Thursday, December 19, 2013

47 Ronin ^^ I like

Yesterday I watched the premiere screening of 47 Ronin, thumbs up to this movie! There is monster in the movie, have you ever seen a colourful looking monster cow with six eyes?! There's a bit of comedy in the movie which makes everyone laugh.

The movie is interesting about how the samurai seek revenge and there's a half breed man helping them. My classmate is big fan of Hiroyuki Sanada, she said he's very handsome.

If you like movie Pacific Rim, the Japanese fighting gal she's Rinko Kikuchi! It's good to see her in this movie, she's a witch in 47 Ronin! Check out both her eyes, yeah both wearing different colour of contact lenses. My classmate didn't notice, but you can if you going to watch this movie.



  1. I watched 47 Ronin too, but I missed the first part (about 20 minutes, traffic jam, have to find car park)... You are absolutely right, the same Japanese girl from Pacific Rim.

  2. Wow sounds like a great movie, will definitely buy the DVD of it to watch :D


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