Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lousy courier service until today never receive my items!

Last week when I wasn't around for two days, the exact two days the courier came and left their message at the gate. On Monday I called them up and the lady told me that they will courier to me on Tuesday, but no courier came on the day. Then I receive their call in the evening saying they will send courier on Wednesday. Sadly Wednesday no courier came, and until today there's no news from the courier.

It is difficult to get through their numbers, when I got through nobody answer the called. Yeah waited until the call end by itself. There's no saying where the courier sending from, it is only the courier company address. I check the courier company on their Facebook and seen that many people complains of them.

You bet I am mad at this courier company, I never know what's the item for me. Maybe is the Prize I won for my baby, the milk powder.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie Review; Wreck-It Ralph *my son loves it!

Yesterday night it is awesome time for mother and son, we watched the special screening of Wreck-It Ralph. This movie starts 8.45pm and 8pm starts collection of ticket. The screening in Hall 8 of MBO Cinema Subang Parade. It is very near to exit of MBO Cinema too after finished the movie.

This movie is about Ralph and his job is wreck things up, he would be wreck the building and good guy  Felix comes fixing it. Ralph sicked of his job as he feels he's not appreciate, he has interest to join the good guys but he's not welcome because everyone feels he's just a bad guy! He stays in the dump and no friends. On 30th Anniversary of their games, Ralph pays Felix a visit when he saw him having a party. He wanted a slice of cake and he never had one before so Felix invited him in, things got worst when he smashed the cake. The cake made by Mary has everyone at the top of building except for Ralph, he's down at the mud. Ralph wants to show them that he can wins a metal too, he left the game and went into another game. After he won the metal things got worst when he accidently steps on an egg then all eggs triggered. One of bug sticks to his face and he fall into the space craft and they went into Sugar Rush's games. When Ralph is not in the game when a girl wanted to play this game, Felix and others in the game panic! Felix needs to find Ralph back in the game, if not the games will be remove from the game centre.

If you love playing games, you will definitely know the well known games in the Wreck-It Ralph. I watching this movie and reminds of the games I played Pacman, Root beer guy (the one passing root beer to guys in the bar). Yeah I played the game of Root Beer before! So many times I cannot recall the name of this game.

The movie entertains us from start until the end. The Sugar Rush is about racing sugar candy cars, King Candy is the bad guy! He wants to destroy not only Ralph but the princess in Sugar Rush. King Candy is Turbo?! Amazing find out who Felix fall in love with and got married in the end of the movie. :) Sweet..

I am sure you need to find out how Ralph sneaks into another game and how he wins the silver. Oh well.. you got to see the movie yourself to find out more, all I can say is my son loves this movie! He didn't want to watch ParaNorman because he's afraid of zoombie!

Thank you nuffnang for this wonderful movie! :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Avene workshop is rewarding!

 Good afternoon everyone, how are you doing? I wanted to upload picture at my blog about Avene workshop. Sadly to say I have used up the storage space, I click the link to find out more and they charge on using more spaces! Yeah it is monthly plan and means need to pay monthly! So you see I cannot upload many pictures to share with you. I received the RM20 during registration also the mystery gift upon entrance. You don't want miss out any update from Avene on Facebook.

Early morning I parking in Sunway Pyramid and I walked to floor of McD, yeah I got a bit lost to go the Sunway Resort. I went into parking lot and took a lift from there, then walked out from Pyramid Hotel to use their link to walk over Sunway Resort. :D

I signed up for the Avene workshop, it was afternoon session because my friend's in the morning session. I opt to change it to morning. The time is shorter compare to afternoon session. They you go see in the picture Rabiatul Adawiyah with me. :D

 So much to learn in the Avene workshop I am happy to be part of it! Grace in the left pinky girl is using the mask on neck instead of face! Yes same goes to Amelin because they have got makeup. Yes neck is important too just like our face! Don't waste the mask, hehe..
 Below picture of me enjoying the masking moment, yeah I was told my mask is bigger compare to others.
 Last but not least a picture of Jaclyn, she's from Avene and she's the one been spamming my mail box. LOL.
This is good workshop knowing of the Avene products, I wanted to upload more pictures for you to see. But I am afraid I will lose out spaces here. So I will upload in instagram sherrygo, so you may look for me there. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Guerlain Shine Automatique 260 Jardin De Bagatelle

 Do you like lipstick? I have got Guerlain Shine Automatique 260 Jardin De Bagatelle for sale, it is new in box. Look at the picture above and below picture for detail. This lipstick is 3.5g NET WT.12 0Z.
You may google online to check on the shade of this lipstick.

I am selling this lipstick at RM100 inclusive of postage in Malaysia but I am not liable for the damage or missing of the item during the delivery by Pos Laju.

If you have interest to purchase do let me know. You may check out who luv cosmetics for other available item.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy mommy this week!

Yeah I am sure you know that I didn't update blog for some days, I have been extremely busy. My son started a week class this week. Oh well, I am happy to make new friends at school, some mommies of course!

This Saturday I will be attending the Avene workshop at Sunway, any of you are going? I have paid $20 for this workshop, my friend is going too but her session is morning while mine is in the afternoon.

Alright I hope to write more soon as for now son wants to sleep.

Good night!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect (none stop laughing)

Last Wednesday an awesome night for my dear and I, we went to watch the premiere screening of Pitch Perfect. This movie premier screening at Hall 10 which is very easy to enter the hall it is not far away from the entrance. The movie is awesome it is about the girl named Beca she has to go the college because her dad wanted her to go college. When she arrived the Barden College, she has a room mate a Korean girl. Beca join "The Bellas" an all girls a capella group, she and eight other girls joined this group. One of the girls named Fat Amy, there's another girl she looked like Chinese her named is Lily and she sing so soft rarely anyone can hear her.

In this movie Jesse invited Beca to watch with her the movie The Breakfast Club, she doesn't pay attention watching the movie. When Jesse decided not to see her anymore, one night she took the movie home and watch it alone.

Funny part of this movie, it is when the girls are not happy with their leader (Aubrey) and Aubrey decided to throw up on the spot! Oh yeah... it is very messy and if you are eating you will not want to see this part of the movie. Lily fell down in Aubrey's pute on the floor and she started swimming in it.

This is musical comedy movie, if you like music and comedy this is definitely a movie for you to watch. We have none stop entertainment from this movie. I don't know how to put all my thoughts in words anymore, you got to see it yourself. I find my dear none stop laughing in this movie. I am glad both of us enjoy watching this movie together.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Annoying call from Bank

Just now I receive an annoying called from the bank. She told me that she's calling on behalf of bank and telling me the offer from bank about the insurance. The fee as low as RM150, well they never mention it is for monthly and yearly. I know she's doing her job calling up the list of names in hand. Just like the other day a lady called me up telling me of free voucher stay at any hotel.

Anyway I told her I have not interest to listen of it at the first place; she insists I listen to the plan. After she finishes reading from the plan, I am quite sure she is reading because it sounds so obvious! She's speed reading from phone. LOL

She told me this called will be recorded etc, and then in the end when I told her I have no interest. She then finished the conversation with survey, asking me if I have interest for their marketing call in future.

Talking of marketing, I have even called up people and students during the work last time. It was to inform them about the classes offer for the language classes and update them on the class going to be held in the centre.

Have you receive any annoying call from bank or others?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding dinner@Ideal Convention Centre Palm Spring Damansara

This morning I head to post office to mail the parcel for Guess & Win is back. RD094032795MY is the registered post!

It was our first time to go Ideal Convention Center Palm Spring Damansara, there's a map behind the invitation card. We manage enter the area but unable to find Block A, I didn't see any signboard of Block A at all on the building.

I like the decoration, all tables with flowers on it and a business card of the decorator of course! While wating everyone to come, I have time to snap picture with the pretty flowers! Hehe.. check out the picture below.

We thought we were late on Saturday night, but others people are late also because of heavy rain. The convention center is big but they do not have baby chair/ high chair for baby, so you know my baby need to be hold all night long.

TGVCinemas giving free SKYFALL passes

I am sure you are excited to watch SKYFALL, now you stand the chance to win the one pass from TGVCinemas. Don't leave out this chance to watch Skyfall at IMAX Sunway Pyramid. You need to go TGVCinemas Facebook to find out the giveaway.

I like the scenes of this movie, Shanghai is beautiful place indeed. I have never been there but watching the movie makes you want to be there and enjoy the night view. If you like to watch James Bond, don't forget to check out the Skyfall passes giveaway.

One person only can win one pass, so spread the words get your friends join the giveaway too.

Winner of Guess & Win is back!

I am sure you are so excited to know who won the Guess & Win is back! No more waiting I am going to let you know now. I have seven participants for this Guess & Win is back and I have got one lucky winner, she guesses five times!

Do you know who is the one that guesses five times? Check here for the list, click the link to see!

The lucky winner with therosputih, you are the one! Her closest guess RM80.80. I guess her midnight guess gives her the winning thought!

Please email me your full name, address, and contact number to sherrygo at hotmail dot com.

Thank you everyone for participation, no worry if you didn't win. You can still try your luck other times. I will let you know if there's giveaway coming up yeah. In the mean time keep on eyes on Sherry Rambling I am looking for 60,000 Total Pageview giveaway!

Yesterday we head to Sime Darby Healthcare Diabetes Walk, after the walk we went for breakfast. Then everyone had a long nap at home.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Guess & Win is back!

 --------------------------------------------      Start Copy ----------------------------------------

Guess & Win is back at My Mom's Best!

You need to guess how much I spend on my son in One Utama.
I bought him new pant, new sandals, and new underwear.
The person with most close guess on how much I spend, win the
Hello Kitty Mask
Flowery pin handmade Jewelry by S

You need be GFC follower of my blog with address in Malaysia for postage!
You are require to blog this contest at your blog and leave the link in this post.
Your blog need to be at least three months old.
Start copy and End Copy is where you need to do, don't forget to add the of Hello Kitty mask and Kiss Me picture above in your post!

You can start guessing after posting the link of entry in this post.
You may guess many times, each comment with one guess only.
Guess & Win ends at 12 midnight on 26 October 2012 (Friday).
Edit: 26 October 2012, the Guess and Win is back ends at 12midnight on 2nd November 2012.
------End Copy ---

Good afternoon everyone, how are you doing? The Guess & Win is back! Yesterday I head to GSC One Utama to watch movie with my son for the premier screening of Frankenweenie in 3D. It is his second time watching movie in 3D.

I had to purchase new sandals for him, new pants, and new underwear for him. You can read more about the incident here. Everything happen so quickly and yeah you know we just didn't thought it would happen to him.

The movie is awesome, I won movie passes to watch Frankenweenie this Tuesday too but I am not going because I have seen the movie. It is unexpected that I won passes for the same movie but in different contest.

Talking of movies, I am going to watch movie with my friend tonight. She is coming to pick me up in the afternoon as we will be early there for window shopping and dinner. I like to thank my friend for her time, it would be our first time to go movie together. The second time we are out together, the first time we went workshop together.

Oh well about the Guess & Win is back, refer to above on how to take part.

Specialy handmade for son's teacher

I took time to do this for my son's teacher, next will be Teacher's Parent Day and this handmade by me will be present for the Teacher. Okay the picture is upside down so you probably don't see the Teacher's name. This is son's teacher asking for a small gift nothing expensive she said, so I decided to make this piece just for her. :D

Tomorrow need to bring my baby to see doctor, he's having cough and mild flu. I have called up this morning for appointment tomorrow morning to see the doctor. I am starting to feel like coughing, everyone else in the family are coughing too.

I love playing with the letter beads, problem is they don't have all the letters in same colour. There's one sad news to share suppose I thought I have won two passes to go Legoland but sadly this is just a dream. My name no longer on the list because they remove the 11 names on the lists. Yeah I am among the other ten other names that been remove.

I haven't make any plan for this school holiday, how about you?

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