Friday, March 30, 2012

PF: Baby Sling

I am taking part in Pink Friday, you are looking at pretty flowery baby sling. It is nicely packed in the pink transparent bag.

To join PF just click on the badge below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New* Baby Sling for sale

I have got new baby sling for sale, the reason I am selling this because I am using another sling for my baby.

This is brand new and no use before. If you are interested just email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com, I only ship in Malaysia using Poslaju.

Selling this at RM50 only. I have got the size L and you can refer the picture for detail.

Locksmith and cobbler @carrefour

I went to Carrefour in the morning to get my bag fix, the belt of the bag broken and one side of it need replacement. They have got the replacement which cost rm8 for one side. It is very good service I need to wait for forty minutes so I went to subang parade to redeem the drinks from cool blog.

You can find the fix service of professional cobbler and locksmith from Carrefour call them at 03-56373807.

They also available at other places like the summit usj, the mall KL, Carrefour wangsa maju, Carrefour ampang, plaza sentral central shah alam, Hartamas shopping centre, jusco Mahkota Cheras.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We love Coolblog

We love Coolblog, you can see the drinks I have got from Coolblog. I purchased the deal milk online and it cost only RM7.50 for three drinks with 2 topping each but I choose not to put topping for one of them as my son don't like anything in his drink. I have got latte, cappucino, and chocolate! My sister-in-law loves the latte very much, she says its very geng!

You still have time to purchase as deal not over yet. Why pay more when you can purchase three drinks for RM7.50 instead of RM14.10.

I am thinking to purchase another voucher so that I can try out other flavour. :D

For more detail click above link to find out. Let me know if you have tried any flavour of Coolblog. Which flavour of Coolblog do you prefer?

Friday, March 23, 2012

When to visit zoo

My son keeps asking when he can goes to zoo he has not been there over a year. My baby is still young he is cranky and always need to be carry is hard for us to go.

I am sure my son excited to show me the panda at the zoo.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wheelchair/Stroller loan@Sunway Pyramid

My baby boy is ten month old, the other day I bring him to Sunway Pyramid. I don't have stroller because my car cannot fit in the stroller at boot so I loan a stroller at Sunway Pyramid. It is available at Ground Floor the Orange Atrium, I saw there have got four strollers and three wheelchair also the power wheelchair. I need to fill up a form the counter to loan the stroller for maximum four hours.

The customer service told me that if I need to use longer I need to give them a call. I don't have to use very long time because my baby is cranky and need go home to sleep in sarong. I gave them my driving license and RM50 deposit and able to collect them back when I return the loam form and stroller. Do take note that their stroller not to be use at Sunway Lagoon.

Two weeks ago we purchase this tongkat chair for my dear's grandmother. This cost less than RM70, we have purchase this at SS15, Subang Jaya at one of the pharmacy there. This Sunday I am going to visit my grandmother, she is blind staying at old folk home. I have bought biscuits for her because my sis says that she is able to eat them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wang Tunai RM5000 untuk Blogger

No kidding there will be Wang Tunai RM5000 untuk Blogger which is held at .

For detail of this giveaway click above link, remember it is only for first 100 blogger only. Now the list is over 80 blogger, are you part of the 100 blogger in the list?


AEON Malaysia Cheers Club

Have you signed up your kids for AEON Malaysia Cheers Club? My son now is a member of AEON Malaysia Cheers Club, the sign up fee is RM20 and you get the goodies above. He is given L size green t-shirt which is the biggest size. There is a backpack, hat, pen and notebook as you can see in the picture.

I signed him up as member at IOI Mall Jusco because we were there during the weekend. If not mistaken the member for this club is from age six to twelve only.

The t-shirt fits him well, he not yet try the hat.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My new Aeon Member Card from Jusco

I am  so happy I have renew the J card and here I have got the new Aeon Member Card. On the spot I have renew three years membership just pay RM24 instead of RM36. My member card expire on 2013 and I renew for three year it will be 2016 expired.

Look at the design I love it, there are four choices of card and I choose this before I love the color just like rainbow. This card name is People, other choice is Corporate, Peace, and Community. At the service counter the staff say no need hurry to change the card still can use it.

Have you change your J card to Aeon Member Card? Which design of card have you pick?

Do you know that if you exchange your J Card for an Aeon Card it is FREE OF CHARGE from now until 30 April, 2012. Look I have got not just new member card but a pen. My sister-in-law chosen Peace design and she received pink pen.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Milkadeal@Subang Parade

Few days ago I bring my son to catch a movie at MBO,then bring him to Uncle Lim to eat. It is located at Ground Floor near to Uncle Lim's Cafe and Sakae Sushi. They will be there until 27 March, 2012.

For more detail you can check out milkadeal website. Opps.. baby crying need attend to him.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tanamera Day@Central Market KL

Next Sunday there will be Tanamera Day at Central Market Outdoor Stage, it is 25 March 2011 from 11am to 5pm. If you bring your recycleable items to Central Market on 25 March, you will be given special samples which like below picture and treat at Tanamera sample bar.
I have won a eco gifts in the facebook contest of Tanamera but I am unable to go Central Market to collect. Anyone is going there next Sunday can help me to collect please let me know.

You an take part the Tanamera facebook contest too just let them know your unique wy of Go GREEN in your everyday life! Email your answer along with name and I/C number to

Monday, March 12, 2012

21st Century Repella Herbal Insect Moisturizing Cream

I finished this bottle of 21st Century Repella Herbal Insect Moisturizing Cream, I try purchase again but don't see at Guardian but I found this at Caring. I am not sure whether it is available at Watson. This product helps to heal insect bite marks. The 21st Century Repella Herbal Insect Moisturizing Cream contains NO Diethyl Toluamide. It comes with 5 insect repelling oils. This product is 118ml, I have forgotten the price of this product. So far this product works for me to keep away the mosquitoes, sometimes I miss a part of body I get the mosquitoes bite! I don't know if I can apply on face sometimes I get mosquitoes bite on face too.

I like using this product as it is easy to pump out to apply.

I am using this KAPS natural insect repellent cream at the moment.

Product review:KAPS natural insect repellent cream

I like going to garden or playground in the evening but I don't like one thing which is the mosquitoes. I am sure you know there are Aedes mosquitoes, I need to prepare myself and my son. It is the insect repellent cream. Currently I am using the KAPS natural insect repellent cream purchased from Guardian at RM9.90. It is 30gm, it is pleasant and non greasy feeling which is made from herbal extracts with natural aromatic oils. It has a fragrance which is refreshing to humans but repulsive to mosquitoes and other insects.

I saw a tourist with her daughter at the playground but she is irritated by the mosquitoes' bites. She scratching her legs and hands, I am sure she forgotten to put on the insect repellent cream. I know there is other brand available, what is the brand you are using?

This KAPS natural insect repellent cream almost finishes I am going to purchase this again.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

First time@Milkwaukee Steak House USJ19

This is my first time to dine at Milkwaukee Steak House located at USJ19 the USJ City Mall.
I like the Mushroom soup,in fact we order it again. The bread is so yummy to eat too. You can see the soup inside the bread. My boy who doesn't like mushroom soup fall in love with this! Below picture you are looking at Long John cost RM17.90 and it does not include the cheese. The cheese is taken from the Hawaiian Chicken on the follow picture cost RM23.90.
We have a great time there on the Saturday evening, we wanted to try the Milkwaukee Steak House. I had the Full Loaded Cordon cost RM20.90, this dish not my favourite I prefer the mushroom soup. The mushroom soup cost RM10.90. We ordered chocolate milk shake RM9.90, orange juice RM6, 100 plus RM4.50 and Blue Soda drink RM5.90. Total spending at there RM155.10 inclusive of service charge and gov tax.

Have you been to Milkwaukee Steak House? What is your favourite?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Maketto Fukubukuro Giveaway

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win Little Maketto Fukubukuro Giveaway, if you are interested to take part just click above link. Giveaway is open to Malaysian and ends on March 24,2012.

There will be three Little Maketto Fukubukuro Grab Bags up for grab, each contain a good mix items worth of about RM215 (inclusive of postage to Malaysia address).

I hope I can win one Little Maketto Fukubukur Grab Bag. :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My favourite shopping mall 2011-2012 Sunway Pyramid

You are looking at the My Favourite Mall 2011-2012 Sunway Pyramid, we have got the free parking ticket last Sunday. We are so happy to be there the time was early before 12noon and we saw many cars heading in parking lot of Sunway Pyramid.

We park there for more than four hours and it is free of charge, I love shopping at Sunway Pyramid. There is Giant, Jusco, Parkson and many other stalls and outlets. It has been long time we have not catch a movie at GSC. My dear and I seldom go for movies now but I go to movie with my son. We watch movie at MBO at Subang Parade which more convenient for me. We usually catch the movie in the afternoon after son gets back from school having his lunch and shower first.

Sunway Lagoon is fun and hope I can go there again, I like to go the water park. My brother was back two years ago and we had a great time playing the water. He helped my son in the big pool, his children also like playing there. Now you can shop online for Sunway Lagoon tickets and ice skating tickets. I need to check out soon if I want to go for fun and adventure.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ice Skating for mommy and son

How is everyone doing, how was your weekend? I had a great time with my son yesterday, it is his first time to go ice skating. I am thrill to skate with him, it is my fprth time to go ice skating my first time, second time and third time were during my 20s. He is so scare of falling down he grabbed hold of the side glass tightly, he is not alone many beginner that does not know how to skate do the same.

Ice skating is a fun sport, last time I went ice skating with my dear and brother. It was so funny to see the way my brother skate, he is like walking on the ice instead of skate. It is not funny when seeing another person fall down at ice skating rink. I saw some people are good in ice skating, they have purchase the ice skating shoes too.

During the weekend the price for a ticket is RM20, I need to purchase two tickets for myself and my son. I also pay RM4 twice for the big locker because first time I forgot to retrieve the gloves from my bag. We were they nearly noon time and when we decided to go for the ice rink we were stopped because the shoes are not tight enough and they also need to clean the ice rink. If you are not going for ice skating you want to go inside and see you need to pay RM2 per entry. The gloves are selling at RM5 each pair, I have bought mine and son from Daiso. You need to bring your own socks too if not you will need to purchase them. I saw a girl purchase a ticket, a pair of gloves and socks she needs to pay RM33.

I saw a mommy ice skating with her little girl, it is so fun and I know she is good in ice skating. I am not good with ice skating still learning and I also teach my son not to hold the side for so long. Yesterday is indeed fun time for mommy and son, in fact we have got free parking at Sunway Pyramid. The free parking at Sunway Pyramid was on Saturday and Sunway which limit 2000 tickets only. We are so lucky to be among them, when we are out from car park I saw there is no guy standing there to give free ticket anymore, that time is around 5pm.

I spend RM40 for two tickets, RM8 for using the locker twice, almost forgot I bought some food and drink there while waiting for the ice rink to clean up.

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