Friday, May 29, 2009

You see me Happy but I am Not

Have y0u ever come across the feeling that you see me happy but actually I am not? I think I am not the only person experience this.

I am having that exact feeling right now. Gosh I have been keeping it to all myself all this time. I am so sad and disappointed with the person who did this to me. I know the person will avoid this subject and do not want anyone else to know about it.

There is more than just one time I get this feeling and it is getting worst. I am so not in the mood right. Anyway you can check this too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Leaving your kids behind a bad idea!

I got to know that many parents like to leave their kids and children behind with someone that they trusted. Personally, I am feeling that it is a bad idea! They have been cases happening recently like accident at home.

A three year old girl was run over by her cousin car because she followed him out and he do not know about that. She was under the care of her grandmother while her parents are on the vacation in another country.

I think that is why some parents prefer to bring their children to go any where they go.

Help from support hosting!

Recently I won a contest which get myself the new blog and I am happy to tell you my experience in claim this Prize. You can find the detail about the contest I won here.

As stated in the Prize that the hosting has got Fantastico and when I questioned the blogger that given me the Prize. I was told to google search on how to install wordpress to PinkHost. I will be very happy if I can just find the answer that I want.

I try to install manually and it is not success at all. I try asking for friends help and most of them do not know how to install manually. Except one which is very busy with maintain 13 blogs which making money for him.

I am glad that I emailed to support and I got their feedback the next day. Without them I cannot do anything to start blogging. For some blogger it is easy for them to do it but for me I am first time installed the wordpress to CPanel.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How much is side bar links?

Tell me how do you calculate for sidebar link? I am interested to know about it. I see that some blogs are having those detail about their blog. I have no idea how to do that, I am trying to find out.

Anyone care to help me out?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovely Mother's Day Jewelry

I am sure every woman will like to have a very unique and cute jewelry, I like this Tiger's eye and pearl necklace. This is very beautiful necklace and I am sure my mom will like it.

The store have many jewelry for you to choose and you can grab this chance to buy one for your loved one. The store has many variety and you can purchase them online.

Shopping online is fun and it will delivered to your doorstep!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's up for Mother's Day?

I am still thinking what is the plan for Mother's Day, today my sis called me up to go checking on her bank account but I have not go to the bank yet. Dad also called me regarding the cheque. My sis apartment is painted now and the cost is $1380.

Next door neighbour asked whether I want to sell the apartment. The answer is NO, because it is not mine it belong to my sis. She worked hard and she is the one that bought the apartment and pay the loan for it.

I think maybe that is why they are disturbing her making her to leave the apartment so that they can take over!

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