Friday, April 26, 2013

FREE $50 voucher from NICHII Paradigm Mall

I received an sms today NICHII; SS13 fashion show at Paradigm Mall. The first 100 to register with them and get $50 voucher. It is at 3.45pm today in Paradigm Mall. While stock last! Who have interest get free $50 voucher?

Anyway i am not going, i dont know their terms and conditions. As i know shopping voucher usually comes with terms and conditions example need spend $150 only can to use the voucher.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lennox Calorie Limit Tea

Yesterday head to IOI Mall to Sasa to collect my prize which I won from Sasa Malaysia Facebook. If you like contests, you can always try your luck in Facebook so many contests in Facebook.

I am holding is Lennox Calorie Limit Tea, green tea flavour. I haven't got time to try it out, I know that I need to drink it before any meal. I am not taking any at the moment as I don't know the effect of this drink. I am just worry of going to rest room if you know what I mean.

Weekdays busy mom fetch son to school, I don't like rest room in restaurants prefer rest room at home. This drink suppose to reduce body weight, 1 sachet before every meal, maximum of 3 sachets a day.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Postage PRIZE to winner

This morning I head to post office and happy to see I got the number in hand just nice to go counter to post the Prize. The registered post is RD182262581MY.

The Aeon Big is having the diaper fair, if you like to stock up the diapers it maybe the right time now. I still see RM20 Carrefour for a pack diapers M size available for sale.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fiffy Natasya Album Giveaway

Are you fan of Fiffy Natasya? Now your chance to win Fiffy Natasya Album Giveaway, click on the image to find out. :D

Good luck!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Winner of Lavender hand & body lotion worth RM98

Good afternoon to my readers and blog followers. It is a sunny day here, it is so hot I rather stay at home than going out. But I know I need to fetch my son soon, so if you are going out too don't forget to put on the sunscreen.

Now the winner goes to..

GFC: 1sun3
From: Kuala Lumpur
She is lucky winner of Lavender hand & body lotion giveaway. Winner chosen using

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Checklist: Lavender hand & body lotion participants

This is the list of Lavender hand & body lotion participants below. They are total 26 participants in this giveaway. This blog now having 156 followers.

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GFC:sweet memory

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Lavender hand & body lotion giveaway

Being mommy is never easy, we need to take care of our skin too. I have this Lavender hand & body lotion giveaway. You can share this lotion with your mom and sisters, yeah mother's day is next month. Don't wait now find out how to win this giveaway.

This giveaway open to GFC follower on my blog with valid address in Malaysia for postage.

The lucky winner wins Lavender hand & body lotion. This product is 250 ml, it is worth RM98.
Don't forget to be my GFC follower on this blog.

You need to comment as following:
example GFC: Sherrygo
email: sherrygo at ymail dot com
from: Selangor

Giveaway ends on 14 April, 2013 at 12 midnight. You need to come back this blog to find out if you are winner, winner will be chosen via
Do check out for another giveaway. :D

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

21 months toddler accomplishment!

Yeah my little boy is very active at home; he has accomplished to open door knob by himself. He knows to push the chair to the playpen to climb in the playpen by himself. I saw him doing it couple of time, he loves getting in and out of the playpen. Two weeks ago he didn't know how to get out of the playpen except just hanging on it but now he knows to climb out the playpen.

He's stronger than his brother; he falls down couple of time even just sitting on chair but didn't sit properly.

He's loves to run instead of walk, running here and there but he knows to brake in time!

We need all the eyes to watch him. He learns new trick by himself, he knows his favourite things he would keep them in drawer. Yeah that goes his brother looking for his toys. lol

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't leave your windows open at night!

This is scary but it is true, for those that sleep with open windows at night ponder the following. The size of the opening where the "accused" went through is less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

I know its hot weather in Malaysia, no matter what don't leave your windows open in the night. I remembered my friend shared with me that she thought she saw someone peeping her from the window at night.

For safety, best closed all windows tight. Double check them if you need.

Best be safe than sorry.

Picture above from Facebook.

Marriage and Divorce

I have friends that are failed in their marriage, it is sad to know that. Some reasons because they are lack of trust in love and relationship. Sad to say there is betrayal in marriage, I can never forget a friend told me that her husband betrayed her while she is in confinement after having baby. It is important to find the avocat droit divorce montreal.

Some friends told me it is common to see marriage and divorce today. It is not easy being single parent, my friend is single parent of four children. It is complicated love life, when comes to love everyone has their experience and story to tell.

It's tough decision for her but she has no choice but divorce with her husband. They tried marriage consultation and others but it does not help. He just couldn't take it that the daughter he loves so much is not his. They have to find avocat droit familial montreal it is hard for everyone to accept, life goes on.

I have happy to say some friends divorce, they manage find true love in marriage and start a family together. Marriage needs support from each other, nobody likes to end marriage with divorce or find lawyer to settle.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Looking for wedding photographer

I am so happy for my friend; she told me that she's getting married. She's looking for wedding photographer, I suggest her to check out the wedding photographer halifax. She has interest to look for wedding photographer to take beautiful moment of her wedding.

They are many wedding recommendations at the website you can check out the halifax wedding photography. Ever couple like to capture their beautiful moment for best memory. I visited the website and find they are five wedding photography to view. The website is user friendly and easy to browse.

She told she has some wedding questions, I told her to check this website for the wedding advice. Do you know what camera the wedding photographer use? Do you prefer wedding photography taken indoor or outdoor? If you have the choice you can choose to take wedding photography indoor and outdoor. Find the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

After wedding photos taken you will need to choose the wedding albums, take a look at the website they have offer a range of wedding albums to choose from. If you have interest to know more of wedding photographer halifax, click on the link above.

I am sure my friend excited to find suitable wedding photographer for her wedding.

Free Pepper Spray@Watsons

This afternoon I was in Watsons for a while and I saw there is free gift available, it is Pepper Spray Beautiful You. It is free for you if you purchase RM30 of the products in a single receipt. Anyway I purchased two bottle of Clear Shampoo for my son.

The items you can see in my instagram sherrygo. I managed installed the codes for the pictures I shared on instagram. :D

Just for your info, if you like to purchase the Clear Shampoo head to Guardian, it is cheaper there! No kidding I only know this after haul in Watsons! RM11 in Guardian for Clear Shampoo but it's small bottle not the size I bought in Watsons. My son likes the Ice Cool Menthol, so cooling on his hair.

To get this free pepper spray you need to purchased certain products, you can visit Watsons for detail. Best you head to counter first to ask is freebie still available or not.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guardian Bargain Corner@Subang Parade

There is Guardian Bargain Corner in Subang Parade, this afternoon was there a while. It is going on until Sunday, it in centre court you can never miss it.

Here is info for winner of my giveaway in this blog, postage morning in post office. RD182266858MY.

Anyway i have bought some dye hair products there. I have not seen the brand before the sales girl says it is only sale in saloon. A box RM25 and if you purchase two boxes you get freebie of hair care product! You will need pay first the dye hair products then show recepit for redemption.

Check out my instagram sherrygo to see more pics, not yet snap my haul. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drunk driver bang seven cars near school

Yesterday I was bit late to reach near school to find parking, not long after parking and I head down to the shop area. I heard some moms saying there have been a serious car accident, no casualty but the drunk driver bang seven cars from left side of the road and right side of the road!

One lady driver told my friends and me that she followed the drunk driver car from behind, she saw what happened she thought the driver purposely hit the cars because the roads are narrowed due to cars parking outside the parking area.

Anyway many cars damaged and badly scarred, there is long marked at side of cars! The last car the drunk driver hit was Perodua Kancil and it is badly damaged the front car section. The drunk driver car hits a lorry and the side mirror of car flew off! Yeah Police was at the scene, the lady driver saw the man came out of the car one hand holding his head then sat down on the floor. I don't know if the car owners were there to check on their car, many people says they heard loud bang!

I didn't see the accident happened until they mention it. I didn't see the damaged cars but sound like serious; the car owners will need to repaint their cars!

Free tote bag purchase Female Magazine

Dear readers and followers, I am happy to tell you that there's freebie available. I went to watch movie two nights ago at GSC One Utama and I check out the Mynews stand and found these freebies! I saw three colours of tote available pink, black and grey, the tote is inside the plastic bag of the Female Magazine April 2013 issue.

The Female Magazine cost RM8, I purchased two Female Magazine so total RM16.

Yesterday I was in Borders, The Garden sad to say this already sold out. You may try find this in Mynews but not all the out available.

In Midvalley the MPH bookstore, I saw the free tote bag still available, but I only saw grey colour.

The tote does not have zip, it is big and wide suitable to put jacket/sweather! I am happy to purchase this and for mom like me, you know I can put many things inside. :D

Are you going to purchase the Magazine for the freebie? I must say I am attracted to the freebie more than the magazine :D

Job Opportunities for Pwds/OKU

For your information the meaning of (Pwds) is Persown With Disability, in Bahasa Malay it is Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU).

On Tuesday I attended Carnival Job Opportunities for Pwds at MYDIN USJ. You can read about it by click on the link. MYDIN MOHAMED HOLDINGS BERHAD has got jobs suitable for them.

Below are few categories of OKU.

OKU hearing problem jobs suitable for them will be
Assistant Inventory, Grafic Drawer, Store Assistant, Sales Assistant, Adminstrative Assistant

OKU Pyhsical (hand/leg) jobs suitable for them will be
Assistant Customer Service, Usherer, Assistant Inventory, Assistant Account, Sales Assistant, Store Assistant

OKU Education/Slow learners/Blur Sight jobs suitable for them will be
Security, Assistant Store, Sales Assistant

For more detail you can click above link.

How to Comfortably Find Single Seniors in Your Area

If you are a newly single senior, you may find entering the dating world daunting. If this describes you, understand that there are thousands of senior singles in your area who are feeling the exact same way. Dating is nerve-wracking at any age, and being a senior is no exception. This is for a variety of reasons, but they can all be put to rest once you find out how to comfortably find single seniors in your area. Once you’re ready to start dating again, below are a few ways to find single seniors without leaving your comfort zone.

Comfortably Finding Single Senior

There are many ways to find other single seniors without leaving the comfort of your own home, or without putting yourself in awkward situations. Below are a few strategies that you can try to help you meet other singles.

·         Online Dating. Many seniors shy away from online dating. They may think that the technology is too confusing or that it is not an adequate way to meet people. However, rest assured, you can learn how to use the technology required to meet other singles online. If you can navigate the internet and write an email, you will be able to use a dating website. Additionally, it is now socially acceptable to meet others through the internet. This has made meeting others even easier. The creation of specific types of dating sites helps assist in this ease. For example, try out 50 plus dating club to join a community of other senior singles.

·         Ask Friends and Family. It can be embarrassing to ask people if they know any eligible singles to set you up with. However, rest assured, thousands of people meet life companions through friends and family every day. Reach out to your close relatives and friends and ask if they know anyone who you might connect with.

·         Singles Only Events. Investigate various singles events that may be located throughout your town. You will be able to find organizations that are hosting singles mixers in your areas. Some of these are simple meet and greets, while others may be centered on various activities. Run a search for dating events in your area to find these unique types of events. You may be surprised that there are a number of events for dating in Sheffield.

You do not have to push yourself too far outside of your comfort zone to find single seniors. All you need to do is step outside of your comfort zone just a little to expand your horizons to meet new people.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Listen Giveaway winner!

Happy April's fool everyone, have you been fool today? The Listen Giveaway, they have four participants with five entries.

They are four participants, here they are. Each of them earn one entry and last participant earning two entries. Each given a number for the
GFC :Miss chocolate 1
GFC : Miss Anonymous 2
gfc : Fara lulu^^ 3
GFC :siti_syhd 4,5

The winner of Listen Giveaway, goes to Miss Chocolate!

The Top Referral it is GFC :siti_syhd.

Winners please email me your name, address, tel to sherrygo at hotmail dot com.

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