Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars from Hasbro

TRANSFORMERS animation on television, I watched them since I was a child. 
Both my sons too like to watch TRANSFORMERS. My sons like to watch the TRANSFORMERS movie, 
and the toy TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars pack is suitable for children aged 8 years old and above. 

Thank you Hasbro Toy Malaysia for picking my son for this play set of TRANSFORMERS. This set of TRANSFORMERS figure, enhances my son’s problem solving and motor skills with the numerous 
transformation steps;  from  robot to vehicle  or back to vehicle. Not just that but also helps them to think and 
how to combine it into Menasor, it gives a good bonding time with parents.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor) from Hasbro Toy Malaysia

You are looking at the TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor), you can view my 10 year old son 
Sean assemble the TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor).


  This is the result - Menasor

Inside the box contains of six figures of TRANSFORMERS and a brown envelope that contains a poster, 
a collectors’ card and an instruction paper.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor) from Hasbro Toy Malaysia

Whether these sneaky Deceptions are in robot mode or vehicle mode; they'll attack with everything they have got! 
What I love more is that it can be combined to form a massive; 
unstoppable Menasor figure, the giant robots of TRANSFORMERS!. 

This is a fun collection for kids, and can be a good gift for them. If you are looking for a gift idea for boys, 
why not choose this pack. It is not just a favourite for young boys but big boys too. 

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor)

Menasor could be the ultimate weapon, fun pack of TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Menasor) as you can convert, 
attack and destroy with this 7-in-1 Menasor Collection Pack!
 My son likes this pack because the whole force of Deceptions this pack, 
they are spoiling for a fight with their Autobot enemies.

Get your hands on this set of Menasor collection now, action figure size that you can battle with Autobots. 

Warning : Choking hazard - The product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Angry Birds movie entertaining

The first time I bring YS for the birds movie was in 2013, wow time fly just look back on the blog post. The movie named was Free Birds. This June School Holidays passed and we didn't waste it as we went for a movie together with WL along. The cost about RM150 for 3 adults and 2 kids as we also bought some popcorn and drinks in the cinema hall.

Indeed a good movie to watch with family, it's not only entertaining but also show you the importance of team work. It's also related to being bully as well, you can watch this movie to find out. Anger management in the movie, find out how many birds are involved.

We used to play many Angry Birds games but somehow I stopped. I got lazy or bored of it, it's like nonstop having new games to play. Games are fun to play but somehow there's a limit of it, can't be playing it all the time.

Have you tried any Angry Birds game? Have you seen the movie?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finding Dory Movie with family

my son so happy and excited as we gonna watch the movie.
We have watched the Finding Dory movie with family this afternoon. The movie in hall 1 at family friendly hall in Sunway Pyramid. If you have seen Finding Nemo, you'll look forward to watch Finding Dory because it is related. Read on but there will some spoiler. By the way if you are watching movie in hall 1, do look out as there's no seating with letter 'i', they have G, H, K but no letter 'i'. So have to move our seating which didn't exist and seated on F roll instead.

Dory has short term memory lost, so she's out to look for her parents. She left her parents at early age, her journey met new friend named Hank who is a octopus. Hank fear of kids zone. Nemo and his dad helped Dory to look for her parents.

It's an adventure movie where Dory and her friends met a giant squid. The are many sea shells in the movie. What can you do with sea shells? You can place them on the sand to make a long trace like tracing back to your home, so that you wouldn't get lost or it might someday brings back the memory for you that you need to follow the shells back to your home.

The movie is suitable for children to watch with companion of adults.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday to my son

It's my son's Wei Lin birthday and we know that he loves green color and he likes Avengers. He favourite character is the Hulk, this is cake is ordered from Catherine Cakery. You can click on the link to view more cakes.
This cake is specially made for Wei Lin, it has his named on it and this beautiful fondant cake is not just pretty to see but also delicious to eat. My sons love this 3D hulk cake and none stop posting their best shot before the birthday celebration.

Hulk fists toys on the table and he's wearing hulk's shirt and even his brother has wore green shirt. Not just that even our home's curtain is green in colour. Hehe.. I love green color too, it's the color of nature.

Some of my friends have asked me where I bought this cake as I have posted the photo of this cake image at my social media. Children has many interest in life and you know what's their favourite movie and even toys.
Happy 5th birthday to my son Wei Lin

Children loves cakes and I am sure we need cake for birthday celebration, not just children but also for adults. Father's Day is coming up, have you decide what kind of cake to surprise him? How about a Super Dad cake?

If you have interest to custom made a cake for your loved one, you can also find Catherine Cakery. Her contact number is 012-392 1217 , email her at Catherinecakery@gmail.com
#CatherineCakery #onlinecake #customizecake.#onlinebakery

Monday, June 13, 2016

Back to school after school holidays

It's June and two weeks of school holidays over, back to school and today is kind of hard to wake up my son to go school. While my kiddo has come opening my door to wake me up as early as 7am as he wants to go kindergarten.

There was invitation to watch Power Rangers at RWG last Saturday but we are not available as son has to go tuition in the morning and afternoon I have an event to go, then in the evening we have a family meal with my parents for early celebration of Father's Day.

We had steamboat dinner at a restaurant, RM305 for 8 adults and 2 children. Children is measured by height and inclusive of two cans drink. Loving steamboat and spread of variety choice there, we enjoy ourselves. We have chosen a tom yam soup and chicken soup for our steamboat.

If you have been reading my blog updates. You will find that mymomsbest is no longer used as the blog link because I cannot access it anymore. Though the domain name is not expiry yet, something happened to it and my friend couldn't figure what happen so I decided to purchase a new domain for this blog.

My standard four son is going to have school exam next week. He's indeed poor in BM, BC and he has been going for tuition and have little improvement on that. I hope he keeps it up and learn and do more exercise in the poor subjects that he cannot master. His favourite is English and the mark has decrease, his class teacher has left school due to retirement. Last I saw the class teacher is to collect his report card. She is 60 years old. Today new class teacher has come to teach them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Minyak Bebe Anugerah for baby and toddler

It's every parent concerns their baby have a good sleep. Being mommy of two boys I understand how mommy's feel. Breastfeeding is good for baby, my youngest stop breastfeeding when he was less than 2 year old. Breastfeeding mom can be stressful when baby's none stop crying and didn't want to be feed. It is also possible after drinking milk, baby will vomit out the milk due to wind. It happened before to my son when he was younger, it was due to colic and he cannot sleep well all night long. Just sharing my motherhood experienced with you.

Baby and toddler sometimes have colic moments, it's terrible as they would cry and you didn't know what to do. I recalled the nights where my baby often cried and due to colic, baby feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. During this time, baby besides want to be cradle at the same time. Applying oilment is good for baby, it also helped baby to pass out the gas/wind.

I find the Minyak Bebe Anugerah is suitable for my son, when he was having stomachache due to constipation or wind. I would put this oilment on him stomach, just a few drop on palm and apply on his stomach and rub it gently. Sometime when rubbing his stomach with Minayk Bebe Anugerah, he will passed gas.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah

Just two drops of Minyak Bebe Anugerah on my palm to apply on my son's stomach

Minyak Bebe Anugerah is rich with ingredients of eucalyptusal, galangal, lemon grass, pudina mint and kaffir lime which used in traditional to avoid bloating stomach of baby. It is suitable for toddler too, my son have stomachache sometime and I applied this oilment on his stomach.

How to use? Just a drop put on palm and apply on baby body or stomach.
Because my son was having discomfort of stomach so I applied this on this stomach.

You can also applied this on baby's body after baby's bath time. Apply gently and use it when necessary.

Baby's colic is quite common even on toddler's especially they are drinking milk, I know my son likes to drink milk quickly from the bottle. It's no good as he's sucking in air too after finished drinking milk, sometimes he refused to let go the teat of the bottle.

It's important to burp baby's after baby drink milk from bottle. When baby's cry nonstop parents will be panic and worry what's wrong. No kidding this happened before to me, I used to put my son in swing, and even swing didn't help him. I wonder what's wrong, then carrying him and place his stomach on my chest it soothes him.

Many oilment available in the market but not all suitable for baby skin. Baby skin is different from adult skin, they cannot take any oilment that contained of chemical, some oilment will caused baby's skin redness.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah can be used on baby's chest, stomach, waist, buttock and bottom of feet.

apply the Minyak Bebe Anugerah to avoid bloating stomach
I find the Minyak Bebe Anugerah suitable for my son, there's no redness after applying the oil and it didn't make him feeling uneasy. If he's coughing, I can apply on his chest and his back and even at the bottom of his feet.

Minyak Bebe Anugerah, happy son happy mom
suitable to put in child's backpack even in our bag
We can keep a bottle at home or next to the bed side. It comes in handy when we need to use it. 
Minyak Bebe Anugerah is 50ml a bottle, RM15.00 West Malaysia, RM20 Sabah & Sarawak.
If you like to follow the updates on the Minyak Bebe Anugerah on Facebook please visit:

Fire destroyed half of my kitchen

Last week Friday, in the evening a fire incident happened at home. It was from the gas stove as apparently the gas stove we thought has properly turn to closed but it is not. So nobody was in the kitchen and by the time we find out the wok fire has gone up to the kitchen hood suction. Yeah the kitchen hood was still on and didn't turn off. It is turned to off, but seem there might still be small fire on stove as the wok still on it and the cooking stick made of wood is burned too.

Panics as everyone got scare, my sister-in-law asked to use the fire exstinguisher to put out the fire. The fire exstinguisher that we bought was a small bottle type. It was not enough to use as fire still burning from inside the kitchen hood, water has been use to splash out the fire.

Black thick smoke out from the kitchen as we have a door which closed at kitchen that's why we didn't notice anything burning inside kitchen. Thank God, everyone's alright and home is safe. 

Photo can be found in my instagram @Sherrygo.

We have bought a new gas stove but not the kitchen hood as many shops saying that we need to find others to install as they do not include the installation.

Padi Field in Tropicanal City Mall

padi field in Tropicanal City Mall
My son never seen real padi field before it's good that today we get to go together, good time together. Bring your children to this to plant a vegetables or money plant. The padi field is all the way from Sekinchang, I no go there before but I am glad we can see the real padi field in the mall. How often do you see padi field in shopping mall? It's like never!
photo credit to Facebook: My City. My Farm 2016

It's My City. My Farm 2016, inspiring the community to plant for healthy living. I have seen people share on having plant vegetables on their balcony and corner area of their flats, saw them on Facebook though. How can they do it? Well though you don't plan on putting a plant at balcony, you can plant your own vegetables.

It's a good awareness for everyone about healthy living and also to young adults and children that seldom go outdoors. 

If you like rabbits, you'll see them here. Some active rabbits hoping around in and above is the session of display schedule on Weekday 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm, Weekend 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.

It's all happening til 12 June 2016, don't miss out this opportunity to visit this mall with your friends or family. 

You can find more photos on my Facebook if you have follow me on my Facebook's account. Click on the link to view more.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Animate Your Imaginatoin


This June School Holidays, what is your plan for kids? We have a bonding time together, mother and son.
Every child has different imaginative story, mine is about Pirates. Thank you dear PR for sending this kit, its Disney's "Animate Your Imagination" pack.

If you have visit DisneyJunior.Asia/AnimateYourImagination there is still time to take part as you have time before 12 June 2016 to submit your little one's creative stories.

imagination creations

This is a fun board for son as he started practice on numbers, easy to slide and write for kids.

map and pirate

My son has got imagination of create a Pirate story where he found a treasure map to let Pirate to hunt for his treasure. #disneyjuniorasia
Every girl would have a imaginative princess who could it be? Sofia the First or other? Above is my drawing of princesses, though I am not a kid anymore. I have two sisters, they are twins. So I would love to imagine that we are the Princesses.

Fun tools we use for creative animation artwork are Crayola 8 bright colors, these are washable markers.
Crayola washable watercolors, these are fun colors to use suitable for children above 3 years old.
A set of imagination creations with 20 pieces of different brushes to use.
6 stamps chop of Sophia The First.

You still have time to take part, don't forget to submit your child creative stories. I have earlier share on this fun activities for your little ones on my Facebook, click on the link to view it.

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