Thursday, August 25, 2016

Resorts World Genting's new mooncake flavour

Every year, I am sure you will be look forward for the Mid-Autumn Festival, its an important festival to the Chinese, coming only after the New Year or Spring Festival. This is good as you may be thinking what to give for loved ones and relatives or friends. This can be a nice gift for them, check out the new flavours as mentioned below.

This Mooncake Festival, Resorts World Genting marries tradition with innovation, as it presents a stunning selection of premium mooncakes. Beginning August 1 2016 and running until September 15 2016, Genting Highlands Malaysia’s favourite highland getaway will be able to take home boxes of delight in the shape of some tried-and-true flavours, and some unique creations.
Golden Jade with buttermilk custard

On Mid-Autumn night the harvest moon is supposed to be at its brightest and fullest, which gives rise to the celebration’s other name: Mooncake Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated as a harvest festival three thousand years ago, as a way for agrarian Chinese to celebrate the bounty of their fields and orchards. It was a time for the cessation of work, and one of the rare nights in which hard-working farmers stayed up late to admire the lustre of the full moon while enjoying the delicacies associated with the festival. Apart from pumpkin, pomelos, duck and wine, the central food focus of the festival was a dense, wheat flour pastry called the mooncake. So named for its circular shape, mooncakes were traditionally made with red bean paste, lotus paste and nuts.

I took some photos at First World Plaza, nice decoration there, click on the link to view it.

 The selection ranges from the humble red bean paste mooncake, low-sugar white lotus paste, traditional lotus paste with single yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, Ng Yan [assorted nut mooncake] and Kam Tui (nuts and preserved fruit mooncake) to more subtly creative options such as green tea lotus paste and durian lotus paste, white lotus paste with black sesame yolk, Golden Jade with single yolk, Pu Er lotus paste with single yolk and blueberry paste mooncake with single yolk.

Resorts World Genting's moon cakes
Delicious new options for the modern mooncake fan include the light snow skin mango with pomelo, this is my favourite I love mango and it's perfect match to try this. If you like to eat white lotus paste, you'll also like the white lotus paste with dried mandarin orange jingsa, sweet corn paste with caramel nuts, cheese jingsa, Golden Jade with lime and nuts, and Golden Jade with buttermilk custard. These new alternatives are lighter in texture and flavour, while still espousing the traditional feel of the more established mooncake variants.

On sale during the Mid-Autumn period are specially designed God of Wealth cookies for two pieces. These shaped biscuits are made using the recipe for traditional mooncake pastry, and are thus, you know it that it is perfect with freshly brewed black tea.

Mooncake counters at the entrance of Cloud 9, Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant, Resort Hotel Lobby, Hainan Kitchen will be offering these festive offerings daily from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm and the Wisma Genting OneHub will be from Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. 

Good news to folks who like to eat moon cake. Resorts World Genting is offering a 30 percent discount for purchases of 50 boxes or above of any four-piece variant set. Do take note that the discount is not applicable to God of Wealth cookies and Kam Tui mooncakes.

All mooncakes sold are produced in Hotel’s mooncake production kitchen, where a team of specialised mooncake makers work tireless to come up with timeless and creative new culinary offerings with which to celebrate one of the most joyous seasons in the Chinese calendar of festivals.

For more information, you can call 03-27181118 or log on to

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dutch Lady 'Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak' Contest

 Being mommy of two boys, I am busy with my parenting lifestyle and things that interest me. Say if you like contest, do check out the Dutch Lady 'Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak' Contest. This contest is happening since 1st August 2016 until 30th September 2016.

Good news as 9 lucky winners and their family members will stand the chance to spend an afternoon with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana at a tea party. Not just that the winner will receive one instant camera, how cool is that?!

Be the first 250 weekly submissions will get RM50 cash voucher.

How to join? Visit Dutch Lady Malaysia’s smart moments website at
I have also shared the info on my other blog, click on the link to read it.

Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana

My mom is mommy of 5 children, I am the youngest in the family. It's not just about nutrition needs but also guiding them to achieve foundation milestones growing process. My mom always advice me to do homework first before anything else. Same thing I am encouraging my son to do, Mak Kata do homework first before doing other things. So everyday I am checking my 5 years old son's homework.

My son doing his homework
Mak Kata after homework can do some art, he's having fun learning to draw hand print of his hand. We wants children to have balance of education and also enjoy other fun activities we can do at home.
drawing his hand print by himelf
Mak Kata never try, never know. He was afraid of mistake he will do, I says nevermind to him, we can learn from mistake.

Mak Kata let him write his own name, practice makes perfect. He's 5 years old and learning to write his name on this cute bottle of Xmas decoration which I brought back.

Mak Kata don't forget that not just indoor activities but also bonding time to learn together, it's Aquaria KLCC where we love to know more about the fishes.

sharing is caring

Mak Kata sharing is caring, my son Sean will build the Lego toys and then sharing it with his brother to show him the brotherly love. Sharing is caring, children grow up fast and best to enjoy their brotherhood together.

Mak Kata love and care for each other, siblings love forever. Don't argue or fight, tolerate and grow together.

Mak Kata before bedtime learn some alphabets letters, manage to capture short video of my son's learning.

Nobody says that parenting is going to be easy, we are all in learning process and growing together with our children. "Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak" its a meaningful contest that you can take part with your children. We want the best for our children, I hope you enjoy my story of "Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak".


Monday, August 22, 2016

Latest trend in instant photo printing

WePrint is the high quality instant photo printing machine connected via WeChat app, it has been gaining popularity in exhibitions and roadshows since it was brought into Malaysia in 2015.
I am sure most people having a smart phone on hand, do you download any app on your phone? Do you know about WePrint? WePrint, the high quality instant photo printing machine connected via WeChat app, has been gaining popularity in exhibitions and roadshows since it was brought into Malaysia in 2015.
Simple and easy steps to print , open WeChat app on your smartphone, scan the QR code shown on the machine, upload selected photo from your phone, insert the ID code shown on screen. A high quality hard copy will be printed in just 60 seconds!

The First WeChat Instant Printing Machine in Malaysia
loving the photo tee for my family members
 I love personalized photo tee and I have chosen some photos for the photo tee, you can find many types of personalized gifts on the Click on the link to view more photos and other choices of making personalized gifts for loved ones.

photo tee- I chosen the RWG event which I went not long ago.

Liberty Printing is a heat transfer printing machine and material supplier in Malaysia. WePrint machine is exclusively imported, managed and distributed by Liberty Printing since 2015.

Below are my sons, and I have decided to print a photo t-shirt for him as he can no longer fit in the RWG Kid Blogger shirt. I chosen adult size for him to wear, this is personalized dry fit t-shirt. In fact, his school has started using the dry fit shirt for sports use. He's growing up fast and soon I need to buy new pair of white shoes, he told me that his school's uniform too getting tight soon.
If you love to shop online for you loved ones, do check out There are many other items you can personalized namely photo mug, key chain, jigsaw puzzle, phone casing, and others. 

Watch the youtube above for, just click it to view it online.

Get 10% discount when you purchase WePrint, scan the QR code now.

Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.

Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)

Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Spotlight's Make It Merry Workshop

Speech by Nick Casey Spotlight Creative Content

Christmas is just few months away, I am sure everyone is counting down for the day to come. I like to shop at Spotlight and I have blogged about the Spotlight IPC, have you read about it?

Spotlight, reveals their six X'mas on-trend decorator color palates for 2016 through their "Make It Merry Workshop" at Royale Chulan Damansara. It is led by Spotlight's Creative Content Manager, Mr. Nick Casey.
Look at Nick Casey's surrounding of Christmas decaration

Spotlight's Communications Manager, Ms. Eva Daly said, "X'mas is a traditionally known as a time for sharing and giving with family and friends. In the spirit of giving, what better way to spread joy this holiday season, than to create and share personalized gifts with your loved ones?"

Thanks to Spotlight's for the invitation I get to hands on to learning to make X'mas decoration, it's not hard at all. It's fun interactive workshop that we can see demonstration on how to make personalized X'mas gifts and decor by applying simple techniques and using range of items that are affordable and can be easily found at the Spotlight store.

Before the workshop starts, media and blogger take some nice photos of the crafts available on the desk.
I have upload some photo on my Facebook, you can click it to view it. 
cute X'mas cupcakes which do you like?

Everyone likes to eat cupcake, it's fun as media/blogger can learn the cupcake at the workshop.
Learning to make cupcake
above is my personalized X'mas decoration that I have done on the workshop
my son's trying to write his name on it using a white chalk.

Spotlight's X'mas 2016 offerings include six unique on-trend decorator color palates across both craft and home ranges namely Merry and Bright, Crafty Nordic, Modern Party, Pop of Gold, Sparking Holiday, and Nordic Getaway.
Thank you Spotlight for the fun Make It Merry workshop, from left Nick Casey Spotlight Creative Content Manager, me, and Eva Daly Spotlight's Communication Manager.
Don't just read here if you like Spotlight's craft, party ranges and home decorations, you can find them in store starting from September onwards. For more information on X'mas gift and craft ideas, please visit or on Facebook and Instagram @spotlightsores

Monday, August 15, 2016

KidStrong Phase II campaign

It's Monday and my son is having his nap while his little brother is having playtime. Let's talk about health related to Pnemococcal Disease Prevention. If you have been following my blog, you'll know that I have attended the KidStrong Phase 1 Campaign, you can still click on the link to read here. It was two years ago, where I first time brought my sons out for an event.

Last Wednesday I am invited to attend the media launch of KidSrong Phase II Campaign at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The event was held at LG2, Central Avenue which is just opposite the Guardian outlet. You can click on the above link to view the photos I have taken on the day.

welcome speech by Azwar Kamrudin, Director of Corporate Affairs, Health & Value, Pfizer Malaysia

The KidStrong Campaign is an initiative launched by Pfizer Malaysia together with the Malaysian Official Designer Association (MODA) and Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (ASAP) with the objective to increase public awareness that children can be protected from Pneumococcal Disease. You can click the above link that I have mentioned on the KidStrong Phase 1 campaign.
if you like to view more do click on my link to view.

KidStrong Phase II campaign is a commitment by Pfizer Malaysia to continue the success of the KidStrong Campaign which continues to engage healthcare providers, parents and general public with various activities, which will highlight the importance of protection against the silent killer. Being a parent myself, I want to protect my children and keep them safe.

KidStrong Phase II partners together with MODA and Sunway Pyramid to bring the KidStrong designs from Phase 1 to life! These designs will be interpreted as baby rompers and swaddles and will be available for the public to purchase at Sunway Pyramid. If you have followed my Facebook you'll know that the KidStrong merchandise for purchase from 10th to 21 August at Central Avenue, LG2, Sunway Pyramid.
The fashion reveal by Gillian Hung, President of MODA

The retail price of the baby rompers and swaddles in packaged price at RM20 per set and all proceeds with going to Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) organization, a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre that provides protection to for high risk children with low immunity living off the streets of Chow Kit. 

media Q&A session
At the present of the event were Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail, the Chairman of Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (ASAP), Gillian Hung, President of MODA, Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, Founding Member of Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (ASAP).

Let's spread the awareness of this campaign, don't wait until it is too late, Pnemococcal Diesase can lead to long-term problems or worse, fatality. Sad to know some cases of children passed away due to this.

Friday, August 12, 2016

JSPuzzles free daily jigsaw puzzles

Happy TGIF to everyone, I have been log out of my laptop for three days without blogging as my laptop has infected virus. I am glad that I am back blogging today as I have got so much to blog and share with you. I have waited hours to tell you that there's a website where you can sign up an account and register for free to use play the JSPuzzles online. JSPuzzles is an online jigsaw puzzle that you can play daily because they have new jigsaw puzzle everyday. That's not all, you can sign up an account there to upload your own puzzles. You can view everything related to jigsaw puzzles from the User Album Gallery.

Take a look at the photo below where I have used my photo of me and my son with a clown where we had a great time at Resorts World Genting. I want to make this fun and memorable, I can play with this puzzle in various pieces to choose from.
 For your information, it's free to sign up an account at the website. You will need to type in your prefer User Name and password to register.
photo of my son with clown and me uploaded to JSPuzzles and play
 It's fun to play as we can play the puzzle to see our score online. I tried the 9 pieces and find out that I am 2nd in the list for now. Who knows who is going to beat my timing next. It's fun activities with children, they can play together.
most people prefer to play 25 pieces jigsaw puzzles

You can choose to play the photo in 9 pieces or up to 225 pieces. I find out that most people prefer to play 25 pieces of the jigsaw puzzles for this photo.

 It's good for our memory and mind too, everyday there's a new puzzle to play. You can start play with the exclusive free puzzle. The new puzzle can be in any theme namely nature, places, animals, pets, landscapes and many more.
User Album Gallery which related to Kids
 There are two types of Gallery to view. You can check out the JS Gallery or the User Album Gallery to view. Don't just read here, check out JSPuzzles now to get start. The website is user friendly and easy to browse. Don't forget that you can upload wide photo not tall photo. If you have tall photo, you will need to crop it. You can also follow daily updates on

I know my friends have got pets and they love to take photo of their pets fish, dog, cat, snake, hamster or iguana. It's good to share with them about this website where they can upload their pet photo to make jigsaw puzzles, save and download their puzzles. Now you don't feel bore or feeling you have nothing to do during free time, you can start planning on what photo you like to make jigsaw puzzles. 
User Album Gallery which is related to Pets

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pensonic “Raya-Merdeka Cook with Chef” Season 3 2016

Cooking with my partner of the day
 Good day to all my readers and visitors on this blog, how are you? Last Sunday, I have spend my time with Pensonic "Raya-Merdeka Cook with Chef" Season 3 2016. The cooking held at Boulevard, One City Subang, Selangor.

They are 500 participants on the day, we are excited. We reached in the morning before 8.30am and we first have our breakfast at nearby mamak. About 10.15am the cooking event starts as we wanna wait everyone here.

wefie with Pensonic Chef Ismail

A happy morning Sunday with Pensonic "Raya-Merdeka Cook with Chef" Season 3, photo credit to Facebook Pensonic Malaysia
 If you have followed the Facebook of Pensonic Malaysia, you'll know there was a contest where you can win to cook with hot celebrity partner. The celebrity that took part namely Ahmad Syahir, Alan Yun, Amber Chia, Angel Yeoh, Carrie Lee, Emily Lim, Fendi Balas, Kelly Jagan, Lim Jian Wen, Peng Peng, Sarankumar, Sean Lee and Ungku Ismail.
cooking station at Pensonic Cooking Class
 We used the Pensonic Multi Cooker to cooked the Ayam Masak Merah, there's recipe on the table and also Chef Ismail do cooking demonstration on stage. Before the cooking session starts we have a warm up session. During the cooking session, Chef comes by to each table to see and check.  
#‎pensonicrayamerdeka2016 - photo credit to Facebook Pensonic Malaysia
You can also view more photos at Facebook Pensonic Malaysia and follow their updates. The cooking class ended about 12noon. There are instagram contest and lucky draw on the day. Lucky winners bring home a Pensonic bread maker worth RM499.
It's delicious ayam masak merah that we cooked together.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Scott's DHA Gummies - strawberry or orange flavour
 Last Saturday, my family was invited to attend the Scott's Lauches DHA Gummies for Bright Little Explorers. I am sure most of you would know of Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil, my dad is the one that introduced this to me when I was a child.

As children get older, their curiosity manifest in  new ways and moves beyond just asking questions. As mother, we are constantly on the lookout for new experiences to satisfy their children's exploratory needs. Scotts, a Malaysia household favourite from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK CH), understanding this need have introduced an innovative and fun product: the new Scott's DHA Gummies.

The delicious range orange or strawberry flavours and in the shape of three different sea creatures - fish, crab, octopus. The DHA component in Scott's DHA Gummies is microencapsulated with a patented technology that locks in the goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell. This is good as my children like them, this helps children that doesn't like the fishy taste and smell. These gummies give children to take in the key nutrients that help support their brain development and growth in a more fun and enjoyable way.

 The launched was held at Aquaria KLCC, in conjunction with the unveiling of Scott's DHA Gummies, Scotts also launched its 'Bright Little Explorers' campaign, in a bid to raise awareness on the importance of DHA in supporting children's brain development as well as helping nurture curiosity and adventurous minds.

Rida Alvi, Senior Brand Manager, Nutrition GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia
 A fun variety of programmes ranging from digital media engagement to a partnership with Aquaria KLCC with programmes such as the 'Discovery Hunt' and 'Sleep with Sharks', these are some of the brain-teasing activities Scott's is excited to share with moms and their kids.
The importance of DHA in Children by Dr Ali Azman Minjaj
As part of the launch, Scott's invited an expert to share further on the importance of DHA. Coming from a significant medicine background and clinical training, Dr. Ali Azman Minhaj is a certified paediatrician who has been contributing his expertise to the field. With his knowledge and experience in managing case relating to childhood and neonatal treatments, Dr Ali provided an in-dept sharing on the pivotal role of DHA in children's overall development.

At the launch, Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Brunei, said, "The new Scott's DHA Gummies ascertains a mother's effort in providing a tasty and enjoyable way to help children meet their daily intake of DHA. DHA helps to support normal brain function and development. A well-functioning brain can help support cognitive abilities such as learning, attention, memory and problem-solving. Scott's DHA Gummies aims to provide moms challenged with busy schedules a helping hand when it comes to contributing to the DHA intake of their child.

You can find more photos of the event at my Facebook Fan Page album 1, and album 2, click on it to view.
A source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid which is a building block of the brain and eyes, as well as Vitamin D which is essential for healthy growth and development, Scott's DHA Gummies has been launched in addition to the heritage product Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil, to appeal to older children aged four and above.

The new Scott's DHA Gummies is currently available at all leading retail outlets.

More more information of Scott's DHA Gummies, 'Bright Little Explorers' campaign and the Blippar app can be found at and

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