Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smaug the dragon is awake!

Yesterday night we head to TGV Cinema in Sunway Pyramid for the Hobbit 2. First to say the parking ticket cost RM8, it was a long night but we are happy that we watched enjoy the movie. Mother and son watching Hobbit 2 together, son's excited to watch it. We watched in Cinema 4, 3D glasses in hand.

If you have seen The Hobbit, I am sure you don't want to lose chance to watch The Hobbit desolation of smaug. How the burglar going to escape from the dragon?

Son haven't watch LOTR, I think he should watch it. He will understand more about the ring in the movie. I mean the power of the ring, where everyone is calling it precious!

Next movie with son will be Walking with the Dinosaur!

I think both of us last saw movie using 3D glasses was Pacific Rim.


  1. Hobbit 2 is fabulous! You are so blessed to watched it in 3D :)

  2. Is Hobbit movies nice?? I haven't watch both part yet

  3. oh yes, I like the movie too.

    1. Ok will watch it next time maybe i'll wait for it to premiere it on astro :)


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