Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pink Diamond Glam nail polish

Tell me if you like the colour it is pink and I like it. This nail polish I had put on three layer to make it deeper colour. :)

On my other hand I am still having my disco nail polish of Eyeko. You can shop for new Eyeko nail polish at Don't forget to use the ambassador code E3624 during checkout. :)

You will get freebie with this code but your purchase need to be above ten sterling pound. :D

Leopard print bag for me

I am happy to say that I had a pretty leopard print bag, it is so pretty I got it from swapped jewellery. She wanted custom made bracelet with six stars and two cell phone charm. I done it and she loves them too, we are both happy with what we got.

A new bag for me and a new bracelet for her. It is going to be 7.30pm and who is going for the countdown for NEW YEAR 2010?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday plan on hold

My dad has plan on this Sunday but we are not sure yet as he still thinking of it. He plan of a family gathering and meal together at a restaurant. It is not going to be cheap the last meal cost nearly $300 because so many of us. I mean there were 13 people.

Anyway I am waiting for him to let me know what is his decision. The restaurant that he wants to go is going to increase their price by Feb 2010. Yeah food is getting expensive because the restaurant rent the place always increase rental every three month.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jewelry Set by Jewelry By S

I happy happ to show you this handmade jewelry of mine. It is one set as you can see, I not make any bracelet with it.

I have the clasp on the necklace so I can shorte it to wear, it is nice to wear as casual or dinner. I went for a dinner and I wore this set of jewellery.

My friend wore gold jewellery as she wants to show off her gold. But not for me as I do not have many so I prefer to show off my handmade jewellery instead.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MoLiTing Bra and Panty

I think every woman want to be confident when wearing the lingerie. I love the MoLiTing Bra and Panty, as I mention before I cannot fit in L panty but I have got XL panty as I purchase the XL size set.

I love to wear it as give the cleverage that other bra not giving me. I like the panty too as I can clasp on either three to fit my figure. Even the bra I can choose to clasp on either three. :D

Perhaps you can Google to find out more about this product.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love clasp bracelet with double star

Just to share with you my latest piece for this Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eyeko nail polish

I am sure you want to try out the eyeko nail polish for free. Yeah there is away to do that check out the banner below.

You can still use the ambassador code E3624 during checkout. It will get you freebie along with your purchase.

Happy shopping on this holiday season. :D

It's the holiday season and we're in a shopping frenzy!

Whether you're stockpiling your Eyeko Beauty; shopping for that finishing touch to your party outfit or gifting your lucky chums - we're on hand to treat YOU to a


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PLUS an Xmas gift for you! Eyeko Red Polish for festive party nails!

Enter VINTAGE in the special comments box at checkout.  Whilst stocks last.
Offer expires midnight Sunday 27th December!

Not all hair dye is suitable

Recently I saw my friend using a hair dye product, I can see that the colour discolour from her hair quickly. It is just a day or two but the colour is not much on her hair any more. I told her about, perhaps I am too straight forward she is not happy at all.

She purchase the hair colour for $15 and I think she better not purchase that brand any more.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas decoration 2009

Yeah every mall here has got Christmas tree, it is so beautiful but nothing at my home. Yeah this picture is taken at the mall, as for my home nothing at the moment.

I have seen some places using the same Christmas trees decoration like previous year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

BHO's First Contest

I love contest so I am here to take part in BHO's first contest, you can take part too. Don't forget to say you got to know this from Sherry. :D

Contest ends on 23 Jan, 2010. Yay so let's have fun and take part now. 

BHO Contest

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

GT: All About Wish List

It is kind of late but I hope I can make a Christmas Wish list here.

For my mom: my handmade jewelry for her, makeup for her and giving her cosmetics to use.

For my dad: spend family time together as he loves it best, and having lunch together at the restaurant.

For my bro: umm... oh man.. its hard to buy him gift as he so fussy.

For my sis: she is going to be a monk, shaver is best for her as she plans to shave head.

For my dear: toy for big boys I can't afford but he can tell me what he interested to buy and we can discuss it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion: Rings

Yeah you are looking at my handmade jewellery, the rings are lovely. I like to make more when I have the time. I love staying home because I get to do things that I like.

It is not easy to make a ring as you will need inspiration. I know some people are very good in making things. I believe they have people help them out but for me I am all alone.

Anyway I have got plans on 20 Dec, 2009. I hope I am able to go the shop that I want. I have things in mind that I want to check out. Oh yeah my mom took the wrong lipstick that I given her. She took the concealer instead of the lipstick. :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas giveaway 2009

I sure love giveaway and I am taking part in Christmas giveaway 2009, you can take part too as giveaway open to everyone! Giveaway is at

Giveaway items list which will be stuff in to a Handmade christmas socks:
- 1 pack of random blue colors beads
- Handmade fruit tart earrings
- Pearl with wired ribbon earrings
- 2 packs of Mulberry Paper Flowers
- 2 packs of flower buttons, 1 pack of candy buttons and 1 pack of heart buttons
- 2 rolls of deco tapes.
- I am thinking to adding more on the giveaway slash.....

Giveaway ends on 13 Dec, 2009.

To take part just click on above link, good luck to everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Christmas Gift from Eyeko **

Yeah I love cosmetics so I am telling you that you can use the ambassador code E3624 as often as you like during check out at

It is time you grab great deal and get the freebie from Eyeko!

So many you can grab like Flash Lips, Nail Polish, Cosmetics, and other.

We're all about the giving...treat yourself to London's cutest cosmetics all at 20% off plus get a free Christmas gift from Eyeko worth £5 on all orders £10 and over.

We've got gift ideas galore. How about Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner for mum as recommended by Good Housekeeping and who wouldn't love to receive Eyeko Magic Mascara?
Think ahead and pick up some
Eyeko Nail Polish shades for the party season.

Check out our
NEW Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen and Eyeko Line and Shine Duo Colour Pencils.

Christmas has come early with Eyeko!

Offer ends midnight Sunday 13th December 2009.  Enter code "DISCOUNT20"
 Offer not valid with any other promotional codes unless otherwise stated.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flash Lips from Eyeko

I am sure you want to know what light are you looking at, it is the light from eyeko flash lip which I am using often. You can still grab this at remember to use the ambassador code E3624 during check out so you get freebie too!

Oh yeah I like to check out eyeko often for the cosmetics, it is what every girl wants to be pretty and make up. I realised that there are so many steps in make up!

If you are in Malaysia and want to grab your hands on the eyeko products you can let me know.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 4 : Pink Friday

This is my latest piece of pink flower bracelet cum jewelry for bag.This is unique piece as I only made one as I say before I don't duplicate them unless request by client.

I think this pink and I think of pink tube which I used for skin care. Time flies, its another pink Friday.

Tonight I have plan on going out as my guests are here they want to check out the place.

Birth Talk

This is going to be Birth Talk about me, my mom is a five times mom! My birthday is on Nov 4, my name is given by my grandpa in fact we have the same three letters for our name. I am so grateful that my name is given by grandpa as you think that usually parents are the one to give children's name.

If you like to share your story just click on above banner.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dolphin on the bag

This is jewelry for bag or a bracelet.This is unique and it has got a love clasp as you can see in the picture. I have fun making them, today done some custom made.

Rings I made will need to send out on Friday, so that's the day I am going to pos office. I hope everything goes as I plan out.

This evening I was out to shop groceries but not able to go the shop that I want.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink rose ring

Above is the pink rose ring which is custom made by me. I like the mix and match of the colours on this ring. It is unique and you can see three layers instead of two layers of red beads.

I have started to swap for my handmade jewellery for things that I love. It is fun to swap with others, I know everyone has got different taste on jewellery.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eyeko strawberry fat balm

Just want to show you how it look like without and with the eyeko strwaberry fat balm.

First picture is without the fat balm, second picture is with the fat balm!

You can shop at for the fat balm.

Don't forget to use the ambassador code E3624 during checkout.

You can use the code as often as you like, have fun shopping at eyeko.

Yesterday my mom was here and I help her with make up and colour her nails. She loves it, I even given her two lip sticks. She told me she loves red colour lip stick.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My favourite gift

I know everyone has got a favourite gift. Mine is above picture which are masks it is to reduce dark eye bags. I am still trying it as so far I have only used one.

I have tried one so far and it is cooling for my eyes. By the way it is my first time to use this mask.

Have you seen this brand before?

The three mini bottles you are looking are eyeliner. Do you know it is first time I know there is such easy to use eyeliner. You just apply and don't need to use anything to remove it. You can just peel it!

I have got the black, blue, and gold eyeliner.

Let's share what's your favourite gift

Pink flower with star pendant

This is pink flower with star pendant, this is lovely handmade by me.

I have made so many and I am busy with custom jewellery at the moment.

Let's take part in Pink Flower today.

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 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact  sherrygo (at ymail dot com).

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To get your own policy, go to

Meng Kee Char Siew:Watch your step

I love to eat and I have been to Meng Kee Char Siew, you need to watch your step when you walk in the restaurant. I love ice skating but not oil skating, it is so slippery no matter what shoes you wore you will fall down.

Do you know if you are late there in the afternoon the char siew will sold out fast. I am sure you know there will be roast chicken there too. I think they are also open in the evening for restaurant.

It is worth a try if you like to eat char siew.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Combination bracelet only one!

This is pretty combination bracelet. This is only one piece which I made. I love to make more to show you.

There is a little dolphin you can see in the picture. Yeah there is start charm at the clasp.

Let me know what you think of it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More jewelry to share!

This is my handmade jewellery and you look at them! They are so pretty!

This can be cell phone charm or your purse charm! I have got them at my handbag and tote!

Okay you have no idea how much time I spend to create each piece. :)

Necklace or Jewelry for bag?

This is my favourite piece of handmade jewelry because I am the one that made it. It can be a necklace too!

I love the colourful rings, it is so cute and I don't have many left. This is one unique piece as I have only got one.

Oh yeah I love to make more to show you. There are six loves at this necklace/jewelry for bag.

Now what else do you want to see?

Holiday in France

I hope someday I can bring my mom for a holiday, I will pick to go Thalasso. Thalasso is the spa in France which I want to bring my mom. Before going for a holiday I always browse online for Hotel Paris. With Internet access today we are able to find the information and source that we want. It will be fun to have mother and daughter going to tours in Paris.

I know you can't wait to go holiday in France, click on the link above to see more.

Monday, November 23, 2009

PC Fair 2009

I am sure everyone is waiting for PC fair 2009. It is at Dewan Merdeka, Seri Manjung from 25 to 27 Nov, 2009.

At Dewan Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Kluang, Terminal 1 Shopping Centre Seremban and Alost Star Mall, Alor Star from 27 to 29 Nov, 2009.

As for Dec 4 to 6 Dec is at KL Convention Centre, KL, Penang International Sports Area (PISA), Penang, and Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) Melaka.

Last locatioin will be from 11 to 13 Dec, 2009 at Persada Johor International Convention Centre, JB. Dewan Suarah, Bintulu, and 1 Borneo, LG Car park exhibition hall at KK.

Admission is free from 11 am to 9pm. Let's make a list on what you want to buy.

How you care for acne scars?

I have the interest to know how to care for acne scars. A friend suggestion is go for bio renewal serum apply it morning and night by vital repair elmusion.

Just for informaiton for myself about the skin care product price.
The mask price is MYR$99
The advance bio renewal mask MYR$159
The serum MYR$159

You also need to put on the bio renewal mask and hydrating mask at home for twice a week.

Above mention I have not try before! How about you?

I can tell you I have big eyes seeing the price!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss


This is Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss, it is cute and I have not try it yet. I will try it when I have the time as I am using the Eyeko lip balm.

You can shop at, feel free to use the ambassador code E3624 during check out. You can use the ambassador code whenever you shop there.

Check out the latest nail polish from Eyeko, I have got it! You can purchase it at!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink lipgloss for Friday

There goes the pink Flash Lips with my cell phone. Oh yeah this is supposed to be mini lip gloss but it is not, as far as I know I love it because I can turn on the light in the dark with the lipgloss. 

Come on let's have fun and join Pink Friday!

I have got this cell phone for three years, I want to change new cell phone but cannot afford now. I am looking for camera phone so I can snap picture with it.

I was told the C905 is not good because it is easily spoiled.

Starlet cell phone charm

My latest piece of cell phone charm, other than use on cell phone, you can use on your purse or bag. You know the zipper there? Just go round it and you can use it. Umm.. not sure how to explain will try snap a picture for you to see.

I just love making them, they comes with many colour for the beads and rings. With only two hands I will try to make more and more to show you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea lover or Coffee lover

This is coffee and tea you are looking at, coffee is hot but tea is cold with ice. 

When I am out I will seek for tea, but when I am at my place I will choose coffee. I see this is square glass and it is not much drink inside I can tell you. Just a few sips and you can finished it fast.

Now most restaurant serving this square glass for tea, I don't like it at all. I need to choose other drink next time when I am there.

Your choice will be coffee or tea?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have a Pizza Hut complain?

I have got this Pizza Hut number on hand, if you have got any complain please call 03-56318216. So far their service and food are fine with me.

My last order were using the coupon code of Astro Magazine. They are three regular pizza with free garlic breads. MYR$33 but after add tax and delivery MYR$36.65

The receipt even have my name and address, how cute is that?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I want bring mom for a holiday

I hope that I can earn enough money to bring my mom for a holiday. Spending precious time with mom is important but I know she wants more than that. She always wants to go for a holiday, away from here. I think she might want to see Barcelona, I want to show her the hotel Barcelona. I know I will have fun with my mom as there will be just the two of us.

I don't mind dad and my sister coming as long we are stick together. We used to go for holiday together but that was more than five years ago, I missed that so much. The place I want to go will be Paris as the last time we went it was just for a day! I want to stay at hotel Paris and dining there not to forget the pictures taken with the great view.

Bear in mind that you can have everything but spending quality time with family is priceless. Even though you can buy a huge TV, a brand car but why not spend the money on going for holiday together?

Photo from Google image of Barcelona

There are so many places we can go, we should cherish our life and every moment. Take time off and go on a holiday trip. I would say go to Rome for the history and sightseeing, don't forget bring along your digital camera. Check out the hotel Rome for their great offers on hotel reservations.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have go so many colourful rings you can see below.

Bite an apple: Apple Jewellery

This is apple set of ring and bracelet but ring is not available.This is colourful beads I am using and it is bigger than those beads that I used.

It is elastic bracelet with two apples. I hope to make more and share the picture at my blog.

I am having headache so I cannot blog more for now.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Flash Lips from Eyeko

I am sure you see the Flash Lips I holding in this picture. I love it, first time taking picute in dark, so cool this lipgloss has for flash in it, you can press it on and press it to turn off.

There is still time for you to shop because now they are having 20% discount, remember use the code in the banner below.

Also you can still use the ambassador code E3624 just fill in the ambassador code during check out, yeah you can still get freebie from the ambassador code!

I have no regret buying this, its not small as you can see. I have fun with it, so can you!

We're all about the giving...treat yourself to London's cutest cosmetics all at 20% off all weekend long. Stock up and SAVE!!!

We've got gift ideas galore. How about Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner for mum as recommended by Good Housekeeping.
Who wouldn't love to receive Eyeko Magic Mascara, in fact make it a very merry Christmas with Eyeko A-lister Gift Set normally £25 now only £20!!!
Think ahead and pick up some
NEW Eyeko Nail Polish shades for the party season.

Christmas has come early with Eyeko!

Offer ends midnight Monday 16th November 2009.  Enter code "DISCOUNT20"
 Offer not valid with any other promotional codes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favourite chocolate so far

Yeah this is the cloud 9 chocolate I have got, I have this for supper too. I want to know your favourite chocolate too.

I can easily put on weight but I love chocolate, it can even give me acnes too. I love chocolate but not chocolate drinks funny!

This is wafer twist that you can see, yummy!

So much to ask

My housemate is very noisy I cannot take it any more, I told her if she got so manyquestion about my sister. Better call her directly and ask her, yeah straight forward I told her that she is asking too much. Yeah she is not happy to hear that, that is not my problem.

In fact I told her if she wants to go with her to Taiwan go ahead! She keeps saying no, and says it is boring there. Since she is looking for partner it will be great for her to go because they are many volunteer there which is bachelor.

I love my sis and nobody can say anything bad about her! She is messing with the wrong person. She thinks I will be closer to her as my sister is not around. Keep on dreaming!

Family is thicker than blood!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special order on cell phone charms

What you are looking at are special order cell phone charms, they are no longer available.Yeah you can see it consists of the elephant charm, hand charm. By the way I am having hard time to find the thread I use as I purchase them online.

I am not sure of the name any more, the cell phone charms have got porcelain on them!

Don't break my heart

What do you do if you are feeling stress and unhappy? I can say that I will choose to eat, sometimes worst I will want to shop to forget it but I see that is no solution of it. I always kept things to my quiet and keep quiet all the time. Not many friends around me and not much people that understand me.

Even betrayal of love one just disgusts me, he knows what he did and he will take it easy. Love is relationship of two persons. You cannot buy that with money and no gift can be replacing them. All I want is time to spend together.

I pray that he will not break my heart, I don't know how many times I can take it. I do not want to find the easy way out because I have so many responsibilities on hand. My parents do not know my situation and condition, I don't want them to be worry of me. They are old and need to be care, I don't want them to think about my unhappiness.

Having a blog is good for me because I get to express my feeling. Some people read and some people don't but at least I express my feeling by blogging.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Roast food

Get ready to eat? I am feeling hungry but I am not having the above because I had it last week. It is not cheap for a packet of this is MYR$16.50. You can find this at Glenmarie, Shah Alam it is located at Meng Kee Char Siew.

It is so yummy, I love it hope I can eat again. This is pork so I know not everyone like to eat. This is favourite food among the Chinese people.

Do you know most Chinese Wedding will serve roasted piglet? But now not any more as it is costly now.

Lady finger at garden

Okay this is the plant I have got at my place, yeah looks like the lady finger is not suitable to eat. Sometimes they get too old so I no pluck it to cook. Yeah you can see the leaves not nice because we not use any fertilizer at all.

Opposite my place a big garden with mango trees, but the mango are sour type not the sweet one. Most people come to pluck them and some took it to the market to sell it. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orange smell skin care product

This is the whitening cream I have got and it has orange smell. I love it but I am not using it always as I am mix using skin care product. Not all brand with the skin care product is suitable for me. For instance I love this toner and cleanser but the cream I find it not so suitable for my skin.

This whitening cream you just need to squeece a bit to use and the cream is thick. In fact Avon has got wide range of skin care product just need to take my time to use them. :D

Have anyone tried Avon skin care product? If yes, which skin care product are you using?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dream of your child

I am so happy to know a friend is pregnant with her second child, according to her she got a dream about she having baby and baby is kicking inside. True enough she got a pregnancy test kit from her hubby and she found out she got pregnant. Her son is now 1 year old, soon he will have a play mate.

Tell me if you have a dream about pregnancy before or not. I wonder if my mom dreamt of her having twins because I have got twins sister.

Do you have breastfeeding mom will have trouble having another child? The other day I purchase a bra at the shop and the sales assistant has got seven children. She told me she is still breastfeeding her child who is around three year old.

No matter how many children you will have, it is huge responsibilities to care for them.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Eyeko nail polish collection

I am sure you like to check out the latest Eyeko nail polish.

You can use ambassador code: E3624 during check out.

Using the code your purchase of Eyeko products will come with free gift.

Hurry up before time runs out.

Get your mitts on all 5 *NEW* Eyeko Nail Polish for a 1/3 off! 
£10 for Eyeko Cosmic, Indigo, Lilac, Nude and NEW PURPLE Polish!!! (RRP £3 each!)

Eyeko Purple Polish gives nails a neon update for a touch of on trend 80’s glam that will still look hot come spring!

Stock up and save!! Whether it’s a treat for you or a holiday gift – BUY NOW!!! 24 hour sale!!

Offer available now!!! Shop
Whilst stocks last, limited offer ONLY!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Fave Drinks

Now let's join in the fun for your favourite drinks. Here we called it Teh Ice, it is mean Tea Ice.

Very often when I am out at the food stall, I will order this because I cannot take coffee. I had coffee before and I will get headache.  Yeah you are seeing another glass here, it is Coffee with milk. My friend is having it, I can tell you that it is thick coffee because of the taste. The milk is at the bottom so you need to stir well before having it.

Eyebrow pensil for my mom

This eyebrow pensil is belong to my mom, she wants it back if she comes. I have purchase new one too and I will let her to pick.

I don't know that eyebrow pensil is so useful, I seldom make up and I find that if put on the eyebrow makeup is pretty looking.

I have got brown and black colour.

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