Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One year old baby refused playpen

Playpen is very useful, I remembered purchased it from Anakku warehouse sales many years ago while pregnant with my first child. My baby is going to be a year old in June, it seems playpen no longer his favourite place. He wants to go out and explore, he would be standing and holding the playpen.

His crawling is in sitting position and he is fast. He can open the drawer and remove all items inside. He stands up towards glass cabinet, both hands banging the glass try to reach things inside. My big boy likes to play with him, I can't deny my baby is more active than his bro.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mickey Mouse & Disney Train Set

I am sure everyone knows of Mickey Mouse, we can even sing it together. My son used to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, now there is Mickey Mouse in Midvalley. Lucky us, we decided to try our luck to find parking even though there is signed full outside. My dear driving around in parking lot to find parking and drop us off first.
It is indeed a crowded day on Saturday, every where you can see a crowd except for the Gardens. We have lunch at Ninja Joe, the restaurant that serve pork burgers.
Do you remember I post up a Disney Train which had cookies inside? We are so happy last Saturday we saw the train set selling there, it cost RM19.90. I saw many parents grabbing one set for their children. My son also same grabbing one set. So many Mickey Mouse there we don't have chance to take picture with any of them.

I just took some pictures of the Mickey Mouse with crowd, do you spot yourself in the picture?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Belated Teachers Day

I created this just for the Teachers Day, I asked my boy to gave them to his teachers. Each is unique and handmade by me, each is different and these are bracelets for four lovely Teachers.

The bracelets has got dolphin, clay flower, sewing machine, hand, butterfly and so on.

Mommies have you got present for your children's teachers?

Last year I gave my son's teacher, Avon perfume and white pouch.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big toy bag to keep toys

Being mommy is not an easy task; also need to keep my kids toys. So many toys here and there I may want to buy this big toy bag to keep all the toys. My son has many toys he putting them here and there I have got to thing of something to keep the toys.

The big toy bag is 92cm, it is purple in colour. Now RM58 instead of RM99 free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia. Now you can organise those toys in one place, mommies do you agree with me?
Don't just read here go click above link to see the deal now!

Do you check your plugs at home?

I like to know how many of you at home would pull out the plug to see. Above pictures are real and the plug you see is the fridge plug. You can refer to the second picture and you see there is nothing wrong with the plug, but once pulled out there is burn hole! Seriously this will caused fire in house if you are not careful. That night we lost our electricity my dear take the advantage to check out the plug. He has the feeling there is something wrong he suspects on the fridge's plug, true enough and this is the result. He faster put on his headlight and work on changing the fridge's plug, we are lucky we have purchased a spare one for emergency. The house electricity only back on after few hours.

FYI, I still purchased the brand you see in the picture for putting multiple plug namely for rice cooker, fridge, and so on. Let me know if you make full use of them, sometimes we do and sometimes we don't use them all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Redemption Dongcha@IOI Mall

I purchased the voucher online and it was almost last day so last Saturday we decided to go IOI Mall. The picture above you looking at the Alisan tea with noodle and Honeydew with black pearl. I prefer honeydew because if I take the tea I wouldn't able to sleep. I still tea and coffee in the morning or afternoon but depend on my mood. LOL

The two packing you are looking at is Jumbo Cream and Belgium Chocolate. You need to eat it while hot but I don't like to eat when it is hot. I let it cool down and eat, well it is not very tasty for me. LOL

Have you tried any drink from Dongcha?

While I waiting for my ordered, the boys were at the queue to take balloon from the Clown.

Spot the fake Bugslock

Do you remember that I have purchased the Bugslock, make review of it and now there is fake Bugslock. Above picture can you spot the fake Bugslock? I took two pictures so you can have a closer look at them. I purchased the mosquitoes repellent 10 pieces cost me RM22, it seem it is fake Bugslock. Look at the quality of them in the picture.

The wristband in green is thicker and solid, the orange wristband is soft and has a back lock. First time when open the packing of the packing it has aweful smell, I mean the fake Bugslock. They have the same name Bugslock and also packing but if you look closely there is different. The fake Bugslock is made in China.

The green Bugslock you looking at I purchased three of them for RM30, the product is made in Korea.

Off topic I am having giveaway at my other blog, have a look, it is 50,000 Total Page Views Giveaway.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

IOI Mall: Clown Ballony Walkabout

I am sure kids love clown, it is fun bringing my children to IOI Mall on Sunday. I found this schedule to share with you, if you have interest to now when is the Balloon giveaway click above image to view them. My kids got the balloon and they are so happy. You need to know the clowns will distribute the balloon to you first when you queue so he knows limit on how many balloons to give out.
My kids got a doy and a sword balloon. :D

They have time on balloon giveaway at 2pm, 5pm an 8pm.

Review: Guardian Plasters sterile plasters water resistant

Today the product review is Guardian Plasters sterile plasers water resistant, this pack consists of 20 pcs. It is highly absorbent, non-stick pad to protect your wounds. I find this product long-lasting, sure-stick adhensive stays secure on my skin. It is soft and flexible adhesive easily contours to my leg. It is easy an easy open wrapper.
Above is my left leg as you can see it matches colour of my skin. I got hurt when shaving my legs.
Above is my son's left leg, he got injured at playground, I used this Guardian plaster for him so he not worry of getting wet when taking shower.

I definitely will purchase this product again, FYI, I purchased this product last month from Guardian and decided to make a review of it. :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Review:Disney Train

I am so happy I have found this Disney Train from Empire Shopping Gallery, yesterday after hop on the Dior Bus I went to Jaya to shop for my son favourite biscuites. I was looking for biscuits and I can't take my eyes off this cute Disney Train, there are twelve packets of cookies in the Disney Train.

My first thought looking at this Disney Train, it must be expensive with some money on hand I decided to purchase this not only my son can eat the butter cookies he can also play the train.
Just for fun, anyone like to guess how much this set Disney Train?

I see that there is only a few boxes left, if you like to purchase head to Jaya have a look at the cookies corner. It is at the bottom of the rack!

ToysRUs members clearance sale

No kidding I received the SMS that there is ToysRUs member clearance sale it is happening at the Summit subang usj, F4,068 4th floor on 19 and 20 May, 2012. The time is from ten am to eight pm, you call can 0356343930 for detail. If you are going there don't forget to update me on the price of toys.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dior Addict Exreme Roadshow@Empire Gallery and Sunway Pyramid

Yes they are here, I am so happy me and my baby and sister-in-law go Empire Gallery this morning. We saw the Dior Addict Extreme Bus nearby the main entrance of Empire. You can't miss it, they will be there until 3pm. Then they will go Sunway Pyramid from 4pm to 10pm today!

Picture of me and my baby boy 11 month, before hop on the bus.
I just fill in a card and I get to choose one of twelve Extreme semi-transparent shades; from miimalist chic to sophisticated glamour, the new Dior Addict Extreme proves to be an IT lipstick for every fashionista. I choose only 857 and lipgloss is 256.
I got a semi-permanent Dior Addict IT for free and the Diorsnow UV shield BB crem SPF 50 PA +++, I redeem this at Subang Parade's Dior counter. :D

Care to share which shades you choose and lipgloss shade? Hurry hop on the bus now!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Dimple pink diaper bag n papa gift set

I have some friends being new parents, I am so happy for them. I like to share with you the deal I found Simple Dimple pink butterfly diaper bag with one piece matching print changing mat at RM25.90 instead of RM39.90. They have free nationwide delivery. This is budget gift if you want to give a gift to new mama.

There is other choice Simple Diaper Papa Gift Set (5 items) at RM179 instead of RM269.50. This set suitable for papa, this set inclusive of Simple Dimple Misty Cat Activity Program, Shield Bags - silver beta series XL, Simple Dimple Ladybird baby food bag, funny horse ring, starfish squeaker. They have free nationwide delivery.

If you are looking mama gift set, take a look at Simple Dimple Mama Gift Set (5 items) at RM129 instead of RM229.60. This set comes with Flower Friends Lion Activity Playgym, starfish squeker, chimed horse toys, Simple Dimple ladybird baby food bag. Now with free nationwide delivery.

Don't just read here if you like to see pictures of them, go ahead click the links above. They are wonderful gift for new mama and new papa. :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free Shiseido Gift Set@Parkson Setia City Mall

I received a mailer today, it is Parkson Setia City Mall. The first 100 customers who present this mailer to the Shiseido counter on 17 May, 2012 will receive a 2pc gift set upon a skin consultation with the skin specialist.

If you spend RM100 to receive a stamp. Collect 5 stamps, answer a simple question and submit your fully stamped card at their Customer Service Counter. This is valid from 17 May to 10 June, 2012.

There is free mug for the first 60 customers with purchases of RM250 and a above with a maximum of 2 receipts combined on the same day on every Sat & Sun.

Parkson Setia City Mall
UG-DS01 & L1-DS02,
Setia City Mall,
No.7, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Bandar Setia Alam,
Seksyen U13,
40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vote Eqbalzack

I am sure you know of the WWWOW DiGi Awards 2012, so many participants and one of them is Eqbalzack, you can check out his website to find his entry. You can vote for him under Nuffnang Blogger of The Year. You can vote everyday until 13 May, 2012.

He has got wonderful prizes to giveaway, above the cute limited button is up for grab for all participants. For detail of his giveaway just click above link.

Good luck.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vote and win Ipad 3,GPS and 100 unit thumbdrive

No kidding this is the time to vote and win ipad 3, GPS and 100 unit thumbdrive. This giveaway is held at , this wonderful giveaway gave you chance to win.

1. Ipad 3 x 1 unit
2. GPS x 1 unit
3. Thumbdrive 4 GB x 100 unit.

You can vote for and everyday until 13 May,2012. Vote for them at DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012.

For detail of this giveaway click above link.

Happy Mother's Day cupcakes

I want to wish my followers and readers Happy Mother's Day.
I collect the mini vanilla cupcakes yesterday, I share some of them with my mom. I visited her at the nursing home after collect them. She is happy to see this beautiful cupcakes. There is butterfly in colour of white and yellow. There are pink flowers too.
I gave my mom a bag as Mother's Day gift.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Driving toy with play phone

I bought this product online and it cost me RM38.50, can you believe that this toy only lasted for two days? Well the red steering wheel came out, I mean it is broken cannot be fix anymore. My son cried so hard as his little brother brake the toy.

This toy can still play only thing is left out the red steering wheel. There is light and music from the play phone and the board itself. It is quite fun I enjoy playing it too. You can press the button of fire engine, ambulance, train, plane, and car to make the sound.

What can I say I am paying for this price so I can't say much of the quality. My baby boy still very happy playing the red steering wheel even though it is out from the board. LOL

When he does that I think of the comedy show MR BEAN with his car, he removes the car steering wheel too.

This driving toy with play phone needs five AA batteries because the board needs three and the play phone needs two batteries. The play phone has the sound when pressed but I find the sound quite annoying.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sabah Giveaway by Sharina

This giveaway is fun just follow Sha 2nd blog and her FB.
You need to put her banner up and link to her blog.
I am tagging all my followers.
Giveaway ends 20 June, 2012.

For prizes detail just click banner above!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marvel''s the Avengers review

If you love action and hero movie this is it. On 26 April at eight in the night I watched this movie with my friend. She loves it too but it all started quite late as staff of MBO need make announcement. I got the tickets for free because I topup the MBO card at Subang Parade. The choice of seating was limited, I see the hall 3 is not full at all. This movie about how the heroes save the earth, the Hulk had frighten me two times in the movie. First he yelled at black widow, my friend not frighten by his voice. My son has no interest to watch as he scares of the Hulk shout. I see many parent bring their children along to watch. I told my son about this movie he kept asking me which good guy died. I told him he is a friend of Iron Man. Watching this movie at MBO is nice however I see some screen not quite smooth. The parking cost me rm5.50 I parked the car from six in the evening to ten thirty at night.

Who wanna win cool glasses?

Now I have problem access my hotmail account, if you want contact me do email me at sherrygo at ymail dot com.

By the way, you can go find out on how to win Firmoo glasses.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dragon bag 2012 with freebies

I am sure you love freebies, I never forgot of this dragon bag 2012 that I first purchased from a supermarket. I have family members that like to drink Super White Coffee, I like the Super Soy drink so yummy and delicious. This dragon bag comes with a DVD too and we enjoy listen to the music, my sister-in-law playing this almost every morning my baby boy so enjoy and jumping excited to see.

Above you see is the contains which taken out from the red dragon back. This bag is cute too, it is suitable for children and adult to use.

Did anyone of you grab this set during the Chinese New Year?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kwik Cut RM1 @subang parade

If you looking for hair cut do it today because it is only RM1 but it is until 6pm only, it is at the Kwik Cut. I think this is new hair salon I dont know of it until I check the Subang Parade Facebook. I told my friend and she maybe going as for me I am not as I just got my hair cut last weekend. Tell me where can you find RM1 haircut, well I don't know how is the hair cut style available there, you need to find out from them. So anyone going to Subang Parade for haircut today?

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