Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunway Lagoon "Waves of Fun"

School holiday, where to go? Have you plan your children school holiday? It's gonna be December so you don't want to miss out the fun in Sunway Lagoon. Sunway Lagoon is where you can have holiday fun and excitement with its "Waves of Fun" campaign, a whole good time for the whole family. It's fun and educational for the kids and grown up.

Sunway Lagoon is where you can enjoy pure fun and excitement, experience the wonders of over 80 rides and attractions spread across Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park and Scream Park. "Asia's Best Attraction" fame, the multi-park is also home to World's First Waterplexx 5D and World's Largest Water Ride - Vuvuzela, I tried this Vuvuzela and I love it.

Last Sunday, it's family fun for us as we headed to Sunway Lagoon. The theme park has planned out a whole new range of exciting activities and exciting promotions from 21 November 2015 to 3 January 2016. Sunway Lagoon is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Early morning as early as 9.55 every morning, you'll find Sunway Lagoon will be graciously received with an energetic and fun opening dance performance, followed by a meet-and-greet session with the park's professional dancers, clowns, stilt walkers, famous icon characters such as Peter Pan, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Sunway Lagoon's very own iconic mascots - Captain Quack and Lady Quack!

The revelry continues from 12.00 noon to 5.30 pm as Sunway Lagoon Water Park turns up the heat with a b-boy (breakdancing) dance performance, DJ pool party, a Carnival Parade, and a Marching Band, specially presented by Sunway Lagoon events team.

 Sports enthusiasts and those who simply want to sweat it out even more can lead over to the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach from 2.30pm to 4.30pm and participate in the Beach volleyball games or surf in the public wave session with the waves that rise as high as 8-feet.

we are at the Surf Beach of Sunway Lagoon
Kids also like playground at the Water Park, my sons non stop having a good time.

 How many rounds my kids going on the slides? Countless, but there's huge bucket at the playground that filling with water on top. Yup! That well on me just in time when I want to run off, hehe.. didn't make it to the ground I got all wet from head to toe. You should try that, it's fun waiting for the water to fill up.
mumbling... can we get in the van now?

River bank that my son enjoy with his kitty float and kicking his legss
Just to let you know if you are with young children and the young at heart, you can check out the Wildlife Multi-Animal Show at 3.00pm in Wildlife Theatre where they can see cute and cuddly animals like small toothed palm civet, ball python and parrots performing little tricks.

kids exciting to go see the white lion

my sons are happy to see the pair of of White Lions, Zola and Zuri. 

We went to check out the world's wildlife animals, who have made Sunway Lagoon their home.
These include a new pair of White Lions, Zola and Zuri. 
The white lions are a great addition to the Sunway Wildlife Park's recent expansion plans that provides you the opportunity to learn more about wildlife. Their Wildlife Park also promotes messages on how we can help to top poaching and cruelty of animals.
my sons with a nice close up with the Tiger.

For the more daring and adventurous, you should not miss the ever popular Lynton V. Harris' Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon! Among other supernatural experiences, you can delve into a world of cryonics with frozen bodies coming to life at Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation, which just opened its doors for the first time ever in Malaysia!
Don't forget to request a map of Sunway Lagoon at the Sunway Lagoon counter. 

Good news if you are Malaysian, as Malaysians celebrating their birthdays will enjoy FREE admission into Sunway Lagoon for a period of a week for their birthday, along with a meal voucher worth RM10, redeemable at F&B outlets within the park. Sunway Pals members also get a free double tube to add to the merriment. Knowing that no celebration is complete without a party, Sunway Lagoon will also offer a 30% discount off the entrance fee for up to four accompanying guests of the birthday boy or girl.

Besides birthday celebrations, Sunway Lagoon also offers special promotion to celebrate senior citizens. Malaysian senior citizens over the age of 60 are able to enjoy Sunway Lagoon for FREE.

You will get to enjoy 30% off on normal admission rate via Sunway Lagoon two online promotion packages - Family packages of 4 To Go*. Wtih Family Packages, 2 adults and 2 kids would only cost RM378, and that's not all; all the packages comes with complimentary RM10 retail voucher and meal voucher. As for 4 To Go, 4 adults admission tickets would only cost RM420 and it comes with complimentary RM20 retail voucher.

*Only applicable for purchase via Sunway Lagoon's website with maximum two packages per transaction from 21 November 2015 to 3 Juan 2016.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to know more information on Sunway Lagoon,
call 603 5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at
or its Facebook page at

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Kleenex 3-PLY Scented Facial Tissues Use The Science of Scent

Good evening, it's rainy day outside. Today I am going to blog about Kleenex 3 - PLY Scented Facial Tissues. Since it's school holiday, I also find them to bonding with family members especially my sons. They do grow up fast, so grab every moment with them and spend time with them as much as possible. I am glad we have some same interest to share with each other. 

I know that they are many facial tissue in the market, what so special about the Kleenex 3- PLY Scented Facial Tissue. Kleenex introduces a new way to enjoy its softness, infusing rose essential oil or cherry blossom fragrance into its first Kleenex 3-PLY Scented Facial Tissues. 

There is nothing like the smell of freshly-washed laundry, cookies baking in the oven, or flowers in bloom to put a smile on your face. 

Such wonderful scents simply lift our spirits, making us feel more positive and nurturing, even when our environment is stressful or overwhelming.

It's school holiday and I have fun activities with my sons. 
We used the Kleenex 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues to make flower. 
Do you like rose or carnation?

It's easy to create the carnation flower, just folded two pieces of tissue together.
Folded it two times then cut it circle shape. 
Then the edge of the circle, cut it about 1 cm.
We did the same again with the other tissue but putting on color pens on it.
The color pen We used two color to create colorful carnation.

I am sure you know that a bouquet of flower is expensive,
why not create one with your loved one and present it to her. 
I find it is more meaningful creating the master piece for loved ones.

How about brotherly love?
I love my sons, so glad that they get along well. 

Dear Malaysians, you are invited to join the "power of scent" movement and bring softness and scent to your lives and into those loved ones simply by requesting a sample of the brand-new Kleenex 3-Ply Scented Tissues at 
or share uplifting message on social media with the hashtag 

You can find this Kleenex 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues in a packs 
(RM10.30 for four packs of 74 sheets and RM14.55 for four packs of 114 sheets) and 
soft packs (RM5.35 for four packs of 46 sheets).

If you like to know more about Kleenex, you can log on to Kleenex  Malaysia Facebook page

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dining at Coffee Terrace Resort World Genting

my son excited about getting on the bus
Last Saturday morning, we are the early birds that arrived at Wisma Genting at 9 am in the morning as we are excited to go Resort World Genting with parenting bloggers, RWG kids bloggers and bloggers. The bus only depart around 11.15 am.

It's one hour drive to reach Resort World Genting. We have our lunch at Coffee Terrace, it's located at Lobby Floor of Genting Grand. It's buffet lunch, that's everyone like eat all you can.

So many choices of food from Chicken Rice, Ipoh Hor Fun, Char Kway Teow, Asam/Curry Laksa, Satay, Ice Kacang and many more.

Satay is one of the must eat in the list! 
This is one of the local Malaysian favourite, 
there's side dishes to add on the ketupat rice, cucumber, cut onions, cut pineapples and satay sauce. 

 You can try Chinese Food and Western Food. After all you are in Malaysia, I am sure you like to try Flavors of Malaysia if you are not local.

There's soup of the day with bread available as well. 

Salad bar where everyone likes to create their own healthy salad meal for a good start.

Happy Chef behind the scene, whats cooking? Some chefs do walk around to check if there's still food, if not they will cook and replace the empty pot.
After a heavy meal, don't forget to eat some desserts and fruits. 
There's coffee machine for you to make your own coffee too. 

Variety of fruits namely dragon fruits, green apples, water melon, papaya. 

Other than fruits, you can also find ice cream to eat. 

To what extend bloggers will do to take photo of food?
Yeah this is what we do, if you love to snap food before you eat, you'll know of this. 
After all, the table have all these yummy dishes filled up waiting for picture.

Spot some of the Malaysian bloggers and Singapore Bloggers 

For your information Coffee Terrace is of the most spacious dining restaurants at the resort.
They have four sections - 
Private Room
Lanai Bar
Nyonya Baba Corner
and Alfresco Terrace.

The premise can accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time. 

If you have interest to dine at Coffee Terrace with your family and friends, I am sure you like to know about their price. 

Daily Buffet Special for this month only! November

Operating hours:
Buffet Lunch:
12 noon to 2.30 pm

Buffet Lunch:
RM38 nett (adult), RM19 nett (child)
RM50.00 nett (adult), RM25 nett (child) Eve PH & PH

Ed Alonzo "Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem" in Genting International Showroom

What to do if you are going to Genting Highlands? Why not check out this Psycho Circus in Genting. This is one of America's foremost comedic magicians, Ed Alonzo who has appeared in a number of television shows and once even toured with Britney Spears is coming to Resorts World Genting.

The "Misfit Magician" as he has come to be known, is famous for his madcap sense of humor will be showcasing his magic cum circus like show from 7 November to 13 March 2015 for a thrilling time.

This school holiday, why not bring your kids and family members for this "Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem", the show starts at 8 pm daily on some dates there will be also be matinee performances on selected dates.

On last Saturday, we watched the show in the afternoon and one of the audience was invite to the stage. The magic show brings audience laughter, anxious and joy at the same time.

A fun-filled family magic circus show that combines magic and unique world class acts, it is time-tested - having successfully toured the US and have been shown on the Royal Carribean's Quantum of the Seas.

You may already have witnessed Ed's quirky side in such television shows as Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and America's Next Top Model.

This 80 minutes show is held at Genting International Showroom, features Ed, some dancers and several circus acts.
One of Ed Alonzo's guest performance on the day was Loughron James Stephen from Australia.
He's good with human body twist,
Swallowing led swords,
Dangerous stunts,
Kids don't learn this at home!

Watched out the photos below for some great performances, kids please don't learn this at home!
Another guest of Ed Alonzo's guest performance is Toru Sato San from Japan. 
Toru Sato San he's good fire stunt.

How Toru Sato San put out the fire at the end of the show, you got to watch it yourself to find out.

We have a fun filled time with bloggers and kids bloggers.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to book the time to watch the Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem do check out to purchase your tickets. 
You can also call Ticketing Hotline:
603 -2718 1118

Tickets for this show are priced:
RM88 (PS2), RM128 (PS1) to RM168 VIP)

Children's ticket prices are at RM48 (PS2), RM68 (PS1), and RM88 (VIP).

If you are planning for overnight stay at the Resort, there's attractive packages available you.
The room package with show ticket is just priced at RM150 that comes with one room night stay in a standard room at the First World Hotel. 
Or opt for the First World Hotel XYZ Triple room package at RM210 with one night stay,
two adult tickets and two child tickets. 

The room package promotion can be purchased from the Resorts World Genting website.

Chin Swee Caves Temple at Genting Highlands

This school holiday are you planning for a family vacation? Have you been to Chin Swee Caves Temple? It's our second time to the temple, located 4,600 feet sea level and at the most scenic site of Genting Highlands, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is the perfect getaway for this school holiday also for those that like to escape the busy city in town.
my 4 years old son.
We loved the view as it is overlooking the lush green slopes of virgin forests; the Chin Swee Temple is where you can snap many beautiful photos of the hills.
Many people come to this temple for pray for better health, wealth or prosperity. 
I was told if you have a wish, you can come this temple to pray. 
Many people have got their wishes come true. 

For parents, we usually pray for child's safety, health and education. We also pray for family members
My son Resorts World Genting Kid Blogger
Among some of the attractions you can find at the Chin Swee Caves Temple included the newly-build observation square called the Sky Terrace.
large statues of Kuan-Yin stand tall 
Within the vicinity, you can find the large statues of Buddha and Kuan-Yin stand tall behind the five-storey Temple. Besides praying to both Buddha and Kuan-Yin, 
for your info devotees can also pray to a black seated statue Reverend Master Chin Swee,
which is found inside the Temple.
another large statue of Buddha
If you like to stay at the temple, there is accommodation available. The Gohtong Hall, part of the Chin Swee Caves Temple, consists of 110 rooms - 93 triple rooms and 17 double rooms -
for medication, retreat and self discovery. 

All of the rooms are equipped with basic facilities such as ceiling fan, standing shower and luggage racks, with peaceful environment of the temple, the Goh Tong Hall will be the ideal place for those who seek for peace and quiet time away from busy cities. 

Everyone is busy looking at the pond? Some of them have also throw coins in the pond.
You can find the food for turtle available for purchase in the temple. 

The Chin Swee Caves Temple also boats two meeting rooms with a build-up area of 1,400 square feet and 650 square feet respectively. The Goh Tong Meditation Hall has a space of 7,035 square feet and is able to accommodate 300 people comfortably to host a variety of functions, from brainstorming sessions to group meditation activities and weddings. 

It is fully air conditioned and is equipped with PA system, projector screen, plasma TV,
stage platform. Two meeting rooms and a VIP lounge are also available at the Hall.
A Taoist temple, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is situated on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder, the late Tan Sri Dato' Seri Lim Goh Tong. The Chin Swee Caves Temple was officially opened in 1994.

One of the most popular tourist attraction at Chin Swee Caves Temple is the educational Journey to Enlightenment that depicts the Ten Chambers of Hell. According to Chinese beliefs, the soul of a dead person would be sent to the First Chamber of Hell and his past deeds would be screened by Chin-Kwong-Wang, the King of the First Chamber, who would decide whether or not and where he should receive punishment. 

A good soul would be sent for rebirth in the Heavenly Realm and an evil soul would be sent to one of the remaining nine chambers of Hell, each empowered to impose various degrees of punishment.

The Ten Chambers of Hell, take a vivid, sometimes disturbing, take this trip as you'll see each chamber has a story of its own. Find out about the ten levels of Chinese hell and discover the principles of karma, cause and effect in Buddhism.

You can read about the Seventh Chamber of Hell and  Eight Chamber of Hell, by click on the link.

Seven Fairies
Bridge of Fairies, the beauty of this ornate bridge is made even more alluring with the presence of statues of the Seven Fairies descending gracefully from the heaven. 

If you like to go there, there's a fast, convenient and economical journey to Chin Swee Caves Temple, travelers can use the Genting Express Bus Service to Genting Highland resorts.
Available from :
Pudu Sentral 
KL Sentral Station
Terminal Putra LRT Gombak
1 Utama Shopping Mall

Free freeder buses will pick up passengers at First World Hotel (Lane 3) to Chin Swee Caves Temple

If you have interest to go Chin Swee Temple at Genting Highlands, if you need more information o this place you can also visit 
or call
Chin Swee Temple Goh Tong Hall Retreat Direct line 
at 03- 2718 1113.

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