Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Parenthood fair@Midvally

Last Sunday we head to Midvalley I wanted to check out the Parenthood fair. In fact I went to the Parenthood fair twice because I miss out the other side. The other side of it you need to wear the visitor badge. Over there I found a booth selling cheap diaper at $20 each pack. I bought 2 pack of XL diaper for my bab as I have bought L size diaper from another booth over the other side at $25 each pack.

I also bought baby wipe brand Gentle it is 280 pieces a bottle cost $15 that comes with 60 pieces free. I like Gentle brand baby wipe it is much better than the Pigeon brand. I prefer the Gentle wipes than the Pigeon. I bought Pigeon baby wipe 80 pieces x 7 pack $35. It is my first time to purchase the Pigeon brand.

At the Parenthood fair I bought two breastfeeding cloth from Fabulousmom booth. I also bough a sling $127 it is my first time to carry my baby in sling.

Did you attend the Parenthood fair and what have you bought?

USJ Court 2 Apartment for rent

There is an apartment court 2 at USJ for rent. It is located at the first floor and rental is RM728 inclusive of Indah water. There are three rooms, kichen and toilet. Interested you can call 0126520764

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