Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Mom's Best December giveaway

I can't believe it is month of December, look it's just few days away from Christmas. To make this month memorable for my blog, I decided to have My Mom's Best December giveaway. Here's your chance to win this travel set of Clinelle skin care.

It is suitable for normal to dry skin, it nice gift to win for yourself or loved one.

How to win this?

  1. Click g + 1 button on Google + Follower, you can see this on left corner of this blog.
  2. Blog this giveaway and link to this blog www.mymomsbest.us and this post.
  3. You must complete above in order to join this giveaway!
  4. Giveaway ends on 31 December 2013 midnight.
  5. Come back to this blog to see if you are winner, winner given 48 hours to email me.
Good luck.

Happy New Year 2014

As you now this blog has a giveaway ending soon, have you taken part? By the way new giveaway has started in shopping blog.

So fast another year soon, how excited are you? Son's going to start school this Thursday. His class is level up by stairs, I am putting him to continue stroller bag. Some people called it trolley bag, well Thursday is first day of class the bag is heavy! I have placed all the books and exercise books inside.

Above pictures was taken by me using my S3. It was few weeks back where he joined the Sunway Pyramid's Leo Club walk. So many pretty and handsome angels on the day, they were prizes for the lucky ones. You can check out at Sunway Pyramid's Facebook. Son didn't win any as he just want to join fun at the walk.

It was a rainy afternoon that we got to wait for the walk, some parents left with their children. We too didn't stay back for long, I had terrible stomachache that day. We were early there since 12noon, we waited near 4.45pm there's no saying whether the walk will continue or not.

We head home early as dear's at work and my sister-in-law with my toddler back home. I'm happy to have snap several pictures on that day.

Tonight we stay home for the countdown, dear's with his colleague for annual dinner and countdown. Now my toddler is sleeping in sarong. What's your resolution for new year?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Short Intro to the Home Aquarium—Just the Basics

Advances in technology and lower-priced equipment have helped make home aquariums more popular than ever. For everyone who is considering a home aquarium but who wouldn’t know a protein skimmer from a protein shake-this short article is designed for you. We’ll look briefly at what you must know about keeping marine life at home, for example the basic equipment required.

Prior To Getting Started

Keeping marine life in your own home needn’t be daunting and it may certainly be fun, but it is a significant obligation too. Marine lives are at stake, and they must be respected. As long as this really is clearly understood, it’s full speed ahead.

Fish Only or Reef Aquariums

Now, let’s talk aquariums. There are 2 basic types of aquariums, fish only and reef. For the most part, fish-only aquariums are easier to maintain as corals require more attention and they are more sensitive to poor water quality.

Basic Equipment

Now we arrive at the part everybody wants to talk about: the equipment list. For either a fish only or reef set-up, the list is basically the identical. You will need: an aquarium, protein skimmer,heating and lighting, powerheads for circulation, and some form of filtration. You may also need a calcium reactor or UV sterilizer depending on the things you have within your aquarium.

Methods for Getting Started

It will always be better to obtain a larger protein skimmer than you think you need (for the actual size of the aquarium) because some forms of marine life are definitely more demanding as opposed to others. For example, a skimmer rated for a 100-gallon tank is barely adequate for a 50-gallon tank. Before continuing further, it is also a smart idea to partially fill the new tank with water and run your pumps to test for leaks. It is also wise to permit the water “rest” for a day to allow the salt level to settle down. In case you have never kept an aquarium before, this is a very good idea to talk at length along with your local aquarium equipment store professional regarding the ins and outs of starting an aquarium and keeping fish. There is a lot to learn however it is worth the investment in equipment and time. Just ask anybody who already keeps fish and they will agree.

You can find excellent deals on protein skimmers as well as other aquarium supplies, only a mouse click away at www.thelashop.com . Make sure you check them out today.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Here's my son to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Photo taken yesterday at The Curve. Look at the candies on the huge Christmas Tree. I parked the car in Ikea, for your info it is my first time to drive to Ikea alone. It was near 12noon and the mall has many cars and people in food court!

I ended up having my roasted chicken rice in Tesco Extra RM4.90. Son picked a toy from Daiso in The Curve. We walked around the mall for a while then head to collection the Hobbit 2 prize which I won. It's a shirt, a pen and bracelet of Hobbit 2 merchandise.

On way back from Ikea I have headache, terrible jam at the area too. Anyway the headache and feeling vomit from 3.30pm to late night. Yeah 9.30pm dear came home to fetch me to see doctor. It was already second time I vomited at home. I bought three bottles Swedish Festive Drink from Ikea. The taste of this soft drink is unpleasant for me, it's my first time to drink it. Son told me it taste like medicine. :(

We waited three hours to see the doctor, yeah many Emergency cases. I had two injections on butt each side. I got three types of medicines, doc said I have migraine!

Tonight son and me supposed to go watch Snow White and Seven Dwarfs musical, looks like the tickets given away to dear's friend because I need more rest. Health is more important, I need more rest and he knew it. :D

Fun time in 3C Complex

I google online and found many names for this 3C Complex, since it's near Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya. You can enter the premise from both cities. I only get to go from SS13 Subang Jaya which is easier for me.
Above picture is where I parked my car, I enter 3C Complex at SS13 Subang Jaya. They have a white bridge to cross over. The white bridge is connection to 3C Complex, it's huge drain under it.
 I saw some children attending the Batik coloring class, it would be fun I saw the aged for 8yr old to 12 yr old available to attend the class. This room is just for the art, it is near where I parked the car. Too bad I didn't note down the number to contact, anyway I will do research again if we have time to go.
The last day of holiday class held in 3C Complex not the center because children have more space to have fun and party!
Son's very happy to have Christmas gift exchange value of RM5. He also has a 2nd runner trophy in hand. Mmmm.. I see that he's always getting 3rd place for example in Costume Contest, Halloween Contest, and this Holiday Class Drama Contest.
He loves this hand grab shirt so much, he said he wants to wear this for his last day party.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2nd Runner Trophy for son in Drama

It's almost midnight here, on Friday it's son last day in holiday class. He loves it so much, the last day they are in 3C Sunway. It is our first time to go inside the building. I drove in from SS13 Subang Jaya, though we have to cross the white bridge by foot. We saw many things, some snakes, iguana and turtles.

Son has four lines in drama, it's a drama for children. I didn't see it as I need to get home. They have party there and Christmas gift exchange. A memo for parent to inform bring a gift which value RM5 or more for exchange. I purchase a pencil box and a set stationery with eraser, pencil, ruler, sharpener, wrapped it with color papers. :D

The teacher took the Christmas gifts and put a number label on them, then the children will pick a number by hand in box. Guess what, his Christmas gift he picked number 27. The Christmas gift of his teacher put labeled 21.

He came back with 2nd Runner Trophy and a travel games set in exchange of Christmas gift. Though my son looks big but a boy half his size bully him. The boy took his stuff, lying to him that he's just borrowing then he puts them in his bag not return it. He cried when I waiting him to go back with me, he said the boy took his stuff. It was a wheel for the car he's going to built.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

47 Ronin ^^ I like

Yesterday I watched the premiere screening of 47 Ronin, thumbs up to this movie! There is monster in the movie, have you ever seen a colourful looking monster cow with six eyes?! There's a bit of comedy in the movie which makes everyone laugh.

The movie is interesting about how the samurai seek revenge and there's a half breed man helping them. My classmate is big fan of Hiroyuki Sanada, she said he's very handsome.

If you like movie Pacific Rim, the Japanese fighting gal she's Rinko Kikuchi! It's good to see her in this movie, she's a witch in 47 Ronin! Check out both her eyes, yeah both wearing different colour of contact lenses. My classmate didn't notice, but you can if you going to watch this movie.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs the movie in 3D

Good morning it is nearly 1 am here, we are not asleep yet as waiting dear to come home. Last night son and me head to 1 Utama, he has good time watching Walking with Dinosaurs the movie in 3D. Yeah he got 3D kid glasses for the first time!

The movie is 80 minutes, 10.30pm finished the movie. We head to restroom then to lift near TGV Cinema. Opps! That's not the lift that direct us to the parking where I parked the car. Oh boy, at level 4 it's roof parking so I know it's not where I parked the car. I parked near to GSC Cinema. So we head back to same lift, this time I pressed LG floor. Son told me, he knew it's LG, boy.. if he knows why he didn't say earlier.

Son got some dinosaur toys, sure he didn't know all the names of dinosaur. We love this movie as there have details of each dinosaurs in the movie. So many names of dinosaurs with lizard in it. Most dinosaurs in movie are meat eater!

I asked son how many marked if he would give the movie 0-100%, he says 100%! :D

Saturday, December 14, 2013

WTS: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs The Musical tickets voucher

I am not sure if I am able to bring son to watch the Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs The Musical. The vouchers are PS1 seating, since I have two voucher. I would like to sell them off, if I can, if I can't then I bring my son to watch it. 

I search online the a pair of vouchers are selling RM150, as each voucher normal price RM140. The ticket is not a valid entry ticket. It is voucher is to be redeemed for a VALID seat at Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance Ticketing counter. The tickets to be redeemed minimum TWO (2) days before the desired date of shows! This means if you want to watch the musical on Wednesday, on Monday you will need to go redeem.

I wish to sell them off at RM150 for a pair of this PS1 vouchers. Dealing method will be COD in Subang Jaya, places that I am convenient to meet up.

The musical will be on 7.30pm (GATE CLOSED AT 8PM)

Validation of the ticket voucher from 7 Dec 2013 to 1 Jan 2014.

Please take note No Show on Mondays for this musical.

Do take note the ticker voucher inclusive of meal.
Snack: (choose 1) Popcorn or hotdog
Drink: (choose 1) Coke, Citrus, or mineral water.

Tickets voucher I have are two adult!

Almost forgot, how much I am selling for a pair? RM150 for a pair of this ticket voucher. If you are interested do leave a comment with your email address.

For more detail about this musical, you can click on above link.
They have prices of VIP, PS1, and PS2.  

I have a PS2 ticket voucher for one adult, but the shows validity from 14 December 2013 to 21 December 2013. I can give this to the person who purchase a pair of PS1 ticket voucher from me.

My email: sherrygo at Hotmail dot com

Friday, December 13, 2013

Online window shopping

How's everyone doing? It's Saturday afternoon, it's fun doing online window shopping. Yeah just see no buy will do.

Talking shopping, have anyone purchase books from Big Bad Wolf? I heard the sales will be over by tomorrow. Yeah last chance for you to shop for books if you are going there.

Yesterday son brings back the turtle from holiday class. Guess what?! Today neighbor's cat and kittens move over here. We have yet to inform the owner of the cat, hopefully she can takes them back to where they belong. We haven't see the neighbor since morning. In the morning I heard kitten crying, I checked under my car it wasn't there. Then I look around, finally I found the mother car and kittens hiding at corner.

Looks like the mother cat is feeding the kitten.

Turtle project for son

Today is son happy day, you can view the video in my instagram sherrygo. Son is exciting about feeding the turtle, it is just baby turtle.

He needs to return the turtle by Monday, so the turtle will be over night here for few nights. I am worry if my toddler going to shake the turtle so I am always on the watch for him. My toddler has good time while his bro is not around. He plays with the turtle, the video in my instagram to view.

Son's friend has a pet turtle, the parent bought each turtle RM8. Having a pet is huge responsibility! I used to have dog and cats, but not anymore because it's not cheap to have pet these days. My dad's dogs will need to Vet for vaccination few times a year.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

47 Ronin stars Keanu Reeves

When was the last time you watch movie that has Keanu Reeves? My memory of his movie will be Matrix!

I search online and found out this 47 Ronin is rated PG13. I am not sure if the rating is the same in Malaysia.

If you are going for a movie, does it matter whose the stars in the movie?

I feel that December has many nice movies to watch namely Hobbit 2, Walk with the Dinosaurs, and many more. How about you?

I didn't win movie tickets to watch Frozen, I was told this movie is more of girly type.

Smaug the dragon is awake!

Yesterday night we head to TGV Cinema in Sunway Pyramid for the Hobbit 2. First to say the parking ticket cost RM8, it was a long night but we are happy that we watched enjoy the movie. Mother and son watching Hobbit 2 together, son's excited to watch it. We watched in Cinema 4, 3D glasses in hand.

If you have seen The Hobbit, I am sure you don't want to lose chance to watch The Hobbit desolation of smaug. How the burglar going to escape from the dragon?

Son haven't watch LOTR, I think he should watch it. He will understand more about the ring in the movie. I mean the power of the ring, where everyone is calling it precious!

Next movie with son will be Walking with the Dinosaur!

I think both of us last saw movie using 3D glasses was Pacific Rim.

Seremban 2

I haven't been to Seremban 2 for sometimes, I think it has been over a year or more. Are you are blogger living in Seremban 2? If yes do leave a comment with your blog url and email address.

Talking of places today we head to NSK Kuchai Lama, it's our second time there. I bought some diapers for my toddler. I also bought eggs, mushrooms, etc. Groceries shopping which cost RM250.

It's been a long day for everyone. How about you?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sasa Ladies Day@Selangor Turf Club

I have a fun time attending the Sasa Ladies Day, first thanks to Sheta for fetching me.
Above is the goodie bag I received after the Sasa Ladies Day.

Many people at the Sasa Ladies Day, mostly ladies I manage to have photo with some bloggers.
Below on left with me, she's in yellow jumpsuit Wendy
On right top picture, Rane beautiful mommy
Bottom right picture, Kelly pretty in red fascinator and red dress.

I want to take more pictures with my phone but something wrong with the loading. Maybe too many photos inside which I need to delete?
Yesterday I check on my notebook and didn't see any photo in Dropbox. Today I saw it, so I have time to post up now. For more pictures click on the first photo of namesherry.

Era FM Top hamper giveaway

Who doesn't need detergent powder at home? Check out Era FM website for Top Hamper giveaway.

I can't upload picture to blog post as something wrong with my computer's hard disk. Yeah will need to check out this weekend how much the hard disk and where to purchase.

I am happy to say that my second bro is coming back by end of this year. He says 28 December, I am not sure so we'll see. :D

His wife and twins are not coming back as they will be visiting his brother-in-law in US.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I am happy with my haul for CNY clothes too. Yeah I am broke now, so don't wanna go shopping anymore.
Below is my haul, I went first time morning with my son. Then second time with sister-in-law and my toddler.
Twice a day, unbelievable.
They have many bra and panty RM5, RM7, RM10, RM20 to choose from but I didn't purchase any as there's no testing available at warehouse. I mean to say the testing is bra not panty.

Haul above RM75 +RM45 right corner which you see below my sister-in-law. She bought skirt pants, yeah it's look like skirt but actually pants. I have got the same pants in black, green, the price for each RM15. I tried on spot, just put it on and you will know whether you can fit in or not. My size was 14, she bought size 16. I bought for twin gals, the pink and blue you see above picture. Other than that, I also bought for twin gals mom, yeah below picture of Pink and Blue flowery top on the first left corner. It's only RM3 each, I hope she likes it.
I almost forgot the sexy blue top RM5 I bought for twins gal, it is available to view on my instagram sherrygo. I have upload video of it.
 I bought for my toddler pants RM7 each, a long sleeve shirt for him RM3. I fall in love with scarf they are RM3 each. The black and white strip dress RM20. Total of haul for below picture RM105.
Consider I am done with shopping for CNY clothes.
RM1 each shirt which I can use to wear at home, you see above picture in orange and blue shirt.
 The stripe shirt also RM3 only. Are you going for FOS warehouse sales? They are open from 10am to 8pm.

After I left, I saw many carton boxes at the warehouse, they are not open yet. I saw many shoes and bags but they are not affordable for me so no purchase any. Some bags RM5 only but sad say it is broken or bad condition.

Fashion Contest for World Diabetes Day

Son waiting in line for his turn for the Fashion Contest.
It was last month, my son first time to participate in Fashion Contest for World Diabetes Day. It was fun though he didn't win. Mommy Kylie and Jane were there with her children too. Both their children won a Prize from the Children fashion show. The theme was wearing blue on the day!

On the day, they learned to walk for fashion.

So yeah we get to see many Superboy and Supergal. :D

Oh yes there's very pretty mermaid too, I don't have picture with me as it's on my dear's phone.

Mommy Kylie if you are reading this post, can you spot your children? :D

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday MBO Allstar member price

I have been wanting to know how much will MBO Allstar member price if purchase a ticket for child. I know the answer now as I pmed Facebook to ask them, it is same price RM9. By the way there is no limit to purchase movie tickets using the ALLSTAR TUESDAY.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

If you have read my other blog about Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs ticket I won. Can't wait I want to bring son to watch this.

Yay I am happy now I can bring my family to go Sunway Lagoon too but still need top up $ to go.

Hi Sherry,

Sorry, there's no meal included. You will only receive the pair of tickets for the musical show and a pair of Sunway Lagoon tickets.

Below is the step on what you should do upon receiving the tickets from us later.
Inline image 1

Voucher code for you

As you have seen my lovely keychain of Heartbeat, here's a voucher code for you to use. It can only be used once, so try use it if you are planning to purchase online from them.

Voucher Code:OVC952984
Valid until:27 January 2014

Terms and Condition:
- Valid at online purchase on www.heartbeat.my
- Limited for 1 offer per coupon
- Not valid for promotions & discount offer
- Valid for online registered member
- Not exchangeable for cash
- Only ONE voucher code can be used at a time

If you haven't register, you can get start by click banner above.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mall with minions decoration

Let's welcome the month of December with our big hands, I am sure most you like minions. We went to The Summit USJ mall, we love the minions decoration for this Christmas.

Yeah my toddler none stop saying bananana and pointing at these cute minions.

They have several minions hanging up the ceiling like they want to reach the Christmas trees.

Each mall in Selangor is having their very own Christmas decorations, which is your favourite?
 My boys above having fun!
So far I have seen Garfield and Wings of Hope for malls. For more pictures can click above image. :D

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