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The Most Widely Used Natural Metals in the World

There are many metals that are used in things we see all around us: without metal, modern society could not exist. Of course, some metals are used extensively, while others, although important, are not used as much. The following are the most used metals in the world.

Iron and Manganese
These two metals go hand in hand. This is because they are the main components of steel. There are different types of steel on the market, but the main attraction to steel is that it is lighter than iron and much stronger. In fact, it is manganese used with carbon that produces steel from iron metal. Steel is used in buildings, bridges, cars, and any other application where strength and durability are needed.

This metal is known to many people because of soda pop cans, but its value in aviation is the most important to society. Aluminum is a strong metal, but it is also light weight; therefore, it is used as the primary metal to build aircraft. In fact, without aluminum, there would be no modern aviation. There are different needs that manufacturers have in aluminum. Examples are the characteristics of corrosion, temperature and tensile strength; therefore, there are many aluminum alloys on the market. One of the most popular is the 2219 alloy. This combines a small amount of copper to the aluminum to produce a much stronger metal than aluminum is in its purest form.

Most people think of pennies when they think of copper, but this important metal has many great uses. The most notable is for use as a conductor in the world of electronics and electricity. The most important product is wire used to conduct electricity. Although there are many types of wire, most of them have copper or a copper alloy as the basic metal. The reason for this is the outstanding conductive properties that copper has. It is true that there are a couple of metals with better conductive characteristics, such as silver, but they are too expensive to be used in common applications Copper has the best combination of conductivity versus cost among all of the metals.

These metals are as important today as they have ever been. Engineers continue to work on the development of alloys to improve performance of these metals, and you can also see the importance of these metals because they are always in demand to be recycled.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ocean-themed shopping fair and promotions @First World Plaza

It's fun Saturday day out with my boys, we first head to The Food Factory for Hi-Tea, then we go to SnowWorld. Then we go watch Aaron Crow fearless magic show. After that we have dinner at Coffee Terrace then shopping at Ocean-themed shopping fair. It's a fun-filled Saturday day out with blogger friends and #RWGkidbloggers.
 This is our last stop before taking bus back to Wisma Genting, it's been a long day and my sons looking forward to see what's in ocean themed shopping fair. "Sea the World" an "aquatic" world some 6,000 ft above the sea level waiting to be discovered.

 We saw many attractive decor to enjoy, featuring an ocean theme complete with aquatic animals and plants like dolphins, jelly fish, clown fish, star fish and reef corals. And the complement the theme, there will be a wide range of seashell merchandise - souveniors, accessories and ornaments for sale.
wow so many things to see, which do you like?

Everyone has got different interest in the shopping fair. Boys will boys, they do love to check out the toys. How about ladies? I am sure the necklaces, bags, bracelets, kids clothing, keychains and many more.

Tomorrow, my sons going to school/kindergarten as March School Holiday is over. If you have interest to visit Resorts Genting, you can find more information at

Get start with your plans as you can plan for your weekends to go as weekdays are school days and working days for the parents. Everyone needs a break, if you like to break away from hot weather, you can take time out to visit Resorts World Genting.

Exhilarating, breathtaking and one of a kind! Aaron Crow Fearless


If you like to watch live performance, don't forget to watch this World Famous Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow at Resorts World Genting. 

Exhilarating, breathtaking and one of a kind! #AaronCrowFearless

With his fusion of magic, suspense, risky stunts and mystery, Aaron is able to capture the attention of a crowd without uttering a single word. His unmatched power and eloquent silence has long since become his onstage trademark, always leaving you to at the edge of your seat. Yes, heart trembling moments when you saw this performance. 

Dubbed Belgium's foremost international television sensation, Aaron has also appeared in numerous TV and gala shows including the popular "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde" that featured his Candle and Sword act a whopping three times! Just like the photo below...
Please take note that, you cannot try this at home! Don't try these acts at home. 
photo credit to mommy Jane
Aaron has also appeared in the biggest TV shows in the world and was recently featured in Broadway New York, London West End and the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Often described as mental artiste extraordinaire or silent mentalist, the Belgian has impressed even the likes of Simon Cowell, and is well-decorated - he was ranked first at the World Championships of Magic, the largest competition of its kind that is held every three years. There, he battled against 150 other world renowned acts infront of a crowd of 2,500 people.

His most popular acts are "Supravasion", the most spectacular blindfold act int he world, "Bowman" which is an unseen combination of bravery and love that will touch you, and "The Final Bullet" in which Aaron attempts to catch a signed bullet shot at 300 Bar from a paintball machine gun. Highly original and authentic, his routines are performed in silence with the exception of some spine-tingling eerie music in the background.

Among Aaron's other international achievements were winning World Champion Mentalism at the 2003 Den Haag XXII World Championships and winning the Wizard Trophy (Phenomenon category) last year. 

One of Houdini's well-known acts involved swallowing needles! Coincidence or not, Aaron himself had an early encounter with needles - he was rushed to a hospital with a needle stuck in his throat at the age of three. 

At Resorts World Genting, Aaron's "Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly" promises to deliver his unique brand of magic and mystery. The show will be held at the Genting International Showroom daily from 18 March to 15 May 2016, 9pm; the matinee show at 4pm. 

The heart-stopping, thrilling and truly spectacular acts that will leave you thinking what happen next. 

Group photo with World Famous Silent Mentalist, Aaron Crow.

The tickets for "Fearless! Cheating Death NIghtly" priced at RM78 (PS2),
RM98 (PS1) and RM118 (VIP). 

For more information, visit 

Other attraction in the Resorts World Genting is the SnowWorld, you can click on the link to read about it. 
SnowWorld Springtime Wonderland 

SnowWorld Springtime Wonderland

excited, my son waiting to go in the SnowWorld, let it snow! 
Last Saturday after having our meal at The Food Factory, we head to SnowWorld. Yes the place that kids love it and even parents!

 The SnowWorld Springtime Wonderland, during this Easter weekend namely March 25 to 27 on these times 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30 pm, get ready to create wonderful memories when participating in the SnowWorld Wonderland series of eggs-citing activities and adventures.

My boys loving it as it's below 4 degree in SnowWorld
 Loving this place they like the cold and the snow! My youngest son never been to SnowWorld before it's his first time to experienced it and he loves it very much.
Happy kid on the cold icy floor.
 Fun time for the bigger kids as they can slide down in SnowWorld, you'll need to bring up the tube yourself to enjoy the ride!
Joey is getting ready for her ride. 
YS is very to enter the SnowWorld as he last step foot in was 2 years ago. He been waiting to go for a long time, it's school holidays now and the invite from RWG just nice that we can go before the school starts.
happy school holiday before the school starts :D
Don't worry if you didn't have a pair of boots, or gloves, or jackets. The boos are available it at the counter for you to change your shoes. You can wear your sports shoes or boots in the SnowWorld.
good time with friends in the SnowWorld

loving this place, SnowWorld, we'll be back!
 Like the theme suggests, SnowWorld comes alive with numerous pastel-colours, in this case they are all eggs. These eggs are placed at the key photo spots: you'll need to memory the cards of eggs. If guessing it correctly, will received chocolate eggs and get to pick a prize from the basket. It's fun session as kids queuing up to play these activities.
my RWG Kid Blogger is focusing hard on the cards!

 Many eggs-citing fun activities including art and crafts, on the make creative gift yourself. It's something unique and involve creativity and imaginations! It was fun and next we go Ocean Themed shopping fair, click to find out.
Kids and adults love this session as they love arts and crafts!

By the way, there's a contest awaiting you to take part at Snow World. Take a guess at the Guess the Eggs Eggs-exercise to stand a chance to win a Free 2D1N stay in First World Hotel for your next visit! It's simple yet so fun by just submitting your answer with a photo of yourself with the Eggs Jar to Resorts World Genting Facebook or Instagram and hash tag #SWGuessTheEggs!

Three lucky winners with the correct answers or the nearest correct answer will be randomly selected. For more information, you can visit

High Tea @The Food Factory, First World Hotel

RWG Kids Bloggers with PR Eric and Jia Yi
Happy Sunday to everyone, it's been a very hot day. How do you spend the school holidays with your kids? Yesterday, I have brought my kids to Resorts World Genting for day trip bloggers and Resorts World Kids Bloggers event. A great time we have together, we had our high tea at newly opened The Food Factory. 
March School Holidays almost end, so son wanted to go Resorts World Genting as he missed out going in February. He's the Kid Blogger of RWG. 

The Food Factory is a new restaurant offers more than just great food: You will be thrilled to watch the chefs at work - using extraordinary to make food. 

A brand new dining concept located on the 3rd Floor of First World Plaza, The Food Factory covers 23,568 sq ft and comes with an open kitchen equipped with some heavy-duty kitchen gadgets. Designed specially to cater for four groups and MICE market, the restaurant can accommodate up to 1,300 diners at one time and is normally open for breakfast. 

Experience the Hi-Tea Buffet
Featuring the very best of East and West, every dish is cooked fresh to order and served piping hot so every bite fills your mouth with delight. 
The opening hours for Hi-Tea Buffet is from 1pm to 5pm
Price: RM38 nett (adult), RM10 nett (child)

Variety of food to choose from, if you like to see more photos Food Factory do click on the link.
 The special feature at The Food Factory during these school holidays: High Tea buffet from March 12 to 20, and on March 26 and 27, 1pm to 5pm. The High Tea offers great food at just RM10 nett for children between 5 to 11 years old, and RM38 nett for adults.

Fruit and Salad bars awaiting you to  try. Yes yogurts are there too. 

 The High Tea buffet offers great variety, with food presented on separate counters - Western, Easter Asian, West Asian, Pizza, local delights and drinks.

The Western Counters is laden with various delicious dishes - from seafood platter to assorted salads with condiments, and main dishes that include Roast Roasemary Chicken with Potatoes and Vegetables, Roasted Chicken Roll, Chicken and Lamb Sharwama, Beef and Chicken Burger, Sauteed Pasta with Cream Carbonara Sauce or Bolognaise, Sauteed Spanish Sausages and Sauteed Lamb Ball with Hot Sauce, Breaded. You can also choose different soups including cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup.

 The Chinese or East Asian Counter offers sumptuous local favourites such as Fish Ball Noodle Soup, Curry Noodle Soup, Fried Carrot with XO Sauce, Grilled or Deep- fried Yam Roll, Deep-fried Cheese Roll, Chee Cheong Fun, Friend Loh See Fun, Fried Yee Mee, and Dim Sum.

Burger anyone? There are beef burger and chicken burger.
 If it's Asian food you prefer, visit the West Asian Counter where there's a wide variety of local cuisines such as Malay and Nyonya Kuih, Nasi Lemak with condiments, Roti Jala, Potatoes Samosa, Vegetables Pakoras, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Ayam Masak Merah, Chicken and Lamb Skewer.

 For light snackers, there are finger food such as Margherita Pizza, Chicken Ham Pizza, Toasted Bread with Kaya and Butter, Fried Banana and Sweet Potatoes.
free to grab at Food Factory, lollipops kids love.
Yummy meals we have during the High Tea at Food Factory, yeah you will also like to check out a few of "giant" cooking utensils such as pancake machine and a pizza conveyer mahcine - both from the US- and a machine for making fried rice and noodles that was made in Hong Kong.

Delicious meals, we have enjoy ourselves at the Food Factory, you'll be happy to dine there yourself.

Thank you RWG for having us. 

If you like to know more about The Food Factory, you can log on to

my boys with PR Eric, and Jia Yi. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin @Johan Speaking Academy

During March School Holidays, what you have plan for your kids? My son joined the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin at Johan Speaking Academy on 16 March and 17 March 2016, it's One and Half Day workshop for kids to learn public speaking in Mandarin. 

name list of 18 participants in Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin
My son's name is on the list, he's number 6 to perform in the kids public speaking. 
During the Kids Public Speaking in English, one and half day he was no.9 to perform.
You can click on the link to read more about the Kids Public Speaking in English.

School holidays he has got tuition classes to attend but I have decided to give him a break. I want him to enjoy and express himself in learning the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin. The one and half day workshop in Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin, he's very happy and have make many friends on the day. It's good to have friends to join the classes together so they can spend time together and learn. 

kids emcees of the day, refer below for 2nd batch of emcees of the day

At the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin one and half day workshop at Johan Speaking Academy, kids are given chance to express themselves. They can brush up their Mandarin language at the same time. It is my son first time to go on stage to speak in Mandarin. For your information, he also take part in Kids Public Speaking in English one and half day workshop before taking this. Both are different experienced for the kids though both are workshop of kids public speaking. Kids have many interest in learning, they like to learn in both languages.
I'm glad that my son is able to perform well on the day. 
I am proud of him. 

During the school holiday, many parents have line up activities and tuition classes for kids. If you can just let them attend the kids public speaking workshop for one and half day, you'll be surprise to see the difference. Indeed, never try never know. 

I let my son attended Kids Public Speaking in English at Johan Speaking Academy and continues with Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin because I want to give him to build self confidence and builds self esteem, also helps him to speak up. He has fear on standing on stage and glad that he manage to overcome it. 

10 years old Joey, she is one of the emcee of the day too.
Many parents come for Kids Public Speaking, parent send them from Kepong, Rawang and even further. We can record video and snap photo with our smart phones or you can bring your own camera to video. Second day of workshop is where kids perform on stage. 

13 year old is attending the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin with her siblings.
Parents can also signed up children with their siblings to take part in Kids Public Speaking. It's fun learning together and bonding at the same time. Siblings can learn together if you see their age is not far from each other.

7 years old giving her public speaking in Mandarin
She has also attended the Kids Public Speaking in English earlier this year. 
Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin is new in Johan Speaking Academy, it's good for parents to let children to learn. 
Public Speaking helps children to build confidence and be a better communicator. 

Some photos taken during the kids public speaking in Mandarin.

If you like to see more photos on the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin on 16-17 March one and half day workshop, click on the link above.
Kids emcees of the day
Public Speaking is a very important skill to have besides academic qualification. It promotes interpersonal skills, improves verbal communications and increases vocabulary. This is where you can help your child to build self confidence and build self esteem.
Zhiren Xie, he is the last year Malaysia Public Speaking Champion in Mandarin(Toastmasters International)
Profile of Zhiren Xie:



国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2014-15 年全国备稿演讲比赛冠军


国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2015-16 年全国幽默演讲比赛亚军
国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2015 年Q1 


梳邦华语国际讲演会2012-2015 青少年沟通与领袖营导师

讲华语运动2014,2015 两届全国华语演讲比赛评审

*小小演说家 口才训练营*
谢谢~何丽婷老师 & 解智仁老师
my son received his Certificate of Completion from Zhiren Xie and Cherry Ho,
Cherry Ho is co-founder of Johan Speaking Academy
 何丽婷 (Cherry Ho)
Profile of Cherry Ho: 

何丽婷(Cherry Ho),是冠军演讲学院(Johan Speaking Academy)的联合创办人。

她与创办者 黄靖旗 (Johan Ooi) 于2014年的八月头创立了冠军演讲学院 

(Johan Speaking Academy) ,至今已经举办了30多场英文版本的小小演说家 (

Kids Public Speaking) 、四场的10个星期的课程和两次大型的小孩成果展示。


现任D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club 的公关一职。2012/2013 国际生意组织

(BNI Inspire) 和2012-2015士拉央华小校友会担任秘书职位。



My son is happy to see one of his friend named Joey, both attended the same workshop together. 
Son is also happy to see some friends he knows joining the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin together. It's fun to learn together and kids can enjoy each other company during the one and half day workshop. I have blog about my son attended the Kids Public Speaking in English, you can click on the link to read about it.
Happy 18 kids from Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin with Zhiren Xie and Cherry Ho.

Last year 2015, Johan Speaking Academy, the Kids Public Speaking for 10 weeks program for last year is a success, the kids are not just being trained in door but outdoor as well. Refer to the list below:
July: Popular Bookfair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
August: Kids Public Speaking Expo at Women's Institute of Management
September: Kids Fair at Mid Valley
September: Mid Autumn Festival at Mid Point Shopping in Cheras
October: Brand Ambassador at Sunway Lagoon
November: One Book Fair at Jaya Shopping Mall
December: Musical Festival at Gardens Theatre
December: Christmas at Jungle Gym Atria

Besides Kids Public Speaking for one day and a half workshop. You can choose either to let your child to enroll in Kids Public Speaking in English or Mandarin because both languages are available now. The Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin is new in Johan Speaking Academy.
Kids Public Speaking is open to child age 7 years old to 12 years old. Johan Speaking Academy have trained over 600 kids in kids public speaking. 

They also have Teens Public Speaking 8 Weeks Program that is about to start this Saturday. Teens Public Speaking is open to child age 12 years old to 15 years old. 
If you like to know more info on the program in both Kids Public Speaking and Teens Public Speaking you can visit: 
If you like to enquire for kids public speaking program and workshops you can visit:

Johan Speaking Academy 
92B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur. (just 5 min drive away from One Utama Shopping Mall).
You can also whatapp or contact Cherry Ho on 6016-2589038.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Johan Speaking Academy: One and Half Day Workshop

First day at Kids Public Speaking
This March School Holidays, I told son that he's going to Kids Public Speaking workshop is it 1 and half day workshop at Johan Speaking Academy located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI).

My son hasn't been on stage for a long time since the Halloween contest 2 years back. During the halloween contest it was just perform the act, there's no public speaking involved. It seems he has lost of confidence to go stage since that. I am happy that I have enrolled him for the one and half day workshop at Kids Public Speaking, it's in English. It build back his confidence, and he gets to know friends that have similar interest in learning public speaking. 
They get to know each other on the first day, my son with his new friend Wallace
Kids introduce each other, Yeow Shen is 10 years old and  Ng Li Yang is 12 years old. 

First day of public speaking from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Second day is where parents can see their child perform on stage to present themselves. Second day of public speaking from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Second is like a big day for every parent, we get to see our child perform in front their new friends and parents.

Below some photos taken during the one and half day workshop. They were total 15 children that took part in the #kidspublicspeaking. The youngest is 6 years old gal. Kids are be creative and expressive.
10 years old Joey same age as my son

7 years old Josiah

7 years old Marcus

youngest among all, 6 years old to perform.

I am proud of my son that he's able to face his fear of going on stage again. Public speaking helps him to build confidence and be a better communicator.

English Public Speaking workshop, 15 students received their certificate for this March School Holidays.

Front left: me, my son with his certificate of completion the worskhop,
Cherry Ho the co-founder and Johan Ooi the co-founder.

About Johan Speaking Academy, Johan Ooi and Cherry Ho they are the co-founder of Johan Speaking Academy. It was established on August 2014. For the past 18 months, they have trained over 600 kids in Kids Public Speaking. Their journey with the kids covers the largest and most prominent stages in Malaysia:
photo credit to

About Johan, he's last year Peninsular Malaysia Public Speaking Champion (Toastmasters International), Johan is also the Semi-Finalist World Championship of Public Speaking at Las Vegas.
Keynote and guest speaker for MNC, Corporate Companies: Maxis, P1, PIKOM, Digital Marketing Expo, Malaysia Association of Hotels, Royale Bintang Group of Hotels, CHM Hotel Group, Exabytes, SME Accelators, GTI Media, BRANDS Seminar.

About Cherry, Cherry is the brainchild of Kids Public Speaking program. She trains in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia for Kids Public Speaking program.

Last year 2015, Johan Speaking Academy, bring the kids for an outdoor experience in Kids Public Speaking during the 10 weeks program, it's not just indoor experience but also outdoor experience:
July: Popular Bookfair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
August: Kids Public Speaking Expo at Women's Institute of Management
September: Kids Fair at Mid Valley
September: Mid Autumn Festival at Mid Point Shopping in Cheras
October: Brand Ambassador at Sunway Lagoon
November: One Book Fair at Jaya Shopping Mall
December: Musical Festival at Gardens Theatre
December: Christmas at Jungle Gym Atria

Every parent wants the best for their child, if you know that your child is a very shy person. You can try take up this short course of one and half day workshop on upcoming June's school holidays. This kids public speaking is open for kids age 7 years old to 12 years old.

The 10 weeks of program consist not only indoor training the children but also provide outdoor of training in kids public speaking as mention above. 

It's indeed a great experience for my son, he also joined the Mandarin Kids Public Speaking one and half day workshop. They have 10 weeks program for to take part if you have interest to give your child to learn more.

If you like to enquire for kids public speaking program and workshops you can visit:

Johan Speaking Academy 
92B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur. (just 5 min drive away from One Utama Shopping Mall).

They also have program for the Teens Public Speaking from the age of 12 years old to 15 years old. The Teens Public Speaking starts this Saturday for 8 weeks, if you have any friend interest find Johan Speaking Academy for more details. 

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