Monday, May 8, 2023

SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag

It's time to back to school, choosing the right bag plays an important part in healthy living because it is essential for our children to carry all their school needs without compromising on their composure and posture when having to bring heavy books and school materials around. Sharing is caring, my son is using the SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag. The bag is designed ergonomically to ensure our children feels more relaxed and comfortable carrying it. Equipped with smooth big wheels, making the handling much more comfortable and easy. The trolley school bag is very convenient as my son find its easy for him to use to goes his class in school as its located at 3rd floor. 

The SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag, it has 3 colour variations to choose from and my son chosen the Navy. There also have color of Black and Purple. The exterior and interior of the trolley school bag are good choice for my children. 

The exterior:


*High quality zipper/material

*Strong grip pattern handle

*Durable Stitching

*Water bottle pocket on both sides of the bag

*With smooth 360 wheels


The school bag is detachable from the trolley, it is easy just open the bottom locked at the trolley school bag. 

The interior:


*Bright inner lining

*Multiple spacious compartments

*Thick sponge lining on back strap

The SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag provides a 6-month repair and service warranty to ensure parent have peace of mind and quality assurance when you do invest n a school bag for a long-term. 

Warranty policy:

*The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

*The warranty provides free repair service and the warranty card must be presented upon service. 

Check out the SWAN Eco 2 Space Lite Roll (XXL) Trolley School Bag for your children's needs.




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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Transformers: EarthSpark


My son has been big fan of Transformers especially Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. It's his favourite past time watching the Transformers.
Transformers: EarthSpark animated series from Nickelodeon and Entertainment One!
centres on two human kids as they forge a connection with Transformers robots like
never before and work alongside fan favourites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! If you didn't know a programme targeted at 6 to 11-year-olds and is available here in Malaysia on
Paramount Plus and Unifi TV.
Not all Transformers are born in Cybertron, somej happen to call Earth their birthplace.Introducing Transformers: Earthspark, the first Transformers to be born on the Blue Planet. Together with their newfound human family, they will redefine what itmeans to be a family.
In line with this new series, Hasbro has unveiled a new line of Transformers action figures that are suited for ages 5 to 8.
The new Transformers: Earthspark toys which includes:
1. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Tacticon
2. Transformers Toys EarthSpark 1-Step Flip Changer
3. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Warrior Class
4. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Deluxe Class
5. Transformers Toys EarthSpark Spin Changer
The new Transformers EarthSpark Range! Available in Toy’R’Us, Departmental
store and online now!
● Check discount link below to shop on Lazada for RM15 OFF!
○ Available now, buyers can find the new Transformers toys in Hasbro’s official
Lazada store, Click on the link below to shop on Lazada for RM 15 OFF!

Best to have guardian at side to watch while kids are playing. 
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Monday, June 27, 2022

51Talk- The World's Leading Online English Education Platform from China


Everyone has been busy with their active lifestyle, especially parents. Pandemic has change everyone lifestyle and our children too. My children is familiar with online learning because they had to study at home during MCO. Many parents didn't sent their children to tuition centre, up to now even though the school has opened and children back to school but children are still taking up online classes from their comfort home for their learning especially after school. 

Learning English is expensive even though children has learn in school but they tend to forget it too. It's new online learning era for children  parents can take this opportunity to find easy learning for children. Parents can set the time of this one to one classroom online with teacher anytime anywhere. Yeah we always need to check on our children schedule for their extra lessons else they have no time to learn. So we don't want to stress our children too, with the duration of class 25 min is good start for our children. 

Just remember to enter the 51Talk online class 5 minutes before the class starts. The teacher is friendly and my son had a good 1st trial attending the class.
He is usually less speaking in English language and this lesson taught him to be more interactive and fun.


With Internet access today, it's easy for us to find online learning education. Sharing with you this 51Talk use a different method in bringing English a fun language to our children. With a great coaching from a selection of experience teachers, children had fun while studying and create an English conversation, they adopts the 1v1 online teaching method with a real foreign teachers. Though the duration class is normally 25 minute and need a long term learning so children can catch up consistently. 

51Talk Malaysia have more than 30,000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL  and other countries. The teaching method is Gamified, interactives & fun. They are offering services to young users aged 3-15 around the world, and meeting the needs of users take lessons, anytime, anywhere. 

51Talk is a local entity with international standard approved syllabus- CEFR. With local entity that exist long in the market, we can rest assured the stability and continuation of the centre. Having a package in a reputable centre gives us a comfort of long-term learning, no worry of closure.

Sharing is caring, if you know anyone that interested to learn English can visit the 51Talk Malaysia, there is a trial class if anyone would like to try.

Do check out the English learning from:


Free Class Registration Link :



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