Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be a Maybank2u Star Contest

I don't know there is Be a Maybank2u Star Contest until I visit the website. So if you like to join just head to Maybank website. The contest ends 31 Dec 2012!

First Prize RM5000
Second Prize RM3000
Third Prize RM2000

Good luck to you!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas gift from neighbour *love*

First picture above you see that he's so happy having in hand a Christmas gift from neighbour. Yeah he's so happy and kept telling me it is toy inside. Then when he finds out the contained of the gift, he unwrapped it he turned sour face.

Lastly he shows me a fruit cake which is the Christmas gift from neighbour.

Thank you neighbour! :D

What I love of the fruits cake contained of raisins!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my friends and followers. Above is picture of my son, as you can see he's dressed in Santa. He asked me to purchase this Santa outfit for him. He's very happy fit in this even though it is quite big but the Santa hat is quite small. I hide a balloon to give him a big stomach.

Now don't forget the Christmas giveaway ends tonight, check if your name is one the list if you have participate.

I am happy to see the Life of Pi movie passes reached one of the winners today! I posted the passes using registered post last Friday, amazing I thought it would take five working days but you see it's Monday and she received it. :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank you Boss!

My son is very happy that he received this Christmas gift and it is from my dear's Boss. He ate the clown candy happily and I asked him for a picture with this gift. Last picture you see, he is enjoying his pancake for breakfast.

It is a long day, I helped my sister-in-law to purchase her Loccitane. She bought the set that comes with a pink bag of Loccitane, she is attracted to the pinky bag. I didn't purchase anything from the shop, I just browse around.

Have you purchase anything for your loved ones or yourself this coming Christmas? Looks like there is no doom day for 21 December 2012, but it is rainy day I can still hear the thunder and rain outside.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

RM50 voucher up for grab!

Do you remembered I had a post of like my picture in Facebook contest? Well I won some vouchers and I like to share them with my follower on blog. I am among other in Facebook contests of WEvents which won the vouchers.

I have got RM50 vouchers for grab, one of it is RM50 gift voucher to use at energy. The location of energy is at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. Another location is Mon't Kiara Damai, Mon't Kiara. Expiry date of the voucher is 31 March 2013.

Another voucher of RM50 dining voucher at RamaV Fine Thai Cuisine, the restaurant is located in No.5, Jalan U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur.

Do bear in mind that these vouchers are not exchangeable into cash!

Now if you have interest to own the vouchers, just leave a comment in this post. I want to have RM50 vouchers from Sherry because... (in 20 words).

This giveaway is open for GFC follower of my blog and with valid address in Malaysia for postage.

I shall not be responsible for the lost of vouchers after I post them at Post Office.

Talking of freebies, now if you have interest to watch Life of Pi for free. Click on the link to find out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movie review: Life of Pi

Yesterday afternoon I bring my son to watch the movie Life of Pi, it is an interesting movie about an Indian boy named Piscine Molitor "Pi". They are many talking in the movie so some pepole may find it boring but if you listen of their conversation you'll know it is not a boring movie. The movie talks about religions of Pi followed.

Pi followed his parents and sibling on the ship among other animals. Pi's parents and his eldest brother drown in the ship wreck, it is sad he's the only survivor in the sea with other animal hyena, zebra, orang utan, and a tiger. Hyena in the boat first killed zebra, then attacked orang utan, and it tried to kill Pi but lucky tiger named Richard Parker killed the hyena.

Pi called the orang utan orange juice, umm... maybe it is because the colour of orang utan looks orange? One day Pi and tiger in the boat reached an island one day, they find food on it but they discover it is not safe to live on the island. Pi found a human tooth in a fruit in the night when he pluck the fruit and opened it, in the day the island is safe for stay but night it turned the water into acid to kill the fishes.

In the end of movie Pi and the tiger survived when their boat reach a beach. It is hard to explain, what I can say it is amazing movie you have to see the movie yourself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last respect to Grandma

I would like to thanks my dad for getting me to see grandma to pay my last respect to her. My dad fetches me from home and then we go get my mom from nursing home. She's happy that dad's here to get her, she asked why no come earlier another day to get her. My dad says that she needs to get her teeth fixed so only yesterday is suitable to take her.

I manage to do payers with my relatives there, good to see sixth uncle and his wife reach uncle's house in the evening. There is bad news to share one of my aunt's houses was robbed in the day and she was in uncle house the time for grandma's prayers, etc. One of her staff injured and wanted to go clinics but relative's house robbed. It is sad the robbers find this time to rob her house knowing there's nobody home during that time.

I am not sure if my bro able to attend the prayers at night because I reached home nearly 7 something in evening and my dad need to go back Cheras. It is bad traffic jam at federal highway for both sides!

Today the funeral service at 2pm, I wasn't able to attend. My sis too unable to attend but she does prayer at the temple.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mommy please take care

I hope my mom can be strong, she does not know that grandma's passed away. She has seen her only Saturday, grandma passed away in evening at Sunday. My cousin told me that grandma's teary the moment she passed away. Grandma still waiting for her youngest son to come home and see her.

Two people I love most, one passed away another admitted to hospital.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grandma rest in peace...

On Friday night while we are outside, i was at the durian stall to purchase some durian. I received a call from cousin it was 8 something at night. She told me that grandma admitted to hospital UKM she found out only in the afternoon. I was shock to hear that the last tine i visited her in old folk home, she is like so hungry and try to chew down the lemon biscuits that i gave her. She is toothless, she has diabetes and she is blind for many years.

On Saturday morning my cousin called me to inform that grandma is finally home in uncle house. I wasnt able to go visit because niece was here to go midvalley and we go along the education fair there. My dear told me he not well in midvalley that he started shit blood in morning at home but only let me know in afternoon at midvalley.

Today morning follow my dear to see panel doctor to get admission letter to hospital. Tonight he spend night in hdu with other patients. Most of them are old patient, my dear the youngest in hdu.

In the evening i check sms i received 5 something my cousin sms me that grandma passed away. Two aunts decided to overnight do prayer for grandma. I am sure my mom will be very sad, she does not know of her passed away. My parents, bro and his family saw grandma yesterday evening.

This morning my cousin visit her in uncle house and she opened her eyes. For many years her eyes are shut, only today she open eyes to see loved ones when they call her.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Method Products for your household

If you love household products, I am sure you like to know how to win the Method Products. My friend is having Method product giveaway at her blog, grab this chance to find out what you can win!

I sure like my house to be clean from dust and mites. Being mommy of two boys, you know it boys are more active than girl. My toddler is busy climbing up and down, throwing and picking up things on the floor. One time clearning everyday is not enough, you know how many times it need to clean, sweep and mop.

Talking of giveaway don't forget your chance to be one of lucky five winners in Christmas giveaway, click link to find out.

Journey to the KLCC by LRT

Let met just get start that the Christmas giveaway has started and you can visit the link for more detail. It is alone journey for me to go KLCC, it was fun and exciting adventurous too. I bought a Gardenia bread at the newstand at LRT station of Taman Jaya. The cost of one way from Taman Jaya by LRT to KLCC at RM2.10 it is same price for coming back too.

I didn't have lunch at KLCC as my friend Carol was at Berjaya Times Square for training and I ate my sneakers that I kept in my sling bag. I have a bottle of drinking water from home that I have tag along in my bag. I have small umbrella in hand for sun out, even though it does not have UV layer.

Back to Amcorp Mall around 2 something and I try to find my sis's friend's shop but it wasn't available. I guess her shop must have closed down. She is no longer there and I don't see the shop anymore. I haven't been to Amcorp Mall for many years. I saw flea stalls at entrance of Amcorp Mall.

The beads shoes that I purchased from Nichii was there, guess what the price wasn't the same anymore. It is RM79 for the sandals beads shoes so expensive, I can find cheaper price at other places.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Giveaway...

Do you like what you see in the above picture? yes, they are five prizes for five winners. :D

This Christmas Giveaway will on Name Sherry, give me time for the mechanics yeah! In the mean time, make sure you are GFC follower of the blog.

Prizes for 1st and 2nd Prize consists of top, I folded the kiss me top. :D Everything is new purchased by me except nail polish are preloved.

Each Prizes consist of Hello Kitty shoes stud, how pretty is that?

Monday, December 10, 2012

LRT@Taman Jaya, Amcorp Mall to Pasar Seni

Last Friday, we have fun taking the LRT to Pasar Seni. It was Friday and my dear took a day off. My baby and sister-in-law stayed at home. Just three of us going it was morning and dear decided to park at open car park of Amcorp Mall. I tell you it is very expensive parking there but hey next open car park is charging RM3 per hour. For Outdoor Amcorp Mall open parking is RM5 for two hours and subsequet hour RM4. Yeah we didn't know it is so expensive until we see the fee at the entrance of collect parking ticket.

We left the car there for five hours and it cost RM13, you can do the calculation. LRT is faster than driving imagine the jam if by car! Next time I want to try parking inside of Amcorp Mall instead of the outdoor parking lot.

Have anyone of you take LRT from Taman Jaya to KLCC?

We had lunch at Central Market there is food court upstair and walked over to Petaling Street not far away. :D It was raining then and we stucked there so we just walk up and down the street but not all of it.

By the way the Central Market restroom is chargeable, one entry is 50 cents! I like the wooden designed of the doors and locks so cute. It was a short trip for us but it feels like a long trip because took the long walk instead of short. LOL

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Need help in like my V picture! :D

Hello guys, how are you doing? It is getting late here, and here's a quick blog post on blog. I need help in like my picture using Facebook. Yeah here's another picture of me, please like my picture, I need 20 likes for my picture. :D

I come up with the idea of using Red Ang Pao packets. They are so many V signs you can come up with you just need to be creative.

Good night everyone, have a sweet dream. :D

Thank you in advance for like my picture.

Monday, December 3, 2012

What's your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?

It is time to reveal to you my biggest fear in my life, I have few things I fear in life and one of them it would be height. When I was a kid, I often fell down from stairs. Then on I have fear in stairs if it is very steep I would need to hold hand to accompany down the stairs. I remembered during my teenager, we visited the Temple in Thailand and the stairs are so steep. I need to hold on to my mom or dad hand to accompany me.

During my childhood, I took bus to the school. The bus would stop opposite of big drain and there is only one piece of wooden stick in between the big drain. Many kids need to cross the wooden stick in order to go opposite of the big drain. I recalled the bus operator lady none stop scolding me for being coward not able to cross the stick by myself. I cried none stop and I told her that I fear of height!

Until today there's reason why I never visit Batu Caves because I worry of the stairs, my bro invited me to go praying with him but I wasn't ready and yes until today I am not ready. Frankly speaking until today I haven't been to Batu Caves, here's a picture of Batu Caves below image from Google image.

I wrote up another fear of my life which is crocoach you can read about it here by click on the link.

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