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McDonald’s unveils Happy Meal Readers Programme

Good day to dear readers and visitors, how did you spend your weekend? It's Monday and I love to share with you about McDonald’s unveils Happy Meal Readers Programme.
McDonald’s has partnered with Cressida Cowell, world-renowned author of the bestselling How to Train Your Dragon’ books. Cowell has written an exclusive series of 12 hardback books for McDonald’s that will not be available anywhere else in retail. The books will be available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia specifically for the Malaysian market. McDonald’s is using its Scale for Good to instil a passion for reading and to provide a moment of closeness for families. 

By making reading fun, it is possible to inspire a lifelong love of reading among kids.
My son is turning 8 years old this June, it's about time he starts reading more and good to know the books will be available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia specifically for the Malaysian market. My son reading the book series in English. 

It's good bonding time for parent and child get together. We can share our thoughts on the books we read and talk about it. By making reading fun,it is possible to inspire a lifelong love of reading among kids.
To inculcate the culture of reading among Malaysians from a young age, it starts from parents. We can make a different, we are the models to our children. Remember the saying of what monkey see, what monkey do. We can set good example to our children, they are our future and leaders.
It's importance of carving out family reading time, explaining and learning on new words together. It would be fun learning on types of dragons we can find in the Treetop Twin Adventures. The book series, exclusive to McDonald's.

Good news to book worms as now you can find throughout 2019, McDonald’s will be releasing one book every month. Families have the option to choose a book or a toy with every Happy Meal purchased. Now you can opt for the book instead of toy, when you ordered the Happy Meal, you can informed the staff that you prefer the book. The choice is yours you prefer the English Language or Bahasa Malaysia. 

The first book of this series was released on 10 January this year, while the second book was released on 1 February.

To make the reading experience more fun, digital versions of the books are also made available through the Happy Studio app that can be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Using the app, families can read along with the story and bring the book illustrations to life.

For more infoabout Happy Meal Readers, please visit
We can balance up our life as we know there's time where children need a break. The Happy Studio app is rated for children 3 years old and above.
You can select the country of Malaysia
Select the language English or Bahasa Malaysia, we selected the English.

There are fun games in the Happy Studio app that you can have fun playing naming a few. The making the of rocket, car, and pin ball. Fun time as parent and child can together explore the games.
I am happy seeing my son having a good time, playing making rocket and cars that he likes and think of how to pass the level.
 Don't worry it's not harsh for them, this given them the thinking hat to explore and create them. You'll be amazed on how they will react. 

There maybe chances of failing in the games but no worry we can encourage them to try again. This way we can think of what is the mistake and solutions of it. 
Just check out the video below where my son has done fail in a game but he didn't give up trying. He tried again and again until he succeed. 

Video link :

Using the app, families can read and interact together I am happy that my son showing me on how he loves playing the app.
We can spend the time of togetherness before nap time, sleep time or 
tea break time
even before the outing. 
Talk about outing, do you know the Treetop Twins Adventures book series,
are hard back covers. It's also just nice for keeping it in our bags or mini backpack.

This book series, which chronicles the colourful adventures of the Treetop Twins
Being a parent, spending time with my boy is the most important thing for me. My boy is now soon to be 8 years old and I want him to start a reading habit. He studies most of the time and I find it's important for parent and child bonding time together.  

So it was to our pleasant surprise that, McDonald's started introducing exciting and exclusive books with every purchase of a Happy Meal. 

There will be a new book introduced every 3-4 weeks throughout this year! 
This means that there will be 12 different books in this series to collect from! These books will definitely be great additions to our mini library at home! This book series, which chronicles the colourful adventures of the Treetop Twins is written exclusively for McDonald’sHappy Meal Readers Programme by renowned author Cressida Cowell you won’t get these books at retail stores. 

So guys, don’t miss out on getting these exclusive books for your kids, and let’s join McDonald’s in its quest to inculcate a reading culture among the young by promoting family togetherness.
About the books Treetop Twin Adventures: The Treetop Twins Alfie 
and Asha, and Tulip and Ted are the luckiest twins in the world. 
Their parents, Professor Penelope Treetop and Professor Pablo Treetop, have built a time machine, and they are the first family EVER to go back in time to study the age of the dinosaurs. 
Share with them in their adventures of a lifetime!
This means that there will be 12 different books in this series 
 to collect from
Let's collect them all. 
Exclusively at McDonald's Happy Meal Readers Programme.


  1. Bestnya kali ni anak-anak boleh kumpul buku pulak kan sherry.. sebelum ni banyak kumpul mainan je.. haa. yang kali ni kumpul buku pulak.. menarik sebab ada 12 buku berlainan...boleh pupuk minat membaca buat anak2

  2. Ai dah install apps ni & anak ai mmg suka. pada ai faktor color mmg main peranan nak tarik perhatian mata anak2 & content bagus

  3. This is new. Usually if I buy Happy Meal, I will get toys. Now I can choose to have book. My son would definitely like this.

  4. Anak2 saya dah dapat buku2 ni..seronok mereka membaca sambil makan..nanti saya nak install apps dia juga..mesti mereka lagi seronok

  5. Harus dapatkan buku-buku exclusive MCDONALD kan..sambil beemain sambil belajar ..a good start for our kids

  6. Its good to inculcate reading habit from young, these days kids only want ipad and those gadgets but actually nothing beats reading a book
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  7. Bagus macdonal sekarang kenalkan program kearah educational macam ni. Kanak kanak pun boleh belajar banyak

  8. The books for Happy Meals is so much better than just toys. We also have to teach the kids to love reading since they were still small.

  9. Wow is this a new idea from Mcd rather than giving toys for happy meals order. I love this idea where we can make kids love to reading!

  10. Nad happy gila bila tau McDonalds buat program macam ni. Takdela asyik mainan je kan.. Buat mcm ni dapat pupuk anak utk mmbaca dan spend time dengan anak. More better

  11. Keoas ni kalau pergi mcd, i beli happy meal nanti boleh i choose a book for my kids .Lagi berfaedah lan dari ambil mainan .Bagus mcd sebab wujudkan program macam ni .

  12. Dulu anak2 suka kumpul mainan bagus diaorg boleh kumpul buku pulak. Suka mcd buat macam ni..atleast bgi kanak2 ni rajin membaca sikit

  13. Now happy meal dah ada buku, kita rasa satu perkara yang bagus. Kalau diberi pilihan, kita akan pilih buku juga.
    Nak kumpul buku2 dari mcd pulak lepas ni.

  14. Wah menarik ni. Boleh i try donload dan bagu anak inbaca. Baguslah pendekatan yang di lakukan oleh pihak mcd. Bagi ramai anak2 suka

  15. Wow this is fun way to cultivate reading habits for the children, it a very good initiatives.

  16. I have told my sisters to go and buy all the books - it will be good for the kids to read all those stories. It will also be a great bonding time for the parents and the kids

  17. haaa satu perubahan besar dari MCD...taklah asyik mainan jer, sesekali tukar pada benda yang lebih bermanfaat , kiranya sambil makan kentang kat restoran mcd boleh anak2 belajar membaca dan ibu bapa mesti lagi happy

  18. I didn't even knew McDonald's had this. .me myself just started reading novels.. And I truly and finally agree that reading is really beneficial for kids and adults.. Glad that McDonald's saw that and is pursuing for it.

  19. Anak i pun suka amik yg story book ni. Borins asyik amik toys sampai penuh rumah.. Last2 buang. .Lagi rugi


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