Saturday, December 21, 2013

2nd Runner Trophy for son in Drama

It's almost midnight here, on Friday it's son last day in holiday class. He loves it so much, the last day they are in 3C Sunway. It is our first time to go inside the building. I drove in from SS13 Subang Jaya, though we have to cross the white bridge by foot. We saw many things, some snakes, iguana and turtles.

Son has four lines in drama, it's a drama for children. I didn't see it as I need to get home. They have party there and Christmas gift exchange. A memo for parent to inform bring a gift which value RM5 or more for exchange. I purchase a pencil box and a set stationery with eraser, pencil, ruler, sharpener, wrapped it with color papers. :D

The teacher took the Christmas gifts and put a number label on them, then the children will pick a number by hand in box. Guess what, his Christmas gift he picked number 27. The Christmas gift of his teacher put labeled 21.

He came back with 2nd Runner Trophy and a travel games set in exchange of Christmas gift. Though my son looks big but a boy half his size bully him. The boy took his stuff, lying to him that he's just borrowing then he puts them in his bag not return it. He cried when I waiting him to go back with me, he said the boy took his stuff. It was a wheel for the car he's going to built.



  1. Congrats for winning 2nd Runner Up Trophy in Drama. Keep it up, your son have talent :)


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