Thursday, May 29, 2008

New top for mom

My sister have bought a new top for mom and she loves it. She also buy my mom some skincare product. She loves them and I have written my mom name on the product except the top. The reason is they are people stealing from my mom.

It's bad and they know but don't care and still doing it. I have bought mom skincare product as well but she never complain about any stealing to me. I think my sister must have found out from her.

That day we went to a restaurant for lunch and food we order are fish, prawn, vegetable and it cost $70 plus. The price is okay if you compare going to those named restaurants.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My mom is 5xmom

Well, Mother's Day has passed and I am waiting patiently for my mom to come over. Yeah my sister will bring her here today. I am so happy about it and I bet she's happy too.

I have to go now, they are here. My sister bought her new clothes and only one top she can wear. The two pants she can't wear at all.

My mom is a 5xmom as she's has 5 children. Yeah FIVE!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I missed her

I have not seen mom since Chinese New Year, I do missed her alot. I hope to see her soon. I am not sure how's she is doing now.

I feel sad that I can't go to visit her. I think it would take a few more weeks only I can see her. I hope she is doing well and eating well most important is sleeping well.

She is on medication as she has diabetes too. My grandmother had diabetes and is blind now. My grandmother didn't like to eat medicine and thats why she ended up blind.

Grandmother is in old folks home and my dad has been visiting her. She remembered my dad and nobody else. My dad told her about the names and she didn't know anyone at all. She loves to drink coffee and eat Bao. Her favourite is Durian!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missed my mom

I have not seen my mom for few weeks now since the Chinese New Year. I missed her so much. Hopefully I get to see her soon. I am wondering if she is doing fine.

Mother's day is in May and I hope that she will be able to celebrate with us. Mom knows that she has become grandmother again and she is really happy about it. But sadly she can't see the grandchildren yet as they are not fit yet.

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