Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Personalised & Custom Name on Thermos Flask Tumbler @BeliSpree

Ho ho ho... counting down on how many weeks left before Christmas. It's Christmas soon and some of my friends are thinking what to shop for loved ones. Sharing is caring, I wanted to share with my readers, visitors of my blog that there's a shop name BeliSpree. Indeed a great place to shop for premium gift, corporate gift, birthday gift for loved ones and even Christmas gift. You can also visit their website, the website is user friendly and easy to browse.

I like the full color printing and customisation of the Thermos Flask Tumbler. I have chosen 2 gold fishes and @sherrygo on it. This is pretty in red that I love very much as it's Christmas soon and even during Chinese New Year I can also bring this tumbler along. It's 500ml size that is just nice for me to go anywhere that I want, easy travel size to put in my bag.

There have color choice for bottle and I have chosen red. The package is beautiful, it also comes with a Thank You note that is just nice. Its like a ready gift for loved ones. Now you can also make a personalised gift for loved ones. You can even reward self making one for yourself ❤️. They provide fast service and product is worth it. 

 My son is happy kid too as he wanted to have a personlised & custom name on Thermos Flask Tumbler, he has chosen the BumbleBee his favourite character in the Transformer's movie. Also his name initial LWL on top. My son too  bring his tumbler to his school, he insert the bottle to the school bag's side pocket.

I have friends that love shopping on Shopee and click on the link here to shop Thermos Flask Tumbler + Personalized Custom Name it is beautiful gift at BeliSpree. 
So easy to shop online as we don't have to go out and you get the orders delivered to you. Sharing is caring you may also check out the youtube channel 'BeliSpree' on
Lets follow for the updates of the BeliSpree on following:

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Kids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo

Busy parenting didn't stop me from taking care of my children too. Both my children are growing up if you have follow my parenting blog you would know that my son one is already in secondary school while another still in primary school. 
Online shopping is convenient as I can just shop from home had my ordered items delivery to my door step. Sharing with you product that is suitable for children's hair care. 
Greenfinger Korea Mykids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo 320ml 1+1 Set, it comes with a free gift of a drinking bottle. The shampoo is suitable for kids from 4-10 years old, my son likes using it as he says it has nice richly moisturizing with a sweet, refreshing green fruit scent. The product didn't irritate my son's skin and he happy with it.
What I like about the product?
1. Special skincare product for kids from the age of 3, who starts to have a lot of outside activity.
2. A conditioning shampoo that keeps baby’s hair and scalp clean and healthy.
3. The protein ingredients from grain provides nutrition deep inside the hair, which makes the hair healthy and smooth.
4. Sweet and refreshing green fruit aromas and plenty of bubbles help children to enjoy their bath.
5. Completed the skin irritation test. 
Easy to use:
After pumping a proper amount, gently lather the wet hair, rinse off clean with warm water. to shop Greenfinger Korea Mykids Haircare Nutrient Soft Kids Shampoo 320ml 1+1 Set

Don't just read here, if you have interest to know more just click on the link above.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Lactel Kids is a yogurt snack for children that is tasty, healthy, and wholesome. Parents want a fun and healthy snack their children will love, can now choose Lactel Kids yogurt, the newest product from the Lactel range of yogurts.

Available in compact 100 gramme servings with bright, attractive packaging depicting elephants, orangutans and tigers, Lactel Kids yogurt comes in children’s favourite flavours of strawberry, vanilla and banana. These three (3) options are made with real fruit puree without any artificial sweetener added while kids will love the creamy texture, clearly indicating the richness of the milk from which the yogurt is derived. Besides taste, parents can rest assured that Lactel Kids is a yogurt snack that packs a healthy punch as it is filled with the goodness of calcium, fortified with vitamin D and live cultures important for the gut. 

 My son likes and and his elder brother also enjoyed the Lactel Kids yogurt. His brother is 15 years old now, so I don't think it's just for kids even teenager likes to eat.

Lactel Kids yogurt’s attractive packaging with colourful depictions of elephants, orangutans and tigers in bright colours combined with a tasty and healthy yogurt snack makes Lactel Kids yogurt a fun way to learn about Malaysia’s wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying the tasty, creamy, and healthy snack! 


Find out where you can pick up your favourite flavour at your closest supermarket today! Lactel Kids yogurt is available at all major supermarkets including (but not limited to), AEON, Giant Hypermarket, BIG, Jaya Grocer, MYDIN, Billion, The Store, MyNews, EconSave, LuLu Hypermarket, Servay, Pantai Selamat and many morei!

About Lactel Kids

The Lactel Kids yogurt is part of the Lactalis family of dairy products. Lactalis, a French leading dairy company present in more than 90 countries around the world, acquired the Nestle chilled dairy (yogurt and yogurt drink) business in Malaysia in late 2018. Known for providing top quality dairy products around the world, Lactalis will bring its expertise and knowledge to Malaysia, bringing new and innovative products to the market to sustain the position as the nation’s favourite chilled dairy brand! For more information visit,

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