old son. He's excited to choose which flavour he prefered.

Studies have shown that gut health is linked to obesity. Malaysia has the dubious distinction of being among the fattest countries in the region1. The prevalence of adults who are overweight is up to 30%2. Obese Malaysians make up 17.7% of the total population3. This combination means that almost half the country’s population are either overweight or obese.

Diseases of the digestive system, or gut, are listed as among the 10 principal causes of hospitalisation (9.14%)4 and death (3.81%)5 in private hospitals, while colorectal cancer is ranked as the second most common cancer among Malaysians6 at a high 12.1%.

Many ailments including stress, seemingly unrelated to the human digestive system are caused by gut problems. Understanding how the gut works and how to care for it is essential to overall wellbeing.
VITAGEN has been expanding its efforts to promote good gut health to Malaysians through on-going campaigns and activities aimed at creating awareness and forming healthy lifestyle habits about the importance of good gut health.

One of the VITAGEN Less Sugar variant

The brand is also catering to Malaysians with specific health and dietary preferences with reduced sugar and collagen variants. Recently the VITAGEN Less Sugar variant was awarded the Healthier Choice logo under the Ministry of Health.

For further information about VITAGEN and its campaign “A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN”, please visit:, or