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Jordan caring for teeth

Busy parenting lifestyle, I didn't forget about our oral care hygiene. Back in 2015 I did blog about Jordan, you can read about it by click on the link.

Sharing is caring, now you seeing this is Jordan's Champion Chompers. Inside has got children toothbrushes and toothpastes also kid's flossers, read on to find out.

Not just adults flosser and now kids also has their own kids flosser.
from left Step 1 toothbrush, Step 2 toothbrush and Kids toothpaste 0-5

Step 1 toothbrushes
Good dental care routines start from the very first tooth. The actual time at which the first tooth arrives can vary widely between individual children, but the parents needs to start brushing the child´s teeth as soon as the first teeth appears.
Jordan Step 1 toothbrush is tailor-made to make the first brushing experience a good one. Designed with extra soft bristles, a soft rubber biting ring for babies’ gums and a handle that fits both large and small hands, Step 1 toothbrush helps making the first step in establishing healthy and happy dental care routines for a baby.
The short neck of the toothbrush prevents the toothbrush being inserted too far into the child´s mouth. At this age a toothbrush should be used under parental supervision, and the grip on the handle of the toothbrush Step 1 toothbrush years is also suited for an adult.
Step 1 toothbrush comes in strong stimulating colours

Step 2 toothbrushes
At this age the child does not necessarily understand the importance of brushing their teeth, and it can be a challenge to explain and to motivate the child.
Step 3-5 years is specially designed to clean milk teeth and with its round head and soft bristles it is easy to move the toothbrush around the teeth.
* Round head with soft bristles designed to clean milk teeth, plus a toothpaste indicator.
* Option of sand timer, decorative holder with suction cup to hang up on a mirror, or travel cap for overnight stays and travel.
* Comfortable grip for both children and parents.

Babies are ultra-sensitive when it comes to their senses; light, sound and taste – particularly bitterness! As we grow out of babyhood into childhood and young adulthood, our senses lose the sharp edge they started off with long-term exposure of SLS might irritate the mouth and result in unpleasant wounds and dry mucous membranes, toothpaste without SLS is better for your child

Kids toothpaste 0-5
Mild taste of Strwberry
Fun designs for girls and boys
Attract and motivate kids
Effective toothpaste
Fluoride 500 ppm (0-6 years)
Stronger teeth
Gentle toothpaste
SLS/Sulphate free
Scandinavian Quality

Children have twice as many taste buds as adults. Jordan’s new series of toothpaste have a mild, fruity taste that kids love. The gentle and effective toothpaste is specially formulated to protect children’s teeth against cavities.
From left Junior Toothpaste 6 - 12yrs old, Step 3 toothbrushes

 Many types of toothpaste are highly abrasive and actually strip away enamel which never grows back. Permanent teeth need more fluoride than milk teeth, but the older kids still prefer a mild tasting toothpaste. Jordan’s junior toothpaste has a mild fruity mint flavour the child recognizes from children’s’ toothpaste, but is specially formulated to protect the first permanent teeth.

Benefits Jordan kids and junior toothpaste:
* Mild fruity flavour preferred by kids.
* Fun and recognisable design elements from the Step by Step collection.
* Gentle & effective toothpaste.
* Recommended fluoride level.
* Gentle to enamel
Junior Toothpaste 6 - 12years old
Mild taste of Grape
A slightly more «fresh» taste than Jordan Kids
Cool designs for girls and boys
Attract and motivate kids
Cool design, attractive also for 12 years
Effective toothpaste
Fluoride 1000 ppm (6-12 years)
Gentle toothpaste
SLS/Sulphate free
Scandinavian Quality


Step 3 toothbrushes
Children of this age understand why they have to brush their teeth, and may already have been to the dentist. The challenge at this age is that the child has both milk and permanent teeth, and the resulting uneven positioning of the teeth makes the bristles even more important.

Step 6-9 years is designed to meet the challenging oral needs at this age. The integrated “solo brush” reaches molars and hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and gums - no teeth or surfaces need to be forgotten.
* Round soft bristles with integrated “solo brush” for optimal cleaning of a mix of primary and permanent teeth, plus a toothpaste indicator.
* Charms plus suction cup to hang up, or a travel cap.
* Round grip for optimal rotation and reach, comfortable for both children and parents.

from left Step 3 toothbrush, Kids Flosser
 Kids Flosser

Establishing a routine at an early stage is important – those who start early will continue to floss when they get older. At the age of six, the six year old molars come, and the teeth get close to each other. Dentist recommend that kids should start flossing from 5-6 years old.

Benefits of kids’ flosser:
* Easy to reach in-between all teeth – even the ones in the back.
* Small handle makes it easy to use for kids.
* Fruity flavour preferred by kids.
* Fun and recognisable design elements from the Step by Step collection.

my 7 years old using the Step 3 and Junior toothpaste
variety choice of Jordan toothbrushes adult and children

Interdental Easy Clean Flosser

Interdental Easy Clean Flosser
Easy Clean – Disposal Flossers on long handle
* “Y”- shaped angle floss.
* Easy to clean between teeth.
* Easy to reach all areas of the mouth, especially the back molars.
* Easy to insert floss into tight spaces – press down on top of harp.
* Coated with fluoride for cavity protection.
* Comfortable handle.
* The longer handle gives you more control and makes it easy to reach all areas of the mouth.
* Some consumers find it more comfortable and easier to control than the shorter handle version.
* Ergonomically designed to give you a control-
led grip and easily reach all areas of your mouth.
* Fits into bathroom cup alongside your toothbrush.
* Disposable/refill heads.
* Environmentally friendly (less waste/less plastic usage).
* Rinse after use if you want to use multiple times.
* Keep heads handy and hygienic in re-sealable pouch.
* Available in refill.

Nano Compact adult toothbrush
Nano Compact adult toothbrush
The fact is, most of us don’t clean all parts of our teeth because most toothbrushes can’t reach the deeper recesses of the mouth. Jordan Nano Compact is specifically designed with a small 1.7cm head to allow for a more thorough cleaning of your teeth. With 0.01mm soft bristles and a slim handle, Jordan Nano Compact can keep ALL your teeth clean, anytime.

Jordan Clean Smile adult toothbrush
Jordan Clean Smile combines good quality with good design.
It won the Red Dot award for design excellence in 2016, and is designed by the renowned Scandinavian Designer Andreas Engesvik. True to Scandinavian design principles, it combines purposeful functionality with clean, simple design.
* Medium head size.
* Comfortable ergonomic handle with intuitive thumb grip.
* Quality bristles made of Nylon 6, 12 which cleans well and have excellent water resistance.
* Simple, clean and functional design by Andreas Engelsvik.
Available in soft and medium bristles, and in a palette of modern colour combinations.

Never to late to know of important of oral care hygiene.  I like Jordan as they have variety choice of adult toothbrushes to choose from.

For more information on Jordan , you follow their Facebook Jordan Malaysia

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Scholastic: Emergency! LEGO nonfiction book

It's Thursday and soon to be weekend, what plan have you got for this weekend? I haven't plan mine but I have got this book to share with you. Nice reading as it's for Level 2 reader, new vocabulary and longer sentences. Emergency! LEGO nonfiction book, a Lego adventure in the real world. Full of facts and LEGO fun, which included 30 stickers. My son enjoying reading this book with me as his primary school has got a book named Buku Nilam, which he used to note down the books that he read, books in language of English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. Reading helps to improve his English language and other languagues.

They have the contents of:
  • Emergency!
  • Fire!
  • Call the police!
  • Ocean heroes
  • Hospital heroes
  • Mountain rescue
  • To the rescue!
  • Index

It's useful book that your children will be interest to read as they are Emergency words:
(The) Law

The level of reading is based on the best research about how children learn to read, Scholastic Readers are developed under the supervision of reading experts and are educator approved.

Watch the police, firefighters, and other everyday heroes in action and find out amazing facts about their amazing work. That's not all, there's a page where your child can put their creative thoughts on how rescue. To the rescue! It's another busy day for the minifigures emergency services. Use the stickers to show them rushing to the rescue. Don't forget helicopters flying high in the sky!

The book appeals to 1st -2nd Grades, for more leveling information of the book:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lego: Valcanoes and other forces of nature

 Being parenting didn't stop me from doing what I love, yeah guiding my son to read is one of it. This is interesting book to read as it's about Volcanoes and other forces of nature, this is where you get to read on a Lego adventure in the real world. Suitable to read as my son is Lego fans.

There are full faces and LEGO fun! The Lego minifigures show you the world in a unique nonfiction program. You can find out how powerful valcanoes and earthquakes help shape our planet.

This book is part of a program of LEGO nonfiction books, with something for all the family, at every age and stage. It gives amazing facts, beautiful real-world photos, and minifigures everywhere, leading the fun and discovery.

Build it! There are plenty of ideas for epic builds as reading through this book.

Play it! Create adventures of your own!

The contents are:
  • Extreme earth
  • Forces of nature
  • Volcano
  • Lava
  • Volcano types
  • Supervolcacnoes
  • Underwater volcanoes
  • Volcanologist
  • Ring of Fire
  • Earthquakes
  • After a quake!
  • Seismologist
  • Landslides
  • Sinkholes
  • Tsunamis
  • Weird weather
  • Meteorologist
  • Hurricanes
  • Hurricane hunters
  • Tornadoes
  • Stormchaser
  • Lightning stors
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Firefighter
  • Snowstorms
  • Avalanche!
  • To the rescue!
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Glossary
  • Index and credits

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