Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Pawn Shop Thai movie

I have triple wining to watch this movie, yeah no kidding! Two winning from Facebook online contests, another winning from sms to RED FM. Yeah same movie same night but different location.

The Pawn Shop is about the owner of shop sells his soul to the devil. I can say the sound of the movie is scary but overall we find it boring. lol


Monday, August 26, 2013

Internet down for two and half days

Yeah no Internet for two and half days since Saturday. I can't believe it and it is true, for first time I no checking on movie I won for the rating. Yeah, the email from Nuffnang not stated too if the movie is for pg13 or 18. Anyway I won to watch Kick Ass 2, which son finds it would be funny to watch.

While queue up for premier screening the poster stated 18. No kidding, it is so he's not allow to enter the hall to watch the movie. He's pulling a sad face as we need to go home.

It is not just costumes in the movie looks attractive but apparently after checking on the rating on Internet there are too much of vulgar languages in it.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Neutrogena Ageless anti wrinkles and firming cleanser

Do you remember I posted the freebie of Neutrogena Ageless anti wrinkles and firming cleanser? It is freebie comes with the magazine. I finished the product, I like this product as it is not sensitive my skin.

I am glad I have second tube to use, yeah I bought two magazines in May that comes with this freebie.

This product I saw it selling in Guardian price RM17 more or less.

Robbed near SS15 McD, Subang Jaya

This info is being shared on FB, now I am sharing it with you. So take a moment to read!

I am not sure of which McD outlet it is near because they are two McDs at SS15. One nearby the petrol station, another is near colleges.

Robbed near SS15 McD

shared by Kannan

Dear all,
At approximately 10.30pm nearby SS15 McD I was robbed by 5 Indians male caring Parang. These men got down from their Metallic Green Proton Persona (WSF3337) point their Parang towards my friends and I and demanded for all our valuables. One of them asked for my car keys i told them its in the car, then he got into my car and drove off.

My... car is a Purple Proton Saga (WTM9246). One of them attempted to kidnap me but it was halted by my friend who is also the victim. Today i received a call from a friend stating that a good Samaritan found my handbag with my identification near Dataran Prima but my handphone and money isn't there. I am really hoping hard that these thugs will be apprehended. I am sharing my story to be used as an example by others.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Huggies Malaysia Book of Records

Today is busy day for us, we bring him for injection and he's going for another injection next month.
No party for mommy but there's something for my toddler, which is shopping of Huggies drypants!
He's one of the babies/toddlers in Huggies Malaysia Book of Records.  
Look how cute he's in orange, the Like you looking above is the swimming pool. I guess it is the main attraction in Huggies, if you purchased three packs of Huggies you get the swimming pool for free.
We have been looking for swimming pool for him to play, happy to say finally we got it for free with purchase of three Huggies drypants.
About the goodie bag for attending the challenge, below is the picture! The fan of Huggies which I like because we need a replacement for his stroller. Kotex brand pads which I like for my monthly use.

Say, did you attend the Huggies Malaysia Book of Records?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Malaysia Book of Records:Huggies Drypants Changing Event

Dear mommies and daddies, do you have baby and toddler at home. You may want to take this chance to take part in Malaysia Book of Records, for the most number of babies in Diaper Pants Changing Event. It is happening on 17 Aug, 2013 on Saturday at One Utama Shopping Mall at LG OVAL from 10am to 10pm.

You can register yourself at Huggies Malaysia Facebook. Please let me know once you have registered, then email me or pm me detail at my Facebook with your full name, ic number and baby/toddler name and ic number of toddler/baby. As token of appreciation for my GFC follower that took part in this event, I have something for you. Click the link to find out.

 Huggies are carrying out a ONE-DAY attempt on Saturday 17 August, 2013 for the title of Most Number of Babies in a Diaper Pants Changing Eventin the Malaysia Book of Records. 

It’s a rare opportunity for babies to make history!

PS. this is open for children under age of 3 years old and still wearing diapers.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Higher order thinking

When comes to higher order thinking, what comes to your mind? I found a website to share with you where you can find higher order thinking. No kidding I found the website user friendly and easy to browse, they have information on helping psychology teachers and students on critical thinking skills.

I don't know many website that provide such services and solution. They provide the psychology teachers with a convenient and inexpensive source of advice and guidance on how to promote their students' with use of higher order thinking skills.

They have variety of services organized with the use of explanatory modeling activities to help students to learn.

Which packages of higher order thinking do you think they need? They have three types of packages to offer Basic, Premium and Ultimate. Different packages come in different price from $200 to $400. For more detail click on the link to find out they have info on the packages which best meet your needs.

This is good website for you if you have interest to know of higher order thinking. I think teachers and students will find this interesting too. Find out how they engaging students in explanatory modeling activities. Don't just read here, click above link to find out.

Where to purchase C.Michael hair dye?

Where to purchase C.Michael hair dye? I found them selling at Aeon but it is not all the colors. Yeah don't see the colour I bought for my mom. Guess I am not alone interested in the hair dye, my parents in law too are interested. They tried this brand and they fall in love with it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review; Planes 2013

On Monday, I received email that I won two passes to watch Planes.
Above picture of mother and son taken by 123cheese.
Hey there,
GUESS WHAT. You're in for our premiere screening of Planes! 

You and your buddy (2 tickets) are cordially invited to join us for the Bahasa Malaysia premiere screening of Planes, starring Haniff Hamzah from ERA FM as the voiceover for Dusty. Details of the screening are as follows:
Date: 13 August, Tuesday
Time: 9PM
Venue: TGV Sunway Pyramid, Hall 2
TIP: Haniff Hamzah will be there at TGV from 8 - 8:30PM. So if you want to catch him in person, you can come an hour earlier :) 

Happy son and me get to watch Planes together, yeah just mother and son! We spotted the cute recycle planes at TGV, One Utama and didn't believe our eyes that we get to see the cute planes again!
Yes the movie is in Malay version, although son's not understand much because he's poor in BM.
But both of us enjoy the movie from start to the end.
If you have seen Despicable Me 2, you will remembered Al Macho, yes he's in the movie Planes too! LOL
Okay probably not the AL MACHO of Despicable ME 2 but son kept telling me one of the planes look just like him and he has name AL CHU too.
This movie is about Dusty, he's a farm plane for fertilizing and he's interest to join the famous areal race. You will like to watch this movie, so many cars and planes in it! Find out how Dusty beat other planes and how he help one plane to lane, without his help the plane would have crashed!
Thank you KLIPS for this opportunity to watch Planes!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ninja blender reviews

Being mommy is a not easy; there are responsibilities to take care home and children. We need to prepare food for loved ones; cooking takes time and you know it's not easy to find a good blender. That's why we are checking on internet on the Ninja blender reviews. With Internet access today, we can do research and check on products before making any purchase.

Everyone home need at least one blender, I know some home having more than three blenders. I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. They have detail on Top 3 reviews buyer who had tried the ninja blenders. They are Ninja Professional Blender BL600, Ninja Master Prep QB900B and Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771. Now we know which blender is suitable for us.

Which type of ninja blender suitable for you? I would check on the ability to blend of a ninja blender. Some blenders gave superior result. Ninja Professional Blender BL600 has an excellent review, the price at $98 with FREE Shipping. I am not sure if they ship worldwide.

It depends on type of blender that you are looking for. It is depend on whether you are using it at home or at the restaurant. Every blender has different function, durability and longevity.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Movie review: Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters

I am happy I won passes to watch the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I thought I won only two passes and I checked again it was four passes! We are thrilled watching this movie together, I invited my dear and son to watch together. Son loves the Percy Jackson movie, he seen the Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief. Percy Jackson is the demigod son of Poseidon

So when people asked what movie is Percy Jackson? First thing comes to mind was the half body man and half horse creature.

In this movie, Percy Jackson finds out he has another brother. Yeah his one eye brother cyclop. Percy and his friends need to get Golden Fleece to save the ailing magical tree which been protecting their home from foes. The Golden Fleece can bring back the dead, no kidding!

I almost miss out that you get to see zombies on the ship! Yeah, not just the old ship but the crew of zombies. There's a wolf with scorpion tail.

The three taxi drivers from hell, the women with no eyes! Guess how they going to drive the taxi.

This movie is rated PG13, so you can bring your children to watch it during the school holiday.

Peraduan Bonanza Tunai 2 winners

Are you one of the winners in Peraduan Bonanza Tunai 2? I received the letter that I won the for the weekly prize. I am happy even though it is not big prize but I am thankful. Surprise to know that I am the first to collection the prize at the office. It is Kimberly-Clark Trading (M) Sdn Bhd, 2nd floor at Tower 2, Wisma AmFIRST, Jalan SS7/15, Jalan Stadium, Kelana Jaya. If you are going from Nanyang you just need go all the way straight and keep to left until you find a traffic light. From there you just turn right and keep to left turn and you will pass by a condominium.

Anyway this is just info for myself, as I don't know how to go I was lost there. By the way, you will also see Tower 1 is the LG!

My toddler is using Huggies that's why I try my luck to join contest, yeah didn't expect I won. I have enter the contests with few receipts!

If you have time finding the place, you can always give them a call. I am happy of my decision calling them once again to find the office.

They called me first to inform me that if I have joined the contest, then they asked a question. After that if your answer is correct, they inform you that you are a winner. Then they check with you the address and personal details if they are correct before they mail you the letter. Yeah bring the letter to go office for collection prize but don't forget to photocopy an IC.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Smurfs 2, happy movie for parents and kids

If you are thinking on what movie to watch for this school holiday. We watched the movie tonight, yeah just my son and me. We are happy from start to the end of the movie, we are excited to watch naughties Vexy and Hactor. They are the bad sister and brother created by Gargamel.

Gargamel still wants to catch Smurfette, to find out what's the secret ingredients to make the blue magic power. It is not just about how Papa smurfs and others trying to rescue Smurfette. It is about the bonding of parent and children even though they are not the maternal parents.

Patrick didn't like his step father because he thinks he's the one get rid of his pet parrot. Victor his step father and his mom actually protected him by get rid the pet because he's allergy to bird. Patrick does not like his step father. Now if you like to know how things works out for them, find out in this movie.

Things were rough with Papa Smurf and Smurfette too, Smurfette thinks her family didn't love her anymore.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Message bracelet giveaway

I am having Message Bracelet giveaway, as token of appreciation from me for my GFC followers for joining the Malaysia Book of Records: Huggies Drypants Changing Event.
This event is on 17 Aug, 2013 Saturday at One Utama Shopping Mall.
Click above link for detail.
The Message bracelet comes in different colour, I get to random choose them. One participant baby/toddler gets one Message Bracelet.
List of participants whose getting from me message bracelet giveaway; only for participants who has filled registered and details given to me.
1. is your name here?
You can view sample of how the message bracelet looks like in my instagram sherry go.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movie Red 2 double pass giveaway

I watched Red 2 with my dear the other night, you can read my review here. Just click on the link.

I have got Double pass of RED 2 just like above picture you are looking to giveaway. You need to change the movie tickets at the counter. *Do take note I am only giving this two passes not the actual time of movie starting on Monday night. You will need to see when is the time, the cinemas have the Red 2 movie in TGV or GSC.

What you need to do to win this Red 2 passes from me?
Red 2 you can watch either at GSC or TGV as long there is * available.

Well as I know they are already * signed.

Now if you have interest to watch this movie, here's what you need to do.

You need to be GFC follow of my blog, you need to meet me in One Utama Shopping Mall on next Monday evening onwards as I will be there from 6pm onwards until 9pm.

Your chance to win the Red 2 Double Passes, first leave a comment in my review post of Red 2. Then come back here to comment "I want to see Red 2, see you on Monday at GSC One Utama."

Winner will be chosen using Only one winner for this giveaway because I have got only Double pass which only admission for two people above 18 years above.

Giveaway ends on Sunday 8pm, leave a comment with your GFC: and email. Come back 11pm night to find out who is the winner. I will let you know how to contact me.

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