Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017

It's November and it's my birthday month, so excited and gladly to share with you the first activities for us to take part this November as family. Well I have signed up for the 4KM Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017, yeah it's a fun walk no worry that we no need to run for it. Just healthy walk together with family and kids. 

It's coming towards end of the year, this year we only have to two fun family run together, first one is we went the Candy Walkathon, now 2nd would be this.

Raise awareness "No to shark Fins ", Save the ocean

Yeah it's time to say No to shark fins, we need to save the sharks else they will be no more sharks in the sea. Save the ocean as let everyone knows that we shouldn't throw rubbish or plastic bags into the sea. Plastics bags often mistake as food by the sea animals and they ate it and died. For example straw, we cannot throw into sea too, I saw the Youtube that sea turtle has got the straw stuck in its nose. Talking of shark, my sons love the baby shark songs that we saw on Youtube.

 Let's check out the links for more details of this fun 4km Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017.

Venue: Celebration Centre, Sunsuria City, Sepang , Malaysia
Date : 18th Nov 2017
Time : 4 pm registration
            5pm Flag off
            7-9pm Carnival 
Ticket Price : 
RM75 Adults                        RM65 (4-12yrs old)

Entitlement  for ticket:
- bag
- jersey
- number bib
- shark toy for you to run with it 
( bring on the run day) 
- cash voucher RM10 for game booths 

On the day to redeem:
- a certificate
- a shark medal
- 1 bottle Jussu cold compress juice
-  Julie's biscuits
- 3 Pocotee & Friends limited edition badge during run every km Q&A session
- 1k Arissto Coffee & 1k Himmel dry fruits 1st come 1st serve basis
- 100Plus Drinks
- Yakult Drinks
Don't forget that there's race pack collection day to take note of:

Date: 10 - 11 November 2017
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: Sunsuria Avenue, Kota Damansara. 

#sharkherorun2017 #bash2017 #sharksavers #saynotosharkfins

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Scholastic : Trick or Read this Halloween

Little one looking at Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive!
 Besides spending time outdoor we also spend time at home, good to have the Scholastic Asia books:

Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive!
Little one is not yet master in the reading, he looks at the pictures more so I am there to guide him and reading to him as well. It's nice to read about how the school just got scarier! In the story book involved of machine, peanut butter and others.

Although this book is suitable age 7+ years above, my 6yrs old got attracted to seeing the drawings and ask me sit besides him to read to him.

Sean is reading the The Bad Guys episode 4

Synopsis: It's a zombie kitten apocalypse!
Can the Bad Guys save the world from evil Dr. Marmalade's meowing monsters?!? They'll need help from foxy Agent Fox, a swampy secret zombie antidote, and the feistiest, toothiest, hungriest granny around. Get ready to watch the fur fly.

Funny and leisure reading for adults but my 11years old also enjoy reading the book.
This edition is available for distribution in Asia only.


You can also find more levelling information of the book at www.scholastic.com/readinglevel.

The books are available at the major bookstores including POPULAR, MPH and Kinokuniya. For online purchase, you can always go to mphonline.com or Kinokuniya Webstore.

Reading can be a nice hobby and habit, we are lack of reading in the family.
It's time to take away the gadgets and spend time reading on the Scholastic books.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort

Good evening to my readers and followers, hope you have a good day. Today I am sharing with you on where I went last weekend, we have a short getaway to Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. It's easy to go there by using waze as we guide us to there. My son been busy with examination and tuition, it's good to have a break time for him. Next year he's going to be Standard Six and lots to prepare for upcoming UPSR.
Being a parent, we need balance our life, not just working or education. We also need to take time out for ourselves, it's great bonding time to go Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. There have two family package that we can choose for family of four (2 adults and 2 children). The family packages are affordable it is either MYR388 NETTT or MYR488 NETT, it comes with two days and one night plus activities for family of four.

My sons are loving the package we chosen is the Deluxe Family Fun Package, RM488 NETT. 

The package inclusive of following:
  • 2 days 1 night accommodation in a luxurious Deluxe Family Room Package equipped with one (1) Queen size bed and two (2) Single bed, with a breathtaking view of the swimming pool directly accessible via the room's balcony. 
  • Breakfast
  • One round of Boat Ride and entrance to Animal Island in Amverton Cove.
  • One round of Kayaking OR Paddle Boat Ride
  • One round of Archery game (Target shooting)
  • Complimentary usage of Wifi Internet access, gymnasium, table tennis, kids' game, kids' fun zone and swimming pool with slides for kids. 
one (1) Queen size bed and two (2) Single bed

This is room for us, it's accessible to the swimming pool and my sons have a good time play at the swimming pool which has kids swimming pool too that kids can enjoy the slides. We have brought along the float that little one can used. It's so fun as we have a good time playing in the swimming pool this two days before checking out of the resort.
 Bath tub and standing shower area are available in the restroom, we can choose either using the bath tub or the standing shower. Well kids will be the happiest in the room as they love good time bathing together. My sons enjoy each other company,

Beautiful from my room 112, yeah direct access to the swimming pool. There's only 9 rooms that are direct access to the swimming pool.
After check in the room, we headed to Cafeteria for lunch. It's yummy clockwise you are looking at :
Kam Hiong Chicken Rice
Fried Chicken Wings
Marmite Chicken Rice
Chicken Chop

Yeah Malaysian love to eat rice, these are yummylicious exquisite local and Asian cuisine.

 After having our lunch and rest, we head to Kids Playland, yeah kids having good time to sweat it out.
Nearby the Kids Playland has got the Kids Fun Zone that kids can play Xbox or other activities like Jenga. It's our first time to play Jenga and nice bonding time with my son. You can also view the video of him playing at my instagram @sherrygo

After playtime we start off with our first outdoor activities, that's Paddle Boat instead of Kayaking.

Our first outdoor activities of the day will be the paddle boat instead of kayaking. It's fun as its our first time together to sit on paddle boat. I think my last time was many years back during my teenage time. The activities time from 9am to 6pm.

After the activities, we head back to room, well kids want to continue to have a good time so we went to the swimming pool.

The swimming pool has got the barrier that adults and children are divided. If children wants to go adult swimming pool which is 1.2meter, will need to have adult companion. Look my sons are enjoying themselves at the swimming pool. It's hot weather that we love to dip in the pool in the evening.

Beautiful sunset at the Amverton Cove Gold & Island Resort, yeah this is just above the Rabbit Room.

Dinner we headed to Restaurant Viking Seafood, we used the waze to go there. This is RM125 which included 4 drinks and clams, beggar chicken, leaves wrapped rice and claypot tofu. Yeah we headed home after that, but little one didn't eat much so supper we ordered room service.

Supper time we ordered the Carbonara Chicken RM18 from room, yeah this is our supper too as little one didn't finished it.

The next day, we went to the Rabbit Room to have buffet breakfast then continue with the activities that we didn't complete. It's time for boat ride to Animal Island, yeah we are first to be there.

scramble egg station that you can order your breakfast

Sean choosing his cereal for breakfast

After breakfast, we went to boat ride to Animal Island then to the Archery game for target shooting. It's not easy for target shooting but I am glad we have a good time and I also manage to target shooting. We take turns to play as there are two bows available.

The Animal Island has got a swing, my children love the swing and they took turn for it.  You can view the video too, we have a good time on this two days.

archery game (target shooting), yeah he guide us before we start the game

If you looking for outdoor family bonding activities, why not check out the Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort, it's nice place to get close to nature and also there's many activities available. We have a good bonding family time and sure we will go back for another vacation. I can't wait to tell my friends about this place, they didn't know of this place until I have told some of them.

You can check out the packages which available, I have also mention them on this post. Scroll down for another family package that you may choose.

Front desk of Amverton Cove Gold & Island Resort
Amverton Cove Gold & Island Resort
PT 673, Jalan Pulau Carey, Mukim Jugra, 
42960 Pulau Carey, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-3123 3888 / 03- 3123 3800
email: enquiries@amvertone.com

Family Fun Package 2 Days 1 Night From MYR388.00nett

The package inclusive of following:
  • 2 days 1 night accommodation in a Deluxe Room
  • Breakfast
  • One round of Boat Ride and entrance to Animal Island in Amverton Cove
  • One round of Kayaking OR Paddle Boat Ride
  • One round of Archery Game (Target shooting)
  • Complimentary usage of Wifi Internet access, gymnasium, table tennis, kids' games room, kids' fun zone and swimming pool with slides for kids

About the Deluxe Family Fun Package and Family Fun packages, there are terms & conditions:
  • This package is for two (2) adults and two (2) children. 
  • Prior reservation is required with full pre-payment and is subject to availability.
  • A surcharge of MYR100.00 nett per room per night will be imposed for weekends stay on Friday, Saturday & Eves of Public Holidays.
  • Rates quoted in nett pricing and inclusive of 6% GST 
  • Other T&C applies.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hot Wheels Southeast Asia Championship Finale

How's everyone doing? I went to the Hot Wheels events few days back, just to let you know that the Hot Wheels Southeast Asia Championship Finale will take place this Saturday, 21st October 2017 at the LG2, Blue Concourse at Sunway Pyramid.The day my boys have class, Sean has got tuition to attend and his little bro has Kindergarten, if it didn't clash time I would bring them along to attend this fun events as my sons love Hot Wheels toys. It's be great for children as they need time out from education too, good play time for them as I know not many parents able to build big HotWheels playground like this for their children. Look now it's happening in at the mall that you can shop and go playtime at the same time. 
Here's my little one HotWheel's car, watch the the video to see which model toy it is.

(Top L to R) Mr. Ivan Franco, Country Manager, Mattel Southeast Asia, Shaine Wong, and her son Tan Jacob (4) , Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander and her son Zander Xayne Iskander (5), experienced their first friendly match. 
October 17, 2017 Kuala Lumpur – The very first time in Hot Wheels® history, we bring together Hot Wheels® challengers from six (6) countries across Southeast Asia for an exciting championship to compete for the first Hot Wheels Champion title and Hot Wheels prizes up to USD 2,000.
Happening at LG2, Blue Concourse at Sunway Pyramid on the 21st October 2017, 12 little Hot Wheels challengers aged 5-12 years old together with their moms are finalists representing their home countries and will compete for the 2017 HOT WHEELS® epic CHAMPIONSHIP title.
Quotes Ivan Franco, Country Manager of Mattel Southeast Asia “This year, Hot Wheels is back for another epic championship experience with bigger and bolder stunts for their little fans in the region. It also provides a platform for moms to be a part of the championship to support and brave the journey with their boys.”
Every little Hot Wheels challenger and his mom will have to embrace 3 different challenge zones – Challenger Zone, Track Builder Zone and Epic Loop Zone during the finale which is designed to test skills, precision and teamwork.

The first challenge zone - the Challenger zone, is designed to test skills.

The second challenge zone - theTrack Builder Zone, is designed to test teamwork.

The third challenge zone, the outrageously cool giant Epic Loop, is designed to test precision.

Ivan added, “At Mattel, we recognised that a mom plays a pivotal role and figure in nurturing her child’s development. Hot Wheels® die-cast vehicles and track sets are great choices for boys to see and embrace challenges through imaginative and creative play.  Indirectly, teaches and nurtures the child to navigate around challenges to achieve limitless possibilities”
There will be two different categories that will be held during the championship finale. Boys aged 5-8 years old and their moms will compete in Category A, where else boys, aged 9-12 years old will compete in Category B.
To find out more information about the Hot Wheels’ first Southeast Asia Championship 2017, please visit http://hotwheels.mattel.my.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bra Fitting Specialist @Neubodi

It's time to share with you about my last week, it was time out in the afternoon for me after fetching my kids from school. Yeah out with my blogger friends, they are Kathy and Sebrinah for the right bra at Neubodi, Kota Damansara, for your info that outlet is the only one that is located at the shop lot.
Neubodi was grounded as the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in

Discover Neubodi : A Passionate Profession: They sell more than undergarments at Neubodi . Their hand-sewn lingerie consists of over 600 sizes, colours and designs, available up to l Cup.

"Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra" conveys the philosophy and passion behind the creation of the Neubodi brand. To us, design starts with the desire to allow every woman to afford a beautiful, high quality without having to compromise for fit. We devote 100% to ensure our collections are made from high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. This is why every piece of Neubodi bra requires a far greater proportion of manual work - from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly work with over 60 different parts of material to create the impeccable fit. " - Anne Tan, Managing Director & Founder of Neubodi.

check out my before and after photo, happy to fin the right bra at Neubodi
 Being mom of two boys I am always on the go, yeah in and out of the house to fetch my boys. 
Before photos are the bra I am wearing from home, the after photos are bra I wear at Neubodi. It's comfortable and suitable for me too. I tried a few styles and different cups too, glad to find the match one for my breasts.

 Looking at the above chart it is show you the Right Way to put on a bra.
  1. Wear the straps. Lean forward slightly so that your breasts fall nicely into the cups. Fastern the hooks of your bra. 
  2. Adjust the straps of a level that you feel comfortable.
  3. Bend body forward. Slip a hand into the back of the bra and sweep the fatty tissues to the front, and back into the bra cup.
  4. Stand straight. Slip your hand again into the cup and lift the breasts while holding the wire in the correct position with the other hand. 
  5. Ensure that the bra snugs horizontally around your body.

Nursing moms can also find their suitable bras at Neubodi, they have wide range of bras to choose from. The staffs are friendly and will assist you to find the suitable for you.

All Neubodi stores provide a pleasant, inviting ambience and they hav bra-fitting professionals to assist. They provide a warm personalized fitting solution that includes choosing and sharing the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra. You can let them know of your personal preferences and expectations, they would identify the height, build and posture, hence using a unique hand measuring technique to help you find the right bra is best suited to your shape. Thanks to GM for assist me and I am happy to find the right fit bra for myself.

It's not just about purchasing the right bra but also lingerie care that we need to know. You can find there sell the delicate detergent that can use to wash the lingerie. Always hook the back of your bra to prevent any damage to the lace and fabric. Scrub the underband and bra straps gently with your hands, do not use any brush to brush the bra. Fold your hands into a fist and gently press the excess water out of the cups, do not squeeze the cups. Hang your bras upside down to dry. Always remember do not dry under direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

donation old bra
I done a blog post of Neubodi -Donate, Support, Recycle Bra Campaign, you can click on the link to view it. Don't forget to bring along your old bra to donate at Neubodi any stores.

All Neubodi collections are hand cut and hand sewn. We undertake extensive research and design efforts to implement a three dimensions (3D) way of sculpting, cutting and hand-tailoring every piece to meet the demands of different women with vary breasts size and body shape. I am happy be among the women that have found the right bra, thanks to the bra specialist at the outlet. We could purchase RM200 dress but we are not wearing it daily, we need to wear bra daily. Investing on suitable and selecting right size, cup and style that fits matters.

You can find their stores at following:
  • Mid Valley Megamall 
  • One Utama Shopping Centre
  • Bangsar Village II
  • Encrop Strand (High Street) - this I went at Kota Damansara
  • Empire Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall
  • Imago Shopping Mall
  • Vivacity Shopping Mall
  • Suria Sabah Mall
Christmas is coming soon, you can bring your wife or your mom to the stores to shop for Neubodi it's a nice gift for loved ones.

Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 -- marking a testament being a distinguished label for everyday comfort. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) Recognised as First Visible Learning School in the World

Being mom of two boys, I know the important of education and glad to have take time out to attend this private event on last Thursday' morning. Education today is no longer about the consumption of knowledge. Schools today are preparing their students for challenges in real life and imparting skills that they would use in a highly competitive 21st century. With that, the role of a teacher in moulding citizens of the future is an ever important one and the learning approach in schools needs to change to reflect the needs of the future.
AISM celebrates being the First Certified Visible Learning School in the World.
The Australian International School Malaysia, a part of Taylor’s Schools, knows how the delivery of an international curriculum is and has invested in equipping its teachers and students with a new teaching and learning method called the Visible Learning approach alongside the Australian curriculum. The school which has offered an Australian education in Malaysia for the past 17 years, held a launch ceremony on 12 October to announce that it is the first Certified Visible Learning School in the world. This is testimony to its commitment to deliver outstanding teaching and learning practices at its campus in Seri Kembangan. 

"The number one thing that differentiates an impactful teacher from others is passion about children's learning, a teacher who has taken time and effort to build up trust between themselves and the student. We are working hard to ensure this is our schools," says BK Gan, President of Taylors Schools. 

Visible Learning is an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning researched and developed by Professor John Hattie of the University of Melbourne. Professor John Hattie's Visible Learning practices have influenced teaching practices and form the basis of teacher training courses for many years in schools from New Zealand to Scandinavia and United States. It was only recently that Visible Learning School Awards were being awarded, and because of the commitment of our teachers and leaders towards Visible Learning practices that AISM have become the first school worldwide to revive such an accolade. 

The private event was attended by a 150-strong audience, including representatives from the Australian High Commission and Malaysian Ministry of Education and Department of Education, members of influential business associations and organisations, AISM parents and staff, as well as members of the media. The event was proudly sponsored by AISM’s neighbouring property developer BRDB Developments, Australian property company Central Equity, Jasons Food Hall, Brandt Malaysia and Cezar’s Kitchen Sdn Bhd.

The highlight of the ceremony was an appearance by the recently crowned Australia Masterchef  Winner 2017, Diana Chan, who was not only invited to show off her culinary skills in an exclusive cooking demonstration with a student, she also shared her MasterChef journey of trials and challenges and how she used Visible Learning attributes towards her success. It's the day that I get to meet Diana Chan in person, she's friendly and has a good skill in cooking, she can cook while answer questions of the guests at the event.
Diana Chan, Masterchef Australia Winner 2017 speaks about her Masterchef journey and how she achieved her goals

“I am so impressed by the Australian International School Malaysia and the way they are preparing their students to be successful in life as well as successful in their academic studies. It is impressive to see children learning how to set high goals, recognising the importance of listening to feedback and giving good feedback as well as learning how to reflect on mistakes. I hope my children in the future can go to a school like AISM,” says Diana Chan, the Malaysian-born Melbourne-based accountant by profession.
Diana Chan, Masterchef Australia Winner 2017 in a live-cook out with AISM student, Annabelle Bateman
Diana also supports charitable causes, one of which is Beyond Blue, an Australian, independent non-profit organization which addresses issues with depression, anxiety disorders and related mental disorders. The school donated money and raised funds during the event towards this organisation. Diana also participated in a live cook-out session, assisted by a AISM Year 11 student, Annabelle Bateman, who had emerged as winner in an all-student cooking competition organised by AISM for its students, prior to the launch ceremony.

The guests were later taken on a Visible Learning classroom tour where they saw students being taught with clear learning intentions and success criteria. Students seemed to know exactly what they needed to do and what success”looked like”.
AISM Principal, Dr Deborah Priest is presented the Visible Learning Certificate by Tan Sri Dato' Alimuddin, Chariman and Board of Governor of AISM.
“At AISM, we have been excited to see the benefits of Visible Learning for our students.  Our students, even those in the lower Junior School, are noticeably changing. They are all creating, editing and re-setting learning goals throughout the year and they are all enjoying and taking more independence and responsibility for their own learning. From an academic perspective, we have seen significant tangible improvements in diagnostic testing data and student engagement, and as students progress through the school, we anticipate that the pre-university results will also continue to improve,“ adds AISM Principal, Dr Deborah Priest.  
AISM celebrates being the First Certified Visible Learning School in the World.
As a Visible Learning School, AISM students and teachers share a common language of learning. As a result, their students are adaptable and effective communicators, collaborators and creative thinkers. 
I am up close and personal with MasterChef Australia Winner 2017, Diana Chan in a Live-Cookout session in conjunction with the Visible Learning Certification Launch.
Special thanks to AISM for inviting me to their private event at Seri Kembangan. Once again Congratulations to Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) Recognised as First Visible Learning School in the World. 

About AISM

The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), a member of the Taylor’s Education Group, is the only International School in Malaysia offering the New South Wales (NSW) Australian curriculum taught by highly qualified international teachers, predominantly Australian trained and experienced.The Australian curriculum offers seamless transition into education pathways in Australia and provides an international qualification recognised by top universities around the world. Growing steadily over the years since its inception in 2000, the school caters for children from age 3 (Pre-school) to age 18 (Pre-University). Located in a secure gated community in Seri Kembangan, AISM overlooks the picturesque South Lake of Mines Resort City, a short drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The school houses its Junior, Middle, and Senior schools on one campus and has more than 650 students represented by over 37 different nationalities.

The school is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and was recognised again with the prestigious 5-Star Excellence Awards from the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

If you like to know more about AISM, you can also visit the Facebook, click on the link to visit. 

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