Sunday, January 31, 2016


 SWIPE ur DEBIT contest was jointly organized by MYDIN and MyClear in collaboration with 15 banks namely Affin Bank, Bank Rakyat, Alliance Bank, CIMB Bank, AGRO Bank, Hong Leong Bank, AmBank, Public Bank, Maybank, RHB Bank, Bank Islam, Kuwait Finance House, Bank Muamalat, UOB Bank dan OCBC Bank’. This contest was held for 92 days starting from August 1, 2015 until October 31, 2015. This effort is part of MYDIN and MyClear campaign to encourage the usage of Debit Card eventually supports cashless economy.
 Excited who is the winner of this Proton Saga SV 1.3. It was a simple contest to take part, with a minimum spend of RM80 payment using MyDebit/ATM card in one transaction at MYDIN. Each participant allow to take part in SWIPE ur DEBIT. Each contest form must be attached with the original receipt of transaction payment and particular of participant in detail.

The other attractive prizes including 2 motorcycles Modenes Ace115, 10 unites of electric and 10 consolation prize.
 Congrats to winner who has won herself a car in MDYIN SWIPE ur DEBIT CONTEST.
Group photo of winners at MDYIN SWIPE ur DEBIT CONTEST
Congrats to all winners who take part in MDYIN SWIPE ur DEBIT CONTEST. MYDIN Mall is where I shop often with my friends and family. I find many products there that I need namely school bags, sport shoes, stationery and many more. 

If you like to see more you can check the website or 
instagram/twitter @sherrygo

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pigeon Malaysia launches a baby skincare line

Being mommy of two boys, I never stop thinking about caring for my children. Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, we spend time shopping for loved ones. Now there's a brand new baby skincare line packed with natural goodness to hydrate and protect baby's delicate skin, it is Pigeon Malaysia yesterday officially announced the launch of its Newborn Pure Skincare Series.

speech by John Soo, Deputy Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia
A focus group discussion conducted in Malaysia and Singapore revealed that when purchasing baby skincare, mothers look for a track record of scientific research, natural fragrance, addictive-free and dermatologically tested products developed from a credible source. 

Based on 40 years of experience developing baby skincare, Pigeon has developed baby's vulnerable skin from drying out by locking in moisture. Formulated with Natulayer™, a layer of moisturizing ingredients that mimics the natural coat of protection found on baby's skin inside the womb.

Tell me how many of you spend time in the store check on each products and the ingredients of the products. I know sometimes I took more than half hour choosing the right product. 

Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Dr. Leong Kin Fon explains about adult products vs baby products. Adults products are harsh on baby's skin. 
Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Dr. Leong Kin Fon shares with us that in many cases food allergies are not the triggering factor of eczema in infants. Genetic and environmental factors also need to be taken into account. The environment found in urban cities such as Kuala Lumpur is not conductive to healthy baby skin development. 

 Forum on Baby Skincare by Dr Leong Kin Fon, Dr Jezamine Lim and Girish Giovanni
 Dr Jezamine is mommy of three children, her youngest is 3 months old baby boy.

"Mother have been searching for products that will help protect the delicate, sensitive skin of their babies. Newborn Pure Skincare Series meets their expectations by providing double the layer of protection." said Girish Giovanni, New born Pure Specialist from Pigeon Singapore.

Simulates naturally forming vernix and ceramide to hydrate and protect baby's vulnerable skin from drying out by locking in moisture. Formulated with Natulayer™, the Newborn Pure Skincare Series is manufactured in Japan according to the highest quality standards for baby skincare products including skin irritation test, allergic test, eye irritation test and acute toxic test. All the products are paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, pH balanced and dermatologically tested to provide a natural protective barrier.

Group photo of VIP

Gentle and soothing on newborn skin, the Newborn Skincare Series debuts with five products - Nourshing Shampoo,
Puriying Body Wash,
Moisturizing Lotion,
Calming Lotion, and
Protective Cream -
to nourish, moisturise, and protect your little one.

Inspired by a desire to provide the essential care every newborn baby needs; Pigeon endeavoured to produce a range of products that would help maintain moisture on the baby skin's surface as well as the inner skin through an exclusive formula called  Natulayer™.

Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander, with her husband Harith Iskander and their 3 months old baby boy.
During the end of event, baby of Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander and Harith Iskander open his eyes to welcome photography from media. 

To my darling son, this set of Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series for him.

The Newborn Pure Skincare Series is priced from RM49 to RM59 and is available at selected department stores, baby stores and pharmacies. 

If you like to know more info on Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series, visit

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dressing for Medical Success with Online Apparel Shopping

People who work in medical professions typically must abide by their employers' dress codes. Nurses and lab workers, for examples, often must wear apparel like scrubs and fashion field lab coats to work rather than jeans and tee shirts. When you want to look your best while still abiding by the dress code laid out by your employer, you can shop online for the latest selection of health care apparel.

Medical Outfits that are Fashionable and Durable

Your appearance goes a long way in establishing a rapport with your patients. When they see you dressed in professional yet colorful and stylish scrubs or lab coats, they are more likely to feel at ease with you and trust your ability to care for them. You can find a full array of medical outfits in colors like pink, blue, green, and other colors that are approved by many health care employers. You can also find scrubs and coats in fun patterns that will help put your patients at ease and also make you look your best at work.

Children in particular are drawn to scrubs that have fun patterns and cartoon characters on them. When you work in a pediatric ward, you can calm your young patients by wearing outfits that have kids' favorite characters on them. Outfits that are decorated with whimsical designs like balloons or confetti likewise appeal to children in your care. You can dress the part of a pediatric health care worker by shopping for these kinds of scrubs and coats online.

Another big concern that health care workers have involves the durability of their outfits. Scrubs and lab coats sold online are made with high-quality materials that will ensure their longevity and usefulness. Your apparel also is machine washable and capable of being worn again without dry cleaning or ironing.

Medical Costumes

If you do not work in a medical field yet want to dress up as a nurse or lab worker for Halloween or another occasion, you can find affordable scrubs and coats online. You can look the part and fool people into thinking you are a real medical worker.

These costumes also come in kids' sizes. The scrubs are comfortable enough to double as children's pajamas.

Dressing the part of a competent health care worker is important to your job. You can shop online for scrubs, lab coats, and more today.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

KidZania Kuala Lumpur CNY 2016 "Double the Ong"

Chinese New Year is coming soon, it's new beginnings 2016.
Let's check out the KidZania Kuala Lumpur CNY 2016 "Double the Ong"
#KidZaniaKL and #KZKLDoubleTheOng

Chinese New Year 2016: DOUBLE THE ONG

It’s Double the Ong this year at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, lets check out how we can part of this celebrations to usher in the Year of the Monkey! Read on to find out how you can win passes.

Special Chinese New Year Activities

Tangyuan Lessons
This is time where children get to learn how to make delicious tangyuan glutinous balls that are absolutely yummy!
Date: 22 January – 29 January 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Martial Arts Workshop
Don't worry, it's time for them to have fun.
Be a kung-fu kid by learning martial arts and showing off your skills!
Date: 29 January – 4 February 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Lantern Making Contest
Who doesn't like lantern? How about take part in these lantern-making contest to win awesome prizes.
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
6 February – 7 February 2016
8 February – 9 February 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 12.00pm – 12.30pm
Session 2 @ 12.30pm – 1.00pm
(Only 4 pairs of 1 Parent and 1 Kid per session)
Location: Event space

Chinese Musical Instrument Workshop
Parents and children that love Chinese Musical Instrument.
Play kool Chinese New Year musical instruments that maybe you have never played before!
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Traditional Games
Time for some fun activities, play fun traditional Chinese games together with your friends!
Date: 1 February – 21 February 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the National Store

Magic Show & Chinese Face-Changing Mask Performance
Be wowed by a marvellous magic show and a super kool face-changing mask performance!
Date: 23 January – 24 January 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 1.00pm
Session 2 @ 3.30pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

I have highlight these dates in red so that you can easily mark your calendar to join these activities.

If you have plan to bring your kids to enjoy these activities, please visit and

Psst, there's good news for my readers! 
Easy steps to take part, follow the following steps.
1.  Share the KidZania Kuala Lumpur Doule the Ong poster on your social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) don't forget you must #KidZaniaKL & #KZKLDoubleTheOng

2. Comment in this blog post with your link that you have done for the Step 1. 

It's that simple and easy, be fast as the first five readers to share the poster will win a pair of passes to KidZania Kuala Lumpur (1 Adult + 1 Child). 

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour near Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour

Last year October, I visited the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. I am happy to be back again.
Time out for me as mommy of two boys, thanks to my dear for able to fetch sons from kindergarten and primary school. I can go for the media trip. I was invited by to attend time.together at Puteri Harbour official launched. If you like to see the Hello Kitty themed room, you can click on the link to find out. 

I stayed in the Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, there are two machines that you can in the hotel.

 Snacks you can see and purchase from the machine.
Next to it it's another machine that you can also find accessories to purchase.
There's one more beverage machine that I didn't snap a photo of it.
Now back in my room, there's cozy couch and writing table with the comfortable chair. 
Beautiful room in Hotel Jen, Puteri Harbour.
Look at the cute fishes on the wall.
They also have Hello Kitty themed room, click on the link to find out.

In the evening I went for cruise in The Black Pearl - CFMS, wanna know more about it?
Do click on the link to read it. My last cruise was 15 years ago with my dear during our honeymoon in Australia. 

Puteri Harbour is strategically located near the Senai International Airport and Singapore’s Changi International Airport; as well as four international seaports and the Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal. It is also accessible via a good network of highways and is just 15 minutes from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link. If you are planning to bring your family and friends to Puteri Harbour, you can also check out more information about Puteri Harbour’s offerings for families can be obtained from its website at

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chinese New Year shopping on Ensogo

Chinese New Year is coming soon, there's still time for us to do spring cleaning at home. 
Other than that, I have friends with interest to shop online for home & living, and beauty products.

I visited the Ensogo website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. Not long ago I have bought a pair of sport shoes from Ensogo. We can shop by category on Ensogo, they have Fashion, Beauty. Baby & Maternity, Groceries, Kitchen & Living, Furniture & Home Decor, Electronics Appliances, Health & Diet, and Sport & Leisure.

My sister in law is looking out for the kitchen products like slow juicer, cooking pan. She is taking her sweet time to see which product is suitable for her kitchen.

My friends told me that she is going to have party at home, she is looking for chocolate fondue machine, I saw this available on the website can't wait to let her know of this.

As for me, being mommy of two boys. I know its important to pamper self. So I am looking at these beauty products that I can find on Ensogo. Beauty products that consists of skin care, brushes for makeup, cosmetics and fragrance.

 Beauty is not just for women but also for men. If you are looking for grooming products for loved ones. Ensogo also selling them, so many products to choose from namely electric razor shaver, rechargeable shaver, hair and beard trimmer, many more if you check out the website.
Online shopping is convenient and we don't have to step out of the office or home to go shopping.
Beauty products are important to woman too, we need to take care of our skin and pamper ourselves from time to time. For more details do check out Ensogo. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

WHAMISA opened in DAMEN Shopping Mall

Yesterday I visited DAMEN Shopping Mall, the mall is next to Summit USJ and nearby to Giant and MYDIN. 

Congrats to WHAMISA for opening its outlet there,it's the first outlet in Malaysia. 

 WHAMISA Line of products consists of skin care/ body care/ hair care/ baby care/ mans care/ hydro-gel mask/ kelp mask.

hands on trying the hand lotion on the left photo.
Organic Flowers Facial Oil, one of the best selling product. RM219 (WM) photo on the right.
 Many products in WHAMISA that you can see and test on the spot. There are product consultant in the shop that can assist you.

WHAMISA "Organic 2X Fermentation Cosmetic"
Natural Fermented Organic Flowers that give fast absorbing and bountiful nutrients,
99.9% of them are organic that help more healthy, 
No purified water but use only Botanic water/extract that makes more moisturizing.

My blogger friend Aiin hands on testing the products of WHAMISA 
 I was told that WHAMISA products do not have expiry dates of them because they don't expired.
Baby Care range of WHAMISA
 Organic Fermented Aloe Vera Baby Care products from price range of RM79 (WM) to RM169(WM).

They also have Organic Fermented Seeds Hair Care range products. If you are looking for shampoo, hair treatment, hair essence, and scalp tonic you can find them there. Price range of RM149 (WM) to RM179 (WM).
first photo above is the miniature of skincare products.
 Many miniature for skincare and masks available in shop. If you have interest to try out their skincare you can purchase their miniature set.

Organic Fermented Flowers Skin Care consists of three types, Organic Flowers Toner, Organic Flowers Lotion,  Organic Flowers Special Care, Organic Flowers Cleansing Care, and Organic Flowers Moisture Care. If you are not sure which products are suitable for you, you can find out from the product consultant as they will be there to assist you.
Whamisa formulated without 
Paraben/ Synthetic/Chemical Preservatives,
Artificial Dyes & Fragraces,
Silicon/Mineral Oils,
EDTA, Animal Origin Ingredients,
Chemical/Sulfate Surgactant, 
Systhetic Viscosity Agent

I saw the entrance parking of the basement parking states that parking payment starting on 16 January 2016.

Saturday afternoon outing with son

Look at this huge roti tissue, son cannot finish it alone so I ask my dear and family members to join me to eat. It is not cheap, Sri Melur restaurant is a famous restaurant. I don't know how they charge but my dear pay RM50 and balance he received is around RM2 plus change. It's my first time to order roti tissue there. We have ordered other food like tosai, nasi lemak, some fried chicken, etc.

This afternoon we supposed to purchase his BC textbook from nearby bookstore at the school. But the seller says that the books are still sealed in the box, we'll need to come back again next Monday to purchase. Son told me that now BC papers have two papers to do for exam instead of one paper. Oh boy! It's going to be hectic year for him and me.

Chinese New Year soon, have you start shopping for new clothing? I have enough of clothing and no plan to purchase any yet. His school going to start school tuition on 18 Jan, but son's not taking part as he needs to absent on Friday for outside tuition. So we decided not to give him tuition in school. Perhaps next year he can start tuition in the school, we'll see how it goes. He is poor in BM and BC, that's why now I have started him tuition in tuition centre instead of daycare tuition. Two years he was in daycare tuition and it didn't seem to pull up his grades.

He starting to like Chinese Calligraphy and class teacher has chosen him together with 14 students in class to participate in a contest. We don't know when is the contest but I told him that he'll need to practice to write perfect.

Chinese New Year performances at the mall, I have visited the Curve, you can click on the link to see more. Other than that, I have also upload photos and video to my Facebook page

Monday, January 11, 2016

ShopBack during Chinese New Year Promotion

 Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you got start with what you need for this Chinese New Year. Talking of what to shop this Chinese New Year, do you know that we can earn cashback from ShopBack. ShopBack is the top cashback site in Malaysia, do check out this online website when you have time.
 It is easy to sign up ShopBack, if you have Facebook account you can also log in with you Facebook account.

 I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse via computer.

Beside using computer, I can also login my account using smart phone. If you have a smart phone you can also login the ShopBack to shop for yourself or loved ones. 
I like to share with you on where you can shop for 

 One of the favourite ShopBack's stores that favourite by many people will be the LAZADA. Get the best Lazada coupon and promo code, click on the link.

It's important to read the Important notes on the website. 

 My family members and friends have interest to shop online. I love online shopping and I found my favourite online store. 

Watch the below tutorial below on how to shop online and earn cashback with ShopBack. 
Don't forget if you like to get start to shop online, ShopBack is where you can find nice deals and coupon.

  Zalora is one of my favourite store, it's available at ShopBack. I love shopping for woman accessories, my eyes looking at clothes, beautiful bags and shoes.
 My family members and friends are looking for household electronic products. I can't wait to tell them that they can also shop online at ShopBack. I spotted the LAZADA, this is one of my friends favourite online store.

I love online shopping as I don't have to step out of my home. I can wait for the free delivery. Do you know that ShopBack has FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE at these top stores namely LAZADA, ZALORA, ensogo, HERMO, Luxola and more. Don't just read here if you have interest to shop online do click on the link above.

Friday, January 8, 2016

BETADINE® Wound Care

BETADINE first aid kit
This week everyone has been busy as school started and everyone is having a rush hour here and there. Being mommy of two boys, I am busy juggling my time and still trying to adjust myself to their time to pick them up from kindergarten and primary school.

 Yesterday my son has got a minor accident at home, the lazy chair he was sitting on he was pulling the chair and somehow he gets minor cut from there. He started crying because he is in pain. I am glad that I have got the first aid kit at home. 

Wounds happen, and often when we least expect them. Today, there are easier and simpler solutions to treat wounds the right way, and conveniently too!

Above is the BETADINE antiseptic skin cleanser.

BETADINE Dry Powder Dry (DPS)

BETADINE Dry Powder Dry (DPS), it's compact and useful to bring around in backpacks, handbags and even pockets.  

This can also be use on wounds such as scratches, blisters and gashes. 
Easy to use this DPS, keep the wound dry before using the Betadine DPS.

Shake and spray on affected wound area to sterilize bacteria and stop infections from spreading.

Keep sterilized wound neatly dressed to help recovery.

I am happy to have this kit at home, I can also use it as a travel kit.
This first aid kit is complete with all the necessary products I need for treat the basic wounds. 

BETADINE® Wound Care is a range of povidone-iodine-based medicated products that can kill and prevent germs from infecting the injuries caused by minor daily accidents. With BETADINE®, I can treat wounds early to prevent infection, help in wound healing and keep my family at play.

 Below are the steps on how to properly manage wounds, which ensures a hassle-free and speedy recovery. Follow the following steps. 
Wash the wound
One of the first things you should be doing is to wash the wound to clean any blood or residue, such as sand. This also prevents the wound from spreading bacteria.

2      Apply antiseptic
This step is important to effectively sterilise wounds to reduce the chances of infection. When not at home however, many do not use antiseptic to treat wounds as it isn’t common to carry them around with you. This is where Betadine’s Dry Powder Spray (DPS) comes in handy. It’s a great ‘pull out of the pocket‘ solution to sterilise wounds and aid in the recovery process, especially when one is away from the comforts and amenities of home. BETADINE® Dry Powder Spray would provide a drama free solution when attending to your child’s wound.
  Dress the wound
With the use of bandages and plasters, this step ensures that the wounds are kept clean after sterilsation. It is important to re-apply fresh dressing from time to time to keep the wound clean, which will hasten the recovery process.
 If you like to know more information on BETADINE® and wound management, do visit

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