Monday, May 14, 2018


Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, when you are a mother, you know that part of your job is making sure your family and home are outfitted with everything they need. If you agree with me, most of the products mom are the one choosing products for every possible circumstance - from the things your kids need for the school to the products that you require to keep the household running smoothly. And whatever you buy, you are looking for great quality products at the best prices.

First aid kits products of Guardian
Few days before Mother's Day I am one of the selected blogger mommies to attend the private session where we get to meet with Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos. I have bought many products from Guardian products before Guardian Malaysia understands mothers' daily dilemma in choosing the right products in the family. It's good that the day I am able to attend the session, thanks to my dear for taking care of the children. This private session mommies get to share their thoughts on the products as well sharing tips and personal experience of few ranges of Guardian products with one another.
Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos sharing info of the Jeju mask skincare.
 Guardian products has personal and household products as well as beauty like masking. At the private session, we have nice refreshment to eat and also games to play. There's DIY hamper making session and look how busy I was thinking to put everything together to make nice hamper. The best hamper decoration wins at the session. Yeah we are given a tote bag of Guardian with Guardian products, many of the familiar products as I have bought to use them as well namely the facial cotton, baby wipes, wipes, body wash products, Guardian plasters (I put in sons' school bag too for emergency use) and the many more.

I am glad I attended the private session as I have never seen some products before. Thank you Guardian Malaysia for having me in this session.

 Indeed a fun session as we also get to other mom bloggers favorite products of Guardian Malaysia.
DIY Hampers from left to right A,B, C (mine), D, E

Best Hamper making goes to Kathy her DIY hamper creation is D on above photo, another winner is Rane her hamper is E, Congratulations to Kathy and Rane. Kathy won guessing on the Guardian Products, winning 5 Hello Kitty Town tickets.

Together with 5 mommies bloggers inclusive myself are Kathy, Nannie, Ayu, Rane. Each of us have bring home DIY Hamper we have done on the private session. Now if you are wondering what's in the hamper can check out the video below.

With busy daily lifestyle, I am sure everyone looking for affordable price products that comes great quality products. With Internet access you can shop online for Guardian products or visit their stores in nationwide.

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