Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Check Out AOC's Act It Out & Win Contest

The month of September is almost over, have you plan for any movie to watch? How about The Martian movie? The movie is rated PG13. The movie came out earlier this month, anyone interested to go Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA? AOC Malaysia is organizing this amazing contest for you to win.

Now is your chance as check out the following Prizes awaiting you to win.

Grand Prize - A trip for two to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
2nd Prize - Limited-edition The Martian T-shirt with movie premiums
3rd Prize - A Limited-edition Mobile Phone Camera Lens with movie premiums.

Here's how to enter:

  • Re-enact your favourite scene from The Martian trailer (https://youtu.be/qB6ok1iWBBk) in a phone or a less than 15- second video.
  • Upload the photo / share a link to your video in the comments section and with hastag #TheMartianAOCcontest (click on the link above to comment)
  • The photo/video with the most likes will be shortlisted for a lucky draw

The competition will run from 21 September to 25 October 2015. The winners will be announced on 30 October 2015. 

Terms and Conditions Apply, click on the link to read about it.

If you like to know more about AOC Malaysia, click on the link.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

School holiday this September

Last Sunday I have a good time with my friends, were you there at the Spirit of WIPRO Run? If not click on the link to read about it. 

This week school holiday, tomorrow is Wednesday. My parents are coming over, I can't wait to meet them and have lunch together with them. My mom wants to dye her hair, so I'll be letting her to choose the colour tomorrow. I have bought some hair dye products to DIY hair dye at home. 

My dad called me today to inform me that he have booked tickets for going China next year with my mom and my sister-in-law together with twins gal. I missed twins gal, haven't seen them for many weeks. 

My brother's twins gal haven't been to Sunway Lagoon before.
Taking of Sunway Lagoon, have you checked out the Carrie Facebook? 
There's on going contest to go Sunway Lagoon this Saturday. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

First-Ever PLAY-DOH Month Celebration

My boys are very happy to get to play together. They love PLAY-DOH, let's see what can they do with the play them.

A theme for them to play would be
"Shape a Colourful Community".

PLAY-DOH is fun and no limit to your imagination, you can play with your children. 
It can be a tool to encourage learning and experimentation, it's hard to beat PLAY-DOH -
through hands on, structured play and encouragement children can learn many skills, from recognizing shapes and colors. 
Learn how to mix and blend, and even social and intellectual skills such as
collaboration and problem-solving.

My sons busy opening the PLAY-DOH cans
Who want to win some PLAY-DOH prizes?
Read on to find out where you can win.

Some creations of PLAY-DOH that we enjoy making together.

Pumpkin and Banana, hehe.. there goes the purple Minion with bananas in mouth.

What's in the making by my son?
School holiday soon, have you plan for any family plans?

My son enjoying himself in this Friday's evening.
Above we play together to make fruits we can buy in Malaysia.
Durian, Mangosteen, Banana, Mango, Grapes, Papaya, Oranges, Strawberry
Hello- I love Malaysia

Don't forget to mark your calendar for next Saturday. PLAY DOH Day roadshow is on 26 September 2015 from 10am onwards at HighStreet New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Center.

You can bring your children to join The Malaysia Book of Records for the most PLAY-DOH sculptures created in a day on September 26, and a successful attempt will see your PLAY-DOH creations on display for all Malaysians to admire, with the most sculptures winning exciting PLAY-DOH prizes. 

Let's take part together to set a new Malaysia Book of Records for creating the most number of sculptures that be represent colorful and heart warming Malaysian culture and way of life.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Swiss Garden Hotel Malacca

Master bedroom, so big and comfy!

It's Friday night, do you have plans for this weekend? If you have been following my instagram/Facebook you know of my plan for tomorrow Saturday.
This is a #throwback on #familyvacation to Malacca, we haven't been to Malacca for many years.
We find Tourism Malaysia is best to visit as we miss Malacca so much, it was time to bring my parents for vacation.
#spacious #SwissGardenHotelMalacca, look at the bath tub behind the glass!

My kids dream comes true as they wanted to have bath tub in the hotel. This room is like an apartment, it has big living room that comes with a sofa bed, you can scroll down to view.
This is second room that can with two single beds. There is a toilet outside the room to share with the study room.
This is how the toilet looks like. 
A single bed in the room.
The light in room is quite dim, so there's the table. There's also table in master bed room.

Wow looks what all you need is on this desk!
Coffee making facilities that we all need. 
Haha.. my dear is trying to figure out how to put this sofa change into sofa bed.
Basically, you need to pull out the cushion and it becomes a sofa bed.
This was the first night, my son enjoys sleeping in the living room.
But not for his dad, he was in and out of room to check on him.
Look there's microwave and fridge in the room.

We went to nearby restaurant for dinner on the first night. Then we walked back to hotel.
The night my dear spotted this small crab along the walk on the bridge.

The bridge is very old, so need to be very careful when walking on it. 
Some of the woods on the floor are broken or the handle of the side bride with big hole at bottom.
Do watch out your kids if you are bringing them for a walk outside.
This is very near to the river cruise Melaka, but we fail to get on any cruise as it was raining at night.
By the time we reached the counted we were told that we need to wait an hour or so for the next cruise.
Beautiful view outside the Swiss Garden Hotel. With a water fountain as you can see.
Next morning after buffet breakfast we head to swimming pool
There have adults and kids swimming pool.
Well, you know with kids sure we need to stay with them. 
But beware next to this kids swimming is an adult pool next to it.
Scroll down and you'll see it, nice to have bubble time.
Nice kids swimming pool, that everyone cannot have enough of it.
My sons nonstop playing sliding down.

Below is where I mention the adult swimming pool, there's one more outside that you can do laps if you are very good in swimming.
So how many swimming pool in total?
There are 3 swimming pool. 
We all have fun and enjoy our stay at the hotel. We stayed at 29th Floor at Swiss Garden Hotel. The swimming pool is located at 9th Floor, if you are on way up to your room you can check out the swimming pool. There's gym area too, just above the swimming pool.

We pay our own to go this hotel, since we stayed there. I just want to share with you some photos and experienced we have.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Educational Trip to Petrosains KLCC

I received a message in a message book of my 4 years old son. There is Educational Trip to Petrosains KLCC for this coming Tuesday. This day will be closed for the kindergarten.

Itenary is of the field trip is 8am to 3.30pm.

The price of tour price is RM48 which inclusive of morning snacks, lunch, entrance ticket and transportation.

After discussion with my dear, it is our final decision that we only let him join the Kindergarten's field trip next year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament!

Photo credit to Li-Ning Malaysia Facebook

It's first day of September, how's everyone spend the weekend and Merdeka day? On last Sunday, we went to Sunway Pyramid there was Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament happening from 28 August to 31 August 2015. The Jump Smash which launched by Mediasoft Entertainment, there was Prizes worth up to RM100,000 for the survivals of the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament.

The event is open to public to take part, my family were at Sunway Pyramid since early morning before 11 am and read on to find out who took part in the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament. From 28 August 2015 until 31 August 2015, they are 32 contestants that join the final e-tournament. 
Attractive prizes for the winners. 

The Grand Lucky Draw of Chen Long's Autograph Li-Ning shoe.
During the event, public can purchase the Limited Edition Jersey for only RM99.00 each. It comes with a Free Limited Edition Bat Book worth RM200. Also stand a chance to win Chen Long's Autograph Li-Ning shoe.

JumpSmash 15 is the latest release in the popular badminton sports franchise from Mediasoft Entertainment, Malaysia. Culminating in high action state-of-the-art gameplay, stunning orginal anime graphics and a variety of modes to play from JumpSmash 15 is this year's biggest badminton mobile game. The game will utilise a simplified and intuitive gameplay model where the characters will react contextually to the gesture-based user interface that mimics real-time badminton movements.

Everyone will experience badminton like they never have before with game features such as customisable characters, PVP and tournament mode. Scroll down to read on where to download JumpSmash 15.

Everyone queue up to try their chance to get in the final of the Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament. No kidding, you can play as many times you want and even practice on spot or download the game app to your Android Version or IOS Version to your mobile phone. 

Ticket for lucky draw, but also ticket for getting in the Final e-Tournament
This ticket is different from the lucky draw tickets because this one stated on player winning status at the back of it. 32 contestants with this ticket queue up for the final Tournament.

Rhythm Nation live band performance 
There was lucky session each day, time of lucky draw was
One lucky draw winner, a Li-Ning shoe bag. Each time different merchandise is up for lucky draw session. 

It's fun event that family and friends take their turn to play the Jump Smash 15.

Father and daughter checking on how to play the Li-Ning Jump Smash e-Tournament
We queue up as early as 4 pm to join the final Li-Ning Jump Smash e-Tournament, only 32 finals are accepted for the Final Tournament that starts at 5pm.

30 August 2015, day 2. The 32 contestants that gonna compete in Final Tournament

name list of 32 Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament, who are the 32 final tournament
They have four ipad at the event used for Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament
Son and me in the final and we are up against each other. Son manages to win me and he gets into the Quarter Final.
It's fun event for everyone, not just mother and son like us that compete but also got father and son.
It's fun event for everyone to join though we didn't win but we have experience this gaming to life in a real-time competition against players.
The last day 31 August, 2015, the 32 final contestants that make it into the Final.
It's indeed a fun event for everyone that take part. Though we only took part in Sunday, we can feel the excitement of participants that join the game. 
The Li-Ning Jump Smash Survivor e-Tournament was an event that brought everyone together to play and enjoy themselves. It's good to know everyone at the event, they are adults and children that took part. After the event we came home to download the game app of Jump Smash 15. We didn't download the game on spot as my phone run out of battery. My sister-in-law continue playing the Jump Smash as she find this game interesting and fun, she never play before a badminton game app. She says just uses fingers to swipe the game to play and be alert on when to smash. 

You can also check out on Youtube: https://youtube.com/BadmintonJumpSmash

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LiNingJumpSmash

If you are interest to play JumpSmash, click on below links to download now.
Download JumpSmash 15 NOW :

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