Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beware of fake school transporters

It maybe an old news but it is happening everywhere. I read about a mommy got shocked about the fake transporter. Apparently the transporter go to her house to fetch her child to primary school, saying that the actual transporter was sick and he's there to replacement the transporter. Her child was sleepy the day and wake up 15 minutes late, she told the fake transporter that child not yet awake so transporter left. But time goes by the actual transporter turn up at her home waiting for her child, she immediately ask the transporter that I though you were sick as someone came early say wants to fetch her child.

This is not just happen to her, but to others as well even at the primary school. Parents please take note of this. There's another case where the standard 1 pupil was waiting the transporter the fake transporter came and say she's the replacement transporter but the pupil says there's his sister that he's waiting also as both are using same transporter. By the time pupil's sister finished classes and with the pupil, actual transporter came to fetch them.

Please let your children know that there's fake transporter or don't follow anyone else but their transporter. I am not sure if the transporter can't make it they will have inform other transporters nearby to know about it or even call their parents to tell.

I am transporter to my sons as transporters here are expensive so I do it myself to send my children.

Even to parents let your child know that you'll be there to fetch them no matter what. If there's someone to replacement let the children know about it. We don't want our children to ends up in the wrong hands.

It's also important to help out transporters as well, sometimes children not attend class/school/kindergarten transporters don't aware of it. They end up going kindergarten to pickup but teacher told transporter child no attend school today. It's important we have two way communications.

Monday, April 20, 2015

We have fun at EnerZ Extreme Park

above is Mr. Alvin Tey, Managing Director of the EnerZ Extreme Park

Asia's very first indoor extreme park and sports arena, Enerz Extreme Park, launched the EnerZ G.S.T Chlallenge earlier.

Being mommy of two boys, I always wonder where children and adults can have fun together. I find that there is this place EnerZ Extreme Park.

Aiming to get everyone excited about fitness and encourage them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, the EnerZ G.S.T. (Gut Builder - Sky Ropes - Trampolines) Challenge will feature photos and vidoes of individuals who choose to participate in an adrenaline-fueling and heart-racing challenge at EnerZ Extreme Park.
Warm up session with the coaches at EnerZ Extreme Park

The Challenge requires participants to perform one of the chosen activities on the Gut Builder, Sky Ropes or Trampolines, and nominate their friends or family to do the same by uploading their fun and energetic photos/videos on Facebook or Instagram via the hashtags
My son and friends so happy and excited to play in EnerZ Extreme Park.
Scroll down to view which children session that my son able to complete.

Amber Chia, she's ready for the Flying Fox! 
Amber Chia shows off her skills on the Sky Ropes and nominated a fellow model to take up the Trampoline Challenge.
A group photo with the Vips. 
As the health and wellness continues to be a major concern for us in Malaysia, more concerted efforts need to be made to reach out all levels of the community, to encourage a change in mind-set an inspire action to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. 
This is one of the reasons Enerz Extreme Park came up with the fun twist of the GST, the EnerZ GST Challenge. 

One of the coach showing the correct way to jump the trampoline.

Adding further value to the Challenge, and giving back to the community, EnerZ Extreme Park has pledge to sponsor one orphanage to attend their EnerZ Edutainment Programme for each submission of the EnerZ GST Challenge received on Facebook or Instagram. This pledge will be carried out under the umbrella of the EnerZ Care Project, which aims to provide "energized edutainment" to children in need in the Subang Jaya vicinity. 

The EnerZ Edutainment Programme, one of the highlights of the Extreme Park, is designed especially for kids. Adapted from the Australian Edutainment Programme to suit local culture and learning styles, this "edutainment" programme is designed to enable kids to learn and explore fun physical activities that nurture leadership qualities and team building skills. 

Fun time for my son jumping at Trampoline.

Wow, this is cool, how they did it? Jump and stand aside the wall? 

Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, the EnerZ Extreme Park features a plethora of activities and facilities for all ages, catered for those who are young and young at heart and have the energy to burn. 
Among their highlights include trampolines, sky ropes, dodge ball, foam pits, badminton courts, martial arts and fitness classes. 
I am proud of my son, I know he's afraid of height but he manage to have fun in the first level of the children session. There are total three levels to go as you can see above picture. Each level is getting more and more tougher. 

 Check out my instagram video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5 and video 6 for more actions.
My son enjoys the children session.
For your info on children session height limitation is 90cm to 160cm.
If you like to view some photos taken my me, please visit https://www.facebook.com/mymomsbest

They offer an outlet for children, youths and adults to exhaust their energy in a healthy and fun manner, make use of their time productively. If you like to have family events there, check out this place. 

ENERZ INDOOR EXTREME PARK is located besides Honda Service Centre Subang Indah, next Honda is Mamee.
Lot 791, Persiaran Subang Indah, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

For more info, please visit

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tips for Fabulous Menu Design for Your Restaurant

Every great restaurant needs a great menu - and we’re not just referring to the choice of dishes and the way the food is presented and cooked, we’re also talking about the way in which the choice of dishes are presented themselves.

You’ve got it, we’re talking menu design.

Here are a few ideas to remember when you re-design the menu for your restaurant business:

1 - Many restaurateurs have been setting up a fundamental design mistake for many years. They believed their customers would look at the top right hand corner first so put their most tempting, high profit goodies right there. Research now suggests however that lots of customers read a menu in the same way that they can would read a book - starting on the left hand reading and page down before going on to the right hand page.

2 - Make it easy for your potential customers to find what they really want by dividing the menu up into logical sections. You must have your starters, your sides, your mains, your drinks, your desserts etc all clearly marked and in their own space.

3 - Don’t overdo the photographs. Although it might be tempting to get an image of the eye watering steak as the back picture of your menu, these days many people associate this sort of thing with junk mail. If you do want to use photographs make certain that they are of the highest quality however, many successful businesses actually leave the picturing of the food to the imagination of their clients. Paint an image with words, that’s most likely the best idea.

4 - Illustrations will most likely work better than photographs. They can help to promote the personality of your restaurant too.

5 - Don’t worry excessive about currency signs; it doesn’t always pay to remind customers about how much they’ll be spending on their meal. If there are no currency signs on the menu - I bet you hadn’t thought of that one, research suggests that customers will spend more money money.

6 - Boxes are good. Surrounding some of your most delicious (and profitable) dishes with boxes could be a great idea. Boxes are very proficient at grabbing the eye of customers and can be used to promote particular dishes.

7 - The font is very important too. It is the best way to communicate the brand of a restaurant but remember one very important detail - it must be easily readable. Don’t forget to mix in the typeface a little too, using a different typeface for perhaps the names of the dishes to the ones used in the descriptions. A great deal of this will depend upon the space seen on the menu.

8 - Colors are exceedingly important. Choose your colors to coincide with your restaurant appeal and theme to your potential audience. Colors do have quite remarkable psychological effects on people so remember that. The color scheme of your menu holders may go some way towards setting the mood in the restaurant in addition to drawing the eye to particular food items in the menu. A Mexican style restaurant, by way of example may pick a warm color scheme which can be most generally associated with that genre of food. Follow these few tips once you design your restaurant menus and you won’t go far wrong. There are a few fabulous accessories available at YescomUSA which will really assistance to complement your menu and your restaurant by and large. Why not take a look and see how you can improve the ambiance and style of your business which in turn can help it to be more profitable.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

iprice one stop shopping destination

Being mommy of two boys, I need time for myself. Sometimes I check online for window shopping. Well now there's iprice one stop shopping destination, you can access from home or office to browee online. 

I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse.
I can find many brands available, besides that online coupon and offers.
Do you know that Zalora is having special clearance with 70% markdown?

My friend who is new parent now, she has newborn baby girl. She told me that she's bored at home because she cannot go out for shopping. She forget that she has Internet at home where she can browse online or online shopping. 

You can either shop for yourself or your loved one.
Next month is Mother's Day and June's is Father's Day.
Never too late to plan out what you plan for your loved ones.

I used my phone to browse on iprice, 
below is the image I screen shot.
I like the boots, they are so cute! 

With only budget below RM150 on boots, I find there's variety of choice to choose from.
I will take time to see which I like most, the design, color and shape of the boots.
I saw there is high heels boots but I don't like wearing heels as I am clumsy. 

Many mommies like me prefer to shop online because they are lazy to go out, well actually not that I don't want to go out. If I am going out I need bring stroller, backpack for the diapers, milk powder, extra clothes for my toddler. How much time I would spend on shopping when I bring my kids out? Oh well I am sure if you are mommy, you'll know that shopping time is limited with children. 

I prefer online shopping where I can sit back home to browse for items I need to purchase.

They have coupon online and online deals for you to find out too. 

You can also sign up to discover amazing deals they have on iprice.
Don't just read here, click above link to find out more info.

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