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Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin @Johan Speaking Academy

During March School Holidays, what you have plan for your kids? My son joined the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin at Johan Speaking Academy on 16 March and 17 March 2016, it's One and Half Day workshop for kids to learn public speaking in Mandarin. 

name list of 18 participants in Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin
My son's name is on the list, he's number 6 to perform in the kids public speaking. 
During the Kids Public Speaking in English, one and half day he was no.9 to perform.
You can click on the link to read more about the Kids Public Speaking in English.

School holidays he has got tuition classes to attend but I have decided to give him a break. I want him to enjoy and express himself in learning the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin. The one and half day workshop in Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin, he's very happy and have make many friends on the day. It's good to have friends to join the classes together so they can spend time together and learn. 

kids emcees of the day, refer below for 2nd batch of emcees of the day

At the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin one and half day workshop at Johan Speaking Academy, kids are given chance to express themselves. They can brush up their Mandarin language at the same time. It is my son first time to go on stage to speak in Mandarin. For your information, he also take part in Kids Public Speaking in English one and half day workshop before taking this. Both are different experienced for the kids though both are workshop of kids public speaking. Kids have many interest in learning, they like to learn in both languages.
I'm glad that my son is able to perform well on the day. 
I am proud of him. 

During the school holiday, many parents have line up activities and tuition classes for kids. If you can just let them attend the kids public speaking workshop for one and half day, you'll be surprise to see the difference. Indeed, never try never know. 

I let my son attended Kids Public Speaking in English at Johan Speaking Academy and continues with Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin because I want to give him to build self confidence and builds self esteem, also helps him to speak up. He has fear on standing on stage and glad that he manage to overcome it. 

10 years old Joey, she is one of the emcee of the day too.
Many parents come for Kids Public Speaking, parent send them from Kepong, Rawang and even further. We can record video and snap photo with our smart phones or you can bring your own camera to video. Second day of workshop is where kids perform on stage. 

13 year old is attending the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin with her siblings.
Parents can also signed up children with their siblings to take part in Kids Public Speaking. It's fun learning together and bonding at the same time. Siblings can learn together if you see their age is not far from each other.

7 years old giving her public speaking in Mandarin
She has also attended the Kids Public Speaking in English earlier this year. 
Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin is new in Johan Speaking Academy, it's good for parents to let children to learn. 
Public Speaking helps children to build confidence and be a better communicator. 

Some photos taken during the kids public speaking in Mandarin.

If you like to see more photos on the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin on 16-17 March one and half day workshop, click on the link above.
Kids emcees of the day
Public Speaking is a very important skill to have besides academic qualification. It promotes interpersonal skills, improves verbal communications and increases vocabulary. This is where you can help your child to build self confidence and build self esteem.
Zhiren Xie, he is the last year Malaysia Public Speaking Champion in Mandarin(Toastmasters International)
Profile of Zhiren Xie:



国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2014-15 年全国备稿演讲比赛冠军


国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2015-16 年全国幽默演讲比赛亚军
国际讲演会(Toastmasters International)2015 年Q1 


梳邦华语国际讲演会2012-2015 青少年沟通与领袖营导师

讲华语运动2014,2015 两届全国华语演讲比赛评审

*小小演说家 口才训练营*
谢谢~何丽婷老师 & 解智仁老师
my son received his Certificate of Completion from Zhiren Xie and Cherry Ho,
Cherry Ho is co-founder of Johan Speaking Academy
 何丽婷 (Cherry Ho)
Profile of Cherry Ho: 

何丽婷(Cherry Ho),是冠军演讲学院(Johan Speaking Academy)的联合创办人。

她与创办者 黄靖旗 (Johan Ooi) 于2014年的八月头创立了冠军演讲学院 

(Johan Speaking Academy) ,至今已经举办了30多场英文版本的小小演说家 (

Kids Public Speaking) 、四场的10个星期的课程和两次大型的小孩成果展示。


现任D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club 的公关一职。2012/2013 国际生意组织

(BNI Inspire) 和2012-2015士拉央华小校友会担任秘书职位。



My son is happy to see one of his friend named Joey, both attended the same workshop together. 
Son is also happy to see some friends he knows joining the Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin together. It's fun to learn together and kids can enjoy each other company during the one and half day workshop. I have blog about my son attended the Kids Public Speaking in English, you can click on the link to read about it.
Happy 18 kids from Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin with Zhiren Xie and Cherry Ho.

Last year 2015, Johan Speaking Academy, the Kids Public Speaking for 10 weeks program for last year is a success, the kids are not just being trained in door but outdoor as well. Refer to the list below:
July: Popular Bookfair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
August: Kids Public Speaking Expo at Women's Institute of Management
September: Kids Fair at Mid Valley
September: Mid Autumn Festival at Mid Point Shopping in Cheras
October: Brand Ambassador at Sunway Lagoon
November: One Book Fair at Jaya Shopping Mall
December: Musical Festival at Gardens Theatre
December: Christmas at Jungle Gym Atria

Besides Kids Public Speaking for one day and a half workshop. You can choose either to let your child to enroll in Kids Public Speaking in English or Mandarin because both languages are available now. The Kids Public Speaking in Mandarin is new in Johan Speaking Academy.
Kids Public Speaking is open to child age 7 years old to 12 years old. Johan Speaking Academy have trained over 600 kids in kids public speaking. 

They also have Teens Public Speaking 8 Weeks Program that is about to start this Saturday. Teens Public Speaking is open to child age 12 years old to 15 years old. 
If you like to know more info on the program in both Kids Public Speaking and Teens Public Speaking you can visit: 
If you like to enquire for kids public speaking program and workshops you can visit:

Johan Speaking Academy 
92B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur. (just 5 min drive away from One Utama Shopping Mall).
You can also whatapp or contact Cherry Ho on 6016-2589038.


  1. Bravo. I wished there was something similar when I was a kid. Public speaking is an important skill that serves us well throughout our lives.

  2. this is definitely good for the kids to learn how to be more confident and express themselves better....

  3. nice! public speaking is really good to build their confident level.

  4. good one. your kids had an incredible school holiday

  5. That is a good move to train the kids to be confident on stage at the same time improved their mandarin.

  6. super brave of the kids. good to teach them young on public speaking <3

  7. Learning public speaking from small is really good, can boost their confident as well as skill :)


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