Saturday, June 11, 2011

37 weeks and ready for c-section

Yesterday visit the doctors in the morning, I saw two doctors and the last doctor told me that baby is quite big I cannot deliver him normally. He says need c-section and that will be tomorrow at 4pm. Yesterday doc mention that it would be Tuesday for induced but we decided to go for c-section.

My baby is bigger than my first so doc says there will be hard for me to deliver and baby maybe cannot come out. Just now he was he explaining the procedure to me and says even c-section has complication and risk.

He even tell me about clip the tube so future no more have baby. If not do it now then future when need to do it need to pay few thousands. Now I am 31 year old and considering if want to clip or not. My friend told me that clip is not good as you get old easily and get sick too.

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