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Last Friday, it's a fruitful day for Sean and me. Mom and son join the blogger tour to visit Matrix Global Schools (MGS) at Sendayan, Seremban. We have the chance to tour the Matrix Global Schools, it comprise Matrix Private School, Matrix International School and Matrix International Pre-school. Every parent will be think which school to send their children. The schools share one campus, one vision, and one mission.

MGS is build on a newly-developed, 20 acres lakeside campus, with over 800,000 square feet of build-up space, providing the highest quality of affordable private schooling, from Pre-school, through Cambridge IGCSE. Both schools offer a full range of exciting, state of art facilities, with a team of professional, well-trained and experienced teachers, using internationally recognized methods, and low teacher-pupil ratios.
Matrix Global Schools. "NULLI SECUNDA"

Denise Sinclair, MGS Principal Matrix Global Schools
 The philosophy is to challenge their students to be intellectually and persistently curious, responsive, committed, and expressive towards their ideals. Their goal is to ensure that all will become articulate, courageous, and develop a realization that the world is their classroom, and that their lessons are for life. To achieve this, MGS nurture a close partnership, both with parents and the community. The school is unrivalled in design, range of facilities, and state-of-the-art ICT technology. Learning is truly a global experience on their 20 acre campus, and "Second to None".

While we are in the discussion room with Denise Sinclair, MGS Principal Matrix Global Schools. 
 Matrix International School (MIS) and Matrix Private School (MPS) you can see the above chart for the difference. Like many local schools, I would find more than 30 closed to 40 students or more in a class. The class size for of MIS class size has maximum of 20 students, while MPS class size with maximum of 25 students.

The children are having a fun time making their very own pizza workshop. It's fun and Sean loves it, he says he ate the pizza as he couldn't resist it, his very first time to make his own pizza.
how to make your own pizza?

kids enjoy the pizza that made themselves

spacious library that consists of two floors
The Pre-school where children can have a playtime in their indoor playground. They also have a living skill lab where students learn the living skill like cooking. Look above photo where Sean got the chance to learn about making their own pizza.
A great place for children to learn and explore while growing up. MGS is friendly and warm; it really feels like a good place to be.

One of the main auditorium that can fit up to 400 students
spacious canteen that facing the big field

multi purpose hall with badminton courts
 It's indeed a good day for us to visit Matrix Global Schools, the weather is good and we get to know of their goal and so much more to discover. Their goal is ensure all will become articulate, courageous and will develop a realisation that the world is their classroom and that their lessons are for life. To achieve this, they nurture a close partnership with both parents and the community. Learning is truly a global and "Second to None" experience on their 20 acre campus.

By the way, Matrix Global Schools offers holistic programme for Cambridge A Levels. TheSeptember Intake for 2 year's programme / January Intake 18 months Fast Track programme. You can visit their website or give them a call to know more about the programme.

 The uniqueness of choosing MGS as following Five uniqueness:
Seeking knowledge: opening minds
Their objective is teach children to learn; not simply to retain facts or information; but to open their minds, and to seek knowledge through thinking, analyse and questinong. Central to this nurturing the innate ability to learn independently, as well as with others.

Learning beyond boundaries
At MGS, every child will receive a 'Matrix Education'. They subscribe to a seamless and borderless educational philosophy, whereby all students, regardless of whether they are in the Matrix International School or Matrix Private School, will be exposed to the same tried-and-tested international teaching methodologies. Their students will come to understand that the world is their classroom and that their lessons are for life.

Our lessons are for life!
We are ardent believers in helping our children to discover and develop their individual strengths, so that they have the courage, skills and resourcefulness to fulfil their ambitions in life. From preschool through to upper secondary, they will experience a variety of 'LIFE SKILLS', with their futures firmly in mind. 

West Meets East; East Meets West
Matrix International School and Matrix Private School the philosophy of incorporating the very best of the East and West. Matrix International School practices and blend of eastern values within a western curriculum, whilst Matrix Private School infuses western teaching methodologies into their eastern pedagogy.

We Send Out Students Out of Class!
Their academically vigorous curriculum is complemented by an equally vibrant extra-curricular progamme, forming a broad and lively education experience. Truly experiential in nature, their wide-ranging activities include 'Summer Camps', kayaking, wall climbing, high ropes obstacle courses, tenpin bowling, squash, swimming, badminton, futsal, football and rugby. There's something for everyone. 

Don't just read here, if you have interest to visit the MGS. This Saturday, 17th June 2017 you can find out more about Matrix Education. Doors are open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. for Campus Tour. Join  the tour to discover their internationally recognised IGCSE programme and 'East Meets West, West Meets East' educational philosophy! Just 40 minutes from the airport.

PR 12652, Sendayan Merchant Square,
Persiaran 1 Sendayan Utama,
Pusat Dagangan Sendayan,
71950 Bandar Sri Sendayan,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel: +606- 781 9888 (hunting line)
Fax: +606 - 781 9848


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