Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween makeup kit for son

Remembered I blogged about son's Halloween participation in Citta Mall? I used one of the above makeup for his red devil face. Yeah just for the red, I using the left red tube in the picture.
I bought them at Toys R Us, I haven't try them all on him.
It is not cheap, the makeup above price range of RM10 to RM15 if not mistaken.
I would advice you don't buy them because I don't think the colour are sharp enough, they are light in colour. :(
I was surprise to see the red colour I used on him is very light red in colour.
It is my first time to purchase these Halloween makeup kit, now I know how they turned out. I wouldn't buy them again.

Bebeconfort set for sale

Do you know any new parent shopping for newborn baby? Now check out on how you can purchase this set of Bebe Confort, the BBC Bath Thermometer selling at RM24.90. The Bebe Confort Easy Clip 150ml, I saw it selling at RM39.

Now I have both items, they are new in box/package as below picture you can see. I am selling them at RM50 inclusive of Pos Laju in Malaysia.

Serious buyer only email me at sherrygo at Hotmail dot com.

I am not responsible for lost or damage of products after delivery.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goodie bag from@Guardian Walkathon 2013

We have fun for the 3KM walk for Guardian Walkathon 2013. It is our first time to go iCity Shah Alam. The place definitely need maintenance for the lift, we unable to go the restaurants because they have only stairs to go up. We tried the lift but it is spoiled.

We received the certificate for participation in 3KM walked. The tickets were sold two months prior to the event at special subsidized price of RM30 for adult, RM20 for child, RM20 for Golden Privileged Card Member per entry, with the purchase of RM20 and above in a single receipt including 1 of the participating brand.

Above you are looking at the goodies from four combination of goodie bag (three adults and one child).

My toddler is free of charge because he's under age of 3 year old.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Costumes for Halloween

Everyone waited for the storytelling, it a storytelling session by Julia Gabriel. I hope they can improve by having the story book bigger.

I am happy to see many types of costumes for Halloween night, there goes the zombie boy (son's classmate! :D
Don't want to lose chance snap a picture of a gal holding her head! Yeah she's one of the winners!

I am glad the Halloween night over early because everyone's tired and hungry to grab a bite for dinner.

I believe every child is a winner with their Halloween costumes that attended the night. :D

It is fun activities for children to take part, a good experience for them too.

Halloween Night@Citta Mall

Last Saturday evening was a busy day for us, I started making son's red cape before the Halloween. We lost his red cape in the GSC Cinema in Summit USJ, the day we watched Turbo. Dear was using phone to Skype with mom in law during the queue to go for trick o treat. Above pictures taken using my Samsung S3 phone.

Above is the picture of my son in Devil makeup, I did for him and he's very happy about it. I also draw the shirt of I love Citta Mall. I used the red KFC recycled bag for him to wear as Devil. He likes it if there is no red face and moustache makeup and horns, he would be like Wreck It Ralph. Anyway he didn't win the Halloween Costume Contest. They were over 100 children take part in this contest, the number up to 125 children if not mistaken.

We saw many witches in the night! I followed son for the trick o treat, it feels like amazing race.

The night we meet up with the rovers again. :D

Pause… Walk For A Cause@Guardian Walkathon 2013

Yesterday a meaningful day for us. It is Guardian Walkathon 2013. In its continuous efforts to generate health awareness,  Guardian, a renowned leading health, beauty and personal care chain in Malaysia, raised funds for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and the National Council of Senior Citizens’ Organisation Malaysia (NACSCOM) through a charity walkathon recently at iCity Shah Alam. 

The eager participants came as early as 7.00am to warm up with exercises as they prepared themselves to take the 3km and 8km routes respectively. After the walk around the vicinity of iCity Shah Alam is an initiative to Walk For A Cause each participant were given a goodie bag and a pass which enables them access to iCity’s Waterworld, Snowalk and TrickArt Museum.

The walkathon is aimed at highlighting the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle in addition to raising funds for a worthy cause. This year’s walkathon raised RM48,000 in total, with RM24,000 from the public and RM24,000 matched by Guardian. NASAM, NASOM and NACSCOM each received RM16,000.

The walkathon garnered more than 2500 participants, as more Malaysians are taking their health seriously and getting involved with recreational and sports activities that the entire family can enjoy.
Before the flag off, the participants enjoyed a warm up session by fitness instructor and trainer, Adasandha.  The general participants completed the 3km and 8km walks whilst 82 representatives from NASAM, 16 NACSCOM senior citizens and 26 representatives from NASOM  finished their dedicated 1km and 3km routes respectively.  After the walk, the activities continued with fun and games on stage, product samplings, Jazzercise by Adasandha and lucky draw for all!
Second picture above my children with me.
We have so much fun at Guardian Walkathon 2013. :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wonderbox Malaysia

Are you free on next week day? There's something on for ladies, yeah it is tea party.

Wonderbox Malaysia is having an evening of fun and excitement with Bio-essence. If you have interest to join the media event, do check out their Facebook. It is media blogger invite, yeah do check out their Terms & Conditions.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet the rovers in Citta Mall

I am excited as we get to meet the rovers in Citta Mall, yeah here are some memories photo from them.
Say if you are looking for Halloween Contest, check out 1 Mont Kiara and Publika.

It is my first time to put son in the Halloween Costume Contest, he's one of the finalist in Halloween Costume Contest on this Sunday at SACC Mall. It is the Mom & Baby Expo 2013 at SACC Mall.

I am still thinking which makeup is suitable for him plus the costume.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Missing my hamsters

Do you have a pet during your childhood? I have two hamsters named brown and white because of their fur colour. for start during my teenage year. Then the couple mate and I have total of 63 hamsters.

The pet hamsters I have, I have put a hamster in a bucket of half water to let it swim. Just for few minutes, after that wipe its wet body. I don't recall the type of hamster I have but I know it is long fur hamster which I can trim the fur.

I don't know if you know of this, but new mommy hamster ate their first born. :(

I don't want to believe this but it is truth and happened a few times. Brown is the mommy, White is the daddy. White done a good job protecting his babies. It was cuddling the babies when I couldn't locate them in cage.

The cage was made of steel, today you can find many types of cage for hamsters.

It is fun watching the hamster running in the wheel in the cage.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween zombie makeup

Which do you like? The Dracula makeup or the Zombie makeup above? Is he better with the Dracula teeth or without it?

Son having fun with the makeup and posing for me to snap picture.

I am just testing out which makeup is suitable for him. Due to timing, I am hoping can try out other makeup on him this week.

Dear was back late when he saw him in zombie makeup and he said give him the Dracula teeth.

Do you have plan on this Halloween?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Craving Contest@Citta Mall

It is fun Saturday morning for son and me, yeah just mom and son day's out. I received the SMS that he's selected to be among thirty participants to take part. Well this morning we were early at the mall, they were six pumpkins left which means six participants didn't show up.

It is more like adult doing the craving, children on hands on drawing the pumpkin. Below picture of my craving the pumpkin! The tools given are knife, white board marker, and scoop. Sad to say the white board marker not suitable for this contest, it is tough to draw on pumpkin.

Other participants bring their tools to create beautiful pumpkins. Anyway I have fun with this contest, just half an hour given for pumpkin craving contest! Congrats to winners, though we didn't win but we have so much fun.

Shape Up Challenge with Collistar Workshop

I received email about Shape Up Challenge with Collistar Workshop 1, I have earlier spoke to one of their staff that I won't be able to attend all the workshops. I am not joining this challenge. Anyway I still received email that I am one of the selected.

I know some friends are going for this workshop, it would be fun for them. :D

Below is the email I have received.

Program Highlights
3.00- 4.20 pm               Registration& Welcome Note
                                    *Welcome drinks & snacks will be served
4.20 – 5.20 pm              Workshop 1    - Introduction to Shape Up Challenge with Collistar  
                                    Step 1              - Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening Program highlights
5.30- 6.00 pm               Get Fit & Have Fun with Celebrity Fitness
** Attached herewith our Letter of Agreement for your kind reference & acknowledgement.
For further clarification, please feel free to call me or Ms Pat Chong at 017-329 3813 /012-5924488.
See you soon.
Thank you.
Ooi Lik Wen
Marketing Assistant
Hong Kong Sa Sa (M) Sdn. Bhd.
A Member of Sa Sa Group of Companies
6 Jalan 12/91A,Taman Shamelin Perkasa
Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Tel:      (603) 9082 6877 Ext:399
Fax:     (603) 9281 8261
Email: ml.lw_ooi@sasa.com

First try on Halloween Dracula makeup

What do you think of above picture? Yeah I put son on try out the Halloween Dracula. I just want to have some fun with him, he likes it so much. I wanted him to stay longer with the makeup so I can know how long can they last. He's sweat so much, so I need to know if the makeup will melt.

I didn't purchase any face paint, I find them expensive! I just use my makeup on him. lol

He wants to share his looked with his classmate, one of the classmate's mom told me she afraid that her girl might not able sleep at night after looking his makeup. lol

Son likes to watch Hotel Transylvania, so this is the makeup I did for him.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make Safety Your Child's Companion - Indoor And Outdoor‏

As every parent holds their new-born infant, the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and care envelopes the child the moment the baby is held in their arms. What’s more, the smile of the baby brings a sweet and warm joy to the parents knowing that their precious child is happy, feeling safe and protected.  Nonetheless, deriving the reason behind the smile of the baby is what pulls experts at Aprica and Graco to engineer simple modern solutions to best enrich every family's journey to make safety the child's companion, inside and outside.

To ensure that infants grow happily in a safe environment, there are little things which parents can do to protect them from the more serious injuries that can lead to disabilities and even fatalities. Accidents can occur indoors and outdoors, and most of them can be prevented when safe and prudent precautions are taken. For instance, the increase in car accidents involving infants and children every year is a dreadful reality which highlights the issue of child safety.

A crash test analysis conducted by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) in 2010 revealed that an adult passenger will not have the required strength to prevent an infant or a child from being thrown forward during a collision at any speed applied. More frighteningly, at a vehicle driving at the speed of a mere 50km per hour, an unsecured infant weighing 7.0kg will actually be thrown forward at a powerful force of 240kg/sq2, which is an equivalent impact of an adult falling from a five-storey building. These numbers reveal that infants are the most vulnerable passengers and a high percentage of children in Malaysia were unfortunately killed during road accidents; more than any other causes known to date.

With this in mind, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd launched a one-week Child Safety Roadshow Campaign that centres on Kinderdijk’s commitment to strongly remind parents and guardians to be wary and to take all necessary precautions to safeguard their children’s safety. The roadshow held from 14th to 20thOctober 2013 in Mid Valley Megamall, also showcased a line of Aprica and Graco child safety car seats, strollers, baby carriers and travel systems, all of which are designed in line with the principles of paediatrics and childcare engineering to enhance childcare and create a fun family life.

Picture above from left to right, Gwei, Jenny Kwan and Tee posing with Aprica's stroller.

Gwei Tze-Co, Managing Director, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd said, “Based on the statistics, more parents seem to assume that holding their child or letting them sit on the lap is enough to protect them from the impact of accidents. It is also becoming a worrying trend that the usage of child safety car seats and travel systems are not something that most Malaysian parents take seriously. Parents must understand that children are the most precious cargo on-board; hence safety should not be undervalued, nor taken for granted as it can benefit them in the long-run.”

from left Gwei, Jenny Kwan and Tee posing with Graco Contour Prestige Poppy Bassinet

“According to the study conducted by MIROS, an infant will be flung forward at a high velocity albeit being held by an adult during a vehicle collision at only 30km per hour and most likely will be killed as the direct result of such violent impact. Thus, being equipped with the right and comfortable baby travelling equipment can provide a peace of mind to parents when using the equipment while travelling,” said Jenny Kwan, Senior Sales Manager, Hong Kong & ASEAN, Newell Rubbermaid Asia Pacific. “Furthermore, parents need to practice buckling up and young children should be taught on how to use them. Safety is crucial to child development and it is imperative to cultivate the prudent habit from young.”

Understanding the Reason behind the Baby’s Smile

Psychologists have found that babies are the most happiest when they feel secure and safe in a trusted environment. A baby’s smile can bring wonders and eases the stress away. To ensure babies are safe, experts at Aprica are designing products that are developed with scientific approaches and medical science on babies and childcare engineering to provide comfort to the baby. Likewise, Graco is providing safety solutions that make childcare easier with products which are fully convenient and intuitive, catering to making a fun family life.

In light of this, Aprica has formed the 8.3.8 Principle to identify, protect and nurture the baby’s body and mind to create the best environment for babies with the development of comfortable baby products. Aprica has drawn out ‘8 Medical Structures to protect and nurture babies’ from the ‘8 Babies’ immaturity in body to be protected’ structure and ‘3 Baby’s emotional growth to be encouraged’ concept identified through researches on baby paediatrics and childcare engineering.

          Wong explaning the Aprica's 838 concept, you can refer chart below for detail.

“At Kinderdijk, we understand that care and safety are essential to keep the baby comfortable and secure. The Aprica and Graco products distributed by Kinderdijk are innovatively engineered and carefully designed to provide convenience and security to parents, especially those who are leading a modern lifestyle,” Gweiadded.  Given that comfort and safety are vital to form the foundation of childcare devices, the following are the standards that guide Aprica engineers to develop baby products essential to make babies happy.

Aprica’s 8.3.8 Principle:
‘The Reason Behind the Smile’ which forms the basis of Aprica’s products development
8 Babies’ Immaturity in Body to be Protected
3 Baby’s Emotional Growth to be Encouraged
8 Medical Structures to Protect and Nurture Baby’s Body and Mind
1.       Heavy head and unstable neck
2.       Unstable respiratory function
3.       Straight backbone, high risk for hip dislocation
4.       Undeveloped thermoregulation
5.       Unstable sleep pattern
6.       Weak skin barrier function
7.       Undeveloped sensory function
8.       Undeveloped immune system
1.       “Relationship of trust” nurtured by physical contact.
2.       “Curiosity” developed by stimulation of five senses.
3.       “Communication ability” fostered by everyone’s smile.
1.       Lay down a baby on a flat bed.
2.       Put any restriction on a baby’s head and neck
3.       Keep natural posture according to a baby’s growth.
4.       Provide comfortable breathability and hydrothermal environment
5.       Protect a baby from dust and harmful substances
6.       Reduce shock and uncomfortable vibration
7.       Ensure a baby’s natural sleep and life rhythm
8.       Support communication with a baby

Kinderdijk hosted a roadshow on child safety at Mid Valley Megamall today. During the roadshow, Kinderdijk spoke about the importance of taking the necessary precautions to safeguard their children’s safety. The one-week roadshow held from the 14th to 20th October 2013 also showcased a line of Aprica and Graco child safety car seats, strollers, baby carriers and travel systems, all of which are designed in line with the principles of paediatrics and childcare engineering to enhance childcare and create a fun family life.
The following is the price of the Aprica and Graco products featured at the roadshow:
Soraria (Stroller)
Fladea (Car Seat)
Colan Bigi (Baby Carrier)
Graco Evo (Travel System)
Citilite R Red (Stroller)
Size 4 Me 70 Branson (Car Seat)
Contour Prestige Poppy (Pack ‘N’ Play)

Being mom, we know how important it is about make safety for our child's now if you have time this weekend check out this roadshow at Midvalley Megamall, it is located at East Atrium.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Free child Tummyphone* to expectant mums

Are you an expectant mums? Do check out on how you can get the free child Tummyphone* to expectant mums. Click on the link to find out, good luck!

It is limited they have only 500 units to giveaway.


Movie Review: Escape Plan

Are you big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger? I like to watch his movies, son too likes his movie but Escape Plan is not suitable for him. It is suitable for 18 above to watch.

First time to watch Stallone and Schwarzenegger acting together, they are doing it well! I like this movie very much, best part when they are in the box. lol

This movie about how Stallone's as Ray Breslin, breaking out all the jailed. He's a jail breaker and nobody can stop him! He even wrote a book about it.

My dear and I have fun watching this movie, I don't mind watching it again!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Animation World Delights Shoppers

Jasmine Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Anakku Sdn. Bhd. at the official opening of Animation World.
On 10 October 2013, it is a fun and exciting shopping experience awaits customers with the launch of the Animation World at Mid Valley Megamall, the new home of some well loved cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Angry Bird and Doraemon.
This unique retail experience by Anakku Sdn Bhd., an established Malaysian company that offers baby and children lifestyle products, will provide customers with a new and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Jasmine Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Anakku Sdn. Bhd. with the well loved characters offered at Animation World.

Jasmine Chew, the Chief Executive Officer of Anakku Sdn Bhd, explains that the concept behind the Animation World is all about providing customers with new choices as well as more pleasure shopping ambiance, through attractive and engaging product displays of multiple animation brands under one roof.
The 1,300 square feet Animation World store at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur is the first of its kind by Anakku Sdn Bhd.
They have recently opened the second store in Queensbay Mall, Penang; East Coast Mall, Kuantan is opening in October; Kulai, Johor and Pavillion Mall, Kuala Lumpur by November & December respectively.

Above I am holding the Hello Kitty children clothes.
I am sure you like to see more pictures, click on the link now. You can also see more pictures on my instagram sherry go.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Special Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Bus On The Go!

Pink October Month, Avon Malaysia is all geared with its Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Campaign 2013.
This year around, the flight continues with a strategic collaboration with LPPKN and MYDIN as The Company For Women set to create a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records for The Largest Mobile Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.
 The campaign's key objections are to empower women to improve their breast health while educating the importance of breast screening as part of healthy lifestyle. The campaign also aims to create awareness among women, with emphasis that one third of breast cancers are preventable and that regular screening can save lives.
Themed "Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer!" this fun road tour will be carried out simultaneously via different 6 buses in 6 zones nationwide; namely the north, central, south, east coast, Sabah and Sarawak. These unique buses are equipped with private rooms specially designed for clinical breast checks, educational corner and registration counter for mammogram subsidy.

Scheduled from 5th to 30 October 2013 these KGBC buses are slated to stop over at 48 locations nationwide from 10am -5pm each weekend. Locations are selected for their hot spot awareness and reach out potentials, with main locations being at Mydin Malls where the public is easily accessed.

The key highlight of the tour is FREE CLINICAL BREAST HEALTH check by LPPKN's professional medical teams, educating the masses that breast cancer screening should be made as a route testing aims at detecting breast cancer at its earlier stages.

Look at one of the supporters above.

To encourage participations, Avon will be giving away attractive goodies to the first 100 participants who get on board the bus for their breast screening. Also, 50 participants with pink outfits will win Best Dressed prizes. The public can also look forward to various exciting programs like charity makeovers, pink bazaar charity sales, lucky draws and free bra fitting education, among others.

For details you can check out www.facebook.com.AvonMy or
Avon toll-free hotline at 1800-22-AVON (2866)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Red Slimfit Sweet Two Piece Woolen Coat

Being mommy are two boys are not an easy job, I need time off too. I like to check online store, check out aupie on sale. It's one of the pampering moment I can do by shopping online.

Talk of shopping online, let's check out the website I found this beautiful Slimfit Sweet Two Piece Woolen Coat. Looking at this piece, I can tell you I fall in love. This beautiful piece is not just in red colour but it is European Style. It is two pieces I can wear them separately. They are two colours available one in red, another in blue. I would choose red because Christmas is coming up!

Slimfit Sweet Two Piece Woolen Coat

They provide free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase required. My friends are looking for top fashion clothing; they are busy with their work. I suggest to checking online store, because they can access the website from their home or office. With Internet access it is convenient to shop online with just few clicks away!

The website is user friendly and easy to browse. They have fashion accessories with bags and shoes for you to choose from. My friend loves shoes perhaps, she find this website interest her. If you like to see more click on above link.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Top Commentator

September Top Commentator goes to Kelly Chin, she has five comments on my blog. :D

She will received the Hello Kitty colouring book.

Don't worry if you didn't win, stay tune on my blog for more giveaway. :D

“Shape Up With Collistar”!

This season, Sa Sa put Collistar and Celebrity Fitness together, they create a better lifestyle and they present ...gorgeousness for the ladies. There is Shape Up with Collistar challenge, you can find it at the Sasa Facebook.

If you are selected to be 88 of the participants, you need to pay RM150 fee for it. You will get the products of Collistar worth RM495, you also get a month of Celebrity Fitness. There will be four workshops to attend, it is on Saturday each month.

Date on workshop are as following: 3-6pm Saturday.

19 Oct
16 Nov
14 Dec
18 Jan

Workshop is at Lot 10 in Celebrity Fitness.

Just sharing this info.

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