Monday, December 9, 2013

Sasa Ladies Day@Selangor Turf Club

I have a fun time attending the Sasa Ladies Day, first thanks to Sheta for fetching me.
Above is the goodie bag I received after the Sasa Ladies Day.

Many people at the Sasa Ladies Day, mostly ladies I manage to have photo with some bloggers.
Below on left with me, she's in yellow jumpsuit Wendy
On right top picture, Rane beautiful mommy
Bottom right picture, Kelly pretty in red fascinator and red dress.

I want to take more pictures with my phone but something wrong with the loading. Maybe too many photos inside which I need to delete?
Yesterday I check on my notebook and didn't see any photo in Dropbox. Today I saw it, so I have time to post up now. For more pictures click on the first photo of namesherry.


  1. Wow, pretty ladies ...having fun out together! Can I join you all
    Talking about Sasa, my sister ask me to buy lip gloss - papaya color...hmmmm :)

    1. watch out end of this year if there's any contest by Sasa. :D

  2. Thanks ... will remind myself then :) or maybe I can come here to your blog to check

  3. You're welcome, Sherry and Rane Chin is a beautiful mommy, love reading her blog too and Kelly and Wendy's blogs hehe :P <3

  4. yeah very happy to meet up lovely bloggers.

    1. Ya the only blogger i met in person are Kelly Chin and Tammy Lim and they are really nice :D


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