Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I am happy with my haul for CNY clothes too. Yeah I am broke now, so don't wanna go shopping anymore.
Below is my haul, I went first time morning with my son. Then second time with sister-in-law and my toddler.
Twice a day, unbelievable.
They have many bra and panty RM5, RM7, RM10, RM20 to choose from but I didn't purchase any as there's no testing available at warehouse. I mean to say the testing is bra not panty.

Haul above RM75 +RM45 right corner which you see below my sister-in-law. She bought skirt pants, yeah it's look like skirt but actually pants. I have got the same pants in black, green, the price for each RM15. I tried on spot, just put it on and you will know whether you can fit in or not. My size was 14, she bought size 16. I bought for twin gals, the pink and blue you see above picture. Other than that, I also bought for twin gals mom, yeah below picture of Pink and Blue flowery top on the first left corner. It's only RM3 each, I hope she likes it.
I almost forgot the sexy blue top RM5 I bought for twins gal, it is available to view on my instagram sherrygo. I have upload video of it.
 I bought for my toddler pants RM7 each, a long sleeve shirt for him RM3. I fall in love with scarf they are RM3 each. The black and white strip dress RM20. Total of haul for below picture RM105.
Consider I am done with shopping for CNY clothes.
RM1 each shirt which I can use to wear at home, you see above picture in orange and blue shirt.
 The stripe shirt also RM3 only. Are you going for FOS warehouse sales? They are open from 10am to 8pm.

After I left, I saw many carton boxes at the warehouse, they are not open yet. I saw many shoes and bags but they are not affordable for me so no purchase any. Some bags RM5 only but sad say it is broken or bad condition.


  1. It is a fantastic bargain! RM1 can buy shirt.... very rare opportunity. Glad you managed to get some for yourself :) Great buy, dear !

  2. Wow RM1 can buy a shirt?? That is a total bargain :D

    1. yeah so happy with the haul.

    2. If got again warehouse sales like this can inform me on Facebook or not?? Thanks :D


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