Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hope it's not too late to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
Last week we took few days away to go back my dear's home town. 
Yesterday we supposed to go my dad's place to dine with my uncle who is back from Australia but his bus was delay to 9pm reach. Dinner was change time from 7pm to 9pm in Cheras. We didn't make it to the dinner with them as my dear finds it too late to dine. Uncle was on way back from Kelantan last night. 

December is almost over, this is a throw back on shopping for my son's sport shoes. The shoes that used for him to go jungle trek at Awana Longhouse. I know they are many types of shoes to choose from but I need to choose one that is suitable for him. He's growing fast and he needs to wear men's shoes instead of children's shoes. The sport shoes chosen was suitable to use for hiking too. He did blog about the list things to bring for jungle trek. The sport shoes that I bought him last time at Giant can no longer fit him. This time shopping for sport shoes was in MYDIN USJ, for your information MYDIN USJ started to have parking system to pay. I do missed their free parking in MYDIN USJ. This pair of shoes that bought for him cost RM69.90. I prefer to shop for his shoes there as I find more choices of shoes available.

During the day I bring him to purchase sport shoes, he didn't go to the day care tuition centre and guess what?! The day care centre thought he is not attending anymore decided to remove his name from the rack of shoes. He went some days and find out his name was remove as tuition teachers thought he no long going there. Anyway I am starting him with another tuition centre instead of day care tuition centre as I don't see any improvement of his grades instead just getting worst. They only have one experienced teacher but she is not teaching his level.

Next year will be a tough year as he's entering Standard 4, he needs to choose either to be a Scout or Red Cresent Member in school uniform's activities.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Scholastic books this school holiday

This school holiday how do you spend time with your family?
One of the bonding time I have with my children will be reading time.
These are all the Scholastic books for my children to read. My sons are 9 years old and 4 years old.
What children do this school holiday? I know they will be interested to play games and watch movies. I also prefer them to read books during free time.  

Some books info to share with you as I have ten books of Scholastic books. 
Below is the list of books with its description. 

The Very Hungry Bear, author by Nick Bland.
 The Bear we all fell in love with in The Very Cranky Bear and The Very Itchy Bear is just as delightful as always — and much less cranky with the promise of food on the horizon! This new story features the same bold, clever illustrations and catchy rhyming text that made Nick Bland's first two Bear books instant favourites. Told with his characteristic humour and wit, The Very Hungry Bear is both an endearing tale of friendship and a subtle, yet important, reminder, about preserving our environment. 
This book is suitable for children 3 years old to 7 years old, last year my eldest son read The Very Brave Bear

Star Wars (Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past) , the Author by Jude Watson.
 Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are officially Master and Padawan. On their first mission together to oversee the elections on Gala, things do not go as planned. The two find themselves helping to rid a planet of an evil Syndicate which plans to destroy the local people. Jump in to the most recent addition of this successful Star Wars series.
This is suitable for children 9 years old and above. My son still reading this book, he is one of the Star Wars fan. 

LEGO® Ninjago: The Way of the Ghost (Activity Book With Minifigure) 
The action continues with all your favorite ninja! This activity book comes with a LEGO® Ninjago™ Minifigure and is packed with stories, games, and activities about the Masters of Spinjitzu.
This book is suitable for children 7 years old and above but my 4 years old son also likes this book as it comes with a free minifigure Ninjago Lego to play. My sons don't get bored reading this book because they activities in the book that they can play. 

my sons enjoy reading and activities the books
Really Creepy Crawly Readers: Fierce 8 legged fighters 
Find out more about amazing arachnids in Fierce Eight-legged Fighters! Really Creepy Crawly Readers uses simple words and engaging photography to help young children learn about the incredible world of bugs. This book includes tons of facts and info about all the spiders and scorpions you can think of! Also includes a toy bug!
This book is deal for children 6 years and above. 

Really Creepy Crawly Readers: Monster meat eaters 
Really Creepy Crawly Readers will help young children learn more about the world of bugs. This edition is full of simple words and engaging photography allowing kids to learn more about carnivorous creepers. From the praying mantis to the dragonfly, all of the best meat eating bugs are here. Also includes a toy bug!
This book is deal for children 6 years and above. 

Captain Underpants & The Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot , Author by Dav Pilkey.
 George and Harold, and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have a good thing going. Two of them go to school, while the other two hide in the tree house and play video games all day — then they switch! But when their malicious gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, creates a method of mind control that turns their fellow students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, the future of all humanity will be in their hands!
This is suitable for children 7 years old and above. 
Geronimo Stilton - Heromice: Flood Mission,
Geronimo Stilton - Heromice: Flood Mission, author by Geronimo Stilton.
Muskrat City is under attack again. The Sewer Rats have created a weather-changing device, creating huge storms that they hope will flood the entire city! The rodents of Muskrat City have one hope: the Heromice. Can Geronimo Superstilton, Swiftpaws, and Lady Wonderwhiskers save the city?
This book is ideal for children 5 years and above, it's most suitable for my 9 years old son as my 4 years old still learning to read. 

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott: Animals Everywhere, author by Dan Green.
This lively look inside the animal kingdom will bring your favourite creatures to life. Simon Abbott’s quirky drawings bring to life core subjects from the early years, with laugh-outloud pictures that kids will love to pore over and bite-sized text to help them learn as they laugh.
This book is suitable for 4 years old and above to 10 years old but my 4 years old son, didn't like it so much. Unlike my 9 years old he will take time to read and see the pictures. You can view the instagram video of my account as my eldest reading this book, click on the link to view it.

 Friends For Keeps: Let’s Play House, author by Emma Quay.
 When Owl asks Sheep and Panda to play, they try their best to make a house. But Panda is too big, and Owl gets squashed! Panda decides that all they really need is a bit of make-believe … The perfect story for any child, LET’S PLAY HOUSE is a warm tale which shows just how fun the world of make-believe can be. This book is ideal for children 2 years old to 5 years old.

Read & Sing: 10 in the Bed.
 What happens as the ten adorable teddy bears cuddle, laugh, and roll over together in the big comfy bed? Children will laugh as they learn to count from 1 to 10 in this delightfully illustrated book.
This book is ideal for children 4 years old and above.
LEGO® Ninjago: The Way of the Ghost 
I hope reading books can build up my children interest in reading. Reading is good as they can also gain knowledge from there. We can continue encourage our children to read books to maintain this as a good habit. Going travel also can bring along some books for them to read.
If you have interest to find these Scholastic books, they are available in all major bookstores. 

Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting with 85 Youth

Last weekend was mother and son two days out to Awana Genting. 
Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting
Two days of self development, team building and nature for Youth

With its pristine environs and cool, crisp air, Genting Highlands is the ideal venue for outdoor recreation. The event organised by Resorts World Genting main objective is enhance the awareness of nature with Youth through self development and motivation camp held for two days on 5 and 6 December 2015.
heading to the jungle trek in the morning
In the morning after arriving at Awana Longhouse, we have breakfast first then only put our luggage in the room of Awana Longhouse.
After that we have a briefing time and split into groups before going to jungle trek. Each group is given time to come up with a name and have a leader in the group. 
the bedroom of Awana Longhouse

For two days through Genting Back to Nature 2015, 85 Youth had the opportunity to immerse in recreational activities like jungle trekking and station games that will serve to broaden their outlook in various aspects.
Too much to see, too much to do, still need to go on the jungle trek. 
Beware of bamboo, cannot touch the bamboo as they have thorns on it.
beautiful rainforest

beware of ants, so many of it don't want to step on it. 

The action began on 5 December at the Awana Long House where all participants from Bentong, Raub and Rumah Charis from Kuala Lumpur alongside with bloggers gathered for registration and embarked on Eco Nature Trail covering 1.8 kilometres of jungle trekking through 130 million years old rainforest.

The day continued with a launch of the event- a tree planting ceremony by Guest of Honour Yang Berbahagia Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community together with Ms Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts World Genting.

Ms Katherine in her welcoming speech says ‘The virgin tropical jungle at Awana is 130 million years old. It is home to various fascinating insects, rare birds, wild flora and fauna. The lush tropical rainforest is one of the attractions for tourists as its vast track of nature opens up opportunity for nature lovers to come for jungle trekking and explore the intriguing flora and fauna surrounding it.’

Participants learn jungle survival skills and developing networking and team building skills so they become more self-confident individuals. They learn the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal.

Meanwhile, Datin Paduka in her speech says ‘Everyone has a part to play in conserving the environment. As leaders of tomorrow, everyone has a vital role to play in this endeavour. At individual level, one can reduce energy consumption recycling and reusing paper. I hope this programme will help enhance your understanding and appreciation of the environment and practice the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The two day programme will provide Youth the opportunity to harness creativity, inventiveness, adaptability, socio-emotional skills, responsibilities and leadership of all of us here today.’

The night, we slept in the tent. Some bloggers and youth sleep in Awana Longhouse.
In the afternoon we listened to an educational Eco Talk. 
Wanna know where bloggers went after the Eco Talk? Thanks to PR Resorts World Genting, we have our shower in Awana Resort, then to dinner at Coffee Terrace at Genting Grand Hotel and watched Alvin and The Chipmunks live show. 

Knowledge through games
The program also includes an educational Eco Talk by Fadly Bakthiar, the Programme Director of Eco Knights. Fadly, from EcoKnights shared ways to reduce resources consumption and managing waste through 3R- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques on source separation and also how wastes can be converted to something useful in their daily lives.

Besides that, participants will pick up some jungle survival skills and learn all about the 3Rs―reduce, reuse and recycle. There were also fun and laughter especially in the evening when a fashion show was held, highlighting recyclable materials. The day fittingly ends with Night Jungle Walk.

here's wefie with team Sunshine, yeah my son and me, Joey RWG Kid Blogger and her mom together we are in this team.

On the second day, the Hunt for National Treasure was the main highlight. It is a team building activity that sends home the message of how everyone in a team plays an equally important role in ensuring success.

total of 4 challenges to complete for each team.

The Hunt for National Treasure took place all over the resort that includes fun games such as Star Wars, Bridge Too Far, Giant Slipper Obstacle, Spider Web, Mines Field and Hidden Golf Balls―the last event ended at the Eco Park with a General Knowledge Question session held at the Telematch Ground.

It's very fun challenges for everyone as it involved of team building and everyone need to take part. Though we are last team to finish the challenges we are happy that we never give up trying.

There are prizes in store for various winners: Group winner for the first prize for Eco Nature Trail received a mini golf bag, Behind the Scenes tickets for two for each participant and a hamper. The second prize group winner received a hamper and Nike caps and likewise the third prize group winner. There were two consolation prizes comprising hampers.

Group photo with bloggers
Back to Nature Retreat 2015 at Awana Genting is an meaningful event, thanks to Resorts World Genting for inviting us to participate. 

Princess costume by Sushine, Joey is ready for Fashion show
Group photo of participants of the Fashion show

Fashion show winners: The Grand prize winner received a Coffee Terrace lunch voucher for two persons and a mini golf bag. The second prize winner received a Behind the Scenes tickets for two and a Nike cap. The third prize winner took home a Behind the Scenes tickets for two and a Nike cap.

But surely the participants of the Genting Back to Nature 2015 are not in it for the materialistic gain; it is the knowledge they have picked up and the friendships they have forged that are the enriching rewards they seek.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Alvin & The Chipmunks Live Show @Time Square Stage

What is your plan this school holiday? Have you got any plan in mind?
Alvin and The Chipmunks Live Show at Time Square Stage in First World Plaza.
It's a must watch Christmas Concert for the festive month. 

Year end festivities are about to kick into full swing at Resorts World Genting in conjunction with Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip in cinemas from the 24th December 2015. To ramp up the adrenaline for this event, the resort is setting up the mood with Alvin and The Chipmunks’ Christmas Concert scheduled to be held from 1 December 2015 to 1 January 2016, this mega music-and-dance event promises loads of laughter and fun. Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Brittany will rub shoulders with their fans at the live stage show and during the meet-and-greet sessions at the Times Square stage. Be sure to bring your family to this Must-Watch Christmas Concert!

The event will bring the holidays and Christmas cheer not only to kids but to all in the family and especially to Chipmunk fans. Alvin, Simon and Theodore will be here to greet you together with Brittany, who is making her first trip to Malaysia!

Which is your favourite chipmunks? Alvin, Theodore or Simon? 
My son likes all of them. 
As for me I like Theodore, I find him the cutest among all. 

Many Alvin-related activities and games are in store but the main highlight would be Race Against Time with Alvin and the Chipmunks activity where the winners will stand to walk away with a family trip to Australia!
If you like live show of Alvin and The Chipmunks, don't forget to check them out at Time Square Stage at First World Plaza. 
Alvin and The Chipmunks’ Christmas Concert

Live shows and meet-and-greet sessions are held daily, except for Monday.
Showtime is from 12pm to 12.30pm, 5.30pm to 6.00pm, and 7pm to 7.30pm.

 This school holiday you can still plan for your family school holiday together. The Alvin and The Chipmunks Road Chip is awaiting you to go watch the show and have fun. If you like magic show, you'll like to check out the Ed Alonzo "Psycho Circus of Magic &Mayhem" in International Showroom.

Race Against Time with Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip – A game not to be missed!

Alvin and The Chipmunks will also make their presence felt at First World Plaza's Universal Walk where The Road Chip experience is scheduled to be held, coinciding with the release of the movie this Christmas.

Admission to the event is opened to all First World Indoor Wristband customers, SnowWorld customers, Genting Rewards members or redeem at any iKiosks with 500RP.

The main highlight is the Race Against Time with Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip experience where the winner stands a chance to walk away with a trip for a family of four to Australia. This competition, from 1 December 2015 to 3 January 2016, involves fun challenging tasks and a Facebook contest.

That’s not all. Open to the public is the Memory Chipmunks fun game which will put your memory to the test or join the Paw-sitive Identification weekly reward activity to win exclusive movie merchandises worth up to RM300 each! This Christmas, be dazzled also by our luggage-themed Christmas tree inspired by Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Remember to wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas by writing them a simple message and hang them on the Chipmunks Christmas Greeting trees to make them feel special.

All these are happening at the First World Plaza's Universal Walk from 10am to 12 midnight. Alvin, Simon and Theodore’s fate is in your hands, stay calm and focus and you might even stand a chance to win yourself and your family a trip to Australia this holiday season!
 Family time also involve with taking photo with loved ones.
 Yeah not just luggage but also there's backpacker, spot my son in the photo. Do follow me on my Facebook , I have upload a video of the live show, not the whole show but part of it to share with you.

 My son saw this car of Alvin and The Chipmunks Road Chip. Now if you like to win a night stay from 19 Dec to 20 Dec 2015. Do click out the Facebook of Resorts World Genting, there's an on going contest for you to win. There will total of ten families (a family of 4 members).
 My son with his buddies kid bloggers of Resorts World Genting. Giant Santa behind them.

Trick Art Decoration at Rainforest: First World Hotel Lobby

Having Christmas cheers and fun include taking loads of pictures. At the Rainforest located at First World Hotel that’s just what you can expect. The entire area is nearly 800 meters in length and will feature at least eight different areas that depict Alvin and The Chipmunks Christmas
spirit and excitement at the shops, in the city and at a party with backdrops of red coupe and many more.

Expect great fun for the entire family and friends at this specially set up area. If you like to know more information, please call 03-27181118 or visit
 Are you counting down to Christmas and New Year?
We are at the World's Largest Hotel, yes the First World Hotel
Family Adventure Package & Tea Party (Weekend Only)

Since Alvin & The Chipmunks will be around for a month, why not plan a weekend stay at the First World Hotel with the family and friends.

The package titled Family Adventure is available at RM175 nett during weekdays and weekends
for just RM290 nett that comes with a triple XYZ Deluxe room for two adults and two children. That’s not all, this package also includes a special Christmas Tea Party at the Coffee Terrace available on 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 December from 3.00pm to 4.30pm exclusively for a family of four namely two adults and two children, one free photo printing, live show at the Time Square, First World Plaza and a 20% discount for VIP tickets to the resident show, ED Alonso Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem or Rafael presents: The Magical Mystery Show.

Now who is hungry? How about check out the Coffee Terrace at Genting Grand Hotel?
Who doesn't like to eat buffet spread?

Who want to escape to Wonderland?
It's going to be from 1st December to 3 January 2016 but wait do scroll down for the Christmas & New Year price.

Operating Hours
12 noon to 2.30 pm - buffet lunch
5pm to 9.30 pm - buffet dinner

Savour dishes from the opened kitchen buffet concept like Local, Flavors of Malaysia,
Chinese, Western, Japanese & Western Asian apart from appetizer and salad counters.

How about colorful pastries, candies and sweets, such as miniature pastries, pineapple cookies, orea, chocolate chips, homemade tartlets, assorted cake, jellies & pudding, freshly baked pudding, assorted mousse, chocolate fountain for marshmallow in the shape of heart shape, twist, flower. Yummy jelly beans, mini smarty, kiwi jelly rainbow twist, kiwi jelly cube, gummy apple ring, gummy black currant ring, gummy cola, gummy peach ring, color meringue.

Popcorn, cotton candies, crispy pancake, assorted ice cream, ice kacang and cendol are available from individual food station.

All these yummy buffet for buffet lunch is RM 55 nett (adult); RM20 nett (child),
for buffet dinner is RM88 nett (adult); RM35 nett (child)


It's going to be Christmas & New Year soon, what's awaiting you is this holiday?
 24 & 31 December 2015 (buffet dinner)
25 December & 1 January 2016 (buffet lunch & dinner)

Operation hours:
12noon to 2.30 pm (buffet lunch)
5pm to 9.30 pm (buffet dinner)

RM98 nett (adult); RM49 nett (child)

Christmas & New Year Eve Menu
  • Cream of Butternut Soup with Cheese Bread Crouton
  • Pasta Aglio – Olio with Smoked Duck
  • Mashed Potato with Chick Peas & Turkey Ham
  • Charbroiled Spring Chicken with Asian Spices & Herbs served with BBQ Sauce
  • Seafood A’la Plancha
  • Old Fashion Chicken Pie

Carving Station
  • Roasted Turkey with Chestnut stuffing and Grill Vegetable
  • Slow Cooked Back Ribs in Oven (Beef) and baked potatoes
  • Slow Roast Denver lamb with Cumin and Fennel accompany with pan Jus and Grill Vegetables

Desserts Counter
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Yule Log
  • Christmas Cookies

Christmas Day & New Year Day Menu
  • Cream of Trip Mushroom Soup with Bread and Butter
  • Pasta in Tomato Sauce and Baby Octopus
  • Butter mix Green Vegetable
  • Chicken Garden bleu
  • Seared Fish with Lemon Mustard Dressing and Capers
  • Lamb Shepherded Pie

Carving Station
  • Traditional Roasted Turkey and Baked Potatoes
  • Slow Roasted Grass Feed Beef serve with Pan Jus
  • Slow Roasted Boneless Lamb Rack with Chestnut stuffing and Confit of Vegetable

Dessert Counter
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Yule Log
  • Christmas Cookies

Friday, December 11, 2015

King's Potong Teh Tarik

It's Friday night, what's your plan for this weekend? I like to eat 'potong' ice cream, you are looking at the King's Potong Teh Tarik. Enjoying the Malaysian all-time favourite wouldn't be the same without good old Teh Tarik. Now there's this latest version, 'Jom Teh Tarik' can be enjoyed anywhere at your convenient as long as you have a freezer.

 I am loving this flavour of King's Potong, that I ate two pieces in a day.  I also like their other flavour of ice cream namely Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Durian, Cempedak and Yam. King's Potong is known for its delicious homemade flavour with real coconut milk.

My dad told me that the 'potong' ice cream used to be the afternoon delight that he and my mom look forward on a hot afternoon. In fact, my dad told me that he first saw my mom was the day he was in bus while my mom was buying an ice cream. I enjoy listen to my parents stories on how they met each other.
my son also like to try this King's Potong Teh Tarik
Today we are spoilt for choice with the many varieties of cold desserts, we still enjoy the simple things in life like a 'potong' popsicle. King's Potong brings back fond nostalgic memories of the good old days. 

The King's Potong multipack (6 x 60ml) retailed at RM6.95 per pack while the loose sticks (60ml) retail at RM1.30 per piece (inclusive of 6% GST). You can find the King's Potong various flavours are available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, and even at your nearest grocery outlets. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Celebrating Christmas From The Heart at Cheras LeisureMall

This school holiday, most families will be bringing their family to the mall. Have you been to the Cheras LeisureMall? This Christmas, Cheras LeisureMall unveils its theme for the season -
'Christmas From The Heart'.

The mall is transformed into a glimmering wonderland, the celebration bears deeper significance as everyone is invited to participate in the annual "Toy Bank - A Gift of Love" programme. 
You can take part in this program from now until 27 December 2015.
This annual charity campaign allows you, well-wishers and generous people to bring smiles to underprivileged children's faces by fulfilling their wishes. 

It's easy to be part of this meaningful cause, first pick a card from the wishing tree, select a toy or gift from child's wish list and then deposit the gift together with the wish card at the Toy Bank located at Ground Floor Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall. If you like to help these homes, you can also donate household items such as rice, cooking oil, toiletries, canned food, detergent and school books to the homes. 

Pick a card from the wishing tree to find out what is the child wish for this Christmas

If you are thinking where to go this weekend, why not check out this mall.
"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." Just as the famous children's song goes,
Cheras LeisureMall encourage everyone to share their little light this Christmas.
Christmas can be so much more than a festive holiday, together, let's make Christmas a heartwarming season that encompasses great love and joy. 

With over 400 children from 13 charity homes, we can make this season a meaningful one at
Cheras LeisureMall. 
The children from the respective orphanages and charity organizations will be at 
Cheras LeisureMall on 29 December 2015 to receive the gift after a fun-filled day at the mall.
The recipients of this year include children from
Shepherd's Centre Foundation
Trinity Community Children's Home
Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Dan Kanak-Kanak WP
Puat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih, Kajang
Bodhi Homecare Cheras
San Pedro Orphanage Home
Rumah Sayangan 
Rumah Kanak-Kanak Angels
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cornerstone
Yayasan Sunbeams Home
Rainbow Home
Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera
Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf

We can make this Christmas meaningful by spread the word or participate in the annual 
"Toy Bank - A Gift of Love" programme from now until 27 December 2015. 
If you like to know more information or update of the mall, you can visit

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CARRIER JUNIOR Kids Shampoo Detangling & Frizz Control - For manageable hair and gentle scalp care

Speech by Mr. Edward Chen, Marketing Manager, Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Last week, I was invited to CARRIE JUNIOR Kids Shampoo Detangling & Frizz Control Hair Workshop.
The event was held at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe at Sunway Pyramid.

Children's hair care should not be taken slightly as washing too frequently or using the wrong shampoo may cause hair and scalp damage. So how often should a child wash his or her hair?

For toddles three times a week should be sufficient unless he or she is active and perspires frequently, then you may consider washing it more frequently. My sons are aged 9 years old and 4 years old, they do have their hair washed frequently. 

Whether it is short, shoulder-length or with long tresses, having manageable healthy and beautiful hair is every girl's desire. So what shampoo would be suitable for controlling frizzy hair and achieving beautiful, tangle-free and healthy hair?

First left photo above is Hair Styling presentation by Dwen Soteto, bloggers get bonding time with loved ones. 
During the event there were hair care & bonding presentation by Dwen Soteto
Celebrity Stylist, Hairkunst
Celebrity guests Nazril Idrus's twin daughters on stage

Celebrity guests Nazril Idrus and his twin daughers are as well as Ben Ibrahim and his daughter, guests and members of the media we taught more than just combing or hair braiding. Some tips on how to care the delicate scalp and hair of children were shared during the events were:

  1. Squeeze dry hair gently
Prevent frizz by using a soft towel to gently absorb water from strands post-shower. Using softer material will prevent your hair from getting tangled and damaged when you dry it. When you use a coarse towel or when rub your hair it is more likely to cause fizzing. Do not wiring out your hair or squeeze too hard as this can easily damaged hair

2. Wide tooth comb on wet hair 

Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. 
Avoid using brush on wet hair as wet hair is more prone to breakage and may also lead to fizzing.

3. Brushing hair

Brushing hair helps in stimulating the blood capillaries, thereby increasing the blood circulation and transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the stem, root and bulb of the hair. It also helps in stimulating various oil and hormone producing glands to help hair retain their natural oils. By brushing your hair properly you add life, shine and volume to your hair. Only brush when hair is dry.

4. Comb from the ends

Don't start at the top; you'll just make tangles worse. Instead, begin at the ends and slowly work your way up the hair shaft towards the roots, gently pulling apart knots with your fingers.

5. Curly and dry hair

Curly and dry hair types are usually more fragile than straight hair. Try to wash it less frequently.

CARRIE JUNIOR Kids Shampoo - Detangling & Frizz Control are available in 2 fresh fruity scents of  Silky Cranberry and Smoothie Raspberry the CARRIE JUNIOR Kids Shampoo - Detangling & Frizz Control helps to detangle and control "frizzy hair". It is also pH-balanced and its mild formulation is safe for children. Enhanced with Fruito-E which is enriched with vitamins and nutrients.

The CARRIE JUNIOR Kids Shampoo - Detangling & Frizz Control is available in three sizes -
90 ml (RM4.45), 280 ml (RM10.20) and 700ml (RM22.60)*.
*Price inclusive of GST.

You can find the products are leading retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and major pharmacies nationwide.

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