Monday, December 9, 2013

Era FM Top hamper giveaway

Who doesn't need detergent powder at home? Check out Era FM website for Top Hamper giveaway.

I can't upload picture to blog post as something wrong with my computer's hard disk. Yeah will need to check out this weekend how much the hard disk and where to purchase.

I am happy to say that my second bro is coming back by end of this year. He says 28 December, I am not sure so we'll see. :D

His wife and twins are not coming back as they will be visiting his brother-in-law in US.


  1. Detergent powder, a home necessity !!!
    Have to budget for 2014, after Jan 15th, electricity up, cost of living also up!

    1. yeah can never leave out the detergent powder.

  2. Replies
    1. yeah must have to wash clothes.

    2. Yeah that and softener, my mom uses Downy cause it smells really good and lasting :D


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