Monday, June 30, 2014

Philips and Disney Lighting together to Light Children's Imagination

Yesterday was Monday, last weekend was School Sports Day so son's not studying yesterday. Yesterday was my son's lucky day because he gets to follow me to the launch Philips and Disney Work Together To Light Children's Imagination at Hamleys, One Utama.

Philips and Disney Work Together To Light Children’s Imagination
Philips announces new Philips and Disney Product Line in Malaysia today. Children can discover a whole new world of inspiration, enchantment and magic through light.

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA), a global leader in lighting, announces its partnership with family entertainment giant Disney to develop a range of inspiring, magical, and playful lighting products for children, parents, and everyone young-at-heart. Philips and Disney lighting, available in Malaysia, combines Philips’ groundbreaking innovation in lighting with the magic of Disney characters and storytelling to transform a child’s bedroom into a more creative place for bedtime stories and a restful environment for a good night’s sleep.

Above is welcome by the Emcees during the launch and below picture of her ten year old daughter about her bed time experience.

Studies show that lighting has a strong impact on individual mood, and the right lighting can help everyone, from children to adults, fall asleep and wake more naturally so that they can concentrate, perform tasks1 better and simply feel happier during their waking hours. Philips and Disney Lighting is designed with children in mind, in order to provide the best lighting for their bedrooms. Whether parents need help encouraging their children to sleep or wake, Philips and Disney’s range of compact, portable lighting products can help.

Bedtime stories can also help children establish a routine that ensures a restful night’s sleep, and expand their imaginations—an important characteristic for children’s independence and self-expression. For parents looking for new inspiration to light up this night-time routine, Philips and Disney Lighting inspires magical family moments with the Disney characters children know and love. The products are as vivid as children’s imaginations and make story time more enchanting and immersive.

Emcee's daughter sharing her bed time experience alone, then she also shares of her little brother bed time experience. Click this insta video clip here for her speech.

Above is presentation by Adrine Ong, General Manager for Philips Lighting Malaysia.
  • The Philips and Walt Disney
  • Products are attractive and appealing design that not only children loves it but adults too.
  • Safe and reliable for children
Bedroom are more than just a room for kids to sleep in.
Kids read, rest and relax in their bedrom.
To let their imagination scar
Lighting has impact on children

The product range is equipped with child-friendly features like the Smart Philips LED bulbs designed to last for years and stay cool to the touch to protect little fingers. Each product is also meticulously designed with child safety in mind. There are no small parts or sharp edges, and cables can be safely tucked away using the velcro binders.

Through their partnership, Philips and Disney have committed to delivering engaging lighting that inspire children’s imaginations, while allowing them to sleep well and wake rested for another day of creative play.
You can have bedtime story telling, Philips and Disney Projectors Lights as you can see above.

These child-friendly, safe, and easy-to-use products provide endless inspiration for children's imaginations and create the perfect environment for night or day. 

Below picture that my son's holding the Philips and Disney Cars it cost RM99.00

The Party Room in Hamleys has a tent where children can have their playtime inside, it's a pyjama party where girls and boys enjoy themselves having the cuddly Hamleys bear and the Philips and Disney Lighting together to Light Children's Imagination.
The torch light of Pooh RM69, the Disney SoftPals Mickey RM189.00

Philips and Disney LED SoftPals range, in the form of classic Minnie and Mickey, and Monster's Inc.stars Sulley and Mike characters. 

With Philips and Disney Lighting, children can discover the cozy comfort of Disney SoftPals. These soft, nighttime companions introduce just enough light to chase away the bumps in the night, without interrupting children’s natural sleep patterns. During playtime, magical make-believe is brought to life with the new LivingColors Cars and Princess, which feature vibrant lighting displays to create spectacular, imaginary worlds. The entire range of products offers imaginative and fun lighting to make bedtime a joy for children and parents alike.
1 Research studies using Philips’ SchoolVision solution in e.g. Germany (Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf) and The Netherlands (University of Twente) showed that Reading speed has increased, frequency of errors reduced, hyperactive behavior dropped.

The Party Room where children have fun for free tattoo or face painting and magic show to watch. I didn't miss out I have Superman's tattoo on my hand.

Children have fun in the Party Room waiting for the magic show before the games start.
 After turn off the lights in the room, you can see the Philips and Disney LED SoftPals range.

The full range of Philips and Disney lighting products will be available in branded retail outlets, department stores, specialty stores and hypermarkets in Malaysia immediately. For further information, visit, or join Philips Lighting Facebook Page,  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tesco Lotus@Krabi Island

I mentioned before that I bought the coffee Anlene concentrate calcium from there. Yeah there's the ride we have after going to the cooking class. The same ride we used from hotel to the cooking class. Our ride can take up to 12 passengers including the driver 13.

Tesco Lotus is where I saw some friends purchase the Pantene shampoo, but I didn't purchase any. I bought some inhaler that we can purchase at local stores Guardian or Watsons, here selling RM3.80 but over there RM1.80 means 180 Baht. Over there having more flavour and other brands of inhaler which cost 220Baht mean RM2.20. I bought one which I really like peppermint smell.

I checked the Sunsilk shampoo, it's only 480ml. I didn't purchase any as I still have some from last purchase in Hatyai vacation.

They have many snacks there but I don't read Thai so I didn't purchase any.

Son participated in coloring activities

It's a Sunday, how's everyone doing? At the moment, my toddler and dear are having their sweet nap. We was at Giant today and son participated in coloring activities, yeah with just finished colored the World Cup Kick Off 2014 he can bring home the Faber Castell 12 pieces color pencils. There's a prize for him too, a Stabilo exam kit, which consists of 6 pcs exam graded 2B pencils, 1 pc exam Graded eraser, 1 pc sharpener and 1 pc ruler.

Among the contestants that took part, there is a set of twin gals, they are so cute though they are not identical twins but they dresses the same from head to toe.

Bravo to my son for completing the coloring activities, though they are contestants that given up so they didn't receive the prize of Stabilo exam kit.

He has no interest in coloring activities but encouragement, he take this challenge to try his best, though some other has given up but not him. :D Yeah some happy kids going home with their prize.

To me there's no winner or loser, as long they try their best to do it. They are all winners. :D

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sold items pictures not in blog post

I have been blogging for few years, I have the right to blog about what I feel is right. Even for the pictures on my blogs, would anyone be interested to look at the sold out items which no longer available? Well, I wouldn't take picture of sold out items to show my readers, I don't want to mislead my readers that the items are available.

Some good example are the pictures taken by me during the event of luxury bags I attended. Though the items are available during my photo shot at the event, I don't know if they are still available after months. It's always best for person who has interest in them to contact the seller directly.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dove roadshow and Dove towels

Yesterday with my friend to One Utama to watch Evidence movie, you can click the link to read up the movie review.
 Before the movie collection we saw the Dove roadshow and decided to check it out. With purchase of RM30 of Dove hair care products we entitle for the hair scalp massage and a towel set as you can see above pictures.

I choose three bottle of Dove shampoo, they have other choices of hair mask, etc.
I received some samples too.

The Dove roadshow ends on this Sunday.
Just 3 minutes of hair scalp massage, there's hair blow after that.

Sonny Angel t-shirt for me

I have collected the prize I won from selfie instagram of Sonny Angel Malaysia. No kidding, I love the shirt so much, yeah a picture which I attended the event not long ago.

My kids love to play the Sonny Angel too.

For you info the Sonny Angel are selling in Paradigm Mall at MR. Box, that's why I collected the prize I won above.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Are you planning on any celebration? It would be birthday or anniversary, candy not only for kids they can be for adults too. With Internet access today we can search and find for party package and party ideas, now JOMPARTY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Why not take this chance to personalized the party of your own.

Sometimes it's hard to think about how to celebrate the party, what you need and how you want it. Now with JOMPARTY available in Malaysia, it's great news for everyone.

Jomparty is a subsidiary company to Mahligai Klasik that offer designer and personalized party celebration to Malaysian. Service include personalized candy buffet, party package, party decoration, imported party item, personalized door gift and etc.

I believe being a mom, we only know what the children will like for their party, do you know that the owner, Lydia Nasir is a dedicated mother of 2 sons working as revenue person in hospitality industry and do party as her part time. Graduate in Bachelor Degree of Media Innovation from MMU and A-Law Cambridge from BAC her interest never stop her from venturing creative industry. She has experienced for more than 10 years in flower decorating, following mother footstep as international florist and flower judge with guidance from father in landscape architect have excel her throughout 5 years in wedding and events designing.
The idea came for Jomparty with motivated passion in personalized party celebration in USA, she continue to prove her capability in pursuing her creativity in kids party.

You can contact Lydia at 019-35710682. or email her at

Who wants a party like Princess Sophia? 

Jomparty means come party in Malaysia language. It had been proven to be top search engine word and easy to pronounce by all age. They have motto is nothing to big and nothing to small. Each package are able to personalize to suit individual budget with minimal budget requirement.

Who doesn't want a candy buffet that include personalized printable for mineral water, chocolate bar, A3 size poster, personalized lollipop and personalized table decoration. 

How about a Prince party? You can have your very own castle just like above.

For more info on Jomparty check out their Facebook.
My son likes the treasure box very much, lots of candy and chocolates as you can see on the picture. 
Yeah with treasure box, you can never left out the items for selfie moment or photo moments! 
My toddler on the other hand, he likes the Thomas Train party. 

Well don't think this party is just for kids, they have also organized party for adults. Take a look at their Facebook JOMPARTY for more pictures. You can also check out the Jomparty website, click on the link for details. 

Celebrating 1st year anniversary, they are giving out 5 not 1 free candy buffet worth RM499 that will cheer you up. JOMPARTY found two winners now, they are three spots left!

Pictures above credit to JOMPARTY'S Facebook. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kids clothing@Krabi Island

I am back from Krabi Island getaway and I saw these pretty clothing but I didn't purchase any.

 Look at the bottom picture for the cute watermelon costume. There's watermelon hat to match it. It's so cute.

My Krabi Island getaway, I stayed in Mercure Krabi Deevana. 

If you are heading to Krabi Island do bring lots of plasters because you'll need it. I am glad I bring so many and finished using at least 80% of it. I used mostly on my feet and leg. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

XES Premium Boutique in Glenmarie Shah Alam

 Are you curious of what's underneath the blue cover in the center of the shop of XES Premium Boutique? Click on the link to see more pictures.
I visited the boutique today and find many cute shoes for the children. Just look at them and you'll fall in love.

 They have range of shoes for boys and gals, see any of them that caught your attention?

So many shoes, I don't know where to start. 

Tell me you don't have more than a pair of shoes at home. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anlene Concentrate Calcium, coffee flavor

The bought the Anlene Concentrate Calcium, it is coffee flavor. Yeah as you know in Malaysia we only have the original and chocolate flavor. I saw the coffee flavor at Tesco Lutos and decided to purchase it. I only bought a pack so I finished them in the resort I stayed at Krabi Island.

Tired Monday for me, though my mom called me yesterday afternoon after I reached home. I was too tire to move even more, I took a short nap in the evening before going out for dinner with family.

By the way, we finished attending the cooking class only head to Tesco Lotus before back to resort. The Tesco Lotus is far away from resort.

Anyone want to see my new hat?
I also have new hairstyle, braided hairstyles.

Click the link to see pics. You can see too in instagram sherrygo.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fun day at Mamee Jonker House

 It is a Mamee Chef Day Out, so this is one of the attraction at Mamee Jonker House. Everyone been wondering how Mamee is made, even though not everyone like me get to experience to go Mamee Factory, Melaka. You can always click above link to see more pictures of it. They are pictures on the factory visit that I took.
It's such fun day, I don't want to waste such nice photos I took and decided to share with you.
You can see each step by step of how's Mamee made.

Now don't you think you just want to be there to see more and know what's you can learn at their workshops? Yeah they have workshop on personalized Mamee Cup.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Transformers 4 T-Shirt for son

Yesterday I bring son to watch the Raja Tarik F&N 2014 final at eCurve. I love the shirt I bought for him at TGV Cinema, it cost RM29.90 which comes with a set of pop corn and drink plus the shirt. He's wearing L size, for your info the Transformers 4 t-shirt at 1 Utama TGV Cinema available only S and L size during my purchase on movie night Blended.

Blended movie, I feel blending..

On Wednesday night, it was mother and son night to watch movie together. We enjoy the movie Blended so much yeah we laugh from start of watching the movie until the end of it. I laugh more than son as some parts of movie he not understand.

I like this movie so much, children come first and that's 99% of it and 1% for yourself being a parent. What is this about? It's Adam Sandler as Jim in the movie that say something like this. I do agree that both parents need to spend time with children if they have free time. There is parenting involved in this movie, they sure need each other help to solve the problems.

Jim has two daughters, while Lauren has three boys. Laure is divorced while Jim's is single dad as his wife passed away due to cancer. Both single parents have first date that gone very wrong, they dislike each other.

Jim has her daughters wearing clothes like boys, so some people mistaken that his teen daughter is a male. The girls have their hair cuts are barber shop not salon. It's exciting to watch this movie on how her daughter transformed to a beautiful girl, perhaps makeover sounds better.

Two families stuck with each other in South Africa for a vacation, I like the singer in the movie, he's very funny his name is Nickens. Son was telling me, mom look at his muscles. Son's remembered of this part of movie is the boy singing this t-shirt is on fire.

Movie is PG13, yeah best to watch it with your kids if they like comedy, adventurous and wild animals.

If you have watched the movie, how you feel of Lauren's respects her son's privacy? Do you think it's right?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ben 10 bags and shoes in Sunway Pyramid

If you are fan of Ben 10, you'll be attracted to Ben 10 bags and shoes plus toys selling at blue concourse of Sunway Pyramid, yeah exact same spot of where we Meet Sophia the First last weekend. 

Look how happy my son is posting with the characters of Ben 10.

Now son's Ben 10 t-shirts will keep for his little brother to use. He's no longer able to fit in them.

How to the Dragon 2 movie review

If you have watched the part of How to train the dragon, you will enjoy the second part of this movie. As we all know we never seen Hiccup's mommy. This time we get to see her, it's a joy to see the family reunion. Hiccup's mom knows so much of dragons, she even told him that toothless is same age as Hiccup, that's why they are best friends/best buddies. Hiccup is 20 years old now, the first movie he was 15 years old. But something happened which makes Hiccup very mad at his dragon. We were sad too seeing this part of the movie, it wasn't toothless fault, the bigger dragon were controlling his mind.

Many more dragons in this movie, the bigger dragon of them all. I saw two of them, one black colour another in white colour. The two bigger dragon will battle and who will win?! Let's not spoil you mood to watch the movie, go ahead to watch and find out.

Tonight we watched the movie at Hall 1, TGV Cinema Sunway Pyramid. I bought two tickets just son and me to watch before I go for vacation on this weekend.

We enjoy the movie from start to the end, son none stop telling me about the dragons and about their injuries.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Avene D-Pigment Beauty Workshop‏

Avène, in partnership with Guardian, is proud to organise another Avène Beauty Workshop. This time, they are inviting Ms. Charline Tang, ASEAN Product Manager, to share with you on how to reduce the appearance of dark spots and to restore luminosity on your skin. You will be given the opportunity to try their newly launched D-Pigment Light and Sensitive White whitening range during the workshop. The fee of workshop is RM20, you get RM20 voucher redeemable for Avene products on the same day. 
 Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment Beauty Workshop.

Details of the workshop are as follows:

Date:    21st June 2014 (Saturday)
Time:   2pm – 5pm
Venue: Bronx V (Level 14), Berjaya Times Square Hotel, K.L
Speaker: Ms. Charline Tang (ASEAN Product Manager)
If you have interest to attend this workshop don't forget to check out Avene Facebook for details.

Event Highlights:
1.      Goodie bag worth over RM50.
2.      Pampering session.
3.      Free skin analysis.
4.      Special discounts/offers on Avène products on that day

Blended movie

I can't wait to watch Blended movie, yeah I won passes to watch it and with only two passes. With only two passes I can only bring one person to watch with me, my son likes to watch this movie. He saw the trailer and he told me he wants to watch it.

50 First Dates was the movie I saw with my dear, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore acting together. Blended will be another awesome movie to watch them again, while this time they are single parent with kids. It's exciting I can't wait for it, we going to watch this premiere movie tomorrow.

So how's their vacation will be in South Africa?

This movie is PG13.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meet Sofia the First at Disney School's Out Event

Meet Sofia the First at Disney School's Out Event, we received the invitation to meet Sofia the First at Disney's School Out Event. You can still see Sophia today if you head to Sunway Pyramid.

Sofia the First will be in town during the school holidays, and we'd love to invite you and your kids to meet Disney's first princess-in-training in an exclusive session with bloggers and media! 

I am not able to tell you about the games over there, we didn't enjoy any of the games at all.  Our private and media session are only mean for the meet the Sophia the First, so there's no games activities for us, we need to queue to play and the queue was very long which tired us out. My toddler needs to be carry most of the time. Someone asked me if there's goodie bag given for bloggers that attended this event, well there's none! But if you are Astro subscribers, you need bring your bil to the counter to redemption of goodie bag, which value for first 50 Astro subscribers only. That also we didn't know of it until we reached there. 

One family only to take a picture with Sophia the First! 

The parking cost at Sunway Pyramid cost us RM5. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Today, MagiqADs and MYDIN are host at the MYDIN MALL USJ to bring together retailers, suppliers and clients for a day that will see the unveiling of brand new retail media initiatives that are now available at MYDIN.

The main objective of this event is to build awareness among the audience present on how MYDIN can be leveraged, as a powerful advertising platform in-store or in mall. The event will be graced by host of honors YBhg Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali Bin Mydin, Managing Director of MYDIN MOHAMED HOLDINGS BHD and Dato' (Dr) Siew Ka Wei, Group Managing Director of Ancom Berhad.

Above is Dato' (Dr) Siew Ka Wei, Group Managing Director of Ancom Berhad.

Above is YBhg Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali Bin Mydin, Managing Director of MYDIN MOHAMED HOLDINGS BHD

MYDIN has come a long way from its' humble beginnings from a small wooden shop in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in 1957 to over 200 outlets to date. These outlets consist of MYDIN Malls, MYDIN Hypermarkets, MYDIN Bazaars, MYDIN Emporiums, MYDIN Mart (franchise outlets), MYMYDIN Minimarkets, MyMart convenience stores, Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia (KR1M), and new brands under its premium division, SAM's Groceria and SAM's Deli. With MagiqADs onboard its exclusive retail media partner, MYDIN outlets have become a relevant channel for advertisers to reach 1.13 million shoppers monthly through a variety of attention-grabbing mediums.

 The partnership between MYDIN an dMagiqADs has spanned over 3 years and continues to grow in a direction that strives to set retail media trends through the constant development of out-of-the-box mediums. As of late, the partnership has produced a line-up of new mediums to refresh its existing roster, these mediums including engaging 3D floor animation, captivating Standees for Hypermarkets entrances and mall areas, attention-grabbing Board Runners, larger-than-life Wall Wraps and theme-oriented Cashier Counter Zoning.
 Above is show you how to use the MYDIN Meriah card to scan and print out the daily coupons.

In conjunction with the launch of these new mediums, MagiqADs will be having a limited offer of 33% off almost all MYDIN media. This promotion applies to all bookings made from now til 20 June 2014, while consumption period runs from July till end of 2014.

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