Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday morning with my son to GSC One Utama, it is his first time to see movie at One Utama. We watched the movie Diary of a Whimy Kid. I saw the BAIT and I took a picture of it! I want to watch BAIT, who doesn't like to watch jaws right?

About Diary of a Whimy Kid when I collect the tickets at the booth, the girl even ask me if I need extra tickets. I won the tickets from a magazine contest, yeah I am so glad my dear drives us there and then later he came with baby and sister-in-law. There is some part of the movie sensored, but still we enjoy the movie. The funny part you guys wouldn't want to miss out is the swimming pool part, there are two funny part of it. My son says the funny part in swimming pool reminds him of Mr. Bean.

We watched the movie at Hall 7, after the movie over, the exit leads to car park level 4. We walk to the escalator which leads to Parkson. We then go to MPH bookstore, it is first time I go into MPH bookstore. They are many comics for chilren to read, my son spend half an hour there looking at his favourite heroes. He's been asking me when is new Avengers movie out, we will need to wait til year 2015.

Tomorrow I will be going to One Utama again, I watch movie tickets for premier screening of THE WATCH. This movie is only for 18 years above to watch. Who's going to be One Utama tomorrow night?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you Mary Chia

It is my first time to attend the Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party, it was last week I have make RVSP for the party I choose for Saturday. The VIP Pampering party as you can see above banner consists of maincure, foot spa, hand paraffin, food refreshment, party lucky draw, and special promotion. The last message from Mary Chia in Facebook, dear Sherry, you're welcome to our pampering party and share with us your experience on your blog and facebook. Don't forget to post photos of your sweet moment in Mary Chia party yo! have a wonderful pampering.

I got a called from Ayumi asking me the time slot for attend the party, even though the party stated 11am to 5pm, but actually it is 11 am to 7pm with time slot to choose from of 11am to 1pm, 1 pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm, 5pm to 7pm. I got the reminder called again from Ayumi a day before the party starts.

Some of my friends have ooking for 3pm to 5pm slot on Saturday, so I can tell you I am first to attend the party. I reached there few minutes before 11am and the girls told me that the party not yet start and ask me to sit at the couch not far from their entrance. I can see that they are ready for their prayers, praying at the entrance and saying "huat ar" in Chinese language. You can see the picture of the girl holding the red bin, it is part of the prayer.

After their praying, I didn't see anyone come to me or maybe they have forgotten me that I am sitting at the couch? Below is the picture of where I am sitting near the MCU and Mary Chia. I am sure you like to know how the party get start for me.
So this is how the party looks like, I am in the consulation room or waiting room of Mary Chia. The lady then bring a name lists to check where's my name and asking me if I am new customer. Then she comes back in again greeting me saying that her name is Connie. First I like to congrats to Connie pregnant with 3rd child now, her due is October is a dragon boy. :D

Connie gave a ginger tea to drink while she showing me the brochure of Mary Chia, inside is weight management programme for weight loss, beauty programme for facial, relaxing programme which is the spa. She started asking me which I like to know, since I am there so I say it is Spa and tell me the package available. So she went to take the coffee bottle to let me see, it is one of their products in Spa. She told me of ginger spa and coffee spa.

Whats next? She ask what else I am interested to know on the brochure. Okay next is facial, then she checks my cheeks with a machine saying that I am not having enough moisture and how to get back moisture. She advice that it is best to have facial at least once a month. The minute she knows I am a blogger, she asked me to sign up her packges so I can blog them and share it on the blog about the experience. I did mention to her that I have won their voucher of 6 in 1 body treatment vouchers. Anyway next thing is bring me tour the rooms, I saw the cool locker which can use the prints for open the locker instead of using keys. Another MC girl following us and she also saying the sauna room can fit four people. Well during end of my tour, I was ask if I want to sign up any of their packages.

In my mind, I am invited here to attend the pampering party, and they asked me if I want to sign up packages right away?! She knows my answer and then say Thank you. I then asked for my goodie bag, alright girls here comes the Mary Chia Facebook Fan Goodie bag! I attended the party there is no manicure, foot spa, hand parrafin, etc as stated earlier in the banner above.

The black colour Mary Chia paper bag which consists of above goodies. There are the brouchures and one of them is the Ecoparadise voucher which can only be used in the Gardens. The party which stated lasted me 25 minutes, here goes my party experience for this Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party.

Thank you Mary Chia Sunway Pyramid.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party@Sunway Pyramid

Do you have Facebook? If yes hurry check out Mary Chia Malaysia as they will be having the VIP Pampering Party at Sunway Pyramid. No kidding I am going there tomorrow my chosen time is 11am to 3pm. They have got Mary Bag to giveaway exclusively for Facebook Fans! I am gonna grab it tomorrow, how about you?

The party is casual wear so no need to think so much of what you gonna wear, it is not formal party! There will be lucky draw, food refreshment, mainucure, hand paraffin, and others.

I took part in their Facebook contest and won myself the Facebook contest and I am among the 30 winners of I want a gorgeous body contest winners.

I try booking for the 6 in 1 body treatment which I won from a lucky draw while attended the workshop at The Gardens. Sad to say they are busy on the party so only attend to the customers which booking earlier. Anyway I also tried booking at the Gardens for yesterday and was inform that there is only 1pm available. Sad to say it will be way too early for me to be there. As you know I am attending the premier of Katy Perry part of me at night.

Well it is almost 8pm and my dear still at work.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Katy Perry and Red Angry Bird Cake

Last night I have a wonderful time with my dear, it is our first time to watch movie together. The last movie we watched together was with my son while I was pregnant with William. The premier screening is awesome it is about Katy Perry part of me, it is about her journey on how she becomes a star, she talks about God and she goes to church, and her divorce in marriage. I love this movie, the movie is rated PG. Most clothing she wore on concert are different and unique, if you love fairy tales you will love this. She wears many costumes on concert, it is just like fairy tales comes to life.
I love her songs, you can listen on radio too! I saw her fireworks costume on youtube she singing on stage, but I didn't see in the movie. 
The movie is at GSC midvalley Hall 6, the movie starts at 9.30pm and finished 11.15pm. Luck I bring my scarf along as I feel cold in the cinema even though it is almost full house there.
Now about Angry Bird Cake, above is the one you see. My dear and son ate this cake together and the effective of this cake gave them the red tongue!
No kidding look at my son's tongue so red, dear also having the red tongue.
He loves the red cream so much but we do not want him to eat too much and told him not to eat the red cream but just the cake. It is black forest flavour of the cake, my favour of course! I wonder if it is black angry bird cake, then the tongue would be black?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

This is my entry for The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience, above is picture of me collection of Ferraris car collection from Shell petrol station. I do not own a ferrari car, my first car was Proton Tiara. It is not cars like Citroen C2 Rally, Renault Clio, and the Porche. I am happy to say having a car is already a good thing in life, this is my transportation from destination A to B and destination B to A.

It is crazy but true now that I get the chance of once in a lifetime to experience to get behind the wheel of the Formula Michelin, Renault Clio, Citroen C2 Rally, Formula 2 Seater. I always wanted to try how it feels like being in the top speed on the professional tracks. We all heard of how wonderful the cars are and their speed, but seriously how many of us get the chance of experience it?

Now there is chance of being in the Fast & Furious world, it is just like watching the movie Fast & Furious but this time it is for real I am experience it. I am sure it feels fabulous and terrified being a Formula 1 driver.

If you have interest to join this contest check out Nuffnang blog now.

Details of event
date 9 September 2012, Sunday
time 7.30am to 5pm
venue: Sepang International Circuit

Friday, August 17, 2012

Colored Clothespin

You are looking at colored clothespin which I purchased from Daiso at One Utama, the Daiso shop is not as big like Sunway Pyramid or The Curve. The Daiso shop is just opposite the Old Town White Coffee shop.

We have been looking for quality clothes pins and I am happy to purchase this from Daiso just RM5 for 40 clothes pins. We often used the clothespins to hang the clothes to dry.

Funny I don't see the colored clothespins at Daiso, Sunway Pyramid. I found them at Daiso, One Utama. Anyway next Sunday we need to go One Utama again because my son won two tickets to a Whimy Kid Dog Days! It will be my son's first time to watch the movie at GSC One Utama. I will need to keep my eyes open to see where to park the car, I have not drive there myself before. If I am lucky to win see premier movie I will need to know how to go there and come back home! No kidding, I am terrible in recognise the route.

Do you like shopping at Daiso? What will you purchase? I have seen a lady purchased the trays, she must really loves them, she bought like a dozen of them.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Giant@First Subang Mall

I find that Giant at First Subang Mall is quite small, it is not as big as Giant at Shah Alam the one near to stadium. I prefer to shop at Giant Shah Alam for shoes and clothes I see they have more choices there.

I remembered the opening of Giant at First Subang Mall, I purchased so many things and the queue is very long. Today I seldom see long queue there, how about you? Well I do see it if there is not many cashier counter open.

There is free parking available at First Subang Mall if you purchased RM50 in a single receipt at Giant. My son likes Giant at Shah Alam because the play ground, he loves playing the slide.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diary of a Whimpy Kid tickets@One utama

If you like to watch this movie tonight at 9.30pm at One Utama, go Click the link to find out now. It is limited to ten person who is the first ten emails only. Hurry up click on the link to find out now. I am now guiding my son to do his home work.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Giveaway by Jemari Suri

I love giveaway and I am sure you like to find out how to take part in Giveaway by Jemarisuri, be sure to click banner above to take part.

I am tagging my followers to take part!

Giveaway open to follower of her blog and residents in Malaysia.

Good luck!

Vienna Black Tulip Mask and giveaway!

Last night I used this mask for the first time, I won this Vienna Black Tulip mask from giveaway held by Fiona. It is refreshing after using the mask, I didn't wash my face after using it I just apply my night cream and night peeling gel.

Monday is Public Holiday in Selangor, have your got your plan for the weekend? I am planning to places namely Midvalley and Ikea on Monday itself.

I want to go One Utama I have not been there for few years, I don't know the route I am bad in memory for directions. There was time I went to Midvalley and coming back takes me a long time because I went wrong turn to Cheras direction when out from the parking lot.

Now don't forget about my 50,000 total pageview giveaway at Sherry Rambling. Excited who is going to be the lucky reader/visitor of the blog!

Don't forget the Pink Freebie giveaway which consits of Eyeko lip balm, Beautilicious body lotion, and more!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Standard one primary school

Have you check online if your child is able get the school that you have registered? You will need to print out a copy of the school you have registered online and bring along original birth certificate to school. Today you can go to school to check which class he or she is enrolled in. The teachers will see the original birth certificate because she needs to put a chop behind the certificate.

They will give a name card for you to write in your child name, the name card comes with holder cost RM2. Other than that, they encourage you to sign up a fee of RM80 for the five days class of Program Transis for Standard One. During this week the children will need to attend the class in school uniform. Food is provided but not stationery so they need to bring on their own.

The teachers inform that there is no better or worst class so no worry, all classes are the same. They says some parents would want to put their children in the best class.

Passport size of children no need at the moment as the school will take photo of them. They are not sure if the class going to be situated where.

I am not sure if parents need to purchase new text books, can any parent comment on this?

Off topic, one parent approached me yesterday asking if my son needs art tuition class. She says that her daughter is giving art tuition to other students in the area. I think art is not an important subject unlike Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin.

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