Friday, June 29, 2012

A&W coloring contest@3K subang jaya

Hi, I forgot to tell you there is coloring contest at 3K A&W, you need pay RM10 registration. You kid will get a set free meal there. You need bring own coloring pencil. I am not going as I have other things to do. If you going have fun yeah, my friend going there. It is today start 12noon to 2pm.

Guess how much this cute baby clothes

I purchase this set baby clothes, can you guess how much I purchase? Be the first person to guess it right, I have got surprise for you. This is so cute, it is only one pair which is last for my baby boy.

You must be follower of this blog and with mailing address in Malaysia so that I can mail you the prize. It is going be surprise gift for lucky winner who guess it correctly. You may guess more than once in separate comment.

The other day I saw one cute t-shirt but it is not nice anymore so I no purchase it.

I have other guessing game at my other blog, check it here now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

F.O.S Raya Bonanza Warehouse Sale

This will take everyone breath away, it is time shopping for your loved ones. I was there this morning, there was not many people there. Free parking is available there, the address is 18, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Seksyen U1, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam

When: 29 June - 8 July 2012, it is 10 am to 8 pm.

Below is my haul at F.O.S Raya Bonanza Warehouse Sales, baby clothing from RM1 onwards. I bought two baby clothes RM3 each, the pants you see in the picture RM5 each. Some clothing got 50% off, the normal price is RM49. I didn't grab any that is 50% off, I select clothes that is RM10 each the black t-shirt and blue cardigan in picture. I also bought the RM1 beige colour t-shirt.

I saw the lorry unloading the boxes, I am sure there is more clothes they will put for the warehouse sales. Beside clothing you can also find electrical products, bedding, bags, CDs, belts.

Did you buy anything at this warehouse sale?

Baby needs hair cut

My baby hair is long, he needs hair cut. This weekend we maybe bring him for haircut as my son and dear's hair too. Tomorrow is Friday, do you have plan for this weekend?

I still waiting for the correct answer for this clothes I purchased or my baby. If you are reading this post, the price of the clothes is below RM20.

You can keep guessing until I find the correct answer. My dear is not coming back for dinner.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Follow my blog wih Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

There you see a fly in a cup, eww...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Doraemon @The Curve

Good morning everyone, I cannot believe it is middle of the month June soon. I manage go to the Curve on the last day of Doraemon there. I am happy I purchased a Doraemon t-shirt, as my son he has got a soft toy of Doraemon. I purchased the L size shirt of Doraemon RM20.

I saw the cute Doraemon Touch N Go card but didn't purchase, it was selling at RM15 each. My dear is sad to see there is not much to see of Doraemon like in Mickey Mouse in Midvalley.

I am wearing the red t-shirt where I am hoping the lucky person can guess the price correctly.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My favourite black dress

You are looking at my favourite black dress, my first time to purchase dress in black colour. I like it so much, I am wearing black because I want to cover my fat area. LOL

I find that black is very nice colour, it is elegant. I have seen friends attended wedding dinner wearing black dress. Some people is particular about people wearing black to their wedding, but I think it is alright now.

Beside black colour dress, they are other colours available. Above picture with many other colour is one size bigger than the one I am wearing. The colours Red, Yellow, Grey, Green, Orange, Blue, Chocolate.
Bust: 46 to 56 inches, waist 44 to 54 inches, Hips 48 to 62 inches, Arm opening max 24 inches round,
Length: 58 inches (full length dress for up to 165 cm height)

Good quality soft and stretchable plain cooling lycra cotton mix, loose slouchy style, comes with matching waist ribbon, or you can remove it and wear it like loose tunic. It has simple ruched cap sleeves. :D


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McD Happy Meal

Do you like McD Happy Meal? My son loves it because he can play the toy. He got the four Madagascar 3 toys. Talking about toys, do you remembered the Megamind toy? There is giveaway you can find out by click the link.

The Penguins and Marty, I prefer the Marty toy. I will play the Marty toy with my son, he is so happy. You just need to pull the red button and Marty will fly out. I wonder how Gloria and Melman.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Carrot cake@The Vanilla Place

It is my first time to try carrot cake at The Vanilla Place, we ordered this for my baby boy. My sister-in-law likes to eat this carrot cake, it is not sweet. The Vanilla Place is just opposite Toys R Us in Empire Shopping Gallery.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bloop orange nail polish review H182

I like using nail polish, I purchased two bottles of nail polish recently from F.O.S outlet at Mid Valley. You are looking at Bloop orange colour nail polish H182. It is very smooth coat when I applied on my nails. This nail polish available at F.O.S outlet and a bottle cost RM7, if you purchase two bottles in a single receipt there is discount.

What do you think of the nail polish?

It is my first time to own Bloop nail polish. I purchased another colour which is purple colour. FYI, the nail polish colour is picked by my son.

Almost forgot to say Happy Father's Day to daddy around the globe. Today we supposed to bring my son to my dad's place to celebrate my baby's Birthday but poor baby is having high fever since yesterday so we cannot go. My sister is there she is going back to temple tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kids' Creative Recycling Contest

You can see the above car so creative, it is car so sporty and cute!

I like this pink car, you can find the Kids' Creative Recycling nearby Toys R Us in Empire Shopping Gallery. This is such good idea recycling and reusing. Kids are so creative, I hope my son can take part in such contest in future.

Don't forget to take part my first giveaway. :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pink pouch from AZT COLLECTIONS

I love handmade bags and pouch, I am happy to receive the parcel today. I am one of the four lucky winners, I won this pink pouch from AZT COLLECTIONS. You can click on the link to see many wonderful handmade bags, pouch, baby comforter and more.

I love pink so much and I am so happy to have this pouch, no kidding I am going to put things I love inside. I love the strawberry charm on the zip, everyone knows this is from AZT COLLECTION because there is a cute signed at corner of the pouch.

If you love handmade bags like me don't forget to visit this blog now.

Cupcake from First Subang Mall

My sister-in-law purchased the above cupcakes from First Subang Mall, the stall is located near the entrance of Giant. You can see above mostly designed of Transformers which is my son's favourite toy and movies. My son like to eat the top cream only after remove the top layer of the cupcake. He prefers the cupcake which I have won from a Facebook contest last month. I shared the cupcake that I have won with my mom, she loves it.

I am sure you remember the first time we have cupcake from First Subang Mall, it seems we are getting cupcakes from there but different stall.

Do you like to eat cupcake?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Fair Coupon@Sunway Lagoon

Last Sunday we have great fun, we decided to go Sunway Lagoon. I choose to purchase three parks instead of all parks because my children are too young to go all park. My son and I have good splashing time in the water park, he loves the water so much he doesn't want to stop. I rented the double tube RM30 which inclusive of RM15 deposit, I was given the wristband and number of the double tube written on it.

My first stop is the Pirate's Revenge, I took the ride my family members take a rest at other corner. It is breath taking experience makes me think of the movie "Final Destination", not sure why this movie just pop up. Pirate's Revenge- Malaysia's First 360-degrees Rotating Pirate Ship! No kidding most passengers are screaming, some passengers have their eyes closed but not me. If you want to ride why would you want to close your eyes?

The last stop would be the Fun Fair and Amusement Park. My son loves to play the pick the duck, beware each coupon cost RM4 so if you want to play all the games you may need to purchase more coupons.

My son won a badge, well I think whoever played at the fun fair will bring home something. :D

If you plan to go Sunway Lagoon be sure to be there by 10 am to queue, I was there 10.30 and the queue so long I waited at least 30 min or more. You cannot bring in any food or drinks, they will check your bags! No kidding, I purchased a bottle 100 plus and a bottle mineral bottle plus two sausage it cost me RM16.

There is camera man that like to take your picture, the photo is not cheap! One photo would cost RM35, if you like photo frame in key chain it woud be RM45. You are allow to choose the photo that you like for print out.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chicken porridge

I like to eat this chicken porridge it is fast and easy, sometimes I think of what to eat for breakfast I would choose this. Sometimes I still feel hungry I would eat two bowl of porridge. I have tried other flavour like corn, mushroom, and prawn. My son and baby loves to eat too. I am glad both my boys are not allergy to prawn.

If I eat prawn or crab I will have itchy lips, I like to eat crab so I don't mind having itchy lips. I seldom eat prawns so its okay for me to get itchy lips sometimes.

My baby is going to be a year old this coming Wednesday, there will be two celebrations one at my dad's place another back to dear's home town. I was told that he can only cut the cake one time on his Birthday, anyone knows the reason? If that's the case he can just blow the candle when he's back home town.

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