Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fill-ins

Above you are looking at my favourite Char Kuey Tiao but this stall no longer exist so sad. :(

1. Beware of Aliance Cosmetics Warehouse Sales, I missed out Pureen Warehouse Sales.

2. Have been raining here, I wanted it to be snow.

3. And since we know my baby going to get extra diaper.

4.Do you believe ghost or spirits?

5. Where is the perfect pair of shoes for my mom-in-law?

6. Momo chacha is one of my favorite meals when it's cold out.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to manage my blogs, tomorrow my plans include check FB and Sunday, I want to go somewhere shopping.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Si Manja & Huggies Contest winners

Are you one of the winners of Si Manja & Huggies Contest? I am happy to tell you that this afternoon I received call from them but I was driving so I need to call them back. I am happy to say that they informed me that I am one of the winners of Si Manja & Huggies Contest. I won the consolation prize which has prize of 3 months Huggies Dry diaper supply for my baby. I choose to have XL Size because I bought several L size diapers already.

The consolation prize has 100 winners I am one of them, I am happy and send sms to my dear. He thought I have won 3 year supply LOL. I will be very happy if that's true, anyway the 1st Prize is $12K Simpanan BSN under your child name.

Three month Huggies Diaper Supply is good for my baby boy, I just need to wait this three weeks for the delivery. I was told that they only delivered once so must make sure somebody is at home!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby liner for baby napkin

My baby is four month old and he is using baby napkin in the day time. I bought many baby liner to put on baby napkin. At night we give him to wear diaper. My first son was using baby napkin too I know now there is other type of napkin but we prefer the old style. We are not using the big pin to tight the napkin but the three arrow type of pin.

I am still breastfeeding him but not directly because he is used to bottle feed. I need to pump every three hours to feed him. At middle of night I will give him drink fomula, the doctor always check on his weight every month. He is now 7.38kg.

The type of baby liner that I bought usually Pureen or Kiko. You can get nice price during the sales of Jusco. I bought the Kiko baby liner at Parkson but I find it sold out so I turn to Jusco instead. Now my baby is wearing M size diaper soon he will be using L size diaper. My baby used various brand of diaper he does not have sensitive skin. I know my friend tell me her baby cannot use any brand due to sensitive skin.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My first spa@Emperor Spa Taipan USJ

I am sure some of you find out that Taipan Food Garden has closed at Taipan USJ. Now there is Emperor Spa above of OCBC Bank it is newly open five months ago. I went for the two hour Emperor Spa & Beauty Package which consist of full body aromatheraphy massage, herbal heat ball massage, detox body scrub and seaweed back mask also the infrared sauna. It is total 3 hour spend there instead of two because I need to go shower too.

I like the detox body scrub it makes my skin moisture and silky feeling.You can find out more about Emperor Spa at their website. You can choose three treatments at RM96. There is couple room available where you can bring your hubby along to enjoy the treatment together if both of you purchase the same treatment.

Now if you join member RM299 you can enjoy three package choose from facial, slimming or spa. By the way if you have not been to spa after the first spa experience you will have bodyache for two days just like me. LOL

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