Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First time to Singapore :Universal Studios Singapore

Picture above taken by me many people queue up as they only open at 10am.

I have fun at Universal Studios Singapore, it is my first time to Singapore and we choose to go Sentosa. There is casino there but we never get the chance to visit since I tag my son along. It is huge crowd in the morning on Friday, they only open at 10am and one lady fainted when she supposed go in when they are open. The family member carried her inside, I think maybe it is her husband or brother.

Yeah the tickets are sold out on that day lucky for us we booked this trip through travel agent. We choose the free and easy tour so we get to spend half day at the Universal Studio Singapore. We have been to almost all the parks namely The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar (except this they having renovation or repair), Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, and New York.

Our trip inclusive of accommodation two nights at the three stars Lion City Hotel inclusive of breakfast for three. The hotel room is two single beds and added a single bed for my dad. My dear has to push the beds together to make it bigger so can accommodate my son on the bed too.

As you know I am pregnant now many adventures are not suitable for me to play.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Admiring my eyeko nail polish

I am crazy fan of Eyeko and there goes my collection on Eyeko nail polish. I am pregnant now and not sure if I can apply nail polish on nails. Anyone care to share your thought on this.

Now Eyeko has many new products at their website you can check out www.eyeko.com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It feels great

I love my clothes and I found my old clothes which I have been keeping. I was teenager and I still have the clothes. I gave them many of my prelove clothes, I am UK14 now and most clothes does not fit me. Some are jeans that I couldn't wear anymore and they are size 28inches waist. I know that I need to give them away, no better way than giving to people that we care. My aunt is from poor family and they are very pleased to receive the clothes from us. My dad told me that instead of donation why not give to his sister. She is widow and she has five grandchildren. I saw my cousin sister she was holding her youngest boy, she has four children.

It has been many years since I last visit them. I hope to see them again; they stay quite far away from me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It is black colour

My mom has been complaining she has passed motion and it is black in colour. I ask my bro and he asks whether she is taking any iron supplement. It can cause the past motion to be black colour. Indeed after check with my dad, he called the nursing home to check and she had iron supplement. So it is normal to have black colour.

The nursing home fee does not cover the necessary things that my mom needs such as tooth brush, tooth paste, biscuits, drinks and others. Sometimes the food is not tasty my mom will not eat them and she had instant noodle. I find out this from my dad and mom.

Talk about cooking I remember putting the wrong soy sauce into the vegetable. When my sister-in-law finds out about this she refused to eat the vegetable that I cooked. Lucky my darling still eat and I also eats even the taste is funny; hey I am learning to cook so bear with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping for plus size clothing in Malaysia

I am plus size myself and I love to check out plus size clothes. Being a woman has the advantage of wearing many pretty clothing, do you know where to shop for plus size clothing? I like using Internet access to check out plus size clothing. I don't know many online shops, I often check out the model herself for the clothes.

I don't shop often for plus size clothes but I find her clincher is affordable and I have given mine to my sister-in-law I hope she likes it. Personally, I have shop from this at this shop and find the seller fast and effective. She will explain to you in email when you get the delivery.

Where do you shop for plus size clothing?

Now I need find other plus size shop as I find the price of clothing increase. It is bad news for mommy like me who is stay at home mom while dear alone working.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tooth decay

Today visited my mom and I am very happy to see her. It is surprise visit to see her and she is glad we come, we bring her to eat lunch at the restaurant nearby. She has to see dentist again, in fact she needs to see dentist every week to pluck a teeth. The tooth bottoms of her jaw many rotten and cannot be repair. I am sad to see her like this; she told me that dentist informs her cannot brush teeth. I don't know why, is it because she has to go pluck teeth again? There is drilling and digging if it is hard to remove sometimes even need to go operation for remove.

The root to her teeth is decay, there is many to tooth that need to be extract and remove.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali

It is good time to celebrate Happy Deepavali to my friends and also my Birthday is today. My best friend Amy I have been trying to reach her but cannot. I have not seen her for at least four years. She is my classmate at college we study together.

I am a year older now and I have so many pending task to do. Yesterday I had fun take part in a contest which related to makeup. I am newbie in makeup so much to learn and you know life is short. You need to make use of every seconds you have.

I am not full time blogger now, so I spend less time on blog visit too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adventure: World's Tallest Indoor Tube Slide

I know life is a challenge and do you like adventure? I have been to the World's Tallest Indoor Tube Slide it is located in Empire Shopping Gallery. Bear in mind that it is not for everyone to take part, there is need to check on the height of the person. If you have weak heart, don't go for it. I went for it because I like it and I scream inside the tube. LOL

How tall is the indoor tube slide, it is like 5 storey height. You need to see it for yourself, if you are at Empire shopping mall. The shopping mall is nearby Subang Parade, and Carrefour not far away. If you have tried the slide there let me know how you feel. :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Colour 72 Strawberry Blonde

I am having my hair dye and I did it myself so I need to wait for 30 minutes to wash my hair. I choose the Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Colour 72 Strawberry Blonde, I bought the Revlon from warehouse sales. I am keeping a box for my mom, she likes to get her hair dye too. The other day I no help her dye as she just get the hair perm.

This permanent hair colour kit inclues ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer, after color conditioner, applications instructions, and gloves. I haven't try out another brand of hair dye product mention by Tammy at her blog. I like to visit her blog often for the updates of hair dye product and also work shop. If you have the chance check out her lovely blog.

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