Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mall with minions decoration

Let's welcome the month of December with our big hands, I am sure most you like minions. We went to The Summit USJ mall, we love the minions decoration for this Christmas.

Yeah my toddler none stop saying bananana and pointing at these cute minions.

They have several minions hanging up the ceiling like they want to reach the Christmas trees.

Each mall in Selangor is having their very own Christmas decorations, which is your favourite?
 My boys above having fun!
So far I have seen Garfield and Wings of Hope for malls. For more pictures can click above image. :D


  1. None of them are my favorite, just want some real white Christmas!!! =]

  2. Christmas Season is my favorite ... even a Christmas Tree can makes me SMILE :)
    Normally 1U, MV and Pavilion have great deco ...


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