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20 New CongreZZ Kids 2015 for KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Above CongreZZ kids of 2014

KidZania Kuala Lumpur, the award-winning indoor educational centre officially opened a new chapter in its CongreZZional history today though the inauguration of new CongreZZ kids for the 2015 team.

CongreZZ is the team legislative government body of KidZania that is overseen by 20 children (also referred to as CongreZZ Kids) who are its elected representatives and naturlised citizens. Voted into office, KidZania CongreZZ congregates quarterly at the city level to share ideas and voice opinions in order to keep KidZania's spirit alive, current and socially relevant. The purpose and intent of these meetings are benefit the KidZanian community by discussion topics such as media, entertainment, education, literature, as well as sharing the main concerns of tourists and citizens of KidZania.
Check out the video on instragram @sherrygo , click on the link to view.

Speech by Susanah Abdul Rani, Governor of KidZania Malaysia

First introduced to KidZania Kuala Lumpur is 2014, CongreZZ Kids are required to service KidZania for a period of one year, in which a new election campaign will take place at the end of each team. The 2015 KidZania CongreZZ campaign attracted over 260 applications as opposed to 200 over applications garnered at the 2014 inaugural CongreZZ. 
The 20 candidates were elected into office after a rigorous selection process that includes resume and video submissions, face-to-face interviews and finally an electoral campaign run in KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the people's votes. Al applicants are judged based on their exemplary aptitude in the areas of education, communication skills, creativity, respectfulness, articulation as well as overall personally attributes by the panel of judges whose expertise cover the fields of education, training and marketing.

KidZania CongreZZ is an authentic and powerful development experience that will prepare its members for the real world. Through their participation of engaging forums and activities, they will exposed to situations and opportunities where they can exercise their independence, build their confidence, and gain skills in decision-making, critical thinking and communication. 

The CongreZZ Kids 2015 Oath Recital Ceremony & Signing of CongreZZ Act on stage.

Group picture with Guest of Honour
Yang Berbahagia Dato' Haji Ahmad Tajudin bin Jab
Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Operations)

You can also view instagram video @sherrygo, click on the link.

In 2014, CongreZZ Kids members worked together to implement credible change to KidZania Kuala Lumpur, effectively tabling activities that both parents and children could participate together, as well as ensuring that posters be placed as reading materials for fellow children to keep entertained while waiting for their turn at the establishments. They also made other significant appearances in the World Summit on Media for Children - a global movement to develop and improve quality media for children, participated English Mania - the pilot phase by the Ministry of Education for the first-ever English based learning experience programme for students and teachers at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, and were actively involved in reforestation efforts under KidZania's 'Kids for a Greener World' environmental campaigns.

Benefits of being a KidZania CongreZZ Kid includes participation and decision-making on activity enhancement at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, an exclusive CongreZZ Kids Office Package that consists of a back pack, t-shirt, badge and stationaries set, a plaque in recognition of service to KidZania CongreZZ and complimentary monthly admission into KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the CongreZZ Kid and his or her four friends.

Click on the video link for the drum performance.

Drum performances followed by parade with CongreZZ Kids 2014 and New CongreZZ Kids 2015.

Named the 'Best Experienced for Kids' in Expatriate Lifestyle's Best of Malaysia Awards 2014 for the second consecutive year running. KidZania Kuala Lumpur goes beyond traditional teaching mediums to continously look at opportunities to expose kids to new experiences and endless occupational possibilities. It has become the preferred place of co-curriculum amongst schools are more and more schools and children choose KidZania for out of classroom learning, to explore real life experience, learn about decision making and many more.

For more information, visit or call the KidZania CareLine at 1300 88 KIDZ (5439). Or
Or tweet them @KidZaniaKL

Monday, March 23, 2015


Magnum Presents: The Best of Belgian Indulgence

MAGNUM has been known as a premium ice-cream over several decades. Its line-up promises premium indulgence to pleasure seekers. Its sumptuous, luxury taste derived from its key ingredient, the Belgian chocolate, which is appreciated as the finest and most premium chocolate. 

Belgian chocolate is a deep culinary tradition dating back to the 17th century where it was created  to indulge the royalties. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production  methods and stringent quality controls makes Belgian chocolate a favourite worldwide. 

Magnum ice cream I can never have enough of it, you know that Belgian chocolate can be unique combination of the finest ingredients, continue read on to find out more. 

Celebrating Chocolate Pleasure with guests of the day. 
Shawn Tan, Category Head for Ice Cream of Unilever Malaysia

MAGNUM recently hosted an exclusive fine dining session at MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur to celebrate  the best of Belgian Indulgence where guests were invited to caress their senses by experiencing  exquisite chocolate inspired dishes created using the highest quality Belgian chocolate by Chef Steven Chin, Group Executive Chef of Magnum Kuala Lumpur

For more than 10 years, Chef Steven Chin has  been creating  unique dishes for different type of cuisines and desserts for five stars international hotels and fine  dining restaurants and the chocolate inspired signature dishes were the interpretations of his vast  culinary experiences and passion for chocolate.

Shawn Tan, Category Head for Ice Cream of Unilever Malaysia

“As the frontier of chocolate expertise, this event is organized to showcase how MAGNUM will tickle your palette by creating signature dishes that were infused with Belgian chocolate. We want our consumers to always remember that remarkable pleasurable moments are now beyond every bite of  MAGNUM ice cream”, shared Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream), Unilever Malaysia  Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Look up for the menu that we were having on the luncheon.

Nice comfortable environment in MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur. 

Shawn Tan, Category Head for Ice Cream of Unilever Malaysia ( Left ) with 
Chef Steven Chin Fung Yong, Group Executive Chef, Unilever Malaysia posing with the 4 course meal serve during the exclusive Media Luncheon

During the event, guests were tantalized with a 4 course chocolate inspired signature dishes. 
For starters, guests were served with spice butternut squash velouté which is a butternut pumpkin soup, scented with cinnamon and topped with shaved bitter dark chocolate. The dark chocolate gave a smooth and light bitter taste of chocolate for the creamy butternut soup and the dark chocolate goes amazingly well with cinnamon.

Following was the appetiser - marinated capellini pasta with ulam-ulaman served with crispy unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, soy reduction and crispy ginger. The combination of the dark chocolate’s bitter sweet taste with the fried unagi and herbal taste of cold marinated cappelini gave the guests a fun yet refreshing appetizer experience.
Delicious soup at every spoon, love the taste and texture of this soup.

The Second Course ( Appetiser )
Marinated capellini, crisp unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, 
ulam –ulaman, soy reduction, crisp ginger.

So yummy, I finished everything on plate. 

Can I have more please... 

The Third Course ( Main Dish )
Pan seared butterfish, baby spinach, white choc “ beurre blanc”

Death By Chocolate

The ultimate Belgian Indulgence came to its highlight when Death by Chocolate was served. It is the richest chocolate dessert that MAGNUM Pleasure Store has ever offered. Death by chocolate is a baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake served with MAGNUM chocolate brownies ice-cream and chocolate crunch pearls that tickled the taste buds and indeed it was a remarkable pleasure to all guests.
Death By Chocolate ( Serving sugestion ), 
you can never get enough of this. 

Magnum Red Velvet

Magnum Trifle

MAGNUM has certainly brought everyday pleasurable indulgent to a whole new level. Now you know where to bring your friends and visitors to enjoy the pleasurable indulgent.
The MAGNUM experience does not end there as the purveyor of chocolate expertise and premium ice cream will be launching a campaign in April 2015 called "Celebrating Chocolate Pleasures".

This will mark another MAGNUM milestones of exciting consumer campaign that will provide consumers the ultimate taste premium chocolate and ice cream experience through concourse events, digital contests and in-store promotions.

For more information about MAGNUM ice cream and it latest offering, please  visit MAGNUM Malaysia official facebook page at

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Action & Comedy movie: Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

Who is excited to watch Ah Boys to Men 3:Frogmen, it's touching movie and my son with me enjoy it from start to the end, I have done a simple movie review on this, click on above link to read it.

One mom is a drug addict which her children didn't want to see her end up in jail but they keep let her to have the money. One day, one of the children want to do the right thing because she had gone too far. She harmed her own children, she even steal money from them. It's touching story which I almost tearful, you want to know what happen next better watch this in cinema.

My family members enjoy the movie Ah Boys To Men 1 & 2, we never stop watching these movie repeating. My kids love it too, I don't get bored of this movie. We just want to watch it over and over again. How about you?

There is moral in the story where you can find it's meaningful and helped each other a lot.

By the way, I am surprise to see one of the NDU is so good in martial arts and kungfu and everything in fighting! Who is it? Let's not spoil your mood to find out, go ahead to book yourself a ticket to watch this awesome movie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Prize Giving Ceremony PERADUAN SELFIE BABA’S cu~bits and Culinary series leaves a lasting ripple in local dining culture

When a TV series comes to an end, it's quite normal for loyal fans to feel a myriad of emotions. Whether it's the satisfaction at learning the conclusion or devastation from that hole that's now in our routines, what's certain however is that well before the enthusiasm dies down, the chatter subsides and the last tears have dried, we'll be shopping for our next interest. That recent object of our fancy relegated to the Halls of Vague Memories, only to be stirred by a chance mention or the playing of a memorable theme.

While it is a fate plagued by most TV shows, it's probably more apparent in the genre of cookshows. Forgotten are the mouth-watering recipes you drooled over and it's association with a particular show or chef. The chef's off working on his next project with more recipes to tantalize your fancy for another fleeting moment, or throwing out all the stops in the next Reality TV series - in search of the person who might steal his limelight.

So, the thought of having a cookshow introduce a new dining culture was a bit hopeful, but that's exactly what BABA'S set out to do with the BABA'S cu~bits series!

This, the latest in a long list of self-produced highly successful cooking series was truly developed on feedback from it loyal fans and customers, who were calling for more original, simple to follow and quick recipes that had all the tastes and flavors of traditional cooking.... but none of the post meal guilt normally associated with it!
Chef Kamarul and his wife Yati Rahman

Garnering a regular following of over 1 million viewers each episode, the 1st 26-episode season featuring BABA'S stalwart Chef Kamarul was soon followed by a 2nd season, which reunited the team of Kamarul and his wife Yati Rahman, 9 years afterthey were first introduced to us on; the show that started it all, Cabaran 1001 Rasa BABA'S 2004!

Sticking to it's 'series of 3' policy, a 3rd season followed that saw BABA'S pay due homage to some of the most prominent culinary professionals, lecturers and celebrity chefs in the country, paring 17 of them alongside Chef Kamarul. If the challenge of working a production schedule around the packed schedules of these sifus was not enough, the recipes too had to be taken to the next level - in line with the caliber of its presenters.

In total, BABA'S cu~bits featured a total of 234 original recipes!
It gave loyal BABA'S customers more value for money with greater variety using the same regular house hold favorites that were already in their drawers. It also educated and introduced a new generation to the diversity of the BABA'S range of curry mixes, spices, ready mixes and flours, thru recipes that they could relate too and could take pride in trying - and posting!

In fact one of the biggest impacts of the series has been its appeal to the food blogger in most Malaysian, many of whom have developed cu~bits concepts of their own. This very quickly evolved into a trend and before long hotels, restaurants and even sidewalk cafes were serving their variations of cu~bits too.

The show has left a ripple in the food TV genre too, as many shows seem to be more willing to take greater risks with their production techniques and treatment, and if you look closely its not hard to realize the point of revolution. Undoubtedly however the legacy of BABA'S cu~bits will be the phenomenon of the trend that it started....that will live on long after the show has been locked away in memory.

BABA'S cu~bits 3rd Season Winners, let's find out who are the winners.

Raja Nooraini binti Raja Mohd Noor

Khairuddin Bin Muhammad

Morjhan Bin Mohamad
Shahida Binti Samsuri
Sia Ling Eng

1. Hazimah Md Sidik, Batu Caves, Selangor
2. Umieyy Nor Diana, Tumpat, Kelantan 3. Siew Har Fong, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang.
4. Hasnulfikri Mahbot, Sekinchan,Selangor
5. Maz Liena, Putrajaya
6. Purnama Indra Purnama, Kuala Terengganu,Terengganu. 7. Lizawati Binti Bakri Sg. Buloh, Selangor
8. Joan Tian, Kuala Lumpur.
9. Siew Lin Fong Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
10. Che Azyumi Aziz Kota Bharu, Kelantan
11. Suzana Abd Manan Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
12. Apple Ting, Sibu, Sarawak
13. Amin Hadarih, Pekan, Pahang
14. Hanisaf Hassan, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
15. Linda Linz Batu Pahat, Johor
16. Wee Choo Neo, Kajang, Selangor
17. Hanani Maksum, Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan
18. Jemius Gmapol@Nazrie, Bandar Baru Bangi
19. Banu Chinapan, Kluang, Johor
20. Azlyn Lyn, Malim Nawar, Perak

Once again, congratulations to the winners.
Photos above credit to Ayu. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shopping in Mydin Mall

My son just over exam, so today is mom and son day's out to Mydin Mall. Have you read about Meet & Greet with Felixia Yeap (Rara)? Click on the link to read about it.

Since he just over exam and he's feeling down as he failed a paper. He is not sure of other results yet. Kids need encouragement and today I let him to choose the school bag of his choice. They are many school bags to choose from, he likes trolley school bag as he can pull it along no need to carry it. 

He told me his schoolmate who is standard one has Frozen trolley bag, well my son in Standard Three so he needs a bigger bag. He chooses the green bag which is my favourite as well. There are four compartment on this bag. Green is his favourite colour too, which reminds him of Hulk and Ben 10. The trolley school bag cost RM49.90.

After that we head to ladies department to check out bags, he spotted the cute guitar bag. He is wearing it as you can see above picture, they have many colors to choose from brow, red, black and orange. The guitar bag cost RM39.90.

I only get him the school bag which he needs most, it will be the replacement of his school bag if anything goes wrong with it. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spotlight Malaysia to open in IPC Shopping Centre

Calling one, calling all – the long waited news is finally here as Spotlight, Australia’s largest fabric, craft, party and homemaker superstore is set to open its second store at IPC Shopping Centre come March 14, from 10 o’clock in the morning. Yes, that's tomorrow! 

Following the successful opening of its (first) store in Ampang Point last July, Spotlight continues its mission to bring unique, inspiring and convenient shopping experience to more accessible locations with bigger and better offerings.

Spotlight, which currently has 125 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, will occupy a glorious 2000 square meters of retail space in IPC Shopping Centre. The store will house over 70,000 vast selections of heavenly delights in six categories, ranging from Home Furnishings, Manchester (bedding), Home Decor, Dress and Fashion Fabrics, right down to Craft, Hobby, and Party essentials, all at attractive prices.

General Manager Marketing of Spotlight, Jono Gelfand holding  many balloons.

I am if you like beautiful decor piece, you'll go searching high and low for it. Now you can find beautiful decor piece that fits to perfection for one's taste, because with all-time home essentials and ever-evolving seasonal selection of products available at one pit-stop for every room of the house, you can check out Spotlight the place for you where you find less stressful and indeed hassle-free. 

IPC Shopping Centre, living up to their philosophy to be able to offer the largest possible choice of fashionable and affordable products for sewing, craft and home decorating needs to more neighborhoods. Moving forward, they look forward to introduce more Spotlight stores across nation in more convenient locations. Spotlight’s largest store yet at The Mines will follow closely after this opening, slated for opening on 11 April 2015. 

 In case you are wondering what experience does Spotlight offers, simply think of it as a pit-stop whenever you are preparing for a party, breathing new life into the interiors of your house or pursuing your hobbies. It caters to the needs of people from all walks of life with its versatile products. From fabrics, handicrafts, party goods to soft furnishings, there is something for everyone: home gods and goddesses, astute home decorators, avid dressmakers, passionate hobbyist & DIY enthusiasts, party organizers!

Massive Sales @ Spotlight IPC Shopping Centre
Be sure to head over to IPC Shopping Centre this March 14, 10:00 a.m. for Spotlight’s grand opening to enjoy a host of special discounts on selected store favorites. There’ll be great prizes such as gift cards and goodies up for grabs. Not only that, you will also be treated with funny clown gags, crafts session and face painting too.

If you can’t make it bright and early on March 14, fret not. The grand opening sale will be going on until 24th March 2015. Sign up as a VIP member from its website to receive exclusive offers and information about Spotlight.

 Kylie and me learning on how to make Elmo, I mean the DIY POM POM Elmo.

Having good time with my friends, Lisa on above picture and below is Swee San, long time haven't seen Swee San since the last year Krabi Island vacation.

How you like my red car with purple wheels? 

 Look at these cute fur, it caught my attention. One of the colors of fur reminds of me animation movie Monsters. Can you spot it?

 Besides fabrics, now you can see many costumes accessories available, who likes blue, black or pink accessories?

 Variety choices of wigs to choose from? Which color of style of wigs do you like to wear?

So cute Hello Kitty sewing machine.

Once again a #wefie post with our lovely DIY POM POM Elmo. 
Thanks to lovely Joanne for teaching us. 

Crafty-licious Surprise @ Spotlight Ampang Point
And that’s not all! In celebration of March as National Craft Month, Spotlight is organizing three mini festivals, namely Art & Craft Fest, Sew & Quilt Fest and Scrap Fest using the essential elements of crafts at Spotlight Ampang Point. Fantastic competitions will also be running throughout March with the chance to win major cash prizes, sewing machines, gift cards and much more!

Spotlight 2nd store is located at No.2, 2nd floor of IPC Shopping Centre, Jalan PJU 7/2 Mutiara Damansara, 47000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Visit Spotlight Malaysia’s website or Spotlight’s Facebook and Instagram pages to get a peek at what is in store for you, as well as some crafty inspiration.

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