Sunday, June 30, 2013

MBB Giveaway is here

I love giveaway, who doesn't? Here's a giveaway where every gal want. Recently I attend a launch at Wacoal Young Counter in Isetan KLCC.

One giveaway gets away with three Wacoal panties as you can see above picture. Also consists of two pink flowery hair bands to tie up your hair. The yellow panty is Free Size, the other two in M size.

Here's what you need to do to win this giveaway.

  1. Be GFC Follower of this blog
  2. Your blog need to be two years old to join this giveaway. Blog this giveaway title
"MBB Giveaway" with picture and link to this post. Tag 3 friends in post.
  1. Follow me on twitter @Sherrygo
  2. This giveaway open to everyone to take part, as long you have a valid address for postage.
  3. Winner will be chosen using
  4. Giveaway ends on 30 June 2013 at 12 midnight Malaysia time.
  5. Come back in a week to find out whose the winner, if winner no email me in 48 hours NEW WINNER will be choose.
  6. Leave your comment as following:
GFC: Sherrygo
Email address:
Blog url of your post:
From: Malaysia

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

c.michael hair dye for mother and daughter

Above picture on the day I am going to One Utama with my son for the movie Man of Steel. First time using this brand, I used the vivid violet but it is not showing the colour. The radian red beautiful colour for my mom, yes it shows on her hair. You can check the picture at instagram sherry go.
My hair is darker colour so I was told before that it may not show on my hair easily. Unlike my mom, she has more grey hair and colour turns out great for her. :D
She loves the colour and I am for her. I give her a bottle of anti hair fall shampoo.
Do you remember the day I went to Subang Parade the Guardian to purchase the hair dye products? I used them last week on my mom and me. No doubt I am going to purchase this brand again but I will find the colour which just like for my mom. :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guess how much is the Iron Man Mask for my son

This month is special month for my little boy, yeah he's 2 year old and I bought him an Iron Man mask. Yeah he can say Iron Man for many times and putting on and off the mask very often. You can view picture at my instagram sherry go.

In fact I have mystery gift for my follower who guess the price of the Iron Man Mask correctly.

You need to be GFC follower of this blog with valid address in Malaysia for postage.

You may comment many times but each comment with one guess only.

Start your guess like the following:
GFC Follower; Sherry
From: Selangor
Guess: RM...

Subang Jaya Teenagers Went Wild in the Kinabatangan, Sabah

Sunway Pyramid’s effort in saving the Pygmy Elephants continued - the mall was also one of the co-sponsors for SJ Echo, a local community paper’s project to take 13 students over to Kinabatangan, Sabah to gain awareness on issues pertaining the wild life.
Just a bit of a re-cap on what went on during last March's EleFUN Holiday:
Owing to Malaysians’ caring nature, a whopping RM20,000 was raised during Sunway Pyramid’s EleFUN Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project, as the mall paid tribute to the incident involving the 14 Pygmy Elephants which died at the Gunung Rara forest reserve, and 10 more which had wandered off their range and ventured into the villagers’ plantations.

The project was done in a joint-effort between the mall and Borneo Conservation Trust, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Sabah which focuses on preserving the habitat and migration routes of Borneo's most endangered wildlife.

The fund, which will be channelled to the NGO, was raised through the ‘adoptions’ of the elephant sculptures by Sunway Pyramid’s tenants and also donations from the shoppers.
Today is the teenagers get-together for the finale and closing of the Answer the Call of the Wild trip to the Kinabatangan, Sabah

Do you know that thirteen Subang Jaya teenagers had an adventure of a lifetime, celebrating World Environment Day in the Kinabatangan Corridor of Life in Sabah from 6 June - 9 June 2013. The group of youths between the ages of 13-17 spent 4 days learning more about conservation efforts by Sabah conservations, green efforts by tourism operators along the Kinabatangan River, witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat and most significiantly planting 200 trees in one hour in conservation site.

Some photos above are captured and selected for Canon prizes from Answer the Call of the Wild in Kinabatangan, Sabah trip. You can see more pictures at for detail of photo and winners. They are three photos and three winners.

 The first-of-its-kind trip which was organized by Subang Jaya's community newspaper SJ Echo was financed and supported by The Summit Subang USJ, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya State Assemblyman and Selangor Assembly Speaker Yang Berhormat Hannah Yeoh, the Kinabatangan Corridor of Life Tourism Operatos Association (KiTA) and Canon Malaysia. It was also supported by Nestle Rileaf, Sabah Wildlife Department (Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre) and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sandakan.

Are picture are the group of teenagers that went Wild in the Kinabatangan, Sabah. Below pictures are group photo of them with their parents.
One of the most memorable and heart-stomping moment was the sight of a 4 metre long riverine crocodile feasting on the carcase of what is believed to be that of a Marble cat. The sight of the crocodile leaping halfway out of the water had everyone gasping in awe.
The teenagers also had oppourtunity to visit Gomantong Caves, one of Sabah's well-known sites for bird nest harvesting. They had the chance to walk into the caves to see for themselves the wonders of nature where man and nature co-existed for continuous and sustainable harvest of birds nest.
The participants learned a lot during their trip. They witnessed first hand wildlife in their natural habitat an dalso got to meet face to face the people behind all the conservation efforts in the Kinabatangan.
You can view more pictures at Facebook of
SJ Echo and Sunway Pyramid
If you are interested to get your hands on the SJ Echo newspaper, you can check out the Herbs & Food shop at Taipan, USJ. The SJ Echo newspaper is the June 2013 issue, from there you can get to know faces and names of the thirteen teenagers.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop

Do you remember last year I joined the Avene workshop? Oh yeah it is rewarding workshop I love.
 I am so excited and happy this time Avene Beauty Workshop joinly organized with VanityTrove Malaysia for bloggers. Have you heard of Vanity Trove? It is a beauty box yes, you get many goodies in the beauty box. Beautiful surprises from Vanity Trove, to surprise yourself or loved ones.

I met Jaclyn of Avene last year and this year she's the speaker in Avene Beauty Workshop. She has curly hair last year. There is a picture of her click on the link to view. This year I am happy to see many bloggers, I was sitting with blogger Kylie there.

We have hands on using the products, we are thought step by steps of using their products. As everyone has different skin type we have the range on products on table for us to try. :D

This time we learn about Avene Thermal Spring Water.

From this workshop I know of my skin. Look I am holding in hand, none stop spraying my mask to keep it moisture. :D
Goodies I brought home from the Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop. Avene products in the beauty box! :D
About VanityTrove Malaysia, for RM50/month, receive beauty treats and discover beauty right at your doorstep!
If you are interested for Avene products, you can click below link. By the way they are having the Avene workshop next Saturday.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stark Trek into Darkness Poster and t-shirt

I am happy that I won a prize in Facebook contest, yeah just like and share as easy as that I am one of the lucky winners. I shared the prize with my loved one, giving the Star Trek Into Darkness t-shirt to my sister-in-law. The shirt is made in Mexico, woot my first time to receive such wonderful prize!

I would like to share my winning with my lovely blog follower of this blog. I am giving away the TGV Cinemas IMAX tumbler, all you need to do is answer the following questions and email to "sherrygo at Hotmail dot com", just remove " and put in @ and . Giveaway is open to my follower with an address in Malaysia for postage.

  1. Name the first horror movie I watched and blogger about on this blog.
  2. Name the movie my son loves watching with me in MBO Cinema, Subang Parade last year.
  3. Slogan not more than 15 words "I like to win from MMB because .... "
  4. Subscribed to my blog using your email address, make sure your validate it.
  5. Email the answer to above email with your full name, email address that you used for blog email subscription. Title email "TGV Cinemas IMAX tumbler giveaway"
  6. Giveaway ends on 16 June 2013, at 12 midnight Malaysia time.
  7. You also need to be GFC Follower of my blog to take part.
I will choose one winner with the correct answers and creative slogan to win. Let the fun begin!
Winner will be given 48 hours to reply my email else the prize be forfeit.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Guess & Win is back!

I am sure you remembered the post about Child Safety Campaign, now there is a chance for you to win the Monsters University FUN BOOK from me.
All you need to guess how much I purchase the Iron Mask for my toddler, yeah it is gift for his birthday. In fact his brother is sharing this mask with him, they take turn to play. Not just the book you are winning, you also win the 2.0 mechanical pencil and 0.5 set mechanical pencil. You can refer to above picture to see. First picture on the left!

You will need to be my GFC blog follower to take part with valid address in Malaysia.

You may comment many times but each comment with one guess only.

Start your guess like the following:
GFC Follower; Sherry
From: Selangor
Guess: RM...

Guess & Win ends once I found the winner with correct answer, nearest answer by 7 July 2013 12 midnight Malaysia time.

You can guess again in separate comment, only separate comment of guess will be counted.

Ocean Mania Costume Contest@Paradigm Mall

Are you ready to go Paradigm Mall later? I have reason to go because my boys are selected in the final but sad to say I think only one can make it as another is not feeling well. Health is more important than the contest, I would be happy if he just go and watch his bro but I am not sure.

At this moment baby is resting on sofa bed, he's prefer bed now than sarong. He's sleeping with tummy down, he has gas so this way he's feeling comfortable. I know always check on him, can't believe my toddler this month is 2 year old.

It will be same birthday month for Chinese calendar father and son. :D


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