Friday, February 19, 2016

Taking Advantage of Low Prices for Home Services

Moving is an expensive undertaking. When you want to enjoy some significant savings on your home services, you may benefit by taking advantage of specials on services like cable and Internet bundles, as well as home landline connections. By using the Internet to explore your options, you can put more money back in your budget and still have the services that make your home life more fun and convenient.

Setting Up Your Home Services

When you first move into a new place, chances are that none of the services you need are already connected and ready to go. Instead, it is up to you to contact the companies you plan to do business with and secure the connections you and your family will need.

While technically you could call the companies and set up what you need over the phone, you may not have the time to take out of your busy schedule to do so. Along with unpacking and getting settled, you also must think about how much money you have to put toward these services. Rather than relegate your budget to the prices described to you over the phone, you can search for your ideal service options online. Using the Internet is fast and convenient. It also can be done according to your schedule.

Online Prices

Another one of the perks that comes with using the Internet involves getting lower prices than what agents at the cable and phone company may be able to offer you in person or over the phone. Many companies offer discounts to customers who sign up online. When people sign up online, it saves the company money because it does not have to pay an agent to take your order. Instead, you place your own order for services and in essence save your chosen provider time and money.

You also benefit because many of the specials offered online are significantly lower in price. When you use the website to vet the various offers in your area, you can choose a provider who has the lowest price and the highest quality services. You end up being in charge of what cable channels, Internet connections, and landline options are installed in your home. You also retain control over how much you pay each month.

Signing up online for service specials and bundles is easy and convenient. You also get lower prices on many services you want or need.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Resorts World Genting Kids Bloggers Recruitment‏

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to readers and followers that celebrate Chinese New Year. It's February now and there's good info to share with you as Resorts World Genting Kids Bloggers Recruitment is awaiting your child to sign up. If your children is age 8 year old to 15 years old with interest to start blogging.

As mommy blogger myself, I am happy that my son shows interest that he likes to blog. We enjoy mother and son bonding together to go event together. It's good that we can share the same interest and he's say he likes blogging and will keep continue to share about his interest on his blog.

My son Yeow Shen is one of the Resorts World Genting Kids Blogger, his blog is Red Apple Cheek because he's teacher always called him that, if you have not visit his blog. You can click on the link above to visit his blog.

No worry if you child with interest to blog but don't know how to blog. Training is provided for the blogging at RWG.

The Resorts World Genting target group age is from 8 to 15 years old. Due date to join is end of this month, 200 kids bloggers need, is your child one of them? 
 What are the benefits of joining as RWG Kids Bloggers? Please see below:
 ü  Exclusive invitation to Resorts World Genting events
ü  Certificate of appointment + T Shirt
ü  We teach you to blog J
ü  A chance to be amongst the first batch of children to access Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park
ü  Complimentary merchandises of Resorts World Genting during events
f you know your child has interest to blog and like to be #RWGKidsBlogger can email to with your child name, Facebook link, Instagram link, blog url, and email, schoo name and your contact as well. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Beckhams & Datuk Jimmy Choo’s mural artist, Annie Newman paints world's first Angel Diamond & Gold Leaf "Baby Bump" Art in KL

There are TWO things that sparkle in a woman's eyes - diamonds and her child. What better way to celebrate these two but to artwork the miracle of a growing baby bump. It's beautiful artwork combine both together. How is it painting artwork on growing baby bump? It's exciting as we can see Estee Leong's baby bump movement.
Annie Newtown painting on Estee Leong's baby bump

 Mr Jeff Kong Jiang Foong, Co Founder of LiFE Ribbon Community giving his welcome speech
  Malaysian-born UK based mural artist to the stars, Annie Newman, was in Kuala Lumpur at an exclusive media-only event today to create magic on expectant mum to be, Estee Leong. Annie Newman is no stranger to making the ordinary look extraordinary, which is evident in her mural paintings at David & Victoria Beckham’s home and Datuk Jimmy Choo’s couture boutique in London.
The most expensive artwork painted by Annie Newman with 5.43 carats of Angel Diamonds on it

Using exclusive Angel Diamonds, the world’s most brilliant ideal square diamonds and the Tranz range gold leaves by Poh Kong, she created an impressive artwork marvelled by the guests present at the private event today. The icing on the cake was the art canvas used for this, which was Estee Leong’s very pregnant stomach. Due in about two weeks, Estee braved her nerves for  a greater cause to inspire women through art in collaboration with Annie Newman.  
Annie Newman was in town at the invitation of LiFE Ribbon Community -  a gathering of like-minded women founded by Estee Leong, to share knowledge, support each other by creating a positive environment for other women through the "double H"  focus - Health & Happiness both physically and mentally.

Annie Newman quoted " This type of opportunity doesn't come round often and it's something so wonderful and different, that I couldn't turn it down. I hope to inspire and create positive messages amongst women through their first stages of motherhood".
She added, “ Well, this could be by far the most expensive artwork I’ve created to date. For this, I’m grateful to Life Ribbon and Poh Kong for making this possible.”
Annie Newman disclosed orchid's symbolise fertility & purity

During the private event at Estee’s residence, Annie painted  a range of beautiful orchids on Estee’s stomach which she disclosed  symbolises Purity and Fertility. Once the artwork was completed using non-toxic paint, she added eight perfectly proportioned square Angel Diamonds and the Tranz range 22K gold leaves to complete the spectacular artwork, first of its kind in the country.
Datuk Michael Tio & Datuk Jimmy Choo putting the final Angel Diamond on Estee Leong's baby bump

At the final reveal of the artwork, Estee Leong quoted, “I’m overjoyed that Annie Newman has travelled halfway round the world to fulfill my wish to bring beauty to my  unborn child. I hope this inspires women from all walks of life to stay healthy and feel beautiful at any stage in their lives. I would like to remind women especially mothers, that your life does not stop after having children. So  it’s important to empower yourself with good health mentally and physically to ensure happiness.
Photo session time with the VIPS

Also present at the event were Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo, Datin Winnie Loo - Founder of  A Cut Above Salons and Academy, Dato’ Michael Tio - CEO of PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd, Datuk Calvin Khiu - MK Curtain Group of Companies Founder & CEO and Mr Jeff Kong - LiFE Ribbon Community’s Co-Founder.
Besides Poh Kong, other sponsors of the private event included MaskSlim (the world’s first mask regime), Panana Fiber, A Cut Above, Chatime and Makan Culture.
Estee Leong, Founder of LiFE Ribbon Community with completed artwork by Annie Newman on her baby bump

It's an honored that I am able to attend this exclusive media only event to witness the Malaysia-born UK based mural artist to the stars, Annie Newman to create magic on expectant mum to be, 
Estee Leong's baby bump. Estee Leong's mommy of two beautiful daughters, she's welcoming
3rd child in just few weeks. The most expensive artwork painted by Annie Newman with 5.43 carats of Angel Diamonds on Estee Leong's baby bump.

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