Saturday, January 14, 2017

Twistshake with passion for babies

Good evening to everyone, how's your day? This morning I attended an interesting event it's about the Twistshake. Twistshake's innovative baby bottle is designed in collaboration with parents of babies. As a result of this unique collaboration, they have developed a baby bottle that can offer children a fun and meaningful experience, not just that a colorful one too. Just look at the wide rang of colors to choose from. Saving parents from many of the complications associated with preparing a bottle-meal.
 There are 10 different colors mainly (black, yellow, peach, pink, blue, turquoise, white, orange, green, purple). 3 different bottles (330ml, 260ml & 180ml), 6 different sizes (XS, S, M, L, PLUS, SPOUT) of teat, and 10 different colors (black, yellow, peach, pink, blue, turquoise, white, orange, green, purple).
Being parent of two boys, I know parents will be looking for a baby bottle that is easy to store servings. Reduction of preparation-time, a design allowing for easy gripping, appealing colors, most important dissolving lumps in the formula, and retainment of heat.

The above mentions, the foundation of Twistshake's development and we are proud to present their line of products designed to address these specific needs.
  • Anti-Colic Teat - teat with a natural design and four separate flow rates
  • Powder box cap - seal the powder container with the lid that accompanies it
  • Powder box - practical powder box holds serving of up to 100 ml
  • Bottle - the bottle comes in three sizes: 180, 260 and 300ml. Easy grip-design and robust plastic with great heat retention
  • Mixer - effectively dissolves the solution and prevents clogging.
  • Protective cover - keep dirt and bacteria away from the teat.
In order to protect the health of your child and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, it is important that the bottle used for feeding allows for easy cleaning, both before and after the meal.

Twistshake has a wide neck which allows for uncomplicated and thorough cleaning while also making the bottle easy to fill up. Make clean-up even easier by washing the bottle out with water immediately after use. All Twistshake products are safe for use in both dishwasher and microwave oven. 

By the way, you can also find the product in warehouse sale. The New Year Warehouse Sale is having up to 80% off with various of products from 13 January to 15 January 2017 at One City USJ 25, Sky Park, Level 1.  Do check out my Facebook fan page album for more photos of Twistshake.You can also visit the Twistshake Malaysia Product page
photo credit to Facebook

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sojourn Guest House Pandan Indah

Happy New Year to dear friend and visitors of this blog. Last Friday, my dear's grandmother passed away at aged 94 years old. We know it's important to cherish every moments with loved ones.

Life is short, my mom and me seldom spend time together. I am happy that I have spend a wonderful time with my mom, travel all the way to Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur using waze. With a voucher in hand which is value RM342. It is expiring this month and I told my sister to bring mom for pamper together but my sister is busy. So I decided to bring mom and myself out for mommy time out together. It is well spend together and we have lots of chat and below video is where mommy and me enjoy the session before starting our body massage. Special thanks to 100comments for this wonderful treat!
The parking at the area, I rounded three times to find a parking just right opposite the guest house. It is weekend so there's no need to pay any parking.

A safe box is available in the room, beside that there is tooth brush available and shower cap. Green robe is given as we have booked ourselves for the massage on second day. After the massage will need to bring back the robe to room, as it is belong to the Sojourn Guest House. The massage is located at 2nd floor, going up there using the stairs, near to the reception of Sojurn Guest House. 

The voucher can choose either twin or queen bed and I decided to choose queen bed. I have upload the photos at my facebook fan page, click on the link to view the photos. I can't remember when was the last time I have a good body massage, but I know my mom been waiting for a body massage. I am glad she enjoys herself and we enjoy each other company.

We have dinner on 1st day and 2nd day I have upload the instagram video @sherrygo to my Facebook. You may click the link to view what I have for breakfast on the day. There is choice of breakfast in the morning and I decided to go for baby sauna mee because I like to eat. As for my mom she chosen the chicken sandwiches. She had the hot drink while I chosen the iced Milo to drink in the morning. Our dinner on the first day is also sauna mee, we can choose either vegetarian or fish. We chosen the fish, yeah you can check out my instagram for our dinner. We have our meals at Mama Kim.

The room is spacious and there's TV in room. The room has air conditional and in the toilet has got the hot or cold shower. Outside the room you can find hot water if you like to make your own drink. We went nearby Giant there it is just cross the bridge to reached.

Last year I have blogged about Herbaline Puchong, you can click on the link to read about it.

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